Thomas uses his son to manipulate Hope
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Thursday, December 5, 2019
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Thursday, December 5, 2019

At Forrester, Thomas worked in the CEO's office with Douglas. He asked if Douglas had enjoyed Thanksgiving. Douglas had loved everything but the cranberry sauce. The best part for him had been seeing mommy. It had been the best part for Thomas, too. Thomas said they'd be able to see mommy that day if Douglas worked on the special project they'd talked about.

Liam arrived, and Douglas enthusiastically greeted him and wondered if Hope was with him. Liam said that Hope was spending time with Beth. Thomas assumed that Liam was homesick for Forrester, and Douglas asked if it was the same feeling he got when he wasn't with his mommy.

Pam rushed in, sorry that she was late to help Douglas with a special assignment. Liam asked what it was, but Pam said she'd been sworn to secrecy. Pam left with Douglas, and Liam asked Thomas what it was about. Thomas repeated that it was a secret -- but a good one. Liam figured it was unlike the secret about Beth that had caused so much suffering.

Thomas said he'd thought Liam was there for a different reason -- custody of Douglas. Liam was aware that Thomas had given Hope what she'd wanted, but he wanted Thomas to know that he was onto Thomas. Thomas asked what he was supposedly up to.

Liam lit into Thomas for letting Hope think that she'd killed him. Thomas began to explain something, but Liam didn't want to hear Thomas' twisted reasoning for it. Liam already knew that Thomas had tried to show Hope that anyone was capable of keeping a secret for self-preservation. Thomas asserted that it was exactly what Hope had done.

"She kept what happened -- " Thomas started to say. Cutting him off, Liam corrected that it had been what Hope had "thought" had happened. Liam said it had been a hoax, and Thomas had wound up torturing Hope for twenty-four hours in his effort to teach her something. Liam called it a cruel thing to do to a woman who'd already suffered for months at Thomas' hands.

Thomas claimed it hadn't been planned or calculated. Liam didn't care. He yelled that Thomas didn't get to hurt Hope like that again. Thomas replied that Liam didn't get it, but Liam said Thomas was the one who didn't get it. Liam yelled that the months of pain Thomas had put Liam and Hope through would be seared into their minds forever, and he told Thomas not to kid himself that Hope would forgive him anytime soon.

Thomas stated that Liam was underestimating Hope's capacity to forgive. Hope had the biggest heart of anyone Thomas knew. Liam agreed, but he thought Thomas was deluding himself to think Hope had that capacity for him. Thomas thought he had a chance because he'd be working with Hope. Doubting it, Liam said she wanted to spend more time with Beth.

Thomas asked if Liam would keep Hope from her career. Liam replied that Hope was making up for lost time, and he and Hope wouldn't forget the months that Thomas had stolen from them. Thomas claimed that he regretted it and that hiding Beth's identity had been a mistake. Thomas stated that he was doing everything he could to turn things around.

For Douglas' sake, Liam hoped it was true. Liam warned Thomas to steer clear of Liam and his family. He said that he and Hope had a child and family together. Thomas pointed out that he had a child and family with Hope, too. "I'm just saying," Thomas concluded.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope read Beth a book and explained that the holiday after Thanksgiving was Christmas. Steffy arrived. She was glad that Kelly had Beth had been for together for Thanksgiving and hoped that it would always be that way. Hope decided that it was time for Beth to take a nap. She thanked Steffy for stopping by and apologized for the timing. Steffy said it was a bonus to see Beth, but Steffy was there to talk to Hope.

Hope put Beth down for a nap and returned to the main room. Hope figured that Steffy was there to talk about what had happened to Thomas at Forrester. Steffy stated that Hope had thought she'd killed him and hadn't confided in anyone about it but Brooke. Hope didn't want to bring her mother into it, but Steffy didn't believe Brooke had nothing to do with Hope being quiet.

Hope asserted that she'd had every intention of revealing the truth. Steffy wasn't saying that Hope wouldn't have; however, Steffy did note that after Hope had thought she'd killed Thomas, she hadn't told Steffy or Ridge. Steffy didn't know how Douglas would have reacted to knowing that his new mommy had killed his father.

Hope explained that she hadn't meant for it to happen. Things had spiraled out of control, and she'd had to find Douglas. "But when you saw things getting out of hand..." Steffy said. Hope asked if Steffy thought Hope was responsible for Thomas' behavior. Denying it, Steffy replied that she knew her brother had been wrong. "But you're not exactly Miss Innocent," Steffy added.

Hope scoffed. Steffy accused Hope of manipulating Thomas' feelings to get custody of his son. Hope said that Steffy knew that Douglas thought of Hope as his mother. Steffy noted that it had become true because Thomas had signed over half of his son to Hope. Steffy was concerned about how the co-parenting would work in light of how Hope felt about Thomas. She asked if Hope would be able to forgive Thomas after what he'd done to her.

"Can you?" Hope asked, referring to how Thomas' secret had hurt Steffy, too. Hope saw how Steffy still looked at Beth. Hope knew how hard it had been for Steffy to let Beth go and contended that Thomas could have taken away that pain and grief from the moment he'd learned the secret. Hope believed that Steffy wanted to forgive Thomas, but Hope asked if it was really possible.

Steffy didn't know if she'd ever get beyond what had happened or the role that Thomas had played in it; however, she couldn't be angry at him forever, especially if he was truly sorry for what he'd done. Steffy said that Ridge believed that Thomas was. Hope asked what Steffy believed. Steffy wanted to forgive her brother and believe that he was becoming a better man.

Hope asked how Steffy felt about the custody arrangement. Steffy didn't like it and didn't think that Thomas should be giving up custody to anyone. "Especially me," Hope figured. Steffy knew that Hope and Douglas loved each other and had been there for each other, but Steffy believed that Hope had manipulated Thomas to get partial custody of the child. Steffy welcomed the idea that she could be wrong -- but she didn't think she was.

At Forrester later, Hope arrived at Thomas' behest. Hope was eager to get back to Beth, who she'd left with Amelia. Thomas revealed that Liam had been there and hated Thomas more than ever. Hope shared that Steffy had visited her. Thomas decided to talk about that later, and he called Pam to say that they were ready.

In strode three models in Bohemian spring wear. He said it was a preview of his latest designs for HFTF. The models showed off the outfits, and Thomas escorted them out of the office. He told Hope that he was onto something, but what they really needed was her.

Thomas said that Hope was his inspiration; the line needed her, and he needed her -- as her designer, he added. He'd done his best, but he insisted that his designs would be better if Hope was there, inspiring him and the team. He thought it was time for her to return fulltime.

Just then, Douglas burst in with a drawing Pam had helped him with. It had the words "Hope for the Future" written out in big letters. Hope guessed that he'd worked hard on it. Douglas said that his father had worked hard on designing the dresses.

Hope knew that, but she said she needed to spend time at home would Beth. Douglas promised to look after Beth. Douglas urged her to work with his father.

At Spencer later, Liam stalked around his office in deep thought. Steffy arrived. She'd decided to stop by on her way to her office. She wished he was still at Forrester. Liam chatted about how her new line with Sally, which was a departure from the Intimates Line, was going. She asked how he was, and in his silence, she asked if he was okay.

Steffy noted that Liam seemed distracted. "Pissed off" was the phrase Liam chose to describe himself. He revealed that he'd seen Thomas, and "he's delusional." Liam explained that Thomas was hoping to worm his way back into Hope's life with forgiveness, but Hope knew who Thomas really was. In Liam's view, Hope's focus was family and being at home with Beth.

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