Hope tries to reach out to a delusional Thomas
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

At the cliff house, Liam looked out at the ocean. Liam thought it would best for him to leave before Kelly woke up so that his presence didn't confused her. "You're her father. She'll have no idea that you spent the night," Steffy replied. Liam questioned how he'd gotten to the point where he'd betrayed his marriage. Steffy admitted that she also felt guilty. Liam stated that he didn't necessarily feel bad about having slept with Steffy. He did, however, feel bad for the fact that they'd betrayed their partners. Liam placed the blame for their transgressions squarely at Thomas' feet.

Neither Liam nor Steffy understood why Hope had just stood still while Thomas had kissed her. Liam posited that he would have been able to forgive Hope kissing a stranger -- but smooching Thomas was another thing entirely. If Hope really did have feelings for Thomas, Liam said that it might be best for him to walk away from his marriage. Steffy was surprised that Liam would give up after all he'd gone through in order to be with Hope. "She's attracted to the craziness," Liam snapped.

At Forrester, Ridge and Brooke exchanged flirtatious glances. Brooke said that she felt "there [was] peace right around the corner" for them and their family. Brooke expressed her desire to find a romantic partner for Thomas. Ridge agreed with the idea in principle but hinted that he wanted Thomas to have a little more time to get himself together before dating. Brooke worried that Thomas might still be obsessed with Hope.

Thomas looked back and forth between Hope, who stood in the doorway, and the mannequin. Hope pleaded with Thomas to take his hands off of the mannequin. An increasingly angry Thomas told Hope that "she's been telling me terrible things." Hope was startled to learn that Thomas believed the mannequin had been talking to him. "She's evil!" Thomas snarled. He stepped forward until his nose was just inches from the mannequin's and again screamed, "Evil!"

Hope slowly edged her way into the apartment and closed the door behind her. She repeated that Thomas was referring to a mannequin and that it was not a real person. Thomas turned his attention back to the mannequin and demanded that it tell Hope what it had been saying. "Kiss her," the mannequin said to Thomas. Thomas gestured to the mannequin and looked back at Hope. Thomas was perplexed when Hope told him that she hadn't heard anything. The mannequin became increasingly sinister, ordering Thomas to show Hope how he felt.

Suddenly, Hope realized that Thomas had kissed the mannequin. As Hope tried to convince Thomas that the mannequin was not real, the mannequin turned up the heat and instructed Thomas to "make [Hope] yours now." Thomas pressed his face into his hands and exhaled deeply. He told Hope that the mannequin didn't understand that he wanted to love Hope the right way, not like how he'd done it in the past. Hope, clearly frightened, was unable to speak.

Eventually, Hope spoke up and asked Thomas how she could help him. "Show her you love her," the mannequin growled. Hope asked Thomas to look at her. When he did, Hope told him that the mannequin's eyes didn't blink because it wasn't real. "It isn't me," Hope said softly. Tears welled in Thomas' eyes, an occasional tear overflowing and spilling down his cheek. Thomas lit up as he finally "saw" Hope.

Speaking haltingly, Thomas told Hope that there was something he needed to tell her before the mannequin came back. "I love you," he sobbed, adding, "And don't take this the wrong way, but Hope... I will love you for the rest of my life." Her back still against the door, Hope replied, "I understand." Thomas realized that he had to seem crazy. He broke down in tears as Hope pledged to get him the help that he needed. "I'm here for you," Hope said reassuringly. Thomas nodded his head before falling to the ground.

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