Happy Dayz(ee)!

Ever since Stephanie found Dayzee living on the streets and sort of adopted her into the Forrester fold, I've been waiting for this character to show some...character. Don't get me wrong; she's been a nice reminder that the whole wide world isn't made up of privileged fashionistas like the Logans, Marones, Forresters, and Spencers. But for real involvement in the storytelling, Dayzee hasn't done much since playing Cinderella on the Forrester jet to San Francisco. That's why this week was so great. It was Dayzee's coming out party!

Hooray for Dayzee! When she got the truth out of Thomas about what really happened on the island -- NOT! -- she did something about it. When she and Thomas crashed Taylor's bridal shower, weren't you applauding when she insisted on being in on Stephanie and Thomas' private conversation. I was! At last, a character that's not intimidated by Stephanie's bullying ways.

By the way, how many times has Taylor had a bridal shower? Imagine if you're Jackie; you must have given Taylor half-a-dozen gifts for the various bridal showers she's had. There were Taylor's weddings to Nick, Ridge (the one at the beach house that never reached fruition), Whip, and now Ridge again. Come on, isn't Dr. Hayes beyond the need of all the wedding trappings? She's been around the block a few times. So help me, if she wears white at this next wedding, I'm going to curl up in a little ball and cry. It'll be too much for me to handle.

But back to Dayzee and the truth. Isn't it funny that it's taken an outsider to stand up for integrity and morals? She nailed Thomas for being a liar and wouldn't let him off the hook with his excuses. Excuses, which by the by, were lame. When you're a twenty-something guy with a great career and your own life to live, you don't play The Parent Trap and scheme to get your divorced parents back together. Same with Steffy; these two should not be in their mom and dad's romantic lives. It's just juvenile. So when Dayzee told Thomas point-blank that he had to do something about the big lie, I was thrilled to see that he not only listened, he followed through. It's with great expectations that I'm going to watch next week to see Ridge, Taylor, and Brooke all discover that Thomas is a big fat liar and Stephanie's still a manipulative witch.

You know, another person who's going to find out that Stephanie's unchanged? What do you think Eric's going to say when he learns his wife was not transformed by her brush with death, after all, that she's still holding the same grudges against Brooke she's held for over twenty years? And that Stephanie is still using emotional blackmail to coerce the people she supposedly loves. Last week, it was Eric who pointed out to his wife that Thomas was scarred by what he'd gone through to the extent that he wasn't the same man he'd been before the plane crash. What Eric didn't know, however, was the culprit in Thomas' angst was Stephanie. She was the one who instigated the lie and the one to blackmail him into destroying Brooke in Ridge's eyes.

What is it about Stephanie that makes her so incapable for letting go of the past with Brooke? She spent the better part of an episode harping about all the terrible things Brooke's done to her. Okay, even if it's true that Brooke did every horrible thing that Stephanie believes she did, what about moving on? Forgiveness? Did the cancer scare really have no lasting effect on her? Did Brooke's efforts to save Stephanie's life make no lasting impression on her? What the heck has Taylor ever done to match Brooke's devotion to Stephanie during the darkest hour of Stephanie's life? I just don't get it. Brad needs to address this realistically because otherwise it's coming off as contrived storytelling. In other words, no matter what happens, Stephanie will never -- ever -- approve of Brooke for Ridge. If that's the case, don't give foreshadowing clues that they can ever be friends again.

I used to like Ridge, but lately, I can't stand him. He's a strong man, right? He's also a grown man, right? And yet he's led around like a prized stallion being shown to the stables! It makes no sense that he would want to get married again so quickly after breaking up with Brooke. We're to believe that he can flip from loving Brooke to loving Taylor with the snap of his fingers. If you were Brooke or Taylor, why would you accept that kind of partner -- a man who vacillates emotionally from woman to woman? How can you ever be sure that you're number one in his heart if he can bounce his emotions around like that? I'd love to see both Taylor and Brooke tell him to go to take a flying leap! He's using them both. He really is Stephanie's son -- playing games with other people's emotions.

I wonder how happy the members of the Ridge and Taylor camp are these days, watching Brooke in so much pain? Is this really good for the show, to take one of the leads and tear her down so dramatically? It might be different if Brooke had really done the deed with Thomas, but she didn't. To me, she's coming off like a martyr. It's hard to root against someone when they're beating themselves up like she is. Even Taylor's had a hard time hatin' on Brooke lately.

If there is a character that deserves to be vilified, it's Amber. What she attempted to do to Liam was reprehensible, and Bill enjoyed throwing her out of the beach house. However, it was kind of refreshing that the Logans treated her with a little more respect. They weren't forgiving her for hurting Hope, but they at least honored the fact that she's Rosie's mother. So now Amber says she's changed because she's a mother -- technically a baby mama -- let's see if it sticks.

One thing about this storyline, though, it plays into a really bad social stereotype about African American men fathering children out of wedlock. If the stereotype plays out, the next phase will be Marcus failing to pay child support to Amber. Let's hope that's not where Brad Bell is taking this story.

I don't think we're going to hear wedding bells for Marcus and Amber. Marcus can be a dad without being a husband. Nowadays, you don't have to marry to give a baby your name. And there's no social stigma, not like there was. So what's going to happen to Amber? She could disappear like Bridget after having a baby, but I don't see that happening.

Frankly, it would be wise if Marcus got some grief from his parents -- that's you, Donna and Justin -- about having unprotected sex and sleeping around. And don't think for a moment that I believe that it was protected sex and something went wrong. That's malarkey! Condoms are 99 percent effective, and little Rosie was not born because the odds were against Amber and Marcus.

On the flip side, I like the fact that Hope has decided not to have sex until her wedding night. I don't know if she'll actually be able to hold out that long, but it's a laudable notion given her experience. I mean, if you were Brooke's daughter and saw how sex had mucked up mom's life, wouldn't you opt for abstinence? It makes sense that Hope might want to take things slowly. She's seen the results of Amber's fooling around, and she knows that Steffy is a slut whom she does not admire. I hope Hope holds to her principles.

While we're on the subject of characters who we love or hate, it's your turn to fire off some email. What storylines have captured your interest? Which past stars do you want to see return to B&B in the near future? Send me an email. I'm looking forward to reading from you. Here are some letters from the readers!

    • This show is being poorly written. With Brooke going thru so much, where is Bridget and Rick (who have always been supportive of their mother) to lend their support? It's time to bring them back even for a brief visit. Hopefully, Bridget will be a doctor again. Bill and Katie look good together again. Please keep them that way. Please return Brooke to that strong independent woman who always stood up to Taylor and Stephanie. Maybe she can return to the lab and be productive there. - Maggie

    • Suggestions on how to make B&B better... Stop the tired recycling Brooke/Taylor/Ridge storyline when you've made it clear that Brooke and Ridge are destined to be together. SORAS Thorne's daughter Ally to be the newest bad girl with a family axe to grind against Steffy and Thomas who stand to inherit all of Forrester when it's her Dad who's truly the eldest biological Heir to the dynasty. Her and Rick need to be fighting for control of their family power... Speaking of Thorne, he needs to grow some balls and stop playing second-fiddle to Ridge and stand up to his dad and get out of the basement in charge of shipping? Really... What a loser. Bring back Massimo for Jackie M, Ridge's real daddy and let's play up more of the Nick/Ridge Sibling rivalry as well as Thorne/Ally/Rick power struggling. Throw in Felicia for good measure. - Gee

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