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Adam Alexander
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Actor History
Michael Swan
Other Names

Myles Fairchild (assumed name)


Worked as a fish monger in Italy

Worked as an investment banker

Resides At

Last seen in Portugal in 2003

Formerly Camoglia, Italy

Formerly Los Angeles, California

Formerly Nantucket, Massachusetts

Marital Status


Past Marriages

Sally Spectra [Married: date unknown; divorced: 1974]

unnamed woman [Married: date unknown; dissolved by her death: date unknown]




Macy Alexander (daughter; with Sally Spectra; deceased)

Kimberly Fairchild (daughter; mother unknown)

Flings & Affairs

None (assumed)

Crimes Committed

Arrested for money laundering, causing him to live under an assumed identity for 25 years [1970s]

Brief Character History

Adam Alexander shared a daughter, Macy Alexander, with fashionista Sally Spectra. When Macy was a child, Adam left town, forcing Sally to bring Macy up alone. In 1998, Adam returned to Los Angeles under the name of Myles Fairchild; he had been living in Nantucket, Massachusetts with his younger daughter, Kimberly Fairchild. To help keep Sally's company, Spectra Fashions, from going under, Adam sent her an anonymous check for $500,000, then secretly sent flowers to Macy, a recovering alcoholic who was grieving the loss of her husband, Grant Chambers.

Adam went to see Macy in the hospital after she was in a car accident; later, Adam prevented Macy from committing suicide by drowning. Adam admitted that when he and Sally were starting out, they were in financial trouble, so Adam borrowed money from men involved with illegal activities. After he was arrested for money laundering but given immunity for reporting the men to the authorities, he skipped town to keep Sally and Macy safe. Adam initially asked Macy to keep the truth from Sally, but eventually he told Sally himself. Adam wanted to leave town when Sally raged at him for getting remarried and having another daughter, but Macy talked him into sticking around.

Adam soon told Macy and Kimberly they were half-sisters, and made inroads with Sally as he helped to rebuild Spectra Fashions. Adam became concerned when Kimberly developed an interest in Rick Forrester, who had impregnated Amber Moore. Adam grew to dislike the Forrester family after he thought they were responsible for sabotaging Kimberly's debut as a runway model, more so when Macy rekindled her romance with ex-husband Thorne Forrester, only to have Thorne leave Macy for Rick's mother, Brooke Logan.

The Spectra gang printed birthday wishes in the paper for Adam, which alerted the men he'd been running from to his whereabouts. During Adam's birthday party, the men rushed in, and Sally was shot in the melee. In the hospital, once he knew Sally would be all right, Adam decided to leave town to protect Sally and his daughters.

Months later, it appeared Macy had been killed after she crashed her car into a gas truck while fighting with Brooke over Thorne. But Adam had secretly rescued Macy and taken her to Italy to recover; Adam also snuck back into Los Angeles to retrieve Kimberly. Adam worked as a fish monger while Macy gained a following singing as "Lena" and began a relationship with Lorenzo Barelli. But when Adam learned that Sally was in Italy for a fashion show and still struggling with Macy's "death" two years later, Adam took Macy to see Sally. After Macy also caught up with Thorne in Italy, Adam agreed with Lorenzo's contention that their cover had been compromised and that it was time to go on the run again. Adam took Macy and Lorenzo to Portugal, where they were married. Once their disappearance caused Sally to have a heart attack, Adam sent Macy and Lorenzo back to L.A., aware he may never see Macy again.

Ironically, Macy was critically injured and taken off life support after a chandelier was rigged to fall on her. It is assumed that Macy is dead; Adam did not return to Los Angeles upon the presumed death of his daughter and has not been seen or mentioned since 2003.

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