Wyatt and Flo discuss their past... and future
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Monday, May 13, 2019
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Monday, May 20, 2019

At Wyatt's house, Liam and Wyatt had beers, and Liam mentioned that Steffy would return soon. Wyatt was sorry he'd had to pull Liam away from his overseas trip, but Liam was grateful for the heads-up Wyatt had given about Thomas. Wyatt found Thomas' scheme ridiculous, and Liam said Thomas wasn't even trying to hide the fact that he was going after Liam's wife.

Wyatt claimed that he'd been close to kicking Thomas' "ass" himself upon learning about the plan from Sally. Liam was glad Wyatt had let him handle it instead. Wyatt was sure Liam had wanted to hit Thomas. Liam eagerly nodded but said it would be better if Thomas took the energy he put into Hope and put it into taking care of Douglas.

Liam turned the topic to whether Wyatt had talked to Sally since she'd moved out. Wyatt stammered that Sally had left of her own accord. Liam wondered how hard Wyatt had tried to stop her from going. Wyatt asserted that Sally had chosen Thomas over him, and Wyatt wasn't "about" Thomas' plan to destroy Liam's marriage.

Liam asked if Wyatt was really ready to throw the relationship away. Wyatt said he liked to think of it as a reevaluating period. "Hold on. Where does Flo fit into all this?" Liam asked. Liam prodded Wyatt into revealing that he'd kissed Flo and wanted to see where things went with her.

Liam guessed Wyatt hadn't gotten over Flo. Agreeing, Wyatt said Flo had been his first love. She'd been completely trustworthy, and he doubted that would ever change. Wyatt assumed that Liam felt sorry for Sally, but in Wyatt's view, she'd gotten herself into the situation with Thomas and had chosen to risk their relationship.

Turning the topic back to Thomas, Wyatt asked if Liam thought Thomas would back off. Liam didn't know. Though he'd told Thomas to back off, Liam sensed that Thomas would keep using Hope's vulnerability to push her into being Douglas' mother, just so Thomas could get Hope for himself.

At the Forrester mansion, Hope demanded to know what Zoe and Flo had been saying about Beth. Zoe tried to change the subject to Flo and Shauna moving into the mansion, but Hope insisted upon knowing what it was about Beth. Zoe claimed that she and Flo had been discussing how hard losing Beth had been on Hope.

Hope asked Flo if it was true or if there was something else. Flo said that she and Zoe had been expressing how awful they felt about what had happened with Beth. Confirming it, Zoe said Flo had started to feel even worse about it after she'd learned that she and Hope were related.

The tearful Hope was sorry that she'd overreacted. She was still raw about Beth, but she thanked Zoe and Flo for being supportive of her. Recomposing herself, Hope asked Flo and Zoe to tell Quinn that Hope would return later to check out Quinn's jewelry ideas.

Hope left the house. Flo told Zoe that Hope would never get over losing her little girl. Flo wished that "they" could know the truth.

Shauna arrived and asked what Zoe was doing there. Zoe said that she and Flo had just had a close call with Hope, and every time Hope became emotional about the baby, Flo was ready to spill her guts. Zoe didn't trust Flo to keep quiet, and that was the very reason Zoe wanted Flo and Shauna to return to Las Vegas.

"No, absolutely not," Shauna replied. She insisted that she and Flo were staying right there. Zoe continued trying to persuade Shauna and Flo to leave town. "Will you please shut up about all of this!" Flo replied. In Flo's view, Zoe acted like Flo would burst with it at any given moment, but Zoe posed just as much of a risk by constantly cropping up to check in on Flo.

Flo felt that Hope could have heard everything if she'd walked in just a moment sooner that evening. Zoe replied that they'd talked their way out of it. Shauna decided that Zoe was the problem and should go to "England" to live with the baby switcher. Zoe thought Shauna was crazy for saying that and said Shauna was lucky that no one else was at the house.

Shauna replied that it was exactly why Zoe shouldn't bring it up again. Zoe agreed but still thought the mother and daughter were playing with fire by staying in Los Angeles. Shauna repeated that she and Flo weren't going anywhere. Shauna asserted that Flo had a huge future there and had reunited with the love of her life.

Zoe began stating that it was her father's fault, but before Zoe could complete her statement, Flo interrupted, saying that "fault" was putting it lightly. In Flo's view, the secret had torn up a family. Flo believed that Steffy would give the baby back if she knew the truth, but instead, they were all stuck with a horrible secret that could destroy Hope's marriage.

At Brooke's house, Thomas was at a desk in his bedroom, practicing writing like Caroline. On the desk were a shipping box with a label, an open photo box filled with keepsakes of Caroline's, including her on the cover of Eye on Fashion, a letter he was practicing from, and crumpled drafts of a letter.

Later, Thomas completed a letter and began to read it to himself. It began by saying that no mother wanted to think about not being around for their child, but if "I can't be there for Douglas..." After he proofread it, he put the forged letter into an envelope labeled "Just in Case" and set it in the photo box with the other Caroline memorabilia.

Downstairs later, Hope arrived and flashed back to when she'd lost Beth. Thomas snapped her out of it. He assumed she was thinking of the night she'd lost her little girl. Hope said she tried not to think about it, but then something would happen, trapping her back in that moment.

Thomas told Hope that a box of Caroline's things had arrived. He was afraid to open it. He had decided to wait until Douglas had gone to bed to do it, and Douglas was asleep at that moment. Thomas asked if Hope would be there when he opened the box. Agreeing to it, Hope said that he didn't have to go through something like that alone.

Upstairs later, Thomas approached a sealed box that appeared as if it had been shipped to the house. He was sure Caroline had put something important in there for his son and thanked Hope for being there while he opened it.

Thomas unsealed the box and pulled out the photo box that had been on the desk earlier. He sorted through it, zeroing in on the "Just in Case" envelope. Turning to Hope, Thomas showed her the envelope and asked if he should open it. Hope thought he should.

Thomas opened it and said it was crazy seeing Caroline's handwriting again. He read the letter out loud. It said that no mother wanted to think about not being there for her child, but if something should happen to her, "Caroline" had a dream for her son. Caroline believed that there was a woman out there who'd need a son as much as Douglas would need a mother.

The letter from "Caroline" continued, saying Douglas would see the woman as a mother. The woman would bring him as much happiness as he brought to the woman. Caroline saw a family in her absence, and it would be everything that her son and the woman deserved. The woman would give Douglas love, and he'd give the woman love. It was Caroline's "hope" for her son's future.

Hope was affected by the letter. She said it was beautiful and moving. Taking it from Thomas, Hope conveyed that it was almost as if Caroline had known. Hope felt that the woman whom Caroline mentioned could be Hope. Hope said she could be that woman. "Thomas, I think I am," Hope concluded.

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