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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Monday, June 24, 2019
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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

In Brooke's cabin, Thomas was sorry for Emma's death and said he knew Emma had been devoted to Hope. Hope was thinking about Emma and her family. Wondering how it had happened, Thomas suggested that Emma had had car trouble. Hope dismissed the idea, saying that a wealthy man like Justin had probably made sure that Emma had driven a reliable car.

Hope wondered if Emma had been driving too fast because she'd been in a hurry to get somewhere. Thomas asked where then concluded that they'd never know. Hope wondered if there had been a mix-up and if the dead person just had the same name as Emma. Thomas replied that he'd thought the same thing when he'd learned of Caroline's death.

Hope became emotional about Emma, who'd died so young. She wondered if anyone had told Tiffany. Thomas admired Hope for always thinking of others and asked what she needed. Hope shrugged, and he offered to stay there on the sofa in case she needed him.

Thanking Thomas, Hope said she'd be okay. She asked how he was and noted that he seemed shaken up. "Well, we've all done things we regret, but I will never give you any reason to doubt how much I care about you," Thomas replied.

Thomas didn't want Douglas to know about Emma. The boy had experienced enough death and was praying for Beth and Caroline every night. Thomas didn't want Douglas to be preoccupied with babies and young people dying. Hope asked what Thomas had meant when he'd said people had all done regretful things.

Thomas asked if it was true. He said he'd been referring to Emma, who hadn't cared much for him and had let him know it. That didn't sound like Emma to Hope. Thomas didn't blame Emma and said he could be tough at times. He was glad that he and Hope had each other, and he didn't know how they'd get through difficult times without each other. She noted that she'd been relying on him a lot. Thomas stated that there was nothing he wouldn't do for her -- nothing.

At Brooke's house, Brooke had just delivered the news of Emma's death to Ridge. They discussed spreading the word to everyone. As Brooke said she'd enlisted Pam's help and started listing people to tell, Ridge asked about telling Thomas.

Brooke didn't think Thomas had known Emma that well. Brooke had told Hope, who Brooke was sure would take it hard. Ridge said that his son could be the shoulder Hope couple lean on. "My daughter has two shoulders of her own, and she has me," Brooke quipped.

Ridge figured that he and his wife needed to talk about his son. Brooke knew that Ridge believed that Thomas meant well, but she was of the opinion that his son was too dependent upon her daughter. Ridge suggested that it could be the other way around. Brooke explained that Hope was just being sympathetic about Caroline's death, but a therapist, Hope wasn't.

Ridge doubted that Thomas saw Hope as a therapist. Deciding to address the "elephant" in the room, Ridge stated that his son was in love with Brooke's daughter. "And you think that's appropriate?" Brooke asked. Ridge asked why not.

Brooke replied that with the losses that Hope and Thomas had incurred, it was time for some counseling. "For him or for her?" Ridge asked. Brooke asked Ridge not to take it the wrong way, but she thought that, for years, Thomas could have benefited from professional help. "Wow," Ridge replied. Brooke insisted that Ridge knew that Thomas had some issues.

Ridge believed that he was the reason for those issues, and he claimed that it was because he hadn't been there for Thomas. Ridge felt that Thomas was getting better and getting through it. It made Ridge happy that Thomas was ambitious and wanted to take over the business someday. As far as Hope was concerned, Ridge said Thomas had always been good to her.

Later, Hope was alone with Brooke in the living room. Brooke believed that she'd gotten the word about Emma out to everyone but Thomas. Hope said Thomas had been with her when she'd found out, and Brooke asked why he'd been at the cabin.

Hope said Thomas had been visiting, and she asked if he wasn't at the house right then. Brooke replied that she hadn't seen his car outside. Hope stated that Thomas had been shaken by the news. Brooke was surprised because she hadn't been sure he'd known Emma's name.

Pam arrived from the back with a box. Ridge had let her in the side door. She'd boxed up Emma's things at work but hadn't known where to take them. Pam was upset and said she might have been the last person to see Emma alive -- besides Thomas. Hope said that Thomas had been with her when they'd found out.

Surprised, Pam stated, "Really? Well, it must have been pedal-to-the-metal from Forrester then." Pam conveyed that Thomas hadn't been in the best of moods, either. Hope stated that he'd seemed fine to her. Brooke asked why Pam thought that about him, and Pam replied that he and Emma had gotten into it about something. Pam figured that he probably felt awful about it after what had happened next.

Brooke asked what Thomas and Emma had been arguing about. Pam didn't know. She'd gone in to ask Thomas about the baby shower, which she wasn't sure would still happen. Asking if Pam was sure, Hope said Thomas hadn't mentioned seeing Emma. Brooke asked if Pam was sure she hadn't heard anything that could give insight into Emma's state of mind.

Pam recalled that Emma had wanted to go, but Thomas had wanted her to stay. It was strange to Pam because Thomas had wound up leaving immediately afterward. He'd tried to catch up with Emma, but she'd already gone. Hope asked if Pam was sure, because Thomas hadn't mentioned any of that to Hope. Pam figured that he was probably just in shock. Pam was, too.

Pam told Brooke and Hope about a rose Emma had brought to Pam that morning. Emma had bought the rose from a homeless person outside her building. Pam had forgotten to put it in water, and most of the petals had fallen off. She hadn't realized it would be the last thing she'd ever see of Emma.

Alone with Brooke later, Hope figured that Thomas hadn't talked about his argument with Emma because he felt bad about it. Brooke replied that there was more to him than met the eye.

At Forrester, behind the locked door of the design office, Zoe was in denial about the possibility that Thomas had been involved in Emma's death. Xander and Flo tried to explain to Zoe that Pam had heard Emma and Thomas arguing at the same time that Emma had been on her way to tell Hope everything. Zoe said Emma could have swerved to miss something or could have been driving way too fast. "Or there are other ways to scare drivers off the road," Flo concluded.

Zoe told Xander and Flo that if they went to anyone with their suspicions about Thomas, they'd have to unveil the whole story that Emma had been ready to tell Hope. Zoe asked what the reason would be to expose them all to jail when, in the end, Thomas was not a murderer.

"And you know that how?" Flo asked. Zoe said that Flo and Thomas were step-cousins. "Who cares? Something is not right about him, Zoe, and you know it," Flo persisted. Flo asked if it sounded normal for Thomas to be in love with Hope but not want to tell her about her child. Flo asked if that sounded like love.

Xander said he wasn't willing to do nothing about the information they had. Zoe asked what they knew. Xander replied that they knew Beth was alive, but Emma wasn't. Zoe stated that it was because of a terrible accident. "Zoe, you gotta stop with the denial already!" Flo exclaimed.

Flo asked if Zoe really couldn't see that there was a possibility that Emma had been chased and had been trying to get away. Xander felt that he owed it to Emma to find out the truth. "She loved me. That has to mean something," Xander figured.

The doorknob of the office door jiggled, and someone pounded on the door. Xander unlocked the door, and in walked Thomas. Xander stated that Emma was dead. Thomas replied that he was there to tell them that. Flo asked where he'd been. "Excuse me?" Thomas responded.

Flo stated that Thomas had been in the building, and then he hadn't been. Xander added that Emma had been on her way to tell Hope everything, and Thomas had known it. Xander figured that Thomas would have done just about anything to stop Emma. Thomas advised Xander to be very careful of his next words, and Xander asked if Thomas had killed Emma.

Thomas locked the door, and Xander stated that they knew Thomas had been with Emma. "With her?" Thomas asked. Xander clarified that it had been before she'd left the building. Thomas acknowledged seeing Emma briefly. Flo revealed that Pam had heard Thomas arguing with Emma. "What did I say?" Thomas asked. Xander assumed it had been threats.

Thomas replied that Emma had been all over the place, and he'd had to raise his voice to be heard. He reminded them that he'd talked to Emma because she'd been on her way to Hope, and Flo and Emma had been on their way to jail. Zoe asked what Emma had said.

Thomas claimed that Emma hadn't listened; he'd tried to catch her in the parking lot, but she'd already gone. Flo assumed that he'd gone after Emma. He asked what the point of that would have been -- unless he'd had a plane. He claimed he hadn't known what route Emma had taken, so he'd done what he'd thought had been best. He'd decided to go to Hope with the information himself.

No one believed Thomas, who was saying that he'd intended to make them all look like victims, cornered by the guilty party who had fled the country. He asked them how they thought he knew about Emma and said it had been because he'd been there with Hope, trying to formulate his story, when Brooke had called with the news.

Flo asked how Thomas had beaten Emma there if Emma had left first. Thomas stated that he'd grown up in the hills and knew how to get somewhere fast while avoiding Mulholland. Zoe asked if Hope, who'd been close to Emma, was okay. Thomas relayed that Hope was devastated, but they were safe because Hope knew no more about Beth than before.

"We're 'safe?'" Xander asked. Thomas stated that they were safe from the story getting out, but Flo asserted that Beth was not a story. In Flo's mind, the story was what they were all pretending was true. Xander asked if Thomas knew who was not safe. "Emma," Xander stated.

Thomas asked what he was supposed to do about that. Xander asked what Thomas had done about it already. Thomas asked if any of them seriously thought Emma had driven herself off a cliff because he'd raised his voice or because he had a magic book of spells.

After gazing over each of their faces, the shocked Thomas stated that they thought he'd killed Emma. Flo replied that they didn't know what had happened, but they did know that the secret had killed Emma.

Stating that Emma had been his first friend -- more than a friend -- in Los Angeles, Xander asked how much loss they were willing to stand by and watch. He thought it was a sign that the truth should come out, but Zoe asked if they were all supposed to throw themselves off a cliff.

Thomas said that it was a sign. Thomas reasoned that Emma had been on her way to tell Hope, but fate hadn't allowed it. "Fate?" the resentful Xander questioned. Xander asserted that fate had had nothing to do with it.

Flo sighed. She said the adrenaline had worn off. She'd been afraid that she wouldn't see her family or loved ones again until her court date. Thomas replied that it was what stood to happen if the truth got out. He stated that their futures would be erased, and their families would wash their hands of them.

Instead of them continuing to blame him, Thomas wanted Xander, Zoe, and Flo to look at what had really set Emma off -- their carelessness. He insisted that they could not talk about Beth inside that building again. Thomas asked if they were clear about that.

Thomas told Zoe, Flo, and Xander what they stood to lose. Thomas stated that he could lose Hope, and that, he could not allow.

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