Thomas' announcement stuns Douglas and Hope
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Thursday, February 20, 2020
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Thursday, February 20, 2020

At the cliff house, Steffy asked if Liam was ready for Thomas' dinner. Liam was still skeptical of it. She asked if he'd ever considered that Thomas had real feelings for Zoe. Though Liam would love to consider it, he was positive that Thomas was up to something.

Steffy thought that Thomas was just introducing Zoe to the family. Not buying it, Liam cited that Thomas had done that during the holidays. Plus, the family saw Zoe at work. Steffy asserted that it was really hard to see Zoe after the baby-napping incident, and Thomas was probably going the extra mile to make sure that they accepted Zoe.

"Even you don't believe that," Liam quipped. Steffy wanted to and wished Liam would, too. She hoped the evening would change "all that."

Amelia arrived to watch Kelly. Steffy said she and Liam wouldn't be at her grandfather's house long. Amelia sensed that they weren't excited about it. Steffy explained that Liam wasn't thrilled because it was Thomas' dinner. Liam chimed in that Thomas was showing off his new girlfriend. Amelia thought that was major, but Liam said it wasn't a real thing.

Amelia, who had a crush on Thomas, didn't see why the girlfriend wouldn't be into him. Steffy and Liam exchanged looks, and Liam advised Amelia to steer clear of Thomas. Amelia concluded that she'd lost her chance, anyway. Liam divulged his suspicion that Thomas' new relationship was just for show, and Thomas obviously was still into Hope. Steffy glared at him. "What?" Liam replied.

At Eric's house, Eric and Quinn greeted Ridge and Brooke, who arrived together for Thomas' party. Brooke was surprised that she'd been invited, and Quinn snapped that it made two of them. Ridge was glad that Brooke was there. Brooke was glad to see him, too, but she'd attended the party because she still didn't trust Thomas where Hope was concerned.

A short time later, Zoe arrived, still dressed in her military green romper shorts. She'd arrived straight from a photoshoot and hoped she wasn't late. Eric assured her that if she'd been any earlier, Thomas wouldn't have been able to put the event together in time. Eric was thrilled to have Zoe there. With a curt smile, Quinn told Zoe to make herself at home.

Upstairs, Thomas helped Douglas dress, and Douglas asked why Zoe had to be there. Hope tried to help Thomas reassure the boy that all his favorite people would be there, but Douglas just wanted to have dinner with Thomas, Hope, and Beth. Hope explained that Beth was with Donna. Douglas repeated his desire for it to be just the four of them.

Thomas explained that it was too late for Beth to be up. Agreeing, Hope said Douglas was old enough to be up for the festivities. "But I don't want to go to the party," Douglas murmured. He wanted to have spaghetti night with his family and also recalled that Thomas had grilled steaks before.

Thomas stated that he had a different plan in store for the evening. Hope said they could have a family night another time, and Thomas agreed, adding that they could invite Zoe. Thomas received a message from Zoe, indicating that she'd arrived, and he went downstairs.

Alone with Hope, Douglas asked if they really had to do it. He thought Zoe was nice, but he wanted his parents to be together. Hope knew that, but she assured him that they were still his parents. She said it would never change, and he'd always be her special guy.

Back downstairs, Thomas greeted Zoe and thanked everyone for being there. Brooke asked if Hope and Douglas would be down soon, and Thomas affirmed it. Zoe took Thomas aside to tell him how special he'd made her feel. He said it was the point of the night. She wondered what he had in store. As Douglas and Hope descended the stairs, Thomas spotted them and decided to kiss Zoe. Douglas scowled at the kissing couple.

Everyone gathered in the living room except for Douglas and Hope, who sat on the stairs. Steffy and Liam had arrived, and Liam was glaring at Thomas, who hugged Zoe from behind. Zoe thanked Eric and Quinn for the dinner, but Quinn made a point of saying Thomas had done it all himself. Thomas had Zoe's favorite food and flowers. He wanted everyone to celebrate her.

Zoe was enchanted by Thomas and his efforts. She said everyone was sweet. Ridge remarked that he hadn't seen his son that happy in a long time. Thomas couldn't agree with Ridge more.

Liam murmured to Steffy that Thomas was laying it on thick. Steffy felt that Thomas was allowed to show his girlfriend affection. Nodding in Douglas' direction, Liam was sure it made the child uncomfortable, which was all part of the plan. Steffy asked if Liam thought Thomas was doing it all to manipulate Hope. Liam said that was exactly what he thought.

By the stairs, Hope tried to coax Douglas to eat, but he said his tummy hurt. Zoe approached and asked how he was. Douglas' eyes rolled away from her. Hope told him that Zoe was asking him a question. "Fine," he bit out in answer to Zoe's question. Zoe told him she'd heard that there might be sundaes for dessert. Douglas was not impressed.

Zoe asked to know Douglas' favorite ice cream. He liked cookie dough and said that his parents both liked mint chip. Zoe smiled awkwardly. Brooke called Hope over to talk, and Hope complied, leaving Zoe and Douglas quietly glancing at each other.

Hope joined Brooke, who noted that Hope was stressed out about Douglas. Hope said that he was confused. Brooke didn't know how else Douglas would be and said "this" is a joke. Brooke was certain that Thomas was just trying to get a rise out of Douglas and Hope, and Brooke implored Hope not to let it happen.

Douglas called to Hope, and Hope apologetically walked away from Brooke. Thomas slipped up beside Brooke and commented on how nice the party was. He hadn't been sure she'd show up. Brooke said she was there to keep her eye on him. He told her to go ahead and do that. He offered her an adult beverage, but she snapped that he knew she didn't drink.

Thomas pretended that he'd forgotten. Brooke seethed that Thomas knew exactly what he was doing; he was trying to exploit Douglas and Hope's feelings. "Not this again!" Thomas replied with a tight, humorless smile. He said he was moving on with an outstanding woman, just like Brooke had told him to do. Brooke stated that she didn't buy it.

Just then, Zoe walked up. Thomas told Brooke that he had feelings for Zoe, and he sensed that she felt the same way. Putting her arm around him, Zoe affirmed it. "You have no idea what you're getting yourself in the middle of. You're going to be very hurt," Brooke replied.

Ridge quickly swooped over to wrangle Brooke in. He asked her not to do "that" for one evening. Thomas said that it was okay. He knew what Zoe meant to him and his future, and he wanted everyone to see how far he was willing to go for his happiness.

Thomas kissed Zoe. Brooke looked away. The camera panned around the room, capturing everyone else's reactions to the kiss. The camera settled on the long-faced Thomas and Hope.

Later, Quinn was aside with Thomas, thanking him for a lovely dinner. Thomas was glad that everyone was happy. "Not everyone," Quinn responded, glancing at Brooke. Thomas had thought Brooke would be happy that he'd moved on. It seemed to Quinn that he had; she noted that he'd been "all over" Zoe. He remarked that Quinn had noticed.

Chuckling, Quinn advised "Romeo" to dial it down a bit before people started to suspect that he was putting on a show. Thomas claimed to have feelings for Zoe, and Quinn quipped that he also had a lot more feelings for somebody else. Thomas declared that the night was about Zoe.

Quinn sauntered off, and Steffy engaged Thomas in conversation, asking him what he was up to. Scoffing, he asked why he had to be up to something. She questioned why, for her whole life, she'd had to wonder what he was up to. Thomas advised her not to listen to Liam and to cut her brother some slack. The evening felt weird to Steffy, who asked what he was trying to do. He claimed to be trying to make dreams come true.

By the bar, Brooke got a bottled water, and Ridge told her that she looked beautiful -- even if she was mad at him. Brooke wasn't mad at Ridge. He said he missed her. She missed him, too. Ridge asked what more Thomas could do but try. She replied that Thomas could forget his obsession with Hope. Ridge claimed that forgetting it was the reason for the whole evening. Brooke didn't know what the evening was about but feared they'd find out.

On the chaise, Douglas sat and listened to one of Liam's lame jokes. Douglas did not crack a smile at Liam's best joke, and Hope said the boy just wasn't in the mood for a party. Hope sent the child to get something, and Liam hoped that Hope saw that Thomas was trying to make her give up and be with him out of concern for Douglas. Hope shrugged.

Thomas got everyone's attention to thank them for gathering in the Forrester home that connected them all together. He said that love flowed around every corner. Eric was glad to share the magic of his house with them and Zoe. Ridge said that the family wasn't perfect, but it was full of support and solidarity.

Thomas said he'd wanted to share that with Zoe, but it wasn't the only reason she was there. He talked about the way they'd helped each other, and he was thankful to be with a beautiful and smart woman. He said he had a clear vision of happiness for him and his son. "Zoe, you are the key to my happiness," he told her. Liam nodded sardonically.

Kneeling before Zoe, Thomas said he wanted to move things forward. Thomas presented a ring and asked if Zoe would be his wife. In Zoe's silence, Thomas' gaze discreetly cut to Douglas. Douglas glanced up at Hope.

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