Sally and Quinn square-off over Sally's living arrangement with Wyatt
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
by Pam

At Spencer Publications, Wyatt and Liam discussed that Hope had been brave and started to put her life back together after losing Beth. Wyatt acknowledged how much effort it had been for her and Liam "on top of your own grief."

Liam said it had been hell, but he finally felt like he and Hope had taken steps toward their future and reconnected in a physical sense. Wyatt was happy for Liam, and Liam thanked Wyatt for being especially supportive throughout the crisis and added that he appreciated Wyatt as a brother.

Liam admitted that he'd worried that he and Hope would never heal. He hoped that someday Hope would want to start a family. Wyatt understood. He also knew that Liam had to being missing Kelly and Phoebe. Liam agreed. He said he called every day, but video chats weren't the same as being there.

Liam lamented that they were all apart. "Steffy's been gone a little longer than I expected. What if they forget me?" Liam asked. Wyatt scoffed and suggested Liam visit his family in Paris. He added that Hope had been vulnerable but seemed to be working through things, and she had Thomas, Brooke, and Ridge to support her while Liam visited Paris. Wyatt encouraged a trip. Liam thought about it.

At Hope and Liam's cabin, Thomas showed Hope a video from his phone in which Steffy and Liam's daughter Kelly was missing her dad. Thomas and Hope agreed it was heartbreaking that Kelly missed her dad so much.

Thomas said that the girls had been away from their dad for weeks. Hope was emotional. She and Thomas discussed how hard it was to grow up without a dad. Thomas said that Douglas didn't like to be away from Thomas for hours, let alone weeks.

Thomas and Hope discussed that Hope had encouraged Liam to spend time with the girls on previous occasions, and Thomas pressured her to encourage Liam to visit the girls because they needed him most. Hope watched the video again and said she thought she'd heard Phoebe in the background. "I miss both of them," Hope said about the girls.

Thomas encouraged Hope to keep the existence of the video a secret because he didn't want to get Amelia in trouble for sending it to him. Hope agreed. She hated keeping Liam away from the girls. Thomas said he hated seeing Hope torture herself and always putting other people first.

Thomas thanked Hope for all her help with Douglas, who had been so despondent after Caroline's death. Thomas said that Douglas had not wanted to get up in the morning when Caroline was gone, but with Hope in his life, he looked forward to getting up because he knew he would see Hope.

Thomas pressured Hope to encourage Liam to visit the girls in Paris because they needed him just as much as Douglas needed Hope. Hope looked confused. She said she wanted what was best for "those precious little girls." Thomas agreed they had "tragically" lost Beth, but the girls needed their dad and were very far away from him.

Liam entered and greeted Thomas and Hope. Thomas said he had just stopped by to check on Hope. Hope agreed and said they had been talking about Steffy and the girls and how much they missed Liam and he missed them. Hope insisted that Liam had to visit them. Liam said that Thomas should leave because it was a private conversation, but Hope said it was all right. She told Liam she loved him, but he had to visit.

Hope insisted she wouldn't take "No" for an answer because the girls needed him. Thomas watched, and Liam sighed. Hope admitted that she missed the girls, too. Hope understood that Liam had stayed with her to help her heal, but she wasn't fragile anymore. "I love you so much for caring about me and making me a priority, but I'm doing better now," Hope said. She added that she had plenty of people around, with her mother and Ridge at the main house and Thomas and Douglas nearby, as well.

Thomas promised to check in on Hope. He added that the Forrester legal team was on its way to Paris in the corporate jet, and he was sure that Liam could hitch a ride. Liam said the timing was incredible, and he had missed the girls a lot. Thomas promised to hold the jet for Liam. Hope added that Liam could be putting the girls to bed by the next day. Liam agreed.

Liam reminded Thomas that what they had been through was devastating, and Hope was doing a lot better -- especially when Douglas was around. Thomas promised that Douglas would spend time with Hope. He said he would make the arrangements. Thomas left.

"Wow," Liam said. Hope assured him that he would be reunited with his girls soon, and she would be in good hands after he left. They embraced and kissed. Thomas watched from outside. Liam worried that they had just started getting closer, but Hope said it would be good for them to miss each other. "I love you with all my heart," Hope said. Liam kissed her hand and said he was glad they were back on track. "I love you," he said. They kissed and hugged, and Thomas continued to watch through the window from outside.

At Wyatt's cottage, Sally entered and found Quinn there. Quinn sat on the couch, drinking a glass of wine. Sally wondered what she was doing there. Quinn said that Sally was taking a trip -- "one way, out of my son's life." Sally was surprised.

Quinn praised her son as a warm and generous person who had opened his home to Sally when she had needed a place to live, but Quinn maintained that Sally was "like the proverbial houseguest who never left." Quinn demanded that Sally leave "today." She offered to help Sally "pack up."

Sally interrupted and said she could easily afford her own place, and she agreed that Wyatt had been very supportive of her, but if he wanted her out of his house, she would leave. She insisted it was Wyatt's decision, not Quinn's.

Quinn countered that Sally needed to put on her "big girl pants" and find herself a place to live. Sally wondered why Quinn was on the warpath. Quinn said her gut told her not to trust Sally, and Sally's track record was a good reason. Quinn reminded Sally that she'd stolen from the Forresters.

Sally agreed and said she regretted that, but the Forresters had forgiven her. She wondered why Quinn would hold a grudge. She added that she and Wyatt were in love. Quinn scoffed and said that Sally was "living rent-free on the beach in Malibu." Quinn said it had to be a dream, considering where Sally had grown up.

Quinn continued to insult Sally and advised her to get out before Wyatt kicked her out. Sally doubted that would happen. Sally said Quinn couldn't kick her out of her son's home. Quinn said she could. She knew Sally's type -- a woman who played the perennial victim, when she was really a "con artist and a fake."

Sally was confused as to why Quinn was so hostile. She agreed they had never been friends, but they had respected each other when they'd worked together. "I have no idea where any of this is coming from," Sally said. Suddenly, she paused, and it hit her. "It's Flo, isn't it? You want Flo back with Wyatt," Sally said. "Nothing would make me happier," Quinn answered.

Quinn and Sally argued more, with Quinn insisting that Sally wasn't committed to Wyatt. She repeated that Sally needed to get out of Wyatt's life and his house. Wyatt entered, and Sally said he was "just in time" because his mother was trying to kick her out of his house. Quinn smiled, and Wyatt told her she couldn't do that.

Quinn recalled that Wyatt had supported Sally and gotten her a job with Hope for the Future and then worked to get her her own line at Spencer, but she had decided to stay at Forrester. "She took this gift and threw it back at you," Quinn said, and she added that she remembered Wyatt had been "hurt and disappointed. Tell her." Wyatt said goodbye to his mother. Quinn left.

Wyatt apologized to Sally. She asked if what Quinn had said was true. "I don't want to talk about my mother right now. Please," Wyatt said. He embraced Sally and said, "I'm sorry."

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