Deacon suggests to Finn that Sheila might be alive

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Wednesday, April 10, 2024
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The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps (Wednesday, April 10, 2024)
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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

At Il Giardino, Deacon admitted that he knew he sounded crazy, but he asked what Finn thought about Sheila not being dead. Finn reminded Deacon that Sheila had perished in Finn's home. None of it made sense to Deacon. He'd seen Sheila's face and said goodbye, but the person who'd been cremated had had ten toes. "Ten toes, Finn!" he yelled.

Finn tried to put Deacon's grief into perspective, but Deacon insisted that he knew what he'd seen. He stated that he'd looked at the body, and he had seen Sheila's face. The employee had allowed him to press the crematory button. It had been the hardest thing Deacon had ever done. Deacon flashed back to watching the body on the conveyor belt. He said the shroud had slipped off, and he'd seen ten toes.

Finn, who had a lot of experience with death, said it wasn't uncommon for a person witnessing a person's last breath to think he saw something. He'd once heard a wife say her husband had smiled. Deacon yelled that he knew what he'd seen. Finn ordered Deacon to get a hold of himself. Deacon continued, asking what might happen if it hadn't been Sheila in that box.

Deacon insisted that the image of ten toes had been burned into his brain, but Finn figured Deacon's mind was playing tricks on him. Finn said there was no way Sheila hadn't been there, and Deacon had seen Sheila himself. Finn told Deacon that Deacon had to accept that Sheila was dead. A flash of the toes went through Deacon's mind, and he threw back a drink.

At the cliff house, Liam arrived with a stuffed animal Kelly had forgotten. Steffy guessed that had been because he'd bought her a ton of new ones, and he admitted having trouble denying their daughter. Sighing, he realized that it was nice being unafraid for her and the kids with Sheila gone. Steffy smiled and nodded.

Liam wondered if the memorial had flushed Sheila out of Finn's system. Steffy hadn't liked that Finn had gone, but he'd gotten much-needed closure She concluded that Liam was right: they didn't have to worry about Sheila anymore. Liam told Steffy that she wasn't going through it alone. She thanked him for caring but said she wasn't alone, and she felt more patient with what Finn was going through because she knew Sheila would never be back.

The topic turned to Finn's visit to Deacon that day, and Liam didn't know what Deacon had seen in Sheila. "Yeah, I have no sympathy for that man, so..." Steffy replied. Liam noted that Finn did. Steffy reasoned that Finn cared about people who didn't deserve it, but Finn had promised that they were done talking about Sheila once and for all. Steffy shared that Baker had told her there would be no charges in Sheila's death.

Steffy changed the topic to how Liam was doing and asked him to be real with her. Liam said he was hanging in there, focusing on Beth, Kelly, and work. He said he might be soul-searching and asking himself uncomfortable questions -- like whether he was the kind of man he'd want to see his daughters with. "Not really," he replied.

Liam decided that he was guilty of waffling between Hope and Steffy for years. He admitted he had to figure out who he was. He stated that he just wanted to be a dad for a while, the best father he could be. Steffy told him that he was a great father. She'd seen his growth and self-awareness and figured he should be proud of himself. Liam replied that it meant a lot coming from her.

In Eric's office, R.J. worried that Hope was stressed about the line. Hope tried to be confident about the team but recalled that the line had been shelved the last time Thomas had been off it. R.J. said it wouldn't happen that time, and the team would look out for each other. Admitting that Thomas' absence was concerning, Hope believed she had a good game plan and talented designers. Hope thought it would be great for Luna to work with the talented Zende.

Later, R.J. hoped his problems with Zende were in the past. R.J. thought he could learn from Zende. Hope asked how R.J. felt about Luna working with Zende, and with some difficulty, R.J. replied that Luna could learn from Zende, too.

Hope was glad things had healed between Zende and R.J., and though she'd been leery of working on the line without Thomas, R.J.'s support had put her at ease. Hope sensed Luna would be a big part of the project. He sang his girlfriend's praises, called her a light in his life, and said they were lucky to have Luna.

R.J. laughed, thinking of how he hadn't wanted to work in the family business. He was grateful to work with his sister and cousin and said he'd be building something with the woman he loved. He felt that they'd all be better for it because they had transparency and trust.

In the design office, Poppy arrived in time to join Luna and Zende's discussion about Luna's decision to confess to R.J. about her night with Zende. Poppy began to try to talk her daughter out of it, but Luna insisted that it wasn't who she was or whom Poppy had raised her to be. Luna declared that she'd tell R.J., and no one could stop her.

Poppy decided not to talk Luna out of it. Poppy felt that she had let her daughter down. Poppy was done with the mints and refused to pressure Luna not to do what she felt was in her heart. Apologizing, Poppy hugged Luna.

Later, Poppy had gone, and Luna was glad her mom had stopped trying to talk her out of telling R.J. Luna tried to explain to Zende why she couldn't keep silent. He could see that the secret was eating at Luna, and he didn't want that for her. He cared about her too much. He was sorry for what had happened, but he felt that R.J. knew she was a good person.

"You won't lose him," Zende stated. Luna cried, saying things had been perfect with R.J., her job, and the Forresters. It had become a nightmare because of her mom's mints. Zende figured that he never should have flirted with his cousin's girl, and he said he wouldn't have gone through with that night if he'd known she hadn't been herself or if he hadn't had the feelings he had for her. Zende hoped R.J. handled things well, but if he didn't, Zende was there for Luna.

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Ashleigh Brewer Returns to The Bold and the Beautiful as Ivy


Ashleigh Brewer Returns to The Bold and the Beautiful as Ivy
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