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The Scoop: DAYS previews, teasers, and spoilers for the Week of May 8, 2017
Danger looms in Salem!
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DAYS Scoop: Spoilers for the week of May 8, 2017 on Days of our Lives
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of May 8, 2017. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.

While Lani attempts to conceal the effects of Halo from J.J., Eli and Rafe learn more about the dangerous drug and, possibly, who's behind bringing it to Salem

Good intentions may backfire for Abe and Gabi as they attempt to get Valerie and Eli to make amends

Though intending to do Ciara a favor, Theo regrets helping Wyatt woo his best friend, especially when Wyatt's motives seem unsavory

As Theo has it out with Wyatt, Claire lays into Victor as she feels her grandfather plays favorites between her and Ciara

Jade's days of benefiting from Kayla's financial help are over, but Kayla may regret her decision as Jade holds their dirty family secret

Joey continues to worry that his deadly secret will be exposed, but Tripp seizes a moment to help Joey, bonding the brothers

Sonny and Paul continue their attempt to expose Deimos and end up jet-setting to Greece, hot on his heels

Though he's been warned that exposing himself to the amulet is dangerous, Chad acts cavalier about the artifact

Abigail is concerned for Chad's safety, but Chad seems more concerned about her growing closeness with Dario, especially after seeing her and Thomas with Dario

Chad and Abigail have it out over Dario, but that doesn't stop Dario from later asking Abigail to dine with him

Abigail remains hesitant over Dario's affections for her but doesn't hesitate to help him out of a legal jam

Hoping to help Chad and keep him out of trouble, unlikely allies Andre and Hope head to Greece to stop Chad's quest for the amulet and revenge

It could be too late for Andre and Hope as Chad might be hiding the fact that he's already obtained the coveted relic from Deimos

While Deimos is still determined to reunite with Nicole, he also pays a visit to the badly injured Brady, who's still clinging to life

With Brady's condition continuing to deteriorate, Valerie is forced to put him on the list to receive another new heart

An already shaken Marlena is rattled even more when she receives news about John while trying to reach him about Brady

When things look their worst for Brady, he reaches out to Justin to ensure his loved ones are taken care of after he's gone

Despite the things that have gone on between them, a concerned Chloe attempts to comfort Brady, who's grateful for her company

Brady and Chloe bond, especially after apologizing about the bitterness that has recently arisen between them

Staying true to his promise to Brady, Eric forms a plan to rescue Nicole and Holly from Xander's clutches

After catching a lucky break, Eric dons a disguise and breaks into Xander's clandestine island compound

Despite being confronted by Xander, Eric manages to make off with Holly and get her to safety, but his luck may run out...

Though Nicole is none too pleased to see Eric again and angrily rips into her former flame, they still have Xander to worry about

As Eric works to free Nicole, Xander arrives, and the former priest and the psycho have a dangerous battle

Casting scoops

Alison Sweeney bringing Sami back to DAYS!

B&B's Patrika Darbo back to DAYS

Days of our Lives shocker: Arianne Zucker to exit

Exclusive: Vincent Irizarry out at Days of our Lives

DAYS seeking actor for "cocky" new character

Vivian Jovanni exits DAYS

A sneak peek at next week

Two Salemites who don't have the best track record at love may find something in common

While one Salemite continues to struggle for their life, another returns to Salem

It's a legal affair for one Salemite while another finds their life quickly unraveling

Down the road previews

Springtime in Salem will see a classic whodunit, but the murderer and the motive prove to be shocking

While old enemies reluctantly find themselves working together, they may be in for a bigger shock when other ties are exposed

Some of Salem's most predominant couples could be in for shakeups as spring rolls around

Someone sinister slithers into Salem with unfinished business for their foes and family alike

A tried and true Salem schemer returns home and has an explosive story to share (and a few scandalous secrets)

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