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Andre Maddox
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Actor History
November 6, 2015 to present
Other Names

Arthur Matthews (fake name used on a passport; shown Nov 14, 2017)


Born June 30, 1980, in Brooklyn, New York


Psychiatrist at General Hospital/Consultant to the WSB

Research scientist for a private benefactor (later revealed to be Helena Cassadine)

Research scientist for the World Security Bureau


Federal Correctional Institution, Otisville, New York

1420 Quartz Lane, Port Charles

Marital Status


Past Marriages

Kita Maddox (legally dissolved; revealed Dec 11, 2017)




None known

Flings & Affairs

Jordan Ashford (Lovers)

Anna Devane (Dated)

Crimes Committed

Complicit in Jason Morgan and Drew Cain's captivity and memory swap [2012 to 2017]

Briefly suspected of killing a patient but later cleared [Aug 29, 2016]

Provided Franco Baldwin with a falsified death certificate for Andrew Frank (Drew Cain's birthname) [Oct 30, 2017]

Altercation with Curtis Ashford [Nov 29, 2017]

Arrested for conspiracy for his role in Jason and Drew's memory swap [Nov 30, 2017]

Transferred into WSB custody [Dec 15, 2017]

Medical license suspended [revealed Feb 15, 2018; lifted in March 2018]

Health and Vitals

Assaulted; punched by Drew Cain [Dec 1, 2017]

Tested as a possible kidney donor for Jordan Ashford, but he was not a match [revealed Mar 14, 2019]

Stabbed twice in the abdomen and nearly bled out; underwent surgery and briefly lingered in a coma [revealed on Sep 4, 2019]

Brief Character History

In November 2015, Dr. Kevin Collins referred Anna Devane to Dr. Andre Maddox. Anna had been struggling with her grief over losing the love of her life, Duke Lavery, and killing his murderer in cold blood. Their first session got off to a rocky start, but Anna returned, and she opened up about her guilt to shooting an unarmed man, and that Carlos Rivera's ghost had been haunting her. Additionally, someone had used the information to blackmail Anna. Andre promised Anna that he would help her.

Andre also treated Morgan Corinthos when Morgan was admitted to a mental health care facility and diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Morgan grew to trust his doctor when Andre refused to share any details about Morgan's treatment with Morgan's mother, Carly Corinthos, and his brother, Michael Corinthos, because Morgan was an adult.

Andre was also asked to conduct a psychiatric evaluation on Franco Baldwin, a famous artist who had been driven to act on his murderous impulses for nearly a decade before he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Dr. Liesl Obrecht wanted to hire Franco -- who had recovered from his brain surgery -- as the hospital's art therapist. During the evaluation, Franco acknowledged that he'd taken lives, but he no longer had those thoughts or impulses. Andre was more interested about Franco's life after the brain tumor had been removed. The evaluation went well, and Franco was hired.

Andre quickly befriended neurosurgeon Dr. Patrick Drake, so Andre spent his first Thanksgiving in Port Charles with Patrick's family, including Anna. Anna was the grandmother of Patrick's daughter, Emma. Anna balked at her psychiatrist mingling with her family, but Andre cautioned her not to be rash because he would be forced to tell the police about Carlos. Anna realized that he was right, and she disclosed that she had reason to be concerned about the police because D.A. Paul Hornsby had covered up what had happened to Carlos.

In early 2016, Andre began dating police commissioner Jordan Ashford. One day, he surprised her with a small jaguar figurine, explaining that it was from pre-Columbian Mexico. Jordan was surprised when Andre confessed that archeology had been a hobby of his since childhood. Ancient civilizations had always fascinated him, and he had visited the Mayan ruins.

Despite how easy things were between Andre and Jordan, Andre expressed concern about Curtis Ashford. Jordan explained that Curtis was her former brother-in-law, and they weren't on good terms. Jordan opened up about her troubles with Curtis and shared that she blamed Curtis for her marriage falling apart. Andre asked if Jordan would have a problem if Curtis remained in town, but she hoped it wouldn't get to that.

At the end of January, it was revealed that Carlos was alive, and he had disappeared with a woman named Sabrina Santiago, who was pregnant with Carlos' baby. Robert Scorpio enlisted Andre's help profiling Carlos to figure out where Carlos might have gone. Anna was shocked to learn that Andre was a consultant for the WSB.

Andre often went the extra step for his patients and friends, and over time proved to be the first call for many when they landed in trouble, especially Anna. As Jordan's feeling for Andre grew stronger, she questioned where his relationship with Anna stood because Jordan had noticed that Andre and Anna were more than just patient and doctor. Andre assured Jordan that she had nothing to worry about, but he talked to Anna about Jordan's concerns.

Andre conceded that he had felt an unexpected strong connection to Anna, and he was certain that she had felt it too. Anna admitted it was true. Andre appreciated her honesty, but he didn't want to act on his romantic feelings for her because he believed that his future was with Jordan. Andre thought that it would be best to sever all ties with Anna because setting boundaries wouldn't be enough.

On June 16, Andre went to Jordan's office and told her that he loved her. He admitted that after analyzing himself, he'd realized that Jordan had no idea how he felt about her because he'd never told her. He assured her he had many reasons for loving her, and he wanted her to know that. Jordan admitted she was afraid to open her heart again after sending Shawn Butler -- T.J.'s biological father -- to jail, but Andre assured her there was no pressure, and he hoped that she could forgive him. His life would be empty without her.

Andre and Jordan worked things out, but their relationship hit a snag when he learned that Jordan had been dealing with tension between her and T.J. because T.J. had learned the truth about his biological father. Andre worried that Jordan didn't trust him with her secrets, but she explained that she was afraid to trust anyone. Jordan promised to make an effort to let Andre in. As time passed, Jordan asked Andre to consult on the investigation into the serial killer murdering patients at the hospital.

Jordan updated Andre on her investigation. She showed him a photo of a Roman coin, and he provided facts about the coin. Andre cautioned her that serial killers believed their actions were justified, whether their reasons were real or imagined. It was all about power. Serial killers were usually arrogant, micromanagers, and charismatic. The killer was revealed to be Paul Hornsby.

Also adding to the friction between Jordan and Andre was the presence of Curtis in their lives. Andre knew that Curtis was attracted to Jordan, and Curtis continued to insert himself into Jordan's investigations in an effort to be close to her. The two men often traded words.

On October 7, tragedy struck when Morgan died in a car explosion. Morgan had stolen a car, which had had a bomb planted in it. His parents were devastated, and Andre was on hand to help them come to terms with Morgan's shocking death. Adding to the family's sorrow was the discovery that Morgan's bipolar medications had been switched with a placebo, and Morgan had been spiraling in a manic phase leading up to his death.

In the beginning of 2017, Andre's relationship with Jordan had also grown rocky. Jordan took an overnight trip to Baltimore with Curtis to question a suspect about the bomb that had killed Morgan, and Andre tried not to be jealous. On February 9, Andre dropped by Jordan's office to talk about a trip that he and Jordan were planning just as Curtis had stormed out. Andre was curious what had set Curtis off.

Jordan confessed that during the trip to Baltimore she and Curtis had kissed. Andre asked if it had been significant. "Yes," Jordan had admitted. However, she rushed to explain that it had made her realize that she was completely committed to Andre. Andre didn't believe her because he had felt her slipping away a little bit each time she had spent with Curtis. Andre decided to end things with Jordan because their relationship was not healthy, and he refused to the "the other guy."

On April 12, Andre spotted Jordan and Curtis kissing outside of Perk's. He did his best to ignore them as he made his way to the coffee bar, but Curtis tactfully excused himself to give Jordan and Andre an opportunity to talk privately. Jordan could tell that Andre was upset, but he pointed out that he couldn't make her feel something for him that she didn't feel.

Despite Andre's best intentions, he had never been able to separate himself entirely from Anna's life because they had mutual friends in common, and their paths had crossed often. After he left Jordan, he returned to the hospital and called Anna. When he reached her voicemail, he left a message explaining that he needed a friend. Later, he stopped by Anna's house. He realized almost immediately that she was tense and distracted. He offered to return at a more convenient time, but Anna insisted that he stay.

Andre told Anna about his encounter with Jordan and Curtis, and he admitted that he didn't know if he'd been hurt because Jordan had moved on or if he'd been hurt because Jordan no longer wanted him. Anna didn't think that it mattered; pain was pain. When Anna stepped into the kitchen to made some tea, Andre picked up the headphones attached to her laptop to listen to the classical music that she had claimed to have been listening to when he had arrived. Andre realized that Anna had lied when he heard Valentin Cassadine and Nina Reeves talking.

Anna returned with the tea, and she realized that she'd been caught eavesdropping on Valentin's private conversations. Anna claimed that it was part of a WSB backed assignment, so Andre offered to help her. Anna declined because Andre didn't have the clearance and her mission was top-secret. She implored Andre not to mention it to his WSB contacts -- or Robert -- because there might be dangerous repercussions. Andre agreed to keep Anna's secret.

As the 2017 Nurses Ball kicked into high gear, Anna was on the hunt for a deadly biotoxin in a metal canister known as the "Chimera." The Chimera turned up in Jake Webber's magic act. Helena Cassadine had implanted the steps to unleash the deadly biotoxin in the boy's mind then arranged for the impulse to be triggered after her death. Later, Anna, Valentin, Elizabeth Webber, and Franco worked together to talk Jake down, and Anna was able to contain the deadly biotoxin. Jake's parents asked Andre to help Jake.

After the ordeal, Anna also leaned on Andre. She had tremendous guilt over the things that she had done during her early days as a WSB and DVX agent. Andre thought that Anna had been too hard on herself because her identical twin, Alex Merrick, had played a large role in what had happened to Valentin.

On June 30, Andre invited Anna to a private dance studio. He knew about her love for dancing, and he believed that dancing could do away with "demons, stress, and disappointment." Anna had been surprised because she had thought that Andre was too poised to dance. After some debate, they settled on disco music then had fun impressing each other with their moves. Afterwards, they shared a passionate kiss.

Despite their mutual attraction, things never progressed beyond a few passionate kisses and dances between Andre and Anna, but they remained close friends. In September, Franco began to have questions about his childhood and a picture that he had found of a little boy who had looked exactly like Franco's imaginary childhood friend, Andy. He turned to Andre for help unraveling the mystery by trying to separate fact from childhood fantasy.

As the months passed, Franco discovered that "Andy" had been the boy in the painting, not imaginary. Andy had been Franco's cousin, the identical twin of Jason Morgan, and son of Susan Moore and Alan Quartermaine, who had been given away at birth by Susan Moore to Betsy Frank to hide from Alan. Franco and Andy, who had been born on the same day, so they had been raised as twin brothers until one day Andy had vanished. Franco was desperate to find his "brother," and he vented to Andre about it.

In a shocking twist, on October 24, Andre was revealed to be an associate of Dr. Richard Klein. Dr. Klein had worked at in an upscale Russian clinic where a man known as Patient 6 had been held against his will. Patient 6. Andre warned Dr. Klein that someone was about to connect all the dots and uncover the truth about "everything."

Meanwhile, Patient 6 had made his way to Port Charles and a safehouse that Sonny used. Sonny recognized Patient 6 as Jason Morgan. However, there was another man in town who had been revealed to be Jason Morgan through a DNA test, and Sam McCall had married him and had his daughter the man.

On October 25, Dr. Klein provided Andre with a forged death certificate for "Andrew Moore" to show Franco Baldwin as proof that Andy had died as a result of injuries that he had sustained at the age of three when Franco had pushed his brother down the basement steps. Franco was brokenhearted when he saw the death certificate that Andre had found in an effort to give Franco closure.

As the authorities closed in, Andre took flight. Curtis and Jordan tracked him down in Havana, Cuba and Jordan persuaded Andre to return to the United States and share his story. Despite facing criminal charges Andre agreed.

On November 30, Jordan took Andre into custody and returned to Port Charles with her prisoner. Andre confirmed that Patient 6 was the real Jason Morgan, and the man known originally as Jake Doe was Andrew Cain, Jason's identical twin brother. The twins wanted answers, so Andre explained that he had worked for the WSB researching ways to transfer memories in an effort to find a way to treat dementia, but the WSB had ended the program due to the questionable ethics of transferring memories.

Later, a private party had paid to revive the program and hire Andre to perform the procedure on a set of twins. Andre revealed that both Jason and Drew had been sedated, and that he'd never spoken to either of them. Andre had agreed to the terms of his benefactor for the good of the medical field, so he had imprinted Jason's memory to Drew. It had resulted in Drew thinking that he'd led Jason's life, but Andre admitted that he'd had no idea why the benefactor had wanted the transfer. Later, Andre had been instructed to relocate to Port Charles to monitor Drew.

Andre was filled with remorse, but no one was moved by his regrets. Drew's Navy records confirmed that Drew had vanished in 2012 just before his twin had been presumed killed on the docks and Jason's body had vanished. A fingerprint match confirmed the identities of each twin.

On December 4, Franco paid Andre a visit in jail to talk to his psychiatrist about Drew. Franco was curious why Andre hadn't revealed that Franco had known that Jason had had an identical twin. Andre admitted that he still respected doctor/patient confidentiality, but he urged Franco to talk to Drew about the night that Drew fell down the basement steps.

A few days later, Drew had a talk with Andre in lockup. Drew was furious that Andre had allowed Drew to live a lie. Andre explained that the procedure he'd developed had been intended to help people who suffered from Alzheimer's and dementia by preserving then restoring a person's memory, but Drew reminded Andre that Andre had turned the technology into a weapon, and he had used it to steal Drew's life and to make Drew believe that he was a different man. Andre assured Drew that he'd been thinking about the consequences of his actions for the past five years, but Drew didn't care because all he knew about his life as Andrew Cain was confined to what was in his service records.

Andre admitted that he didn't know much more than Drew did, except that Drew had lived for the first three years with Betsy Frank. Andre suggested that Drew could explore the past with professional help, but Drew wasn't interested in looking back on a life that he didn't recall, especially when his future was uncertain. Andre insisted that Drew's desertion had been out of his control, which was what Andre had told the Navy in his statement. Drew doubted that Andre's statement would hold much weight because the Navy could decide that Andre and Drew had been working together, but Andre keenly observed that Drew didn't want to know who he had been because Drew was afraid that it would invalidate who he'd become.

Ultimately, the charges for desertion against Drew were dropped by the Navy, and it was revealed that Helena Cassadine had been behind the abductions of the twins.

On December 11, Anna paid Andre a visit. He hadn't expected to see her, but she informed him that she cared about him. She wondered why he hadn't talked to her, but he replied that he hadn't wanted to burden her. Anna was curious what had driven Andre to do what he had done. "My wife," he responded.

Andre explained how he'd met his wife and they'd been "so in love." He'd had to go overseas for the WSB, but Kita hadn't been able to go. They'd decided to elope so they could remain committed to each other. Jordan watched through the window as Anna grabbed Andre's hand. He tearfully explained about the call he'd gotten from his sister-in-law a few months later when he'd learned there was something wrong with his wife. He'd returned home to find out that Kita had been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. He'd created his memory mapping system in order to save his wife, but by the time the procedure had been viable, it had been too late.

Andre continued that his wife hadn't known who he was, and Kita had only occasionally remembered her parents. Anna promised to talk to the authorities on his behalf. They each wished peace for the other, and Anna left. Jordan immediately entered the room when Anna was gone. She demanded to know if Andre had ever planned on telling her that he had been married, because she would have understood. Andre revealed that the marriage had been dissolved years before so that his in-laws could be his wife's primary caregivers. He reiterated that he'd walked away from the woman he'd loved to give her peace.

Andre continued that he wanted to put the painful memories in his past. He recognized that he should have told Jordan, but he'd been afraid to lose the "first woman who made me feel like I could love again." Andre recalled once accusing Jordan of pulling away and not being open with him, but he suddenly realized that he hadn't been open with her.

On December 15, Andre was about to be transferred in WSB custody when Jason asked for a private word. Jason was curious if his twin's baseline memory map still existed. Andre knew that Jason hoped to restore Drew's memory, so he revealed that the only copy of Drew's baseline memory, along with the details of his methodology, was on a flash drive that had been hidden in a Christmas ornament that Andre had given to Anna before he'd fled to Havana.

A few months later, on February 15, 2018, Anna went to the Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville, New York, to talk to Andre. She revealed that Cesar Faison was dead, but Andre had already heard the news. Andre pointed out that he couldn't help Anna because his license had been suspended, but Anna didn't care because she needed a friend. She confided that she had a secret then told him that she'd given birth to Faison's baby. She told Andre about Faison's motherless son who had shown up in Port Charles, and Valentin's claim that her baby had been a girl.

With some prodding, Anna admitted that she was afraid to talk to her daughter about the secret. Andre sensed that something else was troubling Anna, so he asked if she was seeing anyone. Anna confessed that she'd grown close to someone, but she had pushed him away because of the secret. Andre was careful to hide the sting of pain that she had found someone as he encouraged Anna to stop running from her secrets the way that he had. Andre suggested that a man worthy of Anna's heart deserved the truth.

Shortly afterwards, Andre worked out a deal with the WSB, which secured his release. His license to practice medicine was also reinstated. Sonny reached out to Andre for help when his father Mike Corbin was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, but Andre explained that his research had never had any effect on the "corrosive disease." In May, Drew asked Andre to help Drew regain his memories. Andre agreed to help if Drew could locate the lost flash drive, but he warned Drew that it might overwrite the memories that Drew had gained since waking up as Jake Doe.

On March 14, 2019, Andre met Anna at Metro Court Restaurant. They discussed Jordan's need for a kidney transplant after a devastating car accident. Andre revealed that he had been tested as a possible donor, but he hadn't been a match. Andre realized that Anna had other things on her mind, so he asked if she wanted to discuss the memory swapping experiment. Anna revealed that she had been an unwilling participant when Dr. Arthur Cabot had been in charge of the program for the DVX. Horrified, Andre recalled that the patients had been listed by number, but he recalled something that might help Anna.

Andre checked his laptop as Anna's boyfriend, Dr. Hamilton Finn, joined them. Andre explained that he had destroyed all of his work, but he hadn't destroyed Dr. Cabot's files. Moments later, Andre found what he had been looking for. Finn confirmed that a partial memory transfer had been completed between Patient One and Two. Andre advised Anna to track down her twin.

On September 3, 2019, Andre Maddox returned to town when Drew tracked him down in Ethiopia and explained that Dr. Cabot had transferred the memories from Drew's memory mapping in 2012 to Franco Baldwin. It had been a diabolical plot to gain access to Drew's memory of a hidden fortune. Andre had agreed to help Franco, so he had boarded the next plane to Port Charles. Grateful, Drew returned to his original mission to right another wrong, but his plane crashed into the Gulf of Aden on the way to Afghanistan, and Drew was presumed killed.

Meanwhile, Andre faced an assassin when the driver that had picked him up from the airport had pulled into an alley then attacked Andre with a knife. Andre was able to flee and make his way to the hospital, but he collapsed in the emergency room from blood loss. Andre was rushed into surgery then lingered in a coma for a couple of days. When he woke up, he told Jordan about his harrowing tale.

Elizabeth was desperate for Andre's help, but he warned her that Franco's future was uncertain because the procedure to reverse Drew's memory mapping might succeed, backfire and make Drew's memories stronger, or leave Franco in a vegetative state. Elizabeth was certain that Franco would want them to try because Franco had made it clear prior to taking Cameron's place in Dr. Cabot's chair that he would find his way back to his wife. However, Franco believed that he was Drew, and he loved Kim Nero, so he refused to cooperate. Scott Baldwin was forced to take legal action to give Elizabeth power to make medical decisions for her husband.

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