Colombino, Leyden pair up to top Dankies noms

Posted Sunday, December 16, 2001 1:44:37 AM
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Colombino, Leyden pair up to top Dankies noms

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Though the calendar year may be different, As The World Turns viewers apparently enjoy much of the same things this year that they did last year. If you're in doubt, you need only check out the nominees for this year's ATWT edition of the Soap Opera Central Awards.

Once again leading the way was last year's big winner Martha Byrne (Lily Snyder and Rose D'Angelo). Byrne picked up four nominations this year, including Outstanding Lead Actress, Favorite Character (Rose D'Angelo), Most Attractive Female Performer and Outstanding Overall Performer. Byrne picked up three nominations last year, winning the "big" categories of Lead Actress and Overall Performer. Of course, Byrne also went on to win the Outstanding Lead Actress category at the Daytime Emmys.

Last year's big winner among the men, Tom Eplin (Jake McKinnon) was a virtual no-show in the nominations this year. Eplin did secure a second Lead Actor nomination, a category in which he won last year. However, Eplin's Jake was not nominated in the Favorite Character field. Jake was last year's winner in that field.

This year, Hunt Block (Craig Montgomery) once again earns a Lead Actor nod as well as a Favorite Character nomination. Block was the winner of the Outstanding Newcomer category last year. The Newcomers nominated this time around include Carl T Evans (Nick Scudder), Hunter Garner (Billy Ross), Napiera Daniella Groves (Bonnie McKechnie) and Scott Holroyd (Paul Ryan),

Paul Leyden (Simon Frasier) and on-screen lover Terri Colombino (Katie Perretti Frasier) earned a heap of awards. Leyden earned nods in the Supporting Actor while Colombino grabbed a nomination in the Supporting Actress field. Leyden's Simon was nominated in the Favorite Character field, while Colombino's Katie missed out of the final four by a handful of votes. Both were nominated in the appropriate Attractive Performer categories as well as the Outstanding Overall Performer field. In addition, Simon and Katie's relationship earned honors in the Favorite Storyline and Most Memorable Moment categories.


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