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Bill became fed up with Katie's drinking, and he and Brooke confronted Katie about it. Katie responded with a confrontation of her own. Ridge ignited a feud with Rick when Ridge replaced Maya's portrait with Stephanie's.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 15, 2016 on B&B
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Katie finds an album of Brooke and Bill photos Katie finds an album of Brooke and Bill photos
Monday, February 15, 2016

At Quinn's cabin, Quinn put her arms around Liam as he stared out the front door. She asked him to return to bed, and he said he would in a minute. She wondered what was "out there." He replied that it was nothing -- just the feeling that someone needed him.

Liam and Quinn went back to bed and nestled together. Quinn said it had been strange for them both. Liam didn't understand why he was feeling sad after an incredible evening. He asked if it had been different. She relayed that it had been beautiful and tender, unlike anything she'd experienced before.

Liam asked if it hadn't normally been like that with them. Quinn claimed they'd had their habits, but "this" was most likely new for both of them. Stroking his face, she said she'd thought she'd known all about him, and after all the years, there would be no way for him to surprise her.

Quinn relayed that since Liam had awakened from the accident, he'd been nothing but surprising. She guessed it took something "like this" to realize how special someone was. She kissed Liam and cuddled on his chest. Liam mentioned the feeling again.

"Liam, you really need to let this go," Quinn murmured. Liam asked what she'd called him. "Adam," Quinn quickly responded. Quinn stated that she was Adam's wife, she was there for him, and it was the only place he needed to be.

At the beach house, Wyatt handed Steffy Champagne. He joked that she was thinking of what could make the night better. With a kiss, he stated that he had the answer for it. They climbed into bed to cuddle, and play-fought for whose side of the bed belonged to whom.

It felt good to Wyatt to be with Steffy. He questioned whether his past mistakes were really mistakes if they'd led to something better. Steffy kissed him. She said she'd thought she'd known herself until he'd gotten her back on the motorcycle. He'd known what she'd needed, and he'd given it to her.

Later, Wyatt received a call from Quinn and joked that he'd block her number again. He relayed that Steffy was waiting for him in the other room. He said he'd never been happier, and when it was right, it was right. Being with Steffy was effortless, and he and Steffy were where they were supposed to be. He asked if Quinn knew what he meant. She said she believed she did, and they ended the call.

After the call, Wyatt returned to bed and poured more Champagne. He told Steffy that Quinn had called and was happy for him. He warned that the look on his face didn't begin to express how happy Steffy had made him, and the two kissed.

Back at the cabin, Quinn slipped into bed with Liam. He awakened and asked if everything was okay. She said that she knew filling in the gaps was frustrating, but he was all the man she needed. Getting to know him in a new way had made her appreciate him more than he could know.

At the hospital, Caroline was alone with the doctor. She wanted to know more about the effects of medications on pregnancies and revealed that she'd had something once, early on in the pregnancy or at conception; however, she hadn't wanted to say so in front of Thomas. The doctor understood because it was something she'd only want to discuss with the baby's father.

Later, Caroline and Thomas arrived in the design office. She let him know that Ridge planned to call the doctor and would return home if there was reason to worry. She felt the baby kick, and Thomas asked if he could feel it, too. She placed his hand over her stomach, and he knelt close to it. Thomas exclaimed that he'd felt it, and there was a little Forrester in there.

At Spencer, over drinks with his wife, Bill was surprised when Katie informed him that Brooke had invited them over for dinner. Bill asked how Katie felt about Brooke making an effort. He believed it could be a chance to hash things out and reach the conclusion that "this, too," shall pass. She responded that it could be an opportunity to point out Brooke's lies, which Bill seemed to overlook.

"If nothing else, it's a free meal," Katie quipped and messaged Brooke that they'd be there.

Later, Katie and Bill arrived at Brooke's house. Brooke led them into the kitchen, where she'd set things up. She nervously explained that things for the Logans usually wound up in the kitchen. Katie cut Brooke off, noting that Brooke had asked them there to talk.

Brooke replied that she'd invited them there to apologize. It had been nice and generous of them to give Brooke the job, and she'd wished she'd been more thoughtful with her response to the offer. Katie sipped on some liquor. Brooke said she shouldn't have expressed her feelings to Bill, and if she'd had a problem taking the job, she should have discussed it with both of them.

Brooke said her feelings just bubbled out sometimes; however, she would never act on the feelings, and she respected Bill being Katie's husband. Brooke needed Katie to believe her. Katie claimed she'd heard it all before. Brooke said that if she wanted a relationship with Katie, she had to see things from Katie's perspective. Brooke knew that Katie didn't trust her sister or think that Brooke had control of herself; however, Brooke needed Katie to feel safe around her.

Brooke stated that it wasn't about her feelings for Bill; it was about Katie's feelings and about Brooke's feelings for Katie. Brooke said they were Logans, and she wanted that connection most in the world. Brooke needed to be in Katie's life and wanted Katie in hers.

Katie was glad Brooke knew that what she'd said to Katie's husband had been wrong and that Brooke could take responsibility for how it had made Katie feel. Brooke asked if it was enough. Finishing her drink, Katie said that it was, of course. She loved Brooke, too, and with their mother and Storm gone, Katie needed her sisters. Katie felt that it would take time, but she didn't want to lose Brooke, either.

Sobbing, Brooke ran into Katie's arms and hugged her. Katie stared at Bill.

Bill poured more drinks and noted that the sisters hadn't needed him there to work things out. Katie remarked that Brooke had invited them both. Brooke said it was to apologize. Katie stated that there were no more apologies, and they were moving forward. Katie wanted to look at photo albums and hopped up to get them from the other room.

Alone with Bill, Brooke whispered, expressing her surprise that Katie had accepted the invitation or even responded. Bill had known Brooke would find a way to get through to Katie, and Brooke replied that Logan sisters never gave up on each other.

Katie carried in a stack of photo albums, and as she and Brooke searched for photos of Storm, Katie flipped open an album of Bill and Brooke. "Oh, look at all these beautiful pictures...of you and my husband. How sweet," Katie bitterly said.

Don't worry, be happy Don't worry, be happy
Tuesday, February 16, 2016
by Pam

At Brooke's place, Brooke, Bill, and Katie discussed that Brooke had a scrapbook of memories with Bill, and Katie had discovered it. Brooke begged Katie not to allow a book of faded memories to ruin the progress they had made and to let the past remain in the past. Katie agreed reluctantly, but she pointed out that Bill and Brooke had been engaged.

Brooke stated that she had made the book a long time before, but Katie noted that Brooke had never forgotten about her feelings for Bill. "You weren't meant to see that," Brooke said. Katie said she hadn't been meant to see a lot of things lately.

Kate went on the offensive and pointed out a picture that Brooke had of Storm, their brother who had shot himself in order for Katie to have his heart and live. "Look at this picture of our brother," Katie said. She wondered what Storm would have said about what Brooke had done with Bill.

Brooke apologized repeatedly. Brooke wanted everything to be okay. Katie mocked that it was all fine with Brooke "lusting after my husband." Katie drank several glasses of booze and continued to pour more. Bill encouraged his wife to call it a night.

Brooke apologized again, and Katie said she had heard her "loud and clear." Katie added that Brooke could never return to Spencer. Bill looked on helplessly. Katie claimed she would give Brooke the benefit of the doubt. Bill encouraged her to stop being insecure because he was committed to Katie and their family.

Brooke wondered what more Katie wanted Brooke to do. Katie said she needed time to weather the storm and wipe the slate clean because she knew that Brooke had been "aching for my husband." Bill announced they were leaving.

Katie stopped him and said she wasn't done. "You're my sister, and I'm stuck with you," Katie said, but she added that if she ever saw Brooke making eyes at her husband or giggling or "speaking in that seductive tone, I will come down hard on you. Watch yourself," Katie advised. Brooke had tears in her eyes.

At Forrester, Bridget met with Eric and Rick. They were glad to see her. She apologized that Logan was not with her because Owen was a stickler about him not missing school. Eric asked about Jackie, and Bridget teased that he sounded interested.

Bridget said that Jackie had been traveling the world because New York was really not her thing. Bridget asked about her mother, and she couldn't believe that Brooke had been working at Spencer. Eric admitted her career with Spencer would not last.

Bridget pressed for more information, and she wondered if Brooke had crossed any lines with Bill. Eric explained that Katie had overheard Brooke when she had told Bill that she was still in love with him. Bridget assumed that Katie had been furious. Eric admitted she had been, and he worried that their relationship had been permanently damaged.

"What about Bill? Does he feel the same way?" Bridget asked. She remembered that her mother always needed a man in life. It had been Eric or Ridge for most of Bridget's memory. Eric admitted he did not know what Bill felt.

Bridget left, and Eric and Rick discussed that they were worried about Brooke. She had made a mistake in telling Bill her feelings. Rick worried that his mother had put her life on hold for Bill.

In Thomas' office, Caroline and Thomas discussed that they had learned Caroline's little miracle was a boy. Thomas declared he was happy for Caroline. She sat in a chair and put up her feet. Thomas noted that she was carrying his half-brother. Thomas promised he would tell no one that he had been with her when she had learned that it was a boy.

Caroline said it had been sweet of him to stay with her at the hospital. She added that the pains had been unexpected. She said with all the books she had read, she should have known it was Braxton Hicks pains. "Everything is as it should be," Thomas said. Caroline agreed. Thomas had been surprised Ridge hadn't returned home from his business trip, but Caroline said she had encouraged him to stay and finish the business.

Thomas praised Caroline's calm attitude at the hospital because he would have been freaking out. Caroline and Thomas agreed to keep Thomas' time at the hospital with Caroline a secret. Thomas realized he had been arrogant and selfish in regard to people's feelings. He said he was trying to change. Caroline was confident he would earn his dad's respect.

At Brooke's place. Brooke and Bridget discussed that Bridget hadn't been home for Christmas. Bridget apologized and gave Brooke a picture that Logan had drawn. Bridget told Brooke that she had been with her dad and Rick. She had learned about Brooke's revelation of love to Bill.

Brooke maintained she didn't want to burden Bridget with her problems. Bridget was sympathetic. Brooke hoped Katie and Bill could smooth things over. She added that Katie was still very upset and angry with her. Bridget said it was understandable because no wife wanted to hear an admission like Brooke had made. Brooke reminded her that nothing happened, but Bridget remarked that Brooke still loved Bill.

At home, Katie and Bill discussed the evening at Brooke's, and Katie poured another drink. Bill told her she didn't need it. Katie argued that she had lost it at Brooke's and revealed her insecurities. Katie justified Brooke's photo album with the fact that Brooke and Bill had been engaged. "She was gonna be Mrs. Bill Spencer -- just like me," Katie said. Bill reminded her that it was all in the past.

Katie dished that she loved Bill and their son, and she was happy. She admitted that it was her issue. She had a "tornado in my head, and I'm trying to control it." Bill grabbed her and kissed her. Katie admitted she had been a mess. She could see in his face that he had been disappointed in her.

Bill caressed Katie and reminded her that she was the one and only woman for him. Bill said they were a couple, and they would work through their problems together. He begged her to stop worrying. "Nothing is going to destroy our marriage," he said. Katie admitted she was terrified. Bill promised they would get through it together. Bill hugged her, and Katie cried.

Tables turned at the Spencer mansion Tables turned at the Spencer mansion>
Wednesday, February 17, 2016
by Pam

At Forrester, In Rick's office, Rick and Maya discussed how they would decorate the baby's room. They marveled that in a few months, they would be rocking the baby in the room they were working to decorate.

Rick told Maya she would be an amazing mother, and she said it was one of the things she had always wanted to do. Rick said he had almost been a father a few times. He recalled that Amber had told him he had a son, but the baby hadn't been his child. He added that it seemed like a lifetime ago.

Rick and Maya discussed that parents sometimes made mistakes, and Maya said that she had seen plenty of that in her own family. Rick said he was worried about his mother and her relationship with Katie.

Maya remarked that if one of Rick's exes said she still loved him, Maya would have been very upset. Maya added that Brooke had done that to her sister. Bill said both Katie and Brooke had history with Bill. Rick added that Brooke's relationship with Bill had been one of her best. They had almost been married. Rick also worried about Katie and Will. He noted that Katie and Bill were solid parents and offered stability to Will.

At home in the bedroom of the Spencer mansion, Bill played with Will, and he laughed that Will would be all hyped up before bedtime. "Where's Mommy?" Bill asked. He and Will decided to find Katie.

Downstairs, Katie was drinking liquor. She flashed back to when Brooke tried to explain away the scrapbook of memories with Bill. Katie lay down on the couch. Bill and Will found Katie passed out on the couch. "Mommy," Will prompted. He repeatedly called to her, but Katie did not awaken.

Bill was upset, and he told Will to let his mommy sleep. Bill said they would read a story. Later, Bill sat in bed, and Katie entered. She wanted to put Will to bed, but Bill told her Will had been asleep for an hour. Katie said she had just closed her eyes, and it was understandable she was exhausted after a rough couple of days.

Bill was quiet. Then he said they had to have a discussion. "Will couldn't wake you up," Bill said. Katie apologized. Bill said it had been happening a lot lately. In fact, Katie had a glass in her hand quite often.

Katie laughed. "Coming from you?" she questioned. Bill reiterated that he was concerned. Bill worried that she had been drinking heavily because of Brooke. Katie grew angry. "I don't want her in our bedroom," Katie declared.

"We have a problem," Katie," Bill said. Katie justified that she'd had a few too many drinks after a really bad night. Katie apologized, but she insisted she didn't want to get upset about Brooke again. She wanted to relax with her husband. She appreciated his concern, but she said it was unnecessary. "I'm fine," Katie said. Bill remained silent.

Katie changed and returned to bed. She kissed Bill and grew amorous. Bill declined her advances. He said he had a very important conference call early in the morning. She asked if he was serious that he wanted to go to sleep and she wanted to fool around.

Bill tried to be diplomatic. "You're mad. You're angry with me," Katie observed. "Katie, I'm concerned," Bill responded. Katie grew amorous again and said she wanted to show Bill that she was fine. "Not tonight," he said. "What is this? Is this about what happened at Brooke's? I have every right to be angry," Katie replied.

Katie worried that Bill was looking at her like she was crazy. Bill disagreed. He warned that they needed to be aware of warning signs: dark moods, drinking. Katie countered that she'd had her battles after Will had been born, but she insisted it had been a long time before, and she was fine. "You don't need to worry about me," she said. She acknowledged that she felt better because of Bill. "Let me make you feel good," she said, and she kissed him.

Bill turned away again. Katie was offended, and she said she would take some time to read downstairs. "I'm sorry about what happened earlier," she said. Katie was clearly upset. She left the room, and Bill was exasperated.

At Brooke's place, Brooke and Bridget chatted. Brooke admitted that she had never forgotten about her feelings for Bill. Brooke maintained she didn't want to burden Bridget with her problems, but Bridget wanted to know more. Brooke said the relationship was as powerful as it had ever been and always would be. "It was a glorious love affair," Brooke said. She called Bill the "most passionate man I have ever known." Bridget was stunned. "Wow," she said.

"Before we knew it, we were in love," Brooke said. She said it had all started because Katie had left Bill, and Brooke had stepped in to care for Will. She added that their relationship had been filled with excitement and passion. But Brooke acknowledged she couldn't be happy at Katie's expense. "I couldn't live with that," Brooke said.

Brooke explained that Bill had returned to his family, and it had been the right decision. Bridget smiled. She realized that her mother had given up a lot. Brooke said that Bill and Katie had a good marriage. Bridget wondered if Katie was happy.

Brooke explained that Katie had changed since she had overheard Brooke tell Bill that he was the love of her life. "Her insecurities came out," Brooke said. She added that Katie didn't seem like herself.

Brooke explained that she had invited Katie and Bill over for dinner to see if she could smooth things over with Katie, and it had seemed to work. They had spent the evening talking about family and looked at old Logan family albums, but Katie had pulled out one of Brooke's albums that was filled with pictures of Brooke and Bill. Katie had been upset, but Bill had calmed her down.

Bridget wondered if they were back to square one, but Brooke hoped they could work things out. Bridget and Brooke embraced. Bridget went to bed, and Brooke called Katie's cell phone. Bill answered, and Brooke shared that she had been concerned about Katie and wanted to talk to her. Bill said it wasn't a good time to talk to Katie. "Just tell her I called. I'm worried about her," Brooke said. Bill agreed, and he added that he was worried about Katie also.

Downstairs at Bill and Katie's, Katie eyed up the bottle of liquor. She tearfully worried. She called her doctor and left a message that she knew she not had an appointment in a long time because things had been fine. She added that she had stopped taking her antidepressant medication because she didn't feel she needed it anymore, but she felt she needed an appointment as soon as possible. She hung up.

Katie looked out the window and flashed back to memories of Brooke romancing Bill and arguments she'd had with Brooke. She remembered calling Brooke her "loyal sister," and then she remembered telling her that she could no longer work at Spencer. She quickly flashed back to more bad memories: eavesdropping when Brooke had told Bill he was the love of her life, and hearing her say, "Katie can never know."

Katie remembered Brooke tearfully saying, "Bill is yours." She recalled slapping Brooke. Katie cried. She eyed the bottle again. She poured a drink and tearfully sipped it.

Stephanie returns to the Mantel Stephanie returns to the Mantel
Thursday, February 18, 2016

At work, Bill had a meeting with Katie, but she was distracted. She admitted that she'd had a hard time getting going that day, and it happened to the best of them -- even him. Bill replied that it didn't, not for the reason he had in mind, but he understood it. She claimed there was nothing to understand. She'd merely slept later than usual and was having a slow morning.

Bill wanted to talk about it, but Katie insisted that she was fine. He disagreed, but she said she would be. She just needed time and a boss and husband that cut her slack on her slow days. He tried to say what he wanted to talk about, but Katie cut him off.

Katie didn't want to talk about Brooke feeling that Bill was the love of Brooke's life. Katie wished she'd never heard it, but one couldn't unring a bell. She insisted that he didn't have to be concerned about her and joked about the number of photo albums Brooke could possibly have left of Bill and her.

Later, Bill slipped at text message to someone just as Katie was returning to the room. He indicated to Katie that he was heading out to a meeting. She asked about the interdepartmental meeting, but he said he'd be back in plenty of time.

Bill left, and Katie had Alison triple-check his calendar for an outside meeting. Alison didn't find one on the books, and Katie's icy stare fell on a photo of Bill behind the desk. Katie had a drink and used a cell phone app to locate Brooke

At Brooke's house, Maya and Rick caught up with Brooke and Bridget. Rick asked if Brooke had heard from Katie. Assuming he meant after the photo album debacle, she said it hadn't been good for Katie, who luckily had Bill's support.

Talk turned to Bridget's "Madam X" designing days, and Brooke was sure Ridge would welcome Bridget back into designing if she wanted to return to it. Rick remarked that "Mr. Over-Inflated Ego" was back in town. Bridget said she'd hoped Ridge and Rick had gotten past their problems. Rick claimed things were fine -- except whenever Ridge was in town.

Brooke was distracted by a message on her phone from Bill. He requested to meet at his house. Brooke abruptly left, and her kids wondered what had made her rush off.

Rick took off for the mansion, and Bridget expressed excitement to have alone time with her sister-in-law. Maya guessed that Bridget wanted to know how blissfully happy Rick and Maya were. Bridget didn't think anyone was blissfully happy, but Maya said that Owen and Bridget were.

Bridget hesitated and said she didn't know how much Maya knew about the situation. Bridget stated that what she and Owen were doing was unconventional, but Logan was happy. Bridget assumed that the war was still on with her brothers, and Maya said no one pushed Rick's buttons like Ridge. Maya wished that Ridge would begin to give Rick the respect he deserved.

At Bill's house later, Brooke arrived, but she wasn't sure she should be there. Bill apologized but said he had to see her in private. Things had become critical, and he needed Brooke's help. He indicated that things had gone downhill after he and Katie had left Brooke's house. He knew drinking, and he could handle it; however, Katie couldn't. He was worried for his wife and his son's mother.

At the mansion, Ridge wondered why he'd ever thought it was a good idea to be away from Caroline. Caroline said he was the CEO with a business to run, and she felt lucky that Thomas had been there to take her to the hospital. Ridge stated that he was back, and everything had to take a backseat.

Caroline reminded him of the cocktail party they had to throw that night for Forrester's loyal supporters, and she stated that she and Ridge had met at the mansion to check on the preparations. "And a few other things Rick won't be happy with," Ridge added, staring at Maya's portrait.

Later, some workmen took away ladders and carted Maya's portrait to the dining room. Ridge asked what Caroline thought of the change. Caroline looked at Stephanie's portrait, hanging over the fireplace again, and asked if Eric knew -- or more importantly, if Rick did.

Eric arrived and welcomed Ridge back to town. Eric looked concerned when he saw Stephanie's eyes piercing him from the portrait on the wall. Ridge was pleased that the matriarch was back in her rightful place and said it had been long overdue. "You thought?" Eric asked. Ridge wondered who was better to make the decision than Stephanie's son.

Eric asked what had prompted it. Ridge, who'd returned from Europe, said that in Europe, portraits hung for centuries. Eric replied that it wasn't Europe and asked why at that time. Ridge figured that they were entertaining people at the cocktail party who the Forresters had entertained for years. Ridge was sure the guests would appreciate knowing that Stephanie's presence was still there.

Caroline believed Stephanie would like it. Eric agreed. He said one of the things he'd noticed about Stephanie was that she liked to provoke conflict. "I see that you do that," Eric said to Ridge. Eric asked if Ridge had run it by Rick, but Ridge asked why he'd do it. Eric cited that it was what he'd meant, and Rick and Maya lived at the mansion.

Ridge corrected that the couple played house there, but Stephanie's kids had grown up there. It was the family home, and all the children understood that the portrait should be there. Ridge figured that Eric understood it because he'd put it up during the holiday. Eric emphasized that he had put it up there. Ridge assured Eric that it would be okay.

Later, Ridge was staring at Stephanie's portrait. Eric asked where Caroline had gone. Ridge indicated that she'd left to prepare for the party. He wondered if Eric still missed Stephanie. Eric said he'd miss her until he drew his last breath, but families and times changed. Ridge assumed Eric was concerned about Rick's reaction about the portrait.

Ridge claimed that they'd put Maya's portrait back, but Eric said Ridge had to know that Rick would react to Ridge doing it without consulting him. Ridge asked if Eric wanted him to call Rick and added that Rick hadn't called Ridge before removing Stephanie's portrait. Eric told Ridge to call Rick, but before Ridge could do it, Rick arrived.

Rick asked what was going on with the portrait. Ridge grinned, announcing that he was back. "Missed ya. Wanna hug it out?" Ridge asked. Rick told Ridge to "cut the crap," and Eric said to let Ridge explain. Rick grew upset because Maya's portrait had been there when he'd left the house. Ridge said they were throwing a party, and Rick asked what it had to do with Maya's portrait.

Ridge believed that party guests who'd known Stephanie and loved Stephanie would appreciate seeing her picture in a prominent place in the house. Rick didn't buy it. Ridge claimed that he'd tried to call Rick, but Rick guessed it was after Eric had directed Ridge to. Eric didn't think Rick needed to react badly to it. Rick didn't know how to react to Ridge moving around things in the place Rick lived.

Ridge wanted to avoid a scene for once, and Rick advised Ridge to put Maya's portrait back on the wall if he wanted to avoid it. Ridge said he would -- in time. Rick told Eric that Ridge couldn't do it, and he was disrespecting Rick's wife. He called it a slap in the face to him and Maya.

Ridge said not to be a child. Rick stated that Ridge wasn't CEO of the house, and Maya's portrait deserved its place. Rick informed Eric that until Maya's portrait was back, Rick wouldn't set foot in the house.

Brooke confronts Katie about drinking Brooke confronts Katie about drinking
Friday, February 19, 2016

At the mansion, Ridge claimed that Stephanie's portrait would just be up for the weekend. Rick reminded Eric that Eric had said it was Rick's home. Ridge countered that it was home to them all, and it was Stephanie's home. Rick declared that he wouldn't be back at the mansion until his wife's portrait was back on the wall, and he walked out.

Later, the mansion filled with longtime associates of Forrester. The guests seemed to look upon Stephanie's portrait with pride and sentimentality. Eric toasted Stephanie's portrait with a guest who missed Stephanie, and other guests fondly told stories about Stephanie. One guest told Eric to congratulate Rick on his upcoming baby.

As a guest left, she thanked Ridge for a lovely start to the weekend. Ridge looked at the portrait and thanked his mother for hosting the party.

At Brooke's house, Bridget asked Maya if Rick missed being CEO. Maya didn't know. She said he might have wanted it so long that he'd just needed to prove that he could succeed at it. Bridget reasoned that maybe Rick had been pursuing what he'd thought would make him happy when an unexpected happiness had happened along. Maya said she'd thought she'd had to choose between being herself and being loved, but then Rick had walked into her life.

Rick arrived upset. Bridget asked if Ridge and Rick had already gotten into a fight. "He took your picture down," Rick told Maya. Maya reasoned that it was the CEO Invitational Weekend. Rick griped that it didn't mean that Ridge got to redecorate. Maya said that it was for the older clients who might not be excited about the transgender lead model.

Bridget said that the guests weren't like that. Rick stated that Ridge believed the guests wanted to see Stephanie there, as big as life again, but neither Stephanie nor Ridge lived there anymore. Rick told his sister not to look at him like that. Bridget said Rick had failed to say Ridge had done it to put Stephanie's picture back up. Bridget said Ridge had grown up there, and they hadn't. Rick asserted that Stephanie hadn't wanted Bridget and Rick anywhere near the place, but Bridget thought he was exaggerating.

Bridget stated that Ridge had probably done it for the guests. While Bridget adored Maya, Bridget liked seeing Stephanie's portrait. It felt right and respectful. "Now I'm being disrespectful," Rick scornfully replied. Maya agreed with Bridget that it was for the guests, just like the party favors, and they should give Ridge until the end of the weekend to remove the portrait.

Rick only wanted to give Ridge until the end of that night. He decided that when the guests returned for Saturday brunch, they'd see the lead model over the fireplace.

Back at the mansion, Ridge and Eric discussed what a great party it had been. Caroline had already gone home to rest. Eric noted that she looked more ready every day, and he imagined how beside herself Stephanie would be to have another grandchild on the way.

"She belongs there," Ridge said of the portrait. Eric stated that life was change. Ridge reasoned that life could be about keeping memories alive, and Stephanie had earned it. Ridge stated that Rick could hang Maya's picture in a hall, office, or bedroom, but the living room was Stephanie's space.

Ridge and Eric had martinis, and Ridge said his siblings missed Stephanie, too. He concluded that they didn't visit because there was too much of Rick in the house and too many people who no one knew. Eric called it an unfair criticism of Maya and Nicole.

Ridge said he wasn't criticizing anyone, but when Stephanie's kids saw Maya on the wall, the place didn't feel like their home. It felt like someone else's home.

Rick and Maya arrived. Ridge greeted Maya, who said she'd had a good visit with Bridget. Maya asked about the party, and Eric expressed that it had gone well. "I don't like how we left things," Rick said, and Maya decided to go upstairs. After Maya had gone, Ridge said Rick had run out like a little girl.

Rick was ready to compromise and meet Ridge halfway. Rick retrieved Maya's portrait. He said he understood Eric's reasons for wanting to display Stephanie's portrait, but after the closing brunch, they could return Maya's to the wall, and the guests could make the transition. "Stephanie, yesterday. Maya, today," Rick explained.

Ridge asked why Rick pretended to be in charge. Rick said he wasn't talking to Ridge and asked for Eric's opinion.

At Spencer, Wyatt arrived and noted that Katie was having scotch and staring at her phone. Wyatt was looking for Bill and asked what she was doing. Katie said she was tracking her friends. She couldn't track Bill, who loved his cloak of invisibility, but because Brooke wasn't so particular, Katie could track Brooke. Katie announced that Bill was at home with Brooke.

Wyatt asked when Bill would be back. "To which one of us?" Katie asked. Wyatt asked if Bill and Katie were having trouble. She replied that the trouble was Brooke, who thought she could snap her fingers and make a man hers again.

Later, Wyatt returned to the office and asked where Liam was. Preoccupied with her phone, Katie said no one had heard from Liam, and Bill was upset with him. Katie felt that Brooke was taking her sweet time and wondered if there was an app to determine what room Bill and Brooke were in.

Wyatt started to say what to do if Katie thought something was going on, but Katie cut in, saying it wasn't an "if." She claimed that Brooke had said she'd go after Bill. Katie quibbled that Brooke hadn't said the words, but it had been what she'd meant. Wyatt asked if Katie's solution was to drink alone and throw in the towel, but heading for the door, Katie said she wouldn't go down easily that time.

Wyatt asked if Katie would drive, but she said she was taking a car. He didn't want Katie to go off bad facts, but she said the facts were well known. She wondered if Bill had said anything about her. Wyatt replied that Bill didn't confide in anyone except her. Katie asked Wyatt not to tell Bill she'd said that or that Wyatt had seen Katie that way.

At Bill's house, Bill discussed how Katie had gone from barely finishing wine to hard liquor. He didn't like feeling about his wife the way he'd felt the previous night. Brooke didn't want to hear the details but remembered how hard Katie had been on Bill about drinking. Bill never believed that he and Katie would have an issue about it, and he felt he was losing Katie while she was right there with him.

Bill didn't know if confronting Katie and suggesting meetings was the right thing. He believed Katie was making deliberate choices to drink. It was as if Katie wanted to drink to become someone else, someone who would do or say what Katie otherwise wouldn't. Brooke offered to suggest that Katie go to a meeting with her. Bill asked if Brooke had forgotten how Katie would take any suggestion from her.

Katie arrived in time to overhear Brooke offering to take the brunt of it. Brooke said that it would be better if she told Katie instead of Bill. Katie stepped from the shadows and asked what they needed to tell her. "That you two are having another affair?" Katie asked.

Bill asked if it was what Katie would do -- sneak in through the back door to spy on him in his own home. Katie asked if she wasn't allowed to walk into her own home. She quipped that she was surely imagining that Bill and Brooke were alone together in Katie's living room. Bill pulled Katie to him and sniffed her. "This is how you come home to me?" he asked.

Bill asked if it was how Katie would go home to her son. Katie replied that he did it all the time, and it had been the same drink. She claimed it was how she passed the time while wondering how long Brooke and Bill needed. Bill asked if Katie was so out of touch with reality that she'd think he'd take any woman into their home and bed her down the hall from their son and nanny.

Katie asked if Bill really wanted an answer. "I do!" Bill yelled. She apologized and said she knew he'd never do anything like that. Katie insisted that she knew her sister, who'd do anything to have her destiny. Bill stated that he'd asked Brooke there for a private conversation, and he wondered if it wasn't allowed. Katie told him not to turn her into a controlling wife.

Katie claimed Bill could see who he wanted, but Katie knew how Broke would take it. Bill asserted that Brooke was there for Katie. Katie asked if it took Brooke hours to realize that Katie wasn't home. Kate asked what Brooke wanted to tell her, and Brooke said Katie's drinking was out of control.

Laughing, Katie asked if it was Brooke's new angle. Katie reminded Brooke that it had all started because she'd offered Brooke a job to keep Brooke from wallowing in misery and a bottle. "Who knew that you would use it as an excuse to get in touch with your inner slut!" Katie concluded. Bill bellowed Katie's name, but Brooke said it was the alcohol talking.

Katie agreed -- since she wasn't allowed to talk for herself. Katie was sure she didn't mean anything she said because she was supposed to be quiet, grateful, and dead. Katie was sure Brooke was waiting for the day that she could comfort Bill over a casserole but asserted that it would be an awfully long wait. Katie declared that she'd survived Broke once and wouldn't just hand Bill over to Brooke again.

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