WGA Blasts Members Who Took Fi-Core Status
Posted Wednesday, April 23, 2008 11:53:37 PM
The strike by the Writers Guild of America is over, but the fallout from the strike continues. The Guild issued a statement praising its members for walking the picket lines during its recent work stoppage. However, those members who took "fi-core" status were subjected to public ridicule.
"During our 100-day strike, the extraordinary solidarity you demonstrated on the picket lines and the courage and dedication with which you committed yourselves to our cause were not only an inspiration but also the key to making our actions successful," the Guild said in its statement. "Yet among the many there were a puny few who [...] consciously and selfishly decided to place their own narrow interests over the greater good."

The few referenced by the WGA are union members who opted to go financial core, or "fi-core." The financial core clause was created to allow striking union members to return to work in the event that the were being adversely affected by the lack of a paycheck during a strike. According to the Guild, 21 members opted for financial core status during the strike. Members who invoked this clause in their membership were able to return to work and still retain certain benefits afforded to them by their union members.

Taking financial core status, however, does not come without its detriment. Fi-core members cannot run for office in the union nor can they vote in any of the Guild's elections. Additionally, fi-core members are barred from attending any Guild meetings and other events. They are also unable to participate in the Writers Guild Awards.

Those who opted for financial core status "must be held at arm's length by the rest of us and judged accountable for what they are - strikebreakers whose actions placed everything for which we fought so hard at risk," the WGA wrote.

The WGA has also filed for arbitration against ABC and Corday Productions, the production company of Days of our Lives. The Guild claims that the companies violated the Guild's strike termination agreement by retaining writers hired during the writers' strike.

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