Thomas admits his resurging feelings for Hope
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Thursday, April 18, 2019
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Thursday, April 18, 2019

At Brooke's house, Thomas entered, drying himself off after a swim. Ridge greeted Thomas, who said that Douglas was with Brooke in the kitchen. Deciding that Thomas should know something about Hope, Ridge revealed that Hope had found out that she had a cousin whose name was Flo Fulton. Thomas wondered why the name sounded familiar to him.

Later, Thomas said Storm Logan's name and wondered how Hope felt about having a new cousin. Ridge stated that the women had already been friends, which was cool. Thomas agreed that it was cool, and Ridge asked what the look on Thomas' face was about. Thomas claimed it was nothing and said he'd just been thinking a lot about Hope.

Grimacing, Ridge repeated Thomas' statement that he'd been thinking about Hope. Thomas asked if it was surprising. "She's married to Liam. Don't forget that," Ridge asserted. Hopping from his seat to leave, Thomas sarcastically thanked Ridge for the reminder.

Ridge stopped Thomas from exiting and stated that "now" was the time for mourning and caring for Douglas. Thomas said he'd told Ridge that Caroline and Thomas hadn't been together. They'd just been co-parenting, and that had been it. Upset, Thomas asserted that Caroline had said she'd been dying so that they'd stay together.

Thomas claimed that his focus was on Douglas, but when Douglas went to school or fell asleep, Thomas had begun thinking a lot about Hope. Thomas was starting to think that he might not have gotten over his feelings for her.

At Flo's apartment, Flo was frantic and wanted to tell Hope the truth. Shauna instructed her daughter to calm down and do nothing until Shauna had a chance to talk to Quinn first.

At Forrester later, Quinn ecstatically greeted Shauna. Quinn figured that Shauna and Flo had a lot to digest after meeting the Logans. Shauna said that Quinn didn't have any idea of all the shocking things Shauna had learned since she'd arrived in town.

Sitting at the conference table, Quinn and Shauna discussed how things had gone with the Logans. Shauna said it had gone better than she'd expected, and she'd been surprised by how warm and kind the Logans had been. Quinn reasoned that the Logans got to shower their late brother's daughter with the love that he hadn't had the chance to give.

Shauna remarked that the Logans had seemed excited about it. Quinn figured that it had to be a little bittersweet for Shauna, who'd been Flo's only family for years. Shauna replied that she was happy for Flo but also worried that it wouldn't work out.

Quinn wanted to help Shauna, but Shauna concluded that it was a complicated situation that she needed to sort out on her own with Flo. Quinn urged Shauna to consider doing that in Los Angeles and reminded Shauna of the opportunities they'd dreamed of giving their children. Wyatt had found those opportunities, and Quinn believed that Flo could, too, as a Logan.

Stating that being a Logan was practically being part of the Forrester family, Quinn didn't know how Shauna could even hesitate about staying. Shauna wanted opportunities for Flo, but she said Flo had done things and wasn't perfect. Scoffing, Quinn replied that Quinn wasn't, either, but Eric had forgiven her. To Quinn, becoming a Forrester had been life-changing.

"And so what if Flo made mistakes in the past? Leave them in the past," Quinn urged. Quinn said that Shauna deserved it and couldn't pass it up, and Quinn suggested that there might even be a future for Wyatt and Flo.

Back at Flo's place, Wyatt arrived to check on Flo. He was sorry about how Shauna had learned the baby news. Flo said that it was okay, and it hadn't been as if she'd been intentionally keeping it from her mother. She was sure that Shauna would have eventually found out.

Figuring that Flo was going through a lot, Wyatt asked if there was anything he could do. Flo stated that she'd put herself in the situation, and she had to deal with it. He noted that she was practically shaking and wondered if more could be going on than he already knew.

In Flo's silence, Wyatt began discussing how life-changing and overwhelming finding one's family could be. He said his life had changed for the better, and he was hoping hers would, too. Flo stated that she really wanted to be excited about it. He was sure that she'd get there, and he asked her to promise that she'd come to him if she needed anything. Flo hugged Wyatt.

Later, Flo was alone when Shauna returned. Shauna revealed that she hadn't told Quinn about the baby, but Quinn had very strong feelings about Flo's new family. Flo asked what it had to do with anything. Shauna respected that her daughter wanted to tell the truth, but she thought that Flo was being naive. Shauna was sure that family wouldn't matter, and upon learning what Flo had done, the Logans would call the police and put Flo in jail.

Flo shouted that Shauna had agreed that Flo needed to tell the truth. Shauna asked if Flo remembered Shauna's "go the with flow" mantra. Flo could not believe her mother was saying that after a lifetime of teaching Flo to be honest and discern right from wrong. Shauna replied that Flo was full of integrity, but Shauna didn't want to lose Flo.

Shauna asked if Flo understood that she could go to prison for who knew how long for the crime. Flo asked what would become of Hope and her child. Shauna admitted that it wasn't right, but it was an awful situation that Flo had unknowingly gotten involved in. Shauna added that it was her understanding that the baby was in a loving home and being cared for.

"By Steffy! Not by her own mother!" Flo replied. Shauna said that becoming a Logan was Flo's birthright and heritage. It was what Flo had waited her whole life for, and Shauna implored Flo not to throw it all away. Though the secret was killing Flo, Shauna told Flo not to reveal it.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam wanted to figure out how to help himself and Hope move forward. He didn't want her to feel rushed, but he did want them to heal together. He missed Hope. He missed touching her and holding her.

Liam kissed Hope, but she pulled away. He told her that he just wanted to be close to her again. Hope wanted it, too. She knew it wasn't just physical for him. Liam replied that he wanted to reconnect. Claiming that she did, too, Hope stated that she just wasn't ready yet. Liam sadly nodded and tried to smile in response.

Later, Hope asked Liam not to be sad. Liam claimed to understand why Hope wanted to wait. Hope said that Liam was the sexiest and most handsome man she'd ever seen. She was just as attracted to him as the day they'd met. She hoped he knew that it would never go away.

Hope wished she could get out of her head. She knew how good it would feel. She wanted to be close to Liam and lay in his arms. "I want to want that," Hope said. Part of her had shut down after losing Beth, but it wasn't just losing Beth that haunted her.

Liam urged Hope to let go of the guilt. Doing so was hard for Hope, who also still thought she was keeping Liam from Kelly and Phoebe. He insisted that she believe him when he said that she was not keeping him from the girls. Hope replied that he could be in Europe with his family.

"You're my family. You're my wife. I love you. This is where I want to be. Right here. Right now. No place else," Liam affirmed. Hope figured that he was just worried about her. He insisted that he wasn't worried. He just loved her; he loved their life, and he wanted it back.

Hope replied that she did, too. Liam stated that a lot of couples didn't survive losing their children. He asked if they were supposed to let it destroy them and their marriage. He didn't think they could allow that to happen. Liam needed Hope, and he felt that they needed each other. He wanted them to remain strong, and he felt that he'd be good if she could just say she understood that.

For Hope, it all went back to the awful night that haunted her. It haunted Liam, too. He said he hadn't even been able to get there to protect his wife and daughter, but things might have been different if he had been there. Hope told him that he couldn't have done anything. "Okay, then neither could you have," Liam responded. He concluded that torching themselves for the rest of their lives would not bring the child back.

Hope knew that she had to move on, but a part of her wouldn't let her. She felt as if Beth was just out there, lost and looking for her mother. Hope sobbed, and Liam hugged her. She looked as if she might kiss him again, but instead, she walked away and stared at the crumpled sonogram photo that was propped up on a table nearby.

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