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Amy Driscoll
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Actor History
Risa Dorken
May 4, 2016 to Present [recurring]

Registered nurse at General Hospital

Author and advice columnist of Ask Man Landers

Former student at Port Charles High School

Resides At

Apartment in Port Charles, NY

Marital Status


Past Marriages

None known


Unnamed mother (deceased)

Chet Driscoll (brother)



Flings & Affairs

Dillon Quartermaine (high school crush)

Nathan West (crush)

Crimes Committed

Theft; stole Nathan and Maxie's photograph; only kept Nathan's half [May 4, 2017]

Fraud; unauthorized use of Nathan West as face of her advice column [May 4, 2017]

Assault; slapped Maxie Jones [Aug 30, 2017]

Health and Vitals

None known

Brief Character History

In May 2016, gossipy Nurse Amy Driscoll began working at the hospital. When asked, Amy appeared to know where everyone was and what they were doing, but she rubbed many the wrong way because of her caustic remarks and judgmental attitude.

Amy often inserted herself into everyone's business and became involved in the slew of Derisifol murders sweeping the hospital when she caught Franco leaving a murdered patient's hospital room. However, Franco was later cleared, and the killer was revealed to be Paul Hornsby.

Unfortunately for the staff, the hospital murders put General Hospital in dire financial trouble, which led to staff cuts. Several of the nurses, including Epiphany Johnson, Elizabeth Webber, and Felix DuBois met at the Floating Rib to discuss their options. They decided to show the hospital that they were an invaluable asset, and they staged a sick-out. Everyone participated except Amy. Amy decided to go against her fellow nurses and return to work, hoping to impress Monica enough to keep her on.

Dr. Hamilton Finn, who had created a serum to cure a deadly disease, saved the hospital. Finn saved the hospital by donating the money he'd made selling the patent and the proceeds the serum would generate. Everyone returned to work, including Amy. A few months later, Amy was enlisted to help with her class reunion. She was excited because she had the chance to work with someone that she'd had a crush on in high school -- Dillon Quartermaine. However, Amy's hopes of dating Dillon were dashed when he introduced her to his girlfriend, Kiki Jerome.

In May 2017, Amy paid Maxie a visit because Maxie had promised to help with the Nurses Ball, but Nathan revealed that his wife was out of town. Amy confessed that Maxie had bullied Amy in high school. Nathan felt bad for Amy and ended up confiding his marital woes to her. Amy left the apartment with a photograph of Nathan and Maxie, which she ripped in half. She kept the half with Nathan's image and tossed the other half away.

A few weeks later, Kristina Davis-Corinthos mentioned to her father, Sonny, that she was living with Amy. Kristina spoke of Amy in glowing terms.

During the 2017 Nurses Ball, Nathan saved Amy from embarrassment by escorting her on the red carpet walk. Amy was grateful for Nathan's gallantry, and she quickly developed a crush on him. She also used him as the face of her online advice column, Ask Man Landers, in which she posed as a married man offering women and men advice on romance. Her advice column took off like wildfire when readers got a glimpse of Man Landers, and it wasn't long before Nathan was approached for advice and autographs.

Nathan was furious and demanded that Amy stop using his photograph because he was a police officer, and he couldn't be approached by fans while he was working. Amy explained that she needed the money to help her brother, Chet. Chet was in a group home after injuries that he had sustained in Afghanistan. Their mother had helped Chet financially until her passing.

Nathan reluctantly agreed to help Amy, but things quickly became complicated when Maxie returned home, his sister Nina learned about the deception, and the publisher wanted to meet Man Landers. Amy and Nathan were able to keep up their deception, but their antics raised suspicions about their relationship, including with Nathan's wife, who had enlisted her friend Damien Spinelli to help her uncover what was going on between Nathan and Amy. Nathan was forced to let his wife in on the ruse.

On November 8, 2017, Amy confessed to being annoyed because she hadn't been able to reach her brother. At the hospital, a John Doe had been admitted after suffering an opioid overdose, and he'd been revived with naloxone. However, an underlying infection had been discovered, so Dr. Hamilton Finn had been assigned the case. Finn quickly realized that his patient had been through "hell" and struggled with addiction. When Amy started her shift, she checked in on the patient and was shocked to discover that John Doe was her brother, Chet.

Amy was heartbroken to learn about her brother's addiction, but with support from Finn and Amy, Chet agreed to get help. A couple of weeks later, Amy and Nathan's lies were exposed to the world when Nelle Hayes discovered their secret then sold it to the Invader. Amy's publisher, Quinn, was livid and demanded that Amy and Nathan make a full confession to the readers. Quinn arranged for the apology to be live-streamed on the Internet, but it was Chet who saved the day. Chet, who had lost both of his legs in war, explained to the fans that Amy and Nathan had used the money to help him with his medical expenses.

The fans embraced Chet, and Amy was forgiven. After life settled down, Amy returned to work. She continued to embrace the Nurses Ball, and each year, she performed.

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