Liam confronts Hope, and she responds cluelessly
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Thursday, December 3, 2020
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Thursday, December 3, 2020

At the cliff house, Liam asserted that none of it would be happening if Hope hadn't let Thomas back into their lives. Thomas had been after Hope again. "Nobody else saw it, but I saw it!" Liam exclaimed, and Steffy sighed. Liam concluded that Hope had to want to be close to Thomas.

Steffy didn't think Liam really believed that. Liam didn't know what else he should believe after he'd seen Hope and Thomas kissing. Steffy told Liam to remember his family. She said that he couldn't just walk away without talking to Hope and figuring out what had happened. Steffy stated that Hope and Liam could still work it out, and he didn't have all the facts.

Liam was confident that he hadn't misinterpreted what he'd seen. He didn't know how Thomas had gotten to Hope, but somehow, Thomas had convinced Hope to give him another chance. Liam pondered whether Thomas was using Douglas again.

Steffy urged Liam to talk to Hope, but Liam decided there was someone he needed to talk to first. She warned him that it wouldn't help to talk to Thomas, but Liam had already shut the front door behind himself.

Moments later, Ridge arrived and wondered why Liam had just rushed out of there.

Later, Ridge didn't believe it when Steffy said Hope and Thomas had been together, and Liam had seen them kissing. "No, he did not," Ridge emphatically responded. Steffy said she hadn't been able to believe it, either, but Liam had been certain.

Ridge wanted to know what Liam had said to Hope and Thomas and was astounded to hear that Liam had left without confronting them. Steffy defended Liam, saying Ridge, of all people, should understand that Liam had been in shock. Ridge said he hadn't been there when Brooke's kiss with Bill had happened.

Ridge asked if Liam had called Steffy and was further surprised to learn that Liam hadn't even gone home the previous night and had stayed at Steffy's house instead. Steffy defended Liam, who'd been rocked and stammering after the incident. She claimed he'd been blindsided because Hope had been reassuring him about Thomas. Steffy felt blindsided, too, because she'd had no idea that Hope had been developing feelings for Thomas.

Ridge was confused because he had just talked to Thomas. Ridge was sure that Thomas understood that what he'd done with Hope had been a mistake. Knowing how his daughter felt about Liam, Ridge asked what the development would do to Steffy's relationship with Liam and Liam's relationship with Hope.

Steffy said it had just happened. She didn't know what it meant for any of them, but she'd advised Liam to work it out with his wife. Ridge wondered if things were a little different because Liam had gone straight to Steffy after seeing Hope with Thomas.

Steffy claimed that if it had been anyone but Thomas, Liam would have reacted differently and would have demanded an explanation. She claimed Liam didn't need an explanation when it came to Thomas; Liam just wouldn't accept it. Ridge asked if Liam blamed Hope, and Steffy replied that the kiss had seemed mutual.

Ridge seemed at a loss for understanding it. Ridge was certain that Thomas had come to grips with his feelings for Hope and was focused on better things in his own life. He reasoned that part of Thomas would always love Hope, but Thomas wouldn't throw his life away over it.

Steffy said there was more to it than Thomas' feelings. Liam was frustrated because he'd warned Hope to stay away from Thomas. Ridge figured that the couple needed to talk about it, but Steffy said Liam wanted to have it out with Thomas first and had gone to confront Thomas.

At Thomas' apartment, Hope, who'd already called emergency services, couldn't rouse Thomas from his prone position on the floor. She called Finn and frantically explained what had gone on with Thomas. Finn said he wasn't far from Thomas' place. He instructed Hope not to move Thomas and to unlock the door. Finn would be there as soon as possible.

Hope attempted to talk Thomas into waking up for Douglas. Finn arrived and immediately dropped to the floor beside Thomas. Hope began to explain what had gone on in the moments before Thomas had passed out. She said he'd been delusional and talking to the mannequin.

Finn asked for clarity on the matter, and Hope explained that Thomas had been shaking the mannequin and telling it that it wasn't Hope. Hope wasn't sure he'd been able to distinguish between talking to her and to the mannequin.

Finn asked if Thomas had hit his head when he'd fallen. It had happened too fast for Hope to have seen. Finn said there was no way to tell what was going on with Thomas without brain scans. Finn heard the paramedics in the corridor and directed them into the apartment. Hope told Thomas that he would be okay.

Later, Hope was alone. She circled the mannequin and flashed back over all the events that had occurred since she'd heard that Thomas had the mannequin at his place. She recalled the psychotic break Thomas had just had, and she knocked the mannequin to the ground.

Hope heard Liam outside the front door. Glad to see him, she hurriedly answered the door. Liam guessed that he shouldn't be surprised to find her there. Liam barged in, looking for Thomas. Liam asked why Hope hadn't told him and why he'd had to find her there.

Hope said she'd been there out of concern. Something had happened, and she'd been right to be concerned. She hadn't text-messaged Liam before she'd left the house because he'd been busy with work. She knew he'd spent the night at the office. "What about you?" Liam smugly asked. He questioned whether she'd spent the night at home or at Thomas'.

Hope said she hadn't slept there and didn't know why Liam would even ask that. She tearfully began telling him that something had happened with Thomas, but all Liam wanted to hear about was "last night." He claimed he'd seen everything "last night." Hope began explaining the events leading up to her accepting Thomas' dinner invitation.

"Dinner? Are you kidding me right now? Dinner is what you're going with? That's all that happened was dinner?" Liam asked. Hope reminded Liam that Thomas was Douglas' father, but Liam warned her not to put it on Douglas. It was about Hope, who'd let Thomas back into their lives and had added him to her team at work.

Liam said Hope had asked him to be more understanding of the guy who'd robbed them of time with each other and their daughter and who'd attacked them over and over with his sick obsession with her. Liam had been expected to take Thomas' word that Thomas had changed, but it had been a lie. Thomas had reeled Hope in and had her lying, too.

Liam asked how Hope could do it to them. Hope asked how she could do what. She had no idea what Liam was talking about. Liam yelled that he'd seen Hope and Thomas together. Hope shook her head in confusion. "You just destroyed our marriage!" Liam declared.

Back at Steffy's house, Ridge and Steffy were discussing whether it had been wise for Liam to confront Thomas. Finn called Steffy to tell her that Thomas was at the hospital after he'd collapsed at his apartment. Steffy said she'd get ahold of Amelia, and she and Ridge would be at the hospital right away.

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