Behind the scenes of B&B's Italy shoot

Posted Tuesday, January 25, 2000 - 9:33:24 AM
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Behind the scenes of B&B's Italy shoot

Highlights of Venice trip from various sources:

Because Italian fans of BEAUTIFUL (as the show is called in Italy) followed the stars everywhere, they needed a lot of security to protect the actors. Adrienne Frantz (Amber) tried to hide in a red wig and sunglasses, she tells Soap Opera Digest, but she was still recognized by four girls who showed off their dyed blonde "Amber hair" to the actress.

The show taped 120 pages of dialog--the equivalent of a feature film--in 5 days, with schedules staggered to make use of the early sunrises and sunsets.

Although it was a little nippy, they only had rain one day--the last day of the shoot, when they planned to tape scenes in the rain (using rain machines) between Thorne and Macy anyway

Andrea Evans (Tawny) had chapped legs after filming scenes in a bell tower, because she wore a miniskirt on extremely windy days.

Bobbie Eakes (Macy) took a trip to Verona while there to see the site that inspired ROMEO AND JULIET, while Victor Alfieri (Giovanni) got to visit with his mother and grandmother.

Justin Torkildsen (Rick) was stunned by they way fans tried to mob him. As his episodes had not yet aired at the time in Italy, he guesses that the fans thought he was his predecessor, Jacob Young.

The remote ended with a wrap party thrown by Bell, who considered the party the highlight of his career. Dan McVicar (Clarke), who was on his way to Paris to receive an award, and Bell's wife Colleen arrived in time for the party, where the stars arrived at a candle-lit canal in decorated water taxis. Once inside, the stars were greeted and serenaded by Venetian singers in period costumes. Bell, the other producers and their Italian friends made speeches thanking the cast and crew for their hard work in making the remote a success

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