Ben grows suspicious of Claire
Days of our Lives Recap for Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Wednesday, May 22, 2019
by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Jack effusively introduced Eve, who didn't hesitate to accept the responsibility of being the town's new police commissioner.

"Any questions?" Jack asked the crowd afterward, and Jennifer immediately raised a hand, making the new mayor somewhat nervous. "Have you lost what's left of your mind?" Jennifer wondered, staring at Jack in disbelief. "[Eve] has no background in law enforcement! She's more likely to commit a crime than stop one!" Jennifer added.

Jack, following Eve's advice, abruptly ended the swearing-in ceremony instead of engaging with Jennifer, who chased after the couple as the crowd dispersed. "I know that you are upset about your cousin [being fired], but I'm the decider, [and] I've made my decision!" Jack snapped at Jennifer in an effort to settle the matter. "News flash for you, Jennifer -- [being] police commissioner is an administrative job, [and] you don't have to be a cop [to get it]," Eve added, prompting Jennifer to counter that, apparently, being the mayor's wife was suddenly the only requirement.

"I'm sure you're gonna put that in that little hatchet piece that you're gonna write about us after this, but I can tell you right now, I'm completely independent!" Eve defensively insisted, but Jennifer wasn't convinced. "You're gonna be a complete failure, because you are no more qualified to run a police department than [Jack] is to be mayor," Jennifer told Eve.

Eve started to respond, but Jack quickly interrupted, pulling Jennifer aside for a private conversation. "Change has come to Salem, [and] if you could just accept it --" Jack began once Eve was out of earshot. "Don't you sling your slogans at me, and don't you tell me how to feel!" Jennifer tiredly snapped, silencing Jack. "I don't know how [Eve] talked you into giving her that job, but she is not the right person for it, and she is manipulating you!" Jennifer added. "I know what I'm doing!" Jack defensively insisted. "Oh, I wish that were true...but it's not!" Jennifer countered.

"As a journalist and citizen of this city, I am not going to let you jeopardize anybody else's lives with this reckless decision that you have made, [so] I am gonna be all over the two of you, and I am going to expose both of you for the con artists that you are!" Jennifer vowed before walking away. Jack, who was seemingly desperate for Jennifer's approval and support, appeared to find the threat hurtful instead of concerning. "Do not let that shrew get to you. This is your big day," Eve said, approaching Jack from behind. "And yours," Jack replied, flashing Eve a forced smile.

Hope and Eli broke into a motel room and were surprised to see Tripp there instead of J.J. and Haley. "I was listening to my dad's police scanner, and I heard you guys might have a tip -- that they might be at this motel -- [so] I came here to try to convince them to turn themselves in, but they -- they were gone. Hell, I don't know if they were ever really here at all," Tripp claimed with a shrug. "You married Haley to keep her from being deported, [and] all of a sudden, now you want her to turn herself in?" Hope asked skeptically. "Eh, things are getting a little out of hand," Tripp innocently explained, but Hope still wasn't convinced.

"You know more than you're saying," Hope guessed, eyeing Tripp suspiciously. "He leaves us no choice but to bring him in for questioning. Cuff him," Hope said to Eli, surprising Tripp. As Eli produced a pair of handcuffs, Hope received a text message from Jack, making it clear that there was a new police commissioner in town. "What is it?" Eli asked curiously. "My pink slip...[and] Tripp's lucky day," Hope summarized. "He's still on the force," Tripp noted, eyeing Eli. "True...but I have no idea who my new boss is, [so] without clear orders on how to proceed, I have to make a judgment call, and my judgment is to take your story at face value," Eli replied.

Relieved, Tripp thanked Eli for the favor. "I know you're trying to help J.J. and Haley, but this is serious business. ICE does not play games," Hope warned Tripp, who promised to be careful.

J.J. and Haley hid at the Horton cabin on Smith Island, dressed in disguises that had been bought with the money that Tripp had loaned them. "This is my family cabin. We'll be safe here for a little while -- you know, until we figure out how to get into Canada," J.J. said to Haley while checking the cabinets for canned goods. "[Looks like there's not] much around here except a few cans of beans and weenies," J.J. added, and Haley skeptically admitted to being unfamiliar with that particular dish. "My mom always, uh, kept a few cans around for sentimental reasons. Apparently, uh, she and my dad survived on these when they were on the run," J.J. recalled.

Haley couldn't believe that Mayor Jack Deveraux had ever deigned to eat that sort of meal. "My dad acts all high and mighty, addition to being a rapist, dad was -- was sentenced to, for life...for murder," J.J. revealed, stunning Haley. "It was an accident, and the guy turned out to be alive, but my dad still got locked up. That's why it's -- it's amazing to see how self-righteous he is now -- going after you with a vengeance [even though he once] broke out of prison and went on the run with my mom," J.J. added with a shake of the head.

"They hid out in a circus," J.J. revealed, drawing a laugh from Haley, who thought that was a joke. "I swear. My dad was an animal keeper, and my mom got knives thrown at her, and my sister was a clown...[so] if Canada doesn't work out, we could always give that a shot," J.J. continued. "Your dad sounds like he was a very different man back then...and your mom must have really loved him if she decided to tag along on that crazy ride," Haley noted. "Yeah, she did...[but] seeing them now, it's hard to believe they were ever happy..." J.J. replied, sighing.

Changing the subject, J.J. began to tell Haley about an old friend who would surely know how to acquire a pair of fake passports. "We've had our issues, but I...I think we're good now," J.J. mused. "I don't know, J.J. -- this Rory guy sounds a little shady," Haley warned. "So was I back then -- I mean, dealing drugs, getting busted, angry at the world..." J.J. countered with a shrug, surprising Haley, who found it really difficult to believe that such a good guy could have ever been such a bad guy. J.J. and Haley locked eyes with each other, but before anything could happen, the burner phone rang.

After a brief conversation with Tripp, J.J. ended the call and angrily informed Haley that Jack had just fired Hope. "She taught me so much. She was an amazing detective," J.J. raved. "Selfishly speaking, I pray that her replacement isn't nearly as good," Haley worriedly mused, prompting J.J. to insist that, either way, everything was going to be okay. "I know that your whole world just got turned upside down -- finding out your sister's really your mother -- [and] I know that you must feel like everything you believed in turned out to be untrue, [but] you can believe in this -- I'm going to take care of you," J.J. stressed, making Haley smile.

Random police officers watched suspiciously as Eve paraded around the police station with Jack, discussing immediate plans. "My first order of business is to find that fugitive Haley Chen and bring her to justice," Eve loudly declared. "What about J.J.?" Jack asked. "If you're asking me to protect him --" Eve began in a much quieter tone. "I'm not. If J.J. is indeed harboring a fugitive, that's a crime, and he'll have to suffer the consequences," Jack conceded with a shrug as Hope and Eli entered the building. "I assume you got my text," Jack said to Hope. "Better than being fired by tweet," Hope joked.

"For the record, Commissioner Brady is the best boss I've ever had," Eli stressed. "Thanks for the input, Detective, but the time for change has come," Jack dismissively countered.

Hope and Eli were both shocked to learn that Jack had chosen Eve, of all people, as the new police commissioner. "Don't you think that people are going to see through this? This is nepotism at its worst!" Hope said to Jack, who didn't seem to care. "After I take over, all of those bad guys out there that are busting a gut over this department here aren't gonna be laughing anymore," Eve pointedly bragged.

Eve seized Hope's gun and badge then walked away with Jack. "Anything I can do?" Eli asked Hope. "Yes -- your job. This town is gonna need you," Hope worriedly replied.

After Hope left, Eve returned and demanded an update on the search for Haley and J.J., prompting Eli to summarize what had happened at the motel. Eve couldn't believe that Eli hadn't bothered to haul Tripp in for questioning. "I didn't feel we had probable cause," Eli explained with a shrug. " know what that means...right?" Eli added. "You know what 'insubordinate' means?" Eve irritably countered. "I was genuinely concerned that you might not be familiar with the terminology," Eli innocently insisted. "Starting now, your number-one priority is to find Haley and J.J.," Eve stressed with finality, glaring at Eli.

"[And] pull the file on the Ben Weston fire investigation. [He's] guilty, and he needs to be behind bars," Eve added. "There's no proof that Ben set that fire --" Eli began to argue. "Just pull the file!" Eve tiredly demanded.

At the Hernandez house, Lani admitted to having lied to Ciara about David the previous day. "I was only trying to protect David," Lani explained. "From what?" Rafe wondered. "Ben! There's no way that man is stable enough to be around his nephew!" Lani elaborated, adding that it was kind of weird that Ben, for no apparent reason, suddenly wanted to spend time with David. "When Ben was growing up, Jordan took care of him, and when they finally ran away from his sadistic father -- her stepfather -- she was all that Ben had, so all he's trying to do is be there for her son, the same way she was for him," Ciara explained to Lani, who wasn't moved.

"I'm sorry, but why, exactly, is Lani a part of this discussion? Who is she to say whether Ben is stable enough to spend time with his own nephew?" Ciara asked Rafe, who gently agreed that it wasn't Lani's call to make. "I'm gonna talk to Jordan [about this...and] if she says it's okay, then I guess I'm okay with it," Rafe decided after some thought, pleasing Ciara and annoying Lani. "Mind if I took a couple of pictures of David real quick, just to show Ben?" Ciara requested, still speaking to Rafe. "He's napping right now --" Lani tried to object. "I won't wake him," Ciara countered, shrugging. "It's okay. Go ahead," Rafe encouraged Ciara, further annoying Lani.

After Ciara left, Lani apologized for having kept information from Rafe. "I understand your reasons...but this is my decision to make," Rafe reiterated. "It won't happen again," Lani promised.

Later, Lani received a phone call from Eli, who revealed that Jack had chosen Eve as the new police commissioner. "Maybe I should just make my leave of absence permanent," Lani mused after sharing the news with Rafe. "I'm tempted to walk myself, [but] we need every competent cop that we can get now," Rafe insisted with a sigh, already regretting the decision to make Jack find a different replacement for Hope.

At the Brady Pub, Hope and Jennifer drank wine while fretting about everything that had happened earlier. "The inmates really are running the asylum now," Hope mused, and Jennifer agreed.

At the loft apartment, Ben curiously wondered what Claire was doing. "Haven't you heard? Tripp broke up with me!" Claire explained, turning to face Ben with the lighter hidden from view. "Ciara told me. I'm sorry," Ben replied as Claire began returning Tripp's clothes to a laundry basket. "Tripp's the one who should be sorry!" Claire insisted while discreetly tucking the lighter in one corner of the laundry basket. "What's up with his clothes? What, are you...gonna torch 'em?" Ben asked with a chuckle. "Why on earth would I do that, Ben? I'm angry, but I'm not crazy!" Claire defensively snapped.

"Tripp tossed me out like trash, so...I figured I would...toss his clothes into the hallway [to] show him how mad I am," Claire continued. "I don't blame you," Ben stressed. "You don't?" Claire asked, pleasantly surprised. "What Tripp did was completely unfair [to you]. Honestly, I think you could do a lot better [than him]. I haven't really been a big fan of that guy since he tried to frame me for setting that fire at the cabin," Ben elaborated. "Yeah, I know... That was...a horrible thing to do..." Claire muttered, squirming a bit. "You know they reopened the case, right?" Ben casually stated, watching Claire closely.

"Jordan swears she had nothing to do with it, [so] even though there's zero proof linking me to the fire, I'm back to being the number-one suspect...[and it's] all because of that cigarette lighter -- you know, the one J.J. found in your jewelry box," Ben continued, making Claire squirm even more. "If the police decide that lighter's mine, I'm gonna go to prison, [which is] why I would like to take a look at it for myself, [so]...can I see it, please?" Ben asked, holding out a hand expectantly. "No!" Claire snapped. "Why...can't I...?" Ben wondered, confused. "I threw it out," Claire claimed after calming down a bit.

"I didn't want to be tempted to smoke again, so..." Claire added with a shrug. "Okay..." Ben replied, somewhat disappointed. "I really wish I could have seen it [first, because] maybe I could have told the police it definitely wasn't the lighter I used --" Ben began to add. "And you think they would just take your word for it?" Claire asked. "Good point," Ben conceded.

"What are you doing here, anyway?" Claire wondered, eager to change the subject. "I just came by to grab Ciara's spare phone charger..." Ben explained while reaching for the item, which happened to be near the laundry basket. "Hey, do you smell that?" Ben added, inhaling deeply while looking around the room in confusion. "Chemicals," Ben decided. "No, I don't," Claire impatiently claimed.

"Maybe it's lucky for Tripp you tossed that lighter..." Ben mused before exiting the apartment.

Later, Tripp returned home and found Claire folding clothes. "What are you doing?" Tripp asked coldly. "Your laundry. I wanted to do something nice for, um, make up for what I did to Haley," Claire claimed. "And you thought...what, washing my clothes...will make everything okay?" Tripp incredulously summarized. "Can we at least just try to be civil to each other?" Claire suggested. "I can't even look at you!" Tripp stressed. "Well, the reality is, kinda have to, 'cause you signed a lease on this place, and I don't think you can afford to live on your own," Claire reasoned. "Maybe I'll get a second job," Tripp irritably countered.

"I'm gonna use every second of every day to prove to you that I can be a better person -- a person who's worthy of your love," Claire vowed. "Don't get your hopes up. And from now on, I'll do my own laundry," Tripp spat.

Ciara met up with Ben in the town square and showed off pictures of David while excitedly revealing that Rafe had agreed to talk to Jordan. Ben thanked Ciara for convincing Rafe then changed the subject, wanting to talk about what had happened with Claire at the loft apartment. "When I walked in...she was, like, standing over Tripp's clothes, and for a second, I thought..." Ben summarized before stopping abruptly.

"What?" Ciara asked curiously. "Never mind. I'm sure it was nothing," Ben replied.

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