Shauna professes her love for Ridge
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Monday, December 2, 2019
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Monday, December 2, 2019

At Spencer, Justin, Wyatt, and Bill welcomed Liam back to the company. Emmy gave Liam a "survival kit" she'd made for him to use at work. Holding up the flask from the basket, Liam asked if it came preloaded. The group debated whether Bill had mellowed since Liam had been there last. Bill expressed his gratitude for having Katie, his family, and his crew at Spencer.

Later, Emmy had gone, and the men discussed Hope gaining custody of Douglas. When they asked Liam how he felt about it, he said that he loved Douglas. Liam began stammering about his feelings and changed the subject to Wyatt and Sally and why Wyatt hadn't given her a ring.

Wyatt didn't know. Bill said Wyatt could do better, and Wyatt reminded Bill that Wyatt loved Sally. Justin asked what the holdup was. Wyatt explained that he and Sally were busy. Beneath everyone's stares, Wyatt began stammering. He admitted that something was off.

Bill figured that the universe was telling Wyatt not to get married. Claiming to have nothing against Sally, Bill offered to welcome her into the family -- if Wyatt ever married her. Bill just couldn't help but think there was something better for his son out there. Wyatt asked if Bill knew how insulting he sounded.

Liam asked what could be better than the awesome, talented, smart Sally Spectra. Liam thought that Wyatt was lucky to have Sally, and they should be grateful she was in Wyatt's life. Wyatt agreed with his brother, and Liam asked what the holdup was. Wyatt didn't know. He sensed that something was holding Sally back.

Just then, Sally arrived. She assumed she'd interrupted something. Wyatt explained that they were welcoming Liam back to the company. Sally joked that Liam was a traitor to Forrester. She said she'd miss working with him, talking to him, and receiving his sage advice.

Bill said that he and Justin had some contracts to work on. Before he ended the meeting, Bill suggested that the lovebirds develop a timeline or that Wyatt at least put a ring on it -- if Wyatt was serious. Wyatt and Sally smiled nervously.

Later, Wyatt and Sally were alone in Bill's office, and she felt that she'd interrupted something earlier. Wyatt revealed that he and the others had been talking about Sally and Wyatt's relationship. Wyatt wanted Sally to know that he was completely committed, but something was preventing him from putting a ring on her finger.

Wyatt wanted to marry Sally. "I absolutely do," he stated. Sally told him that he should say that at the ceremony. Wyatt planned to do so -- if they ever nailed it down. He stated that she hadn't really been pushing for it. Sally asked if it would be unattractive to hound her man about a wedding date. Wyatt said she could never be unattractive to him.

Wyatt kissed Sally. "Well, then. Are we doing this or not, Liam?" Sally asked. Confused, Wyatt asked what she'd said. She asked if they were doing it or not. Wyatt asked what she'd said after that part. Sally didn't know what he was talking about. He replied that she'd just called him Liam. Sally said she hadn't, but Wyatt insisted that she had. "Why? Or do we both know the answer to that?" he asked.

At Brooke's house, the Logan sisters gathered together and talked about how well Katie was doing. Katie said that it was all thanks to Flo. Brooke scowled. Her sisters noticed, and she said that she could be grateful to Flo but still hold what Flo had done against her.

Brooke relayed the news that Hope had become an official legal guardian of Douglas. Katie asked how Ridge felt about that, and Brooke revealed that he wasn't happy about many things that involved her. Donna asked if everything was okay, and Brooke confided in her sisters that she and Ridge were no longer together.

Brooke's shocked sisters assumed that it had to do with Thomas. Brooke couldn't remember going more than 20 minutes with Ridge without a fight. Katie thought the couple should steer away from discussing Thomas. Brooke said that Ridge was really angry and wouldn't listen to her anymore. She didn't like it.

Donna inquired about whether Ridge was still at Eric's house. Brooke affirmed it, and Donna divulged that Pam had told her that Quinn and Eric had taken Shauna on as a houseguest.

"Excuse me?" the livid Brooke responded. Donna added that Shauna had made no secret of her fascination with Ridge. Katie asked if Shauna might have maneuvered her way in there on purpose to be near Ridge. Brooke thought it was exactly something Shauna would do.

Later, Donna and Katie were reeling from what Brooke had just told them about Ridge's decision to leave her for not telling him that she'd thought Hope had killed Thomas. Realizing that it was a lot to deal with, Katie asked if Brooke was okay. Brooke wondered if she'd been too strong with Ridge in her response about Thomas.

Katie contended that Thomas had faked his own death. Donna added that it would have been dishonest of Brooke not to tell Ridge her true feelings. Brooke said it proved just how far apart she and Ridge were from it. Katie felt that her sister had done the right thing, but Brooke questioned whether or not she should have removed her ring. She feared that it was a mistake that could have ruined her marriage.

Brooke felt as if she should have taken into consideration that Thomas was Ridge's son, and she should have been gentler in her approach. She had been that way in the past and didn't know why she couldn't continue to be; however, the topic of Thomas made her angry and ready to fight.

Brooke berated herself for sending Ridge out the door to live elsewhere, but Katie said that Brooke couldn't have stopped Ridge's plan to have four generations of Forrester men somehow fix Thomas. Donna asked if Brooke had reached out to Ridge. Brooke replied that Ridge wasn't responding to her calls or messages.

Katie guessed that Ridge needed time to think, and he'd soon realize that he'd been acting out emotionally and didn't really want to end his marriage. Brooke didn't know what would change. She couldn't change how she felt about Thomas and what he'd done to her daughter. In Brooke's view, Thomas was a monster, and she and Ridge were at an impasse, while Thomas kept getting in the way. "And Shauna is taking advantage of it all," Brooke concluded.

At Eric's mansion, Shauna told Ridge that she felt as if she were flying each time he kissed her. She was in awe that "this" had become her life, being in Beverly Hills with a beautiful man. Ridge said that Shauna made him smile and caused his worries to disappear. She loved that she had that effect on him. Ridge kissed her.

The kiss deepened, and Ridge pulled back. Shauna promised not to be offended if he wanted to take things slowly. In her mind, he was the guy she'd been searching for, so it didn't have to be rushed. Ridge admitted that it was a little soon. That was acceptable for Shauna. She said they both had to want it, or else it was no good. She stated that staying with her was enough.

Ridge pulled Shauna into his arms to cuddle on the couch. He asked if she understood. She didn't want him to explain. She just wanted to be a safe place for him, and "this moment" was enough for her. "Well, for now," she reasoned.

Ridge was grateful for Shauna, who'd given him something he hadn't known he'd been missing. Shauna knew that his life was complicated, and she didn't have any expectations of him. She thought her feelings were obvious. She said that he didn't have to respond, but she'd been feeling it for a while. "I love you," Shauna said. Ridge kissed her again.

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