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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Monday, August 19, 2019
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Monday, August 19, 2019

At Wyatt's house, Wyatt congratulated Liam. Liam was ecstatic that Beth was back. Wyatt spread his arms open, and Liam apprehensively asked what Wyatt was doing. Wyatt thought his brother needed a hug. They hugged, and Liam proclaimed that Beth was alive.

Liam received a message signifying that Justin and Bill had arrived. Liam had told Bill that he'd be at Wyatt's house and hoped Wyatt didn't mind. Wyatt didn't, but he was curious about why Justin was there. Liam explained that Bill had some legal questions.

Entering the house with Justin, Bill was upset that Beth and Hope were not there. Liam said Bill had just seen the baby that day, but Bill stated that he had to make up for lost time. Liam asked how Justin and his family were, and Justin said they were still trying to make sense of things.

Justin conveyed that Bill had filled him in on things, and Justin was aware that Beth had been with Steffy that whole time. Liam said he'd just been to the cliff house to check on Steffy and Kelly. Justin couldn't believe the doctor had pulled it off. Liam explained that the doctor had had help, and Wyatt bitterly affirmed that it was true.

Bill stated that his people hadn't found Reese, but Reese had been arrested. Liam didn't know if Reese would be extradited or what would happen next. Bill knew what would happen next -- Reese's little helper, Flo, would get arrested, and the two of them would rot in their cells.

Bill was sure Flo would do time. Liam was willing to testify, and he was confident Hope would. Justin said they might have to do that if Flo pleaded not guilty. Wyatt didn't think Flo would do that or fight it. Liam asked if Wyatt really thought that. Wyatt wasn't sure of anything about Flo, including the type of person she was. He did know that she wasn't faking remorse and was ready to face the consequences.

Bill asserted that Flo would face the consequences regardless of being ready. Liam hated Flo for what she'd done and said he always would; however, he figured that Wyatt had mixed feelings about it because he'd cared for Flo. Wyatt claimed that his feelings were clear. He valued trust and honesty and stated that Flo had known it. A part of him would always love her, but there was no room in his life "for that now," not after what she'd done.

Bill wanted Justin to find out who the judge was in the case, but Justin had thought "we" had learned a lesson about that. "That was Ridge," Bill replied. Bill merely wanted to make sure they did whatever they could to put the culprits away for as long as possible, and he wanted to get on it to make sure Flo was arrested. Liam agreed that the guilty needed to pay, and he said Ridge was on it about Flo. Liam didn't think Flo would remain free for long.

At Brooke's house, Shauna was trying to convince the Logan sisters that Flo would get through to Hope. In Shauna's mind, the Logans were loving, caring, and supportive of each other. "Yeah, not when it comes to stolen babies!" Katie quipped.

Ridge arrived home and asked what was going on. Shauna said she was there to ask for a little forgiveness. Ridge asked if she was really serious. Shauna began to say that Flo had never intended to do something. Cutting her off, Ridge asserted that they didn't care about Flo's intentions. Instead, they cared about Flo's actions, and those actions would land Flo in prison.

Sensing that Hope had a big heart, Shauna was hopeful about what would happen when Hope heard Flo's side of the story. Katie asked how "Flo's side of the story" amounted to anything more than that she'd stolen a baby, sold it, and lied about it for months. Shauna asserted that Flo, who'd been helping a friend, hadn't known it had been wrong until it had been too late.

"Really? Because I would have known it was wrong the moment I said the baby was mine," Brooke responded. Donna said she would have known it the moment she'd signed false paperwork. Ridge stated that Flo had put a stolen baby into Steffy's arms to raise as her own. Brooke said Flo had gone along with Reese's plan, which made her just as guilty.

Shauna insisted that only one person had taken the baby, and that person had been Reese Buckingham. Ridge replied that there was plenty of blame to go around, even with Buckingham in custody. Shauna was surprised to hear that Reese was in custody. Ridge asked if she knew the odds favoring Flo being arrested that day.

Shauna begged Brooke for mercy, saying that Flo was Brooke's niece. Brooke replied that Flo had stolen and sold Brooke's granddaughter and had lied about it for months. "She's not my niece. She's a thief, just like Ridge said. And that's all she will ever be to me!" Brooke declared.

In Brooke's cabin, Flo begged Hope to start over with Flo and let Flo be the cousin she was meant to be. Hope asked if Flo thought she deserved it. Flo didn't. Hope stated that Flo had known what that man had done; she'd known that Beth had been alive, but she'd said nothing.

Flo stated that she couldn't change it. All Flo could do was try to make it right. Hope asked if Flo thought she could make that right. Flo didn't, but she also didn't want to lose Hope. Flo was willing to do whatever it took to prove to Hope that she could trust Flo again.

Flo claimed that she hadn't planned "this." She hadn't known what Reese had done. She hadn't known the trouble he'd been in, and if she had, she never would have been involved in it. Hope asked if she was supposed to forgive Flo because Flo had just been trying to help a friend and had had no idea of what had been going on.

"Thomas knew. Did you know that?" Flo readily asked. She said Thomas had threatened her life because he hadn't wanted anything to get in the way of him being with Hope. Flo knew that it wasn't an excuse and that she still should have gone to Hope. Hope replied that she knew about Thomas, but Flo had had plenty of time to reveal it before Thomas had become involved.

Flo agreed and said that Hope was right. She asked if Hope could please "just..." Assuming Flo wanted Hope to forgive her, Hope replied, "No. Hell, no. Not now. Not ever."

Hope asked if Flo really thought she could convince Hope to forgive her. In Hope's view, what Flo had done had been vile and despicable. Flo said she understood. Hope believed that Flo wouldn't have shown her face there if she had any idea of what she'd put Hope through. Flo looked away, and Hope told Flo not to look as if she was all torn up, "like some kind of -- "

Sickened, Hope realized that Flo thought she was a victim. Flo tried to say it wasn't true, but Hope ordered Flo not to speak. Hope yelled that she, Liam, and Steffy were the victims. Hope asked if Flo had even thought about Steffy's heartbreak. Flo claimed that she'd thought about Steffy every single day. Hope asked if Flo had considered Kelly and how confused she'd be that her sister wasn't there.

Growing angry with every word, Hope said she could barely conceive that month after month and lie after lie, Flo had tried to forge a bond with her. Flo had made Hope trust her and care about her, but Flo had been deceiving Hope the entire time.

Flo asserted that she'd never lied about their friendship or the desire to be Hope's cousin. "So much for family, right? Even that couldn't make you do the right thing!" Hope lashed out. Hope couldn't believe she'd ever thought Storm would be proud to know Flo.

Flo began to talk about her struggles with the lie, but Hope didn't want to hear it. Hope didn't want to hear about how people had intimidated or bullied Flo. Hope said Flo had remained silent for a man at her blackjack table, and Hope had wallowed in agony for some "jackass'" gambling problem.

"He put a dead baby in my arms and told me it was mine!" Hope asserted. Pointing at Flo, Hope screamed that "that" was who and what Flo had been loyal to . "And that -- " Hope bellowed as she struck Flo in the face, " -- that is what you deserve."

Flo offered to let Hope slap her again, but Hope said she didn't need to hurt Flo, who'd already hurt herself. "But I do want you to leave," Hope added. Flo understood and said she would give Hope more time. Hope clarified that she wanted Flo to leave Hope's life forever.

Flo wished she could return to the moment they'd met, and if she could, she would tell Hope everything. Hope wanted to return to the moment that Flo's friend had handed Hope a dead baby. Hope would love to tell Reese to go to hell and to spit in Reese's face. Hope would have kicked and screamed and done anything to have her baby from day one.

Hope demanded to know if Flo understood what she'd done to Hope and Liam and what Flo had taken from them. Flo hopelessly affirmed that she did. Hope listed firsts, like Beth's first laugh, smile, and lullaby. Hope yelled that Steffy had gotten those firsts, and Hope could never get them back.

As much as Hope would love to go back and make it as if she'd never been without her baby or had never met Flo, Hope couldn't do it. Hope had to live the rest of her life, knowing what Flo had done. "My uncle's bastard. Not a cousin. Not family," Hope concluded.

The front door opened, and in walked Brooke with her sisters, Shauna, and Ridge. Brooke asked what Flo had had to say for herself. Hope said Flo had expressed regrets and had shed tears, none of which mattered to Hope.

Brooke was seething because they'd been happy that Flo had become a family member and that Storm might live on through Flo. Donna and Katie shook their heads in disgust as they looked at Flo. Brooke said they'd been wrong, and Flo was nothing like Storm, who'd sacrificed himself for his family. In Brooke's view, Flo was cruel and mean. Brooke asked how Flo could possibly have been born from him. Brooke thought she'd seen Storm in Flo's eyes, but all Brooke could see was Storm's shame.

Though Flo didn't think anyone would believe it, Flo said that no one felt more shame than she. Brooke believed the shame was due to being caught. Katie asked where Flo's shame had been when she'd been falsifying documents to relinquish Hope's baby to Steffy. Shauna said Flo felt horrible for what she'd done, and Flo added that she'd tried to tell Hope many times.

Donna wanted to know how hard it had been to say that Hope's baby was alive. Flo claimed that people had tried to stop her. Katie and Donna flashed incredulous, head-shaking stares. Flo admitted that she'd let people talk her out of it. She'd thought Beth had been safe; however, she knew it hadn't been enough, and Beth should have been with Hope and Liam.

Katie asked if Flo thought she should have said something when Liam and Hope had broken up, so that maybe Flo could have fixed it. Flo agreed that she should have, but she said she couldn't go back. She was sorry she'd failed all of them.

There was a knock at the door. Ridge opened it and welcomed Detective Sanchez and an officer into the cabin. Sanchez appreciated the call Ridge had made and said it was quite a story. Shauna asked what was going on. Ridge replied that a criminal was on the grounds, and he'd called the police. Shauna got upset, but Flo uttered that it was fine.

Shauna advised her daughter not to speak until they got a lawyer. Sanchez offered to let Flo call one at the station. "The station? The station! What are you talking about?" Shauna asked.

Sanchez informed Flo that she was under arrest. Shauna asked what for. As the accompanying officer cuffed Flo, Sanchez advised that it was for kidnapping -- for one.

Shauna asserted Flo's innocence. Sanchez stated that Flo had participated in the falsifying of government documents and had misrepresented herself as the mother of a stolen child, which was fraud. Shauna appealed to the Logan sisters, saying it was their niece, who'd made a mistake in trusting the wrong man. Ridge stated that Flo would pay for that mistake.

The officer began to read Flo her rights as he and Sanchez escorted her out. Shauna was raging at them not to arrest her daughter. She tried to follow them out, but Ridge grabbed her arm and closed the door behind them before she could leave, too. Shauna sobbed and asked them all to please believe that Flo had just gotten caught up and hadn't meant to do it.

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