Ava and Gwen team up to help Kristen

Days of our Lives Recap for Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

by Mike

At the Salem Inn, Gwen started to protest that whatever Kristen had told Ava had been false. “Oh, save it,” Ava advised Gwen while barging into the Rizczech-Cook hotel room. “And shut that door, because what we have to talk about is private,” Ava warned. “Got anything to drink around here?” Ava begged.

Gwen closed the hotel room door then retrieved two bottles of alcohol from the minibar and tossed one of them to Ava. “Classy...” Ava grumbled. “Oh, excuse me -- sorry, I didn't realize I'd be serving tea to Her Majesty,” Gwen countered. Ava and Gwen drank while getting to know each other -- then they started brainstorming ways to help Kristen escape from police custody.

At the police station, Rafe bragged to Kristen about having pulled strings to ensure that a transport van would be sent out right away. “Should be here in about an hour,” Rafe stressed before starting to exit the conference room in which Kristen was being held. “That's too soon...” Kristen muttered. “What's that? You have a pressing appointment?” Rafe wondered. “Well...I...haven't been able to say goodbye to anyone,” Kristen clarified. “Yeah -- and...? Who in this town would be sad to see you go?” Rafe argued. “Her best friend,” Lani responded, joining Rafe and Kristen in the conference room.

Rafe exited the conference room with a shake of the head, leaving Lani alone with Kristen, who quickly realized that something was wrong. Lani confirmed Kristen's suspicion with a sigh then revealed what had happened during Abe and Paulina's wedding ceremony. “He's called, but I just can't bring myself to pick up [because] I'm pretty sure that he's gonna want to see me -- [I mean], I just keep thinking that if I can avoid seeing him, I can pretend like none of this is real...” Lani tearfully admitted. “As someone who was adopted, I know that the family ties are more [important] than the blood,” Kristen soothingly countered.

Abe went to the Price-Grant apartment to see Lani but found Eli there instead. “I spoke to Tammy last night -- [and] I lost my cool...” Abe admitted. “Why wouldn't you!” Eli exclaimed as Carver woke up and started fussing. “Are you thinking of changing his name?” Abe wondered. “Hell no! [Look], I'll tell you the same thing I told Theo -- he's still their uncle, and you are still their grandfather. [And] you will be that as long as you're on this planet. [And] just so you know, I still think that you are the greatest father-in-law a man could ever have,” Eli responded before giving Abe a hug. Abe thanked Eli then started to rush off -- but Lani arrived just then.

At the hospital, Xander offered Susan more reminders of what had happened during their previous conversation. “[Still] doesn't ring a bell?” Xander eventually concluded. “Eh... You know what? They gave me one of those shots, and it's just made me forget stuff...” Susan apologetically explained before suddenly thinking to ask about the timing of the conversation -- then realizing why it didn't sound familiar.

Xander stormed off to the police station to confront Kristen after Susan clarified the situation. Kristen claimed to have exposed Sarah and Rex's affair as a way of doing Xander a favor -- then started to backpedal as a stall tactic after Rafe interrupted to announce that the transport van had just arrived. Gwen burst into the conference room just as Kristen was about to tell Xander the truth about Sarah. “I was just passing by, and I saw your car outside, and I thought maybe you'd gotten yourself into trouble...” Gwen explained to Xander while giving Kristen a subtle nod. “My confession is that I wasn't doing you a favor, [Xander] -- I took great joy in puncturing your little dream of happiness,” Kristen declared.

Xander stormed off with Gwen, still somewhat suspicious. Rafe soon led Kristen outside, where two men were waiting near the transport van -- men Ava and Gwen had intercepted and threatened earlier. As soon as the coast was clear, one of the men removed Kristen's handcuffs and asked for a destination. “I haven't decided yet -- all I know is that I want to get as far away as possible from this godforsaken place...” Kristen grumbled.

Allie entered the Brady Pub while Lucas was scoffing at the Intruder's online article about Susan's self-inflicted stab wounds -- and the drama surrounding them. “Oh, good -- you're here,” Allie began before claiming the extra chair at Lucas' table. “Something wrong?” Lucas wondered. “You don't know about Grandma Marlena,” Allie realized.

"Well, I guess this [article] is making a little bit more sense now -- I mean, it's a creepy kind of 'sense,' but...” Lucas declared after Allie elaborated. “I tried calling Will, Johnny, and Sydney, but no one's picking up -- and, of course, there's Mom, who's still MIA...” Allie reported. “Your mother would want to be here -- she'd want to know...” Lucas insisted. “You worried about her?” Allie wondered. “I am now!” Lucas confirmed. “Yeah -- I am, too... Dad, what if something happened to her?” Allie fretted before taking a phone call from an unknown number.

"Thank God you picked up!” Sami began. “I am so relieved that you called, Mom -- [I mean], we have been so worried about you, and now...something's happened with Grandma --” Allie responded. “She's been possessed -- I know,” Sami interjected. “How --” Allie wondered. “Listen to me -- I am in deep trouble, and I need your help!” Sami begged. “What have you done now?” Allie countered. “Nothing! I was kidnapped --” Sami explained. “Kidnapped?” Allie sputtered, prompting Lucas to snatch the cell phone.

"Who did this to you?” Lucas wondered. “I don't know, okay? [Look], I've been locked in this tiny room for months, [and] all I see are guards, and they're not very chatty, [and] I finally managed to steal this cell phone off of one of them, [and then] I tried to call my mom, [but] she's got her own problems right now, [and then] I called E.J., [but] the phone died before I could even talk to him, [and now] it's charged again, but the guard -- I knocked him out, and I'm really afraid of what he's gonna do when he wakes up...” Sami explained before starting to complain about having encountered a locked door while trying to escape -- and having then broken the guard's key in the lock.

"Oh, my God, she wasn't ghosting us -- we should have looked for her!” Allie fretted to Lucas during Sami's story. “Stop -- it's not your fault,” Lucas assured Allie before advising Sami to access the GPS system on the guard's cell phone. Sami sent the information to Allie's cell phone, and Lucas rushed out of the Brady Pub as soon as the text message arrived.

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