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Chet Driscoll
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Actor History
Chet Driscoll
November 8, 2017 to Present [recurring]
Other Names

John Doe (when admitted with overdose)


Part-time bartender at Floating Rib [Feb 2019]

Gym manager at Volonino's Gym [Jan 3, 2019]

Former Marine

Resides At

Apartment in Port Charles, NY

Marital Status

Single/Never Been Married

Past Marriages



Unnamed mother (deceased)

Amy Driscoll (sister)



Flings & Affairs

Maxie Jones (high school crush)

Crimes Committed


Health and Vitals

Shoulder injury playing college football at Wisconsin [prior to military service]

Double-leg amputee from combat injury in Afghanistan [prior to 2017]

Hospitalized after overdosing on opioids [Nov 8, 2017]

Entered into addiction recovery program [Nov 2017]

Brief Character History

Chet Driscoll grew up in Port Charles, and during his high school days, he was a running back for the football team. He was popular in school, and many girls had crushes on him, including Maxie Jones. Amy recalled that Chet had remained a "salt-of-the-earth" guy, and he had stood up for a bullied kid named Jonas. Chet had made certain that Jonas had been treated with respect -- and chauffeured to school for the rest of the year.

Chet had had a promising career as a football player when he went to play college football for Wisconsin on a scholarship. According to Amy, he had been an all-conference wide receiver, but he'd been depressed being away from home. Later, a shoulder injury had sidelined him, so he had joined the military. Unfortunately, a devastating combat injury in Afghanistan had left Chet a double-amputee when he'd lost both legs.

For a time, Chet's mother had helped care for her son upon his return home, but she passed away, and the family was forced to put Chet in a group home. Chet had no idea that his sister, who was a first-year registered nurse, moonlighted as an advice columnist online to help cover the vast medical expenses that his disability check didn't. The blog was called Ask Man Landers, and Amy presented herself as a married man dispensing romantic advice to men and women. Amy would later reveal that the blog had been inspired by Chet because he had always given Amy great advice while she'd been growing up, and he had often -- jokingly -- referred to himself as Man Landers.

On June 17, 2017, Amy stated that she had several older brothers, but only Chet had ever been referenced. When Nathan asked about Amy's father, she always sidestepped the question. Chet never mentioned his brothers, mother, or father.

On November 8, 2017, Chet arrived in the emergency room at General Hospital. He had overdosed on opioids, and he had to be revived with naloxone. Due to an underlying infection, Dr. Hamilton Finn was assigned Chet's case, and Finn quickly recognized the signs of addiction because Finn was a recovering addict. Chet had gotten hooked on painkillers following his injury in the military. When Amy arrived for her shift then learned of her brother's overdose, she vowed to help her brother.

Chet was initially reluctant to accept help, but with Amy's support, Chet finally accepted the lifeline that Finn had tossed him. Chet also saved the day when Amy was caught in a fraud scandal. Amy had coerced her friend Nathan West to pose as Man Landers when a publisher had expressed an interest in a book written by the male advice columnist. As Amy and Nathan prepared to live-stream their apology to the fans who had bought the Ask Man Landers book, Chet stepped forward -- proudly wearing his military uniform and standing on his new prosthetic legs -- to explain that his sister had used all the money from the book deal to help with his medical expenses. Fans embraced Chet, and they forgave Amy.

On January 3, 2019, Sonny took notice of Chet when Chet offered Sonny's father, Mike, some boxing advice. Mike Corbin recognized Chet's military tattoos, and the two men bonded over their time in the service. Sonny was impressed with Chet's knowledge and the way that he'd handled Mike, who suffered from Alzheimer's, so he offered Chet a job as Volonino's new gym manager. Chet happily accepted.

In April, Chet was working a second job bartending at the Floating Rib. One night, Chet confided to Peter August that he had once had a crush on Maxie in high school. Chet knew that Maxie had been grieving the loss of her husband, but it had been over a year, and he was curious if she was ready to date. Peter encouraged Chet to ask Maxie out. Unfortunately for Chet, Maxie declined the date because she was already interested in Peter.

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Who's Who for other soaps

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