Steffy struggles with her guilty conscience
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Monday, January 27, 2020
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Monday, January 27, 2020

In the design office, Thomas was on a call with Steffy, talking about the day she'd had with Kelly and Liam. Steffy loved having Liam there, but she still felt guilty about staging the kiss. Thomas urged her not to feel that way because Steffy hadn't done it to hurt Hope. In his view, Steffy had been on the sidelines long enough, and Liam and Steffy loved each other; Steffy had merely been defending the family she deserved.

After the call ended, Hope arrived. Thomas asked if she'd gotten his message. Hope seemed irritated and distracted. He stated that he knew what had happened with Liam and Steffy. Hope couldn't believe she was in that position again. She was also upset about Liam proposing that she walk away from Douglas. Hope had been willing to talk it through, but she'd found Steffy and Liam together. Hope didn't understand why it was happening.

Thomas was grateful that Hope hadn't cut Douglas out of her life and hadn't caused the child to lose another mother. Thomas thanked her for not abandoning his son.

Hope couldn't believe how quickly things had changed. At one moment, Liam had been proposing, and in the next moment, he'd been kissing Steffy. Flipping back to the ultimatum Liam had given her, Hope mentioned that Liam hated Thomas. She said she should hate him, too. Thomas asked if she didn't hate him.

Hope replied that she'd never forget what Thomas had done. Thomas said that he wouldn't, either, and he'd never regret anything more. She didn't want to lose Liam and the life they'd shared, but she'd made a promise to Douglas. Sobbing, Hope said she didn't want to turn her back on Douglas. She didn't know what to do anymore.

Thomas put his arms around Hope and grinned as she cried on his shoulder.

At the cliff house, Steffy cleaned up toys, and Liam entered the living room to tell her that he'd bribed their daughter to get her to take a nap. As Liam cooed about Kelly, Steffy said that it was great having him there. Being a family was everything to her.

As Liam and Steffy joked about Kelly getting sand everywhere when they'd been on the beach, Liam saw a toy on the couch and uttered that Beth had the same one. Steffy guessed that he really missed Beth. Though Liam enjoyed being at the cliff house and making new memories, he had another family, and he still couldn't get over Hope ending things because of the kiss.

Steffy said their history was complicated, and Hope had said that it had been the reason Hope had "left for Paris in the first place -- everything that happened between us," Steffy stated. Liam replied that he'd hurt Hope, but Steffy said she should feel guilty because she'd kissed him.

Liam didn't want Steffy to feel guilty and said it hadn't been as if they'd planned the kiss. He apologized for talking about it again and said he wanted to enjoy his time with Steffy and Kelly. Steffy wondered if he had to go to work. He asked if she was trying to get rid of him. She assured him that it was the last thing she'd want to do.

Later, Steffy was alone, staring at the portrait on the wall. She flashed back to kissing Liam. Liam, who was dressed for work, emerged from the nursery and said Kelly was still asleep. He noticed that something was wrong with Steffy. Steffy claimed she was okay. She really enjoyed having family time and said it was selfish of her, given what he was going through.

Steffy said the last few days with Liam and waking up with him had made a huge difference in her and Kelly's lives. Steffy cherished the moments, but she felt bad about what he was going through. Liam told her not to. He didn't blame her. In his view, it had taken both of them to kiss. "Not really," she responded.

Liam asked what Steffy meant. Steffy said that he and Hope should blame her. Hope had been there to work things out, but something very different had happened. Steffy flashed back to Thomas instructing her on what to do. Steffy said she'd let herself get pulled into something that she'd known would have enormous repercussions. Liam seemed confused. Steffy stated that there was something he needed to know about the kiss.

At Eric's house, Wyatt tried to figure out what was wrong with his mother. Quinn murmured that Brooke was causing trouble again. Preferring to talk about him, Quinn asked what was going on in his life. Wyatt stated that she'd be pleased to hear about the developments.

Quinn was ecstatic to hear that Flo and Wyatt had reunited. Popping open some Champagne to make mimosas, Quinn wanted to know how Sally had taken the news. "Well, Sally said she's not letting me break things off with her, so cheers," Wyatt said. He tried to toast with Quinn, but Quinn snatched her glass back.

Quinn was confused by Wyatt's statement. Wyatt explained that Sally was hurt, and he'd hurt her. Quinn figured that he'd been gentle about it and said Sally's feelings were on Sally. She was sure Sally would bounce back. Wyatt wasn't so sure. He saw something different in Sally that time. He hoped things would get better for her soon.

Wyatt wanted Sally to find someone who'd make her the center of his universe. Wyatt just wasn't able to do it. Quinn urged him to stop beating himself up about it. Wyatt claimed not to be doing that. He knew that his life was with Flo, but it didn't mean he'd stopped caring about Sally.

At Flo's apartment, Sally arrived to set the record straight about her fiancť. Sally asserted that Flo's newest play for Wyatt wouldn't work. Flo insisted that she wasn't making a play, and she and Wyatt had history. Sally said he'd proposed marriage to Sally, and Sally hadn't changed her mind about it. "Even if he's changed his?" Flo asked.

Sally figured that Flo thought that Sally was being unrealistic. Sally hid her trembling hand behind her back and asserted that everything would be fine. Flo said that it was normal to have expectations about a relationship. Sally asked if Flo considered marriage proposals to be an "expectation."

Sally was sure she and Wyatt would be married already had it not been for her slip-up. She insisted that it had been just a slip-up, and it wasn't the end for her and Wyatt. Flo said that Wyatt wanted to be with Flo. Sally wouldn't accept it, but Flo asked if Sally really wanted to be with a man who wanted someone else.

Weak on her feet, Sally abruptly sat down. Flo asked if Sally was okay. As Sally tried to steady herself, she said she'd skipped breakfast and was lightheaded. Flo asked what she could do.

Standing up, Sally said Flo could stay away from Wyatt and give Sally and her future husband a chance to reconnect. Flo wished Sally could accept Wyatt's choice and not blame Flo. Flo said it would be more painful if Sally didn't let go.

Sally admitted that she'd been under a lot of pressure at work. She was in fear of losing her job. She was tired of losing. "And if I lose Wyatt, too -- I'm not gonna let that happen," Sally asserted. Flo replied that Sally couldn't force Wyatt.

Sally didn't want to force Wyatt. She wanted him to remember why they'd fallen in love and what had made them special as a couple. She and Wyatt had been good together and good for each other. It was why she wouldn't give up or give in. Sally told Flo that Wyatt would take a few days to get his head on straight, and then she and Wyatt would reunite and be better than ever.

Flo's phone rang, and as Flo took the call, Sally shook and wrung her trembling hand.

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