Lila Hart
Actor History
Lisa Peluso (May 1997 - June 1999)

Secretary for the Sinclair's PI business
Resides At
Cory Towers
Marital Status
Married (Cass Winthrop)
Past Marriages
Shane Roberts (deceased)
Matthew Cory (annulled)
Jessie Hart (mother)
Jasmine Rachel Cassandra Cory (daughter; with Matthew)
Flings & Affairs
Crimes Committed
Forged several documents, including a journal
Brief Character History

Born in New Orleans, Lila grew up without a father. Her mother, Jessie, was a prostitute. Lila never even guessed at who her biological father was because Jessie had so many johns in her life. On a stormy and rainy night, Lila (age 8) witnessed her mother being brutally stabbed by an ex-boyfriend. The only man that could help Lila was Shane Roberts. Shane helped Lila overcome that fateful night. The two were married later. Lila became pregnant with Shane's child. However, Lila miscarried, and their marriage went downhill after that. Shane began devoting his life to his medical career, and Lila felt alone. Lila found out that Shane was having an affair with Rebecca Ambrose. Lila was jealous. When Rebecca was found murdered, Shane believed that Lila had killed her, and Lila thought Shane killed her. Shane was sentenced to death, and Lila's life was never the same. Lila was told that Shane was executed, and then she developed a rare disease. Shane's sister, Patrice, took care of her and brought her back to life.

After finding out that Shane was indeed alive and living in Bay City, Lila moved to Bay City to wreak havoc on Shane and Vicky, Shane's new love interest. Lila was determined to get Shane back. She forged several documents to look like Shane was with Lila. Victoria moved on, and Lila eventually got Shane. Shane developed a rare jungle disease, and was helped by Lila to recover. However, Lila did not tell him that he was getting better. Lila and Shane consumated their relationship again. Lila was determined to get pregnant again with Shane's baby. After finding out that she wasn't pregnant, she seduced Matthew and landed him in the sack. Lila eventually got pregnant. However, Lila was devastated to hear that Shane died in a car accident with Michael Hudson. Lila vows to make Vicky pay for the damage she did to Shane and her baby.

Lila vowed to get even with Vicky for all her damage she caused her life. Lila charged Jake McKinnon with manslaughter and eventually caused Vicky to confess all her crimes to Jake. Lila overjoyed when Vicky signed over to her all of Shane's legal rights to his drug. However, she found out months later and many bills later, that the drug has already been created by the French. Lila developed a relationship with Cass Winthrop and goes to him for advice on certain matters. The two share a flirtatious relationship, as well. Since Lila's out for money, Lila has set her claws on Matthew Cory, since he's the real father of her baby. Her only competition is Sofia Carlino. Lila also forged Shane's journal, with the help of Grant, to convince Jake that Vicky did sleep with Shane on several occasions.

At the Lumina Ball, Lila and Matt were trapped in an elevator, where Lila gave birth to their daughter, Jasmine Rachel Cassandra Cory. When Matt carried a near-death Lila out of the elevator, the doors closed, and the baby vanished. She was found safe and sound a few weeks later.

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