Zoe puts it all on the line in a heart-to-heart with Carter
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Carter and Ridge reviewed some contracts. Ridge sensed Carter's gruff attitude and asked how he was doing. "Honestly, Ridge, I don't know how to get past Zoe throwing herself at Zende," Carter replied. Ridge asked if Carter had spoken to Zoe. Carter said that he had, but he told Ridge that he was not yet ready to tell Zoe everything that she wanted to hear. "That all is forgiven," Ridge said finishing Carter's thought. When Ridge commented that the ball was in Carter's court, Carter countered that he'd ended things with Zoe -- so there was no ball and no court. Ridge questioned if Carter had really ended things.

Carter didn't argue with Ridge's point, instead sharing that he still did care for Zoe. Moreover, Carter was touched that Zoe felt bad about messing everything up. He told Ridge that Zoe had panicked because she had felt things had been moving too fast. Ridge asked why Zoe had accepted Carter's proposal if she had not been ready. "Because I'm hard to resist," Carter replied with a wry smile.

Brooke peered at Hope on the cover of on old edition of Eye on Fashion. Katie sensed that Brooke wasn't okay, and Donna interjected that she hoped Brooke hadn't felt too pressured by them to forgive Flo. Brooke admitted that it was hard to forget about everything, but she agreed that it was time to move on because "Flo is Storm's daughter -- and he would insist." Katie smiled broadly and offered up an idea of how they all could welcome Flo into the family.

Flo told Wyatt that she had been smiling so much lately that her cheeks hurt. She thanked him for going to bat for her with her Logan family. "I felt like the rejection had gone on long enough," Wyatt replied. The "special moment" was interrupted when Shauna opened the door to Bill's office and poked her head in. Shauna felt that Flo and the rest of the Logan women bonding would be a great way to honor Flo's father, especially since Flo had never gotten to know him.

Before Flo had a chance to respond, she received a text message from Katie asking to meet her at Forrester. Flo worried that Katie and Brooke might have changed their minds about burying the hatchet. Both Wyatt and Shauna assured her that that was not the case.

Back at Forrester, Brooke seemed worried when she learned that Katie had invited Flo over. Donna wondered what Katie had up her sleeve. Saying that he'd gotten Katie's message, Ridge scurried into the office. Ridge wondered if he was in some sort of trouble. The three women took turns filling Ridge in on the discussion they'd had with Flo.

Once everyone was up to date, Katie revealed her plan: she wanted to offer Flo a job at Forrester. Brooke's jaw dropped, and she craned her neck to look at Ridge. "She is a Logan, and we take care of our own," Katie stated. Ridge countered that Flo was also the woman who had upended his daughter's life.

Donna and Katie assured Ridge that they had not forgotten what Flo had done. Brooke didn't seem entirely opposed to the idea, but she questioned how Hope and Steffy would feel working with Flo and seeing her every day. "Who benefits by shutting Flo out?" Katie asked, nothing that Hope had already been working with Zoe and Thomas, two other people that had wronged her.

Before they could reach a consensus, Flo arrived at Forrester. Everyone looked at each other with furtive glances. Finally, Brooke spoke up, reiterating that she had meant what she'd told Flo the day before. Noting that actions spoke louder than words, Brooke told Flo that Katie had come up with an idea. Ridge added that Forrester Creations was a family company, a family that the Logans had been a part of for many years. Katie thought it might be nice for Flo to work with her in the PR department.

Flo was stunned. She let it all soak in and proudly announced that she accepted their offer. "Thank you for believing in me -- and I promise that I will make you all and my father very proud," Flo replied. Katie, Brooke, and Ridge smiled as Donna began to cry.

Paris chirped happily about her new project, but she quickly noticed that Zoe was not paying attention. Zoe apologized but admitted that she was thinking about how she'd messed things up with Carter. As Paris questioned why her sister had thrown everything away by flirting with Zende, a silent Zende strolled into the room. Zoe agreed that she had "self-sabotaged" her relationship.

Zende broke his silence, offering an apology to Zoe. Zoe quickly noted that it was "not completely" Zende's fault. Paris urged Zoe not to give up on Carter. Zoe assured Paris that she had not. In fact, Zoe expressed that she was more determined than ever to win Carter back. Paris felt confident that everything would work out -- and possibly for the better. She explained that Zoe had earlier expressed reservations about marrying Carter. It seemed that Zoe no longer had any of those doubts. "The guy is completely in love with you," Zende added.

After Zoe left the room, Paris told Zende that she'd seen Zoe's questionable behavior in the past. Zende was surprised by how supportive Paris was being, considering that Zoe had not been thrilled with Paris working at Forrester. Paris explained that Zoe was her only sibling, and she would always want the best for her. "If one of us is down, we're all down," Paris said as she smiled. Zende was still stunned that Paris could feel that way about Zoe. Paris likened it to the reason she had gone into social work -- to do good, not for thanks and praise.

Zoe dropped by Carter's office to talk to him. When he first saw her, Carter seemed pleasantly surprised. After a moment or two, he shook the expression off of his face and took on a more distant demeanor. Zoe closed the door behind her and told Carter that she knew he was avoiding her. Zoe seized the moment to once again offer an apology. "I wish that you weren't so disappointed in me," she said softly.

Zoe promised that she would never hurt Carter again and swore that her feelings for Carter were even stronger than before because she knew what it was like to lose him. "I broke your heart, and I'm sorry," Zoe said, fighting back tears. "But I am also standing here and I'm asking...I'm begging for your forgiveness."

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