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Paul Hornsby
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Actor History
Paul Satterfield
March 18, 1991, to August 7, 1994
Richard Burgi
July 8, 2015, to present


District Attorney of Port Charles, NY [Sep 22, 2015]

Formerly involved in a business partnership with Bill Eckert

Former cartel member

Former CEO of ELQ

Resides At


Formerly 66 Harbor View Road, Port Charles, New York (Quartermaine Mansion)

Marital Status

Single/Divorced from Jenny Eckert [Married: Feb 14, 1994 (on the show); assumed]

*Paul stated that Jenny left him for another man [Jul 9, 2015]

Past Marriages

Unnamed woman

Tracy Quartermaine [Married: 1991; Divorced: 1994]


Evelyn Hornsby (mother)


Susan Hornsby (daughter)

Dillon Quartermaine (son; with Tracy)

Paul Hornsby, Jr. (son; with Jenny)

Flings & Affairs

Jenny Eckert (lovers; adulterous)

Crimes Committed

Hired Mac Scorpio to sabotage the Quartermaine ship SS Tracy and a cannery [1991]

Conspired unsuccessfully with Finian O'Toole to kill Mac Scorpio [1991]

Set up a false bank account in Robert Scorpio's name and wired funds from it into Mac Scorpio's account [1991]

Associated with known cartel members Leopold Taub, Cesar Faison, and Harlan Barrett and worked to take over ELQ on their behalf [1991]

Arrested for grand larceny (charges dropped) [1993]

Helped Carlos Rivera fake his death [May 18, 2015]

Racketeering/Arms dealing [ through 2015]

Murdered two Jerome associates [Aug 2015]

Had T.J. Ashford kidnapped [Sept 2015]

Shot Sonny Corinthos in the chest [Sept 2015]

Stole a flash drive of Ava Jerome confessing to murder [Sept 2015]

Blackmailed Ava Jerome [Sept 2015]

Obstruction of justice when he remained silent about Anna shooting Carlos Rivera [Sept 2015]

Murdered Kyle Sloane [Sept 2015]

Framed Carlos Rivera for Kyle Sloane's murder [Sept 2015]

Provided false information to the Canadian police [Oct 2015]

Aided and abetted Carlos Rivera's escape [Oct 2015]

Murdered Mr. Ellis with lethal injection of derisifol [May 5, 2016]

Murdered Mrs. Jenkins with lethal injection of derisifol [May 18, 2016]

Aided an abetted Carlos Rivera's escape from police custody [May 2016]

Attempted murder of Bobbie Spencer [May 24, 2016]

Attempted murder of Lucas Jones [May 24, 2016]

Murdered Dr. Mayes with lethal injection of derisifol [Jul 1, 2016]

Murdered Mrs. Prescott with lethal injection of derisifol [Jul 29, 2016]

Knocked Valerie Spencer out [Aug 2016]

Pushed Elizabeth Webber down a flight of steps [Aug 31, 2016 (aired: Aug 29, 2016)]

Stalked Monica Quartermaine with deadly syringe of derisifol [Sept 2016]

Ordered Charlie Hieneck to hijack Sonny's shipment [Jul 2015]

Ordered T.J. Ashford kidnapped [Sep 2, 2015]

Killed Kyle Sloan [Sep 29, 2015]

Elected to the position of District Attorney [Sept 23, 2015]

Tossed Sloane's body in the harbor, making it appear like Carlos' body [Oct 2015]

Had Sloane's body cremated without permission [Oct 23, 2015]

Had the Canadian Police arrest Anna and Robert [Jan 28, 2016]

Injected Monica Quartermaine with derisifol [Sep 13, 2016]

Strangled Sabrina Santiago to death [Sep 14, 2016]

Drugged Alexis Davis before she testified at Julian's trial [Sep 15, 2016]

Held Tracy Quartermaine against her will [Sep 28, 2016]

Arrested by Anna Devane [Oct 3, 2016]

Sent to Pentonville [Oct 5, 2016]

Health and Vitals

Stabbed by Cesar Faison [1991]

Slapped by Ava Jerome [Feb 19, 2016]

Chloroformed and handcuffed to a railing by Anna Devane [Apr 7, 2016]

Tried to inject himself with a derisifol [Oct 3, 2016]

Knocked out by Anna Devane's gun [Oct 3, 2016]

Brief Character History

Quartermaine, Port Charles resident, and World Security Bureau (WSB) agent Sean Donely recommended that his friend Paul Hornsby salvage the company. Paul arrived in town and was named CEO of ELQ, although Tracy's son Ned Ashton was apprehensive of Paul. Ned was correct in his mistrust of Paul. Unbeknownst to everyone, Paul was involved with a dangerous cartel that included Leopold Taub, Cesar Faison, and Harlan Barrett. The cartel had instructed Paul to obtain shares of ELQ through any means necessary.

As Paul followed the cartel's orders, he met Jenny Eckert and fell in love with her. However, the cartel demanded that Paul marry Tracy to gain access to her ELQ shares. Paul was forced to comply, as the cartel held the life of his daughter Susan in their hands. After Paul married Tracy, he continued to love Jenny and hoped they could find a way to be together. Instead, Jenny married Ned while Tracy bore Paul's child, a son named Dillon.

Although Paul tried to make his marriage work for the sake of his son, he was unhappy, and Tracy knew that he remained in love with Jenny. Tracy feared the shame a divorce would cause, and she hired a private investigator named Marco Dane to find information on Jenny. Marco discovered that Jenny had had a one-night stand with a senator and become pregnant, although she had miscarried the child. Tracy threatened to make the information public if Jenny did not stay away from Paul. When Paul discovered what Tracy had been up to, he traded his ELQ shares to protect Jenny's secret. Despite Paul's efforts, Jenny's night with the senator was revealed, and Ned divorced her.

Once Jenny was free, Paul left Tracy to be with her. However, Tracy refused to let Paul go, and she had him arrested for grand larceny. Around the same time, Jenny was the victim of a hit-and-run accident in which Tracy had been the driver. Jenny did not name Tracy in exchange for Paul's freedom. Tracy let Paul go, and they divorced, but she did not allow Paul to see his son.

Paul and Jenny remained together and attended what was scheduled to be a wedding for Mac Scorpio and Felicia Jones. When the wedding went awry for the intended couple, Paul and Jenny were married instead. Within the first year of their marriage, Jenny gave birth to a son whom they named after Paul. The couple chose not to raise their child in Port Charles.

Tracy bumped into Paul at the Port Charles International Airport when Paul accidentally knocked her purse out of her hand. Paul was disappointed that Tracy still saw him as a lying cheat in a pretty package and as a troll. Tracy scoffed when Paul said he was in Port Charles to see his son, Dillon. Tracy and Paul went to the Quartermaine mansion to meet with Dillon.

Dillon wasn't happy to see his absentee father. Paul told Dillon he was in Port Charles to make amends. Paul wanted to get to know Dillon and tried to give Dillon a check for $500,000, but Dillon refused it. Paul implored Dillon to take it because he wanted to invest in Dillon's future, but Dillon wasn't interested. Dillon accused Paul of never having reached out to him and reminded Paul that they couldn't rewind time to change all the years of special moments that Paul had missed.

Dillon was outraged when Paul revealed he'd read Dillon's script. After some discussion, Dillon agreed to accept Paul's check after Paul said that he believed in Dillon's abilities and wanted to make peace by investing in Dillon's movie.

Paul discovered that Janice Lomax, someone he'd known in law school, was the mayor of Port Charles. He knew Janice had been ambitious and "ethically challenged" in school and that he'd been her Achilles heel. Paul called Janice then informed Tracy that Janice wanted to see him.

Later, Paul went to see Ava Jerome and waved a flash drive in front of her. Ava asked how much money Paul wanted for the drive that contained her confession to killing Connie. Paul advised Ava that he didn't want money or sex; he wanted power and to control Sonny's territory. He wanted to run the Jerome organization with Ava. Ava realized that Paul had been framing Julian and had shot Sonny. If she declined to work with him, he would send her to jail. He needed a figurehead while he remained the silent partner.

Ava refused, but Paul knew that Ava lived life on the edge and knew her ruthless ability to aim for the jugular. Paul offered to help Ava secure custody of Avery, since Ric's days as district attorney were over. He told Ava he had a history with Mayor Lomax, who wouldn't hesitate to hire him as the new D.A. Paul would be in a perfect position to put the pressure on Sonny while deflecting attention away from Ava. Ava agreed. Shortly after Paul's visit with Ava, he was officially named the new district attorney.

Kyle Sloane introduced himself to Paul and later met Paul on the pier. Kyle handed Paul a key to a safe deposit box that contained the gun Anna had used to shoot Carlos, and it had her prints all over it. It also contained Carlos' wallet and identification. Kyle wanted immunity in return. Paul thought it was a fair deal, but it would ruin his plans. He shot Kyle twice then made plans for how to use Kyle's death to his advantage.

Paul invited Anna to meet with him and he advised her that Kyle had told him that Anna had shot and killed Carlos. Anna said that Kyle had an axe to grind with her, and when Kyle had arrived in town, he had accused her of killing Faison. Anna said that Kyle was capable of fabricating evidence to validate his claims.

At the Jerome Gallery, Paul sent a number of text messages to Anna from Kyle's phone. When Ava appeared, he advised her that he was ready for the next phase of his plan: to decimate Sonny's organization. Ava was concerned that Carlos would remain a loose end, but Paul assured her that he'd taken steps to remedy the situation. Paul advised Ava that a few of his business associates would be contacting her, and he expected her to accommodate their demands.

Paul was advised that a badly decomposed body had been recovered from the water. They found a wallet indicating that it was Carlos Rivera. Paul suggested that Sonny might have retaliated. Sabrina approached Paul and wanted to claim Carlos' body to have it sent home to Carlos' parents, but Paul revealed that Carlos' body had been cremated after several failed attempts to reach Carlos' family. He apologized for not contacting Sabrina.

Jordan confronted Paul about signing off on Carlos' cremation. Paul blamed it on budgetary constraints and said he hadn't intentionally circumvented police policy by going over her head. Paul assured Jordan that the medical examiner had done a thorough autopsy. Paul provided Jordan with the medical examiner's report.

On the pier, Paul met Anna and said he knew she'd killed Carlos. Anna denied it, but Paul explained that Kyle had given him proof of Anna's guilt. Paul shocked Anna when he assured her that he'd taken steps to ensure Carlos' murder couldn't be tied to her. Anna warned Paul that Kyle knew the truth, but Paul assured Anna that Kyle wouldn't be a problem, since Kyle could be charged as an accomplice. Paul assured Anna it would be a disservice to the community to put her behind bars for an error in judgment during a moment of grief.

After Paul discovered that Anna had been investigating Sonny's shooting, he demanded that she back off. Anna said they both knew that Carlos had not committed the crime. Anna stated that Ava couldn't be trusted and asked Paul about the nature of his relationship with Ava and whether he was protecting himself or Ava. Tracy entered Paul's office, and he advised Tracy he'd hired Anna to work for him as an investigator.

When Ava asked Paul to help her secure full custody of Avery, Paul advised her that he couldn't afford to have the governor link him to Ava. Paul reminded her that she was a murderer who would be in jail if she hadn't agreed to work for him. Paul assured Ava he could help and told her to exploit Sonny's weaknesses. They weren't aware that Anna was eavesdropping from the hallway.

Anna approached Paul and told him she didn't like how he'd been holding her crime over her head. She advised him that she intended to confess to murdering Carlos. Paul quickly produced a photograph of Emma on his phone and asked if that was what Anna really wanted. Paul knew that if Anna confessed, it would implicate him in falsifying the investigation of Carlos. Anna warned Paul to stay away from Emma, or Paul would die, just like Carlos.

At the Jerome Gallery, Paul introduced Raj to Ava and advised her that Raj was an associate of theirs and that Ava would be overseeing Raj's shipment. Later Ava discovered machine guns hidden behind a painting in the crate.

After Tracy left Paul in the park, Carlos appeared, and Paul handed Carlos an envelope, instructing Carlos to get out of town and stay away until Paul called him. Paul was stunned when Carlos revealed that Sabrina was carrying Carlos' child. Paul knew Sabrina wouldn't report Carlos to the police.

On the pier, Raj handed Paul a briefcase filled with money, concluding their business. Paul made it clear that he would welcome another opportunity to do business with Raj. Raj promised to be in touch. Paul met Ava and gave her the case of dirty money. He advised her that the gallery was the perfect cover to explain their meeting and the exchange of money.

Paul returned to pier 54 and was infuriated that Carlos was still in town. Carlos assured Paul that he'd be gone soon, never to be seen again, after Paul handed Carlos an envelope filled with money. Later, Paul was miffed when he received a text message from Carlos advising that Robert and Anna were in Halifax. Paul advised Carlos to get out of Halifax and to leave Sabrina behind if she was in labor. Carlos advised Paul to deal with Anna and Robert because he was not leaving Sabrina behind. Paul contacted the Canadian police and had Anna and Robert arrested.

Paul became concerned when Raj advised him that Morgan had been snooping around the pier, but Raj assured Paul that Morgan would be busy attending a wedding when Dixon and Paul's transaction took place. Raj informed Paul that he'd call with a time and place to meet Dixon.

Back in Port Charles, Anna told Paul she was concerned about Kyle because she had tried to contact him, and it seemed like he'd fallen off the face of the earth. Paul assured her that she was better off without Kyle. When Anna ignored a text she'd received, Paul demanded to see who had sent the message. He saw the message was from Mac with information about Paul's daughter. Anna then disclosed that she knew that Paul had killed Kyle and arranged for Kyle's body to be identified as Carlos. Anna also suspected that Paul had been behind Sonny's shooting. Paul admitted that he'd killed Kyle out of necessity.

Paul told Anna about his daughter, Susan, and how she and Kyle had moved in together. Kyle had become controlling and often demeaned Susan. The mental abuse had turned physical. When Susan had decided to leave Kyle, Kyle had found out and beaten Susan before savagely raping her. Kyle had disappeared while Susan had been in the hospital. Paul would never forget how Susan had looked after the horrific assault. Paul confessed it had been a coincidence when he'd found Kyle in Port Charles. Paul said that Kyle had reached out to him without realizing who Paul was, and Paul had taken that opportunity to avenge his daughter by killing Kyle.

Paul asked Ava to meet him on the pier. Ava advised Paul she wasn't available to help Paul smuggle guns because she was on her way to her brother's wedding. Ava made it clear she wanted to remain in the background. Dixon stepped out and advised Ava that he preferred working with people face to face so he'd know who to blame if things went wrong. He agreed her absence would be noticed from her brother's wedding. Dixon informed Paul that the shipment would arrive at 6:00 pm, not midnight.

Paul returned to the pier later with a briefcase filled with money but refused to hand it over to Dixon until the shipment was delivered. When they heard a phone vibrating, Morgan emerged with his hands up and yelled that he was Sonny's son, and Dixon was in Sonny's territory. Morgan said he was there to protect his father's interests. When Dixon instructed his men to get rid of Morgan, Paul advised Dixon that it would be a mistake and assured Dixon that Morgan was bluffing.

Morgan pulled out a gun and ordered them to throw their guns into the harbor. He informed them that he was in charge and aimed his gun at Dixon and Paul. Dixon overpowered Morgan and disarmed him. Kiki rounded the corner just as Dixon fired a shot. Kiki took the bullet that was meant for Morgan. Federal agents swarmed the docks. Anna demanded an explanation from Paul for the shooting. Paul blamed it on Sonny's lunatic kid and advised Anna that Dixon had escaped.

Jordan was furious that Paul hadn't kept her in the loop on a federal investigation. She advised Paul his power play had been reckless and had resulted in both a police officer and a young girl being shot. Jordan advised Paul to arrest Ava, but Paul suggested he would deal with Ava in his own way. Jordan assured Paul that she'd get a judge to sign off on an arrest warrant for Ava and added that she was certain that Paul was hiding something.

At the hospital, Paul told Ava how sorry he was about Kiki. Ava pushed him violently and swore she'd kill him. Ava advised Paul that she'd find a way to handle the situation because she refused to go down alone. Paul assured her they were both on the same page.

Paul bumped into Jordan at the police station. When Jordan waved an arrest warrant for Ava, Paul ripped it up and handed her a document from the Justice Department, granting Ava immunity.

Paul knew that Anna wanted to get Carlos and felt he had a solution. Paul suggested they give Carlos immunity in exchange for testifying against Julian when he was caught. Anna doubted that Carlos would keep quiet about her and Paul's crimes.

Paul took a call from Carlos, who revealed he'd returned to Port Charles. Paul offered Carlos immunity, provided Carlos testified against Julian and kept quiet about Paul and Anna's crimes. Carlos refused to risk it and made it clear that he intended to stick to their original agreement. Carlos knew that too many people wanted him dead, including Anna. Paul assured Carlos that Anna wanted Julian in jail for Duke's murder much more than she'd wanted Carlos dead.

Anna arrived at Paul's office and announced that she was going after Carlos and would use her own sources to track Carlos down. In spite of Paul's warning that it would be a mistake, Anna vowed she'd do everything in her power to find Carlos. Paul went to see Anna at her home. When Anna advised him she was going out of town, Paul felt the only way to stop her was to have her arrested. He started to call Jordan, but Anna grabbed a cloth, slipped behind him, and quickly smothered him until he passed out. Anna handcuffed Paul to the stair railing. Paul woke up and realized he'd been handcuffed to a railing in Anna's home. He managed to free himself with a paperclip.

Anna and Sonny took Carlos back from Puerto Rico. Paul blasted Anna for dragging Carlos back to Port Charles because it might cost both Anna and Paul their freedom. Anna assured Paul she was been willing to face the consequences for her actions and questioned whether Paul was.

Paul tried to convince Carlos to take his deal and testify against Julian, but Jordan suggested Paul focus on his own legal quandary. Paul said Jordan had no proof of him killing Kyle, but Anna chimed in and said that Jordan had her. Anna explained how the DNA had proven the body had been Kyle's and disclosed Paul's confession to her that he'd been seeking revenge against Kyle for raping his daughter. Jordan informed Paul that once the charges were made public, Mayor Lomax would fire him, and he'd be prosecuted along with Carlos. Paul pointed out that Jordan would also have to arrest Anna. Anna stated she was willing to face the consequences. Paul and Anna were arrested and put into holding cells.

In lockup, Paul assured Anna that Carlos would take his deal. Anna didn't care, as long as Carlos and Julian paid for killing Duke. Paul was determined to get both of them out of jail. Anna kept pushing Paul because she knew he was hiding something. Paul finally blurted out that he was in love with Anna and felt they were kindred spirits, but Anna scoffed. Anna made it very clear that she loathed Paul and resented him blackmailing her. Mayor Lomax arrived, escorted Paul out of his cell, and processed his release. Jordan vowed to continue her investigation until she had what she needed to send Paul to jail.

After his release, Paul visited Anna in lockup and advised her that she would not get bail because he had concerns about her mental well-being. Paul felt that Anna's compulsion to seek out punishment for perceived wrongdoings bordered on irrational. Paul decided to leave her assessment to a professional. Paul asked Andre Maddox to assess Anna.

At Anna's hearing, Paul approached Anna to apologize for what was about to unfold. Alone with Anna, Paul claimed that he'd hoped to save Anna from herself and pointed out that Anna had confessed to a crime that the victim hadn't reported. He assured Anna that no one believed her paranoid accusations. Paul desperately tried to persuade Anna to retract her confession and offered to drop the charges. Paul told Anna that he was very concerned about her mental state. In the end Anna was granted bail.

In the squad room Paul advised Jordan that he'd made arrangements for Carlos to be transferred to a safer location because Carlos feared for his safety. Nathan offered to accompany Carlos to the new location. Paul advised Jordan to build a stronger case against Carlos, since there wasn't any physical evidence against Carlos. Later, Anna arrived and announced that Carlos had escaped. She asked if Paul had had anything to do with the accident leading to Carlos' escape.

Paul learned that Carlos had been taken to the hospital in critical condition after being stabbed, and a priest had been called to perform last rites. Paul knew that Anna and Sonny had been with Carlos, and he advised Jordan to put Sonny at the top of the list of suspects who would have stabbed Carlos. Sonny wasn't fooled by Paul's claim of innocence. Sonny knew that Paul had been connected to Ava, and that linked Paul to Julian and Carlos. Paul maintained that Anna's emotional state had been deteriorating, which had driven her to make unfounded accusations.

Paul received a text from Carly with a link to a sex tape of him and Ava. He immediately confronted Ava. Ava claimed she needed an insurance policy. Paul was angry and advised Ava to destroy the video because it could destroy his career. He ordered Ava to do whatever was necessary to fix things and reminded her he still had the flash drive of her confession and would have no reason to hold onto it if he lost his job.

Sabrina was in the interrogation room after returning from Puerto Rico. She agreed to answer all questions from Paul and Anna. Paul reminded Sabrina that she faced criminal charges for aiding and abetting a fugitive, but Sabrina was determined to do the right thing. Sabrina knew it had been wrong to protect Duke's murderer, but Carlos had been the father of her child. Paul tensed when Sabrina revealed that Carlos had been in contact with someone, but she had no idea who it had been. Sabrina was advised no charges would be filed against her, but Paul warned her to stay in town.

Paul agreed to share information with Sonny. Anna advised Sonny that a dagger had been found at Alexis' home that had matched Carlos' stab wounds and that DNA evidence had also been recovered. Paul advised that although Julian claimed he had an alibi, Julian's alibi wasn't as ironclad as Julian thought.

After Alexis was arrested for Carlos' murder, Mayor Lomax told Paul that she wanted him to do whatever was necessary to make certain that Alexis wouldn't be freed on bail. Paul wanted to proceed carefully, hoping Alexis would turn on Julian, but Mayor Lomax didn't care because Alexis had made a fool of Lomax, her office, and the city by defending Olivia. Mayor Lomax wanted Alexis put in her place and confined to jail.

Paul, Anna, and Jordan convinced Alexis to wear a wire and get Julian to admit he'd killed Carlos. Paul, Anna, and Jordan sat in a van and listened to Alexis and Julian's exchange. They were surprised when Alexis questioned Julian about the dagger, and they heard him confess that he'd killed Carlos. Julian confirmed that he'd ordered the hit on Duke. They noticed Alexis growing increasingly agitated. They entered Alexis' house and found the house empty. The wire Alexis had worn was on the floor.

A little later, Paul was advised that Julian had been taken to hospital after he'd been stabbed.

Paul entered the squad room and found Ava waiting. She explained that she was confident that she could persuade Julian to plead guilty in exchange for consideration at sentencing. Paul refused to offer a plea deal, and he expected Ava to testify against Julian. When she balked, he threatened to release the flash drive of her confession. After Ava left, Sonny asked Paul for an update on Julian's case. Paul assured Sonny that he'd left nothing to chance and that no one would be in Julian's corner -- and that included Ava.

At the hospital there seemed to be a serial killer loose. Paul arrived after another patient died. Paul was in Monica's office when Elizabeth arrived looking for Monica. Paul said that she wasn't there, and when Elizabeth left, he bolted out of Monica's office. Paul was afraid Elizabeth had seen him holding a full syringe.

Paul bumped into Hayden after the power outage at the hospital and asked what she was doing in the stairwell. Hayden explained that Elizabeth had been injured and needed help. Paul tried to stop Hayden from leaving and began to interrogate her. Hayden pushed past him and ran to grab Finn. Paul saw Franco with Elizabeth, and Paul feigned concern for her. Paul asked Franco what had happened. Franco replied that he'd seen Hayden with Elizabeth when he'd arrived.

After the incident with Elizabeth, Paul silently crept up on Monica in the locker room, armed with a deadly syringe, but his attack on Monica was interrupted when his phone suddenly beeped. He slid the syringe into his pocket when Monica turned and saw him. He apologized for scaring her. He pulled out his phone and saw that Ava had sent him a text asking him to meet her at Perks Coffee immediately. Paul wiped the syringe down and dropped it into the trash can as he walked out.

At Perks Coffee, Paul assured Ava that he would keep her confession hidden as long as she testified against Julian. Ava refused to testify against her brother and added that Paul would never use the confession against her. Ava told Paul she'd helped Jordan identify a pair of Roman coin cufflinks but admitted that she hadn't recalled where she'd seen them. She reminded Paul of the sex tape then asked him why he'd killed all those people at the hospital. She pulled out the medical kit and showed him the contents as she explained that the cufflinks were irrelevant because she had the murder weapon with Paul's fingerprints.

Paul claimed to have a prescription for the medication, but Ava reminded him that the medication was only used for surgery. Paul assumed that Ava wanted the flash drive in exchange for the medication, but Ava advised him that she expected Julian to be set free. A few days later, Paul received a text message from Ava reminding him that she expected him to hold up his end of the bargain because she knew all his secrets. Paul disagreed and recalled how he had shoved Elizabeth down the stairs during the blackout.

In the interrogation room, Hayden had been arrested for pushing Elizabeth down the stairs. Paul wanted to know why Hayden hadn't been transferred to a jail cell. Paul was told they had evidence that Hayden hadn't pushed Elizabeth. He was shown the photograph of a man from the knees down that had been found on Elizabeth's phone. Paul downplayed the photograph, suggesting the phone might not belong to Elizabeth. Franco confirmed it was Elizabeth's phone, and Curtis added that the geolocator had confirmed that the photo had been taken at the hospital at the time Elizabeth had been pushed.

At Metro Court, Paul called a mystery woman to wish her a happy birthday and apologized for not being there to celebrate with her. He reminded her that he had a commitment to fulfill for her. He added that he was nearly done and promised to be with her on her next birthday if everything went as planned. Paul ended the call when Tracy arrived. Tracy advised him that she had just left a meeting with the board, and they had discussed shutting down the hospital until the killer was apprehended. Mayor Lomax had pressured the board to close the hospital.

Paul quietly slipped into Monica's office while she was on the phone. When Monica ended her call, Paul pulled her into a chokehold and jabbed her with a syringe. When the drug had taken hold, Paul told Monica that she'd brought it on herself. Paul slipped out of Monica's office and was startled when Sabrina suddenly appeared and said she needed to talk to Monica. Sabrina went into Monica's office and found her unconscious on the floor and yelled for Paul to get help. Sabrina started CPR on Monica.

Later, while Paul was elsewhere in the hospital, Sabrina caught up to him and advised him that the hospital killer had struck again. This time, Monica had been the target. Sabrina asked why Paul hadn't returned to Monica's office with help. Paul claimed that he'd told a nurse at the nurses' station and assured Sabrina that he'd been frantic about Monica. Paul promised to call the police commissioner, but as he pulled his phone from his pocket, the latex gloves he'd worn slipped out. Sabrina put the pieces together and nervously tried to back away, but Paul quickly grabbed her, covered her mouth, and dragged her into an examination room. He pulled Sabrina into a chokehold and killed her.

At Julian's trial, Paul listed Julian's crimes and promised to prove Julian had been guilty of every one of the charges. Rather than making his opening statement, Scott questioned the admissibility of certain evidence and revealed that a warrant had been issued for 2813 Belleforest Drive, but Alexis and Julian lived at 2183 Belleforest Drive, which meant that the evidence collected at Alexis' house had been illegally obtained and was inadmissible.

When Alexis took the stand, she began to stammer and became incoherent while trying to recount her conversation with Julian and how he'd almost slit her throat. Later, she was accused of having been under the influence, but she swore she'd only had half a glass of wine. Paul called Sabrina to the stand, but he had to be reminded that Sabrina had been murdered. Julian was set free.

Paul met Ava in the park. Ava thanked him for a job well done and warned him that an associate had a letter that would be delivered to the police if she met with an accident, but Ava assured Paul she'd honor their agreement. Ava warned Paul to stop murdering people while he was ahead of the game and advised him to leave town.

At Sabrina's funeral, Paul became overwrought with emotion and blurted out to Tracy that he'd killed Sabrina and that she wasn't supposed to have gotten hurt. He blamed himself for not catching the killer. He said that Sabrina had been in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the situation had hit close to home.

Paul went to the Quartermaines' to see Monica, but Tracy wouldn't allow him to see her because the doctors had advised that Monica required rest. Tracy said that Monica had recalled that the smell of the cologne of her attacker had been familiar.

Paul went to see Susan. He had flowers and a cake. He said he knew that he'd sent her a cake on her birthday, but he had wanted to see her blow out the candles. Susan remained silent and distant. When Paul tried to kiss her head, she bolted and curled up on her bed. Paul apologized for scaring her. Paul told Susan that he'd made a list of all the people who had hurt her, and he told Susan those people were all gone, so it was okay for Susan to return. No one was going to hurt her again. He told Susan that justice had been served -- while Tracy eavesdropped.

Tracy grew nervous and was relieved when the elevator doors closed, but they reopened, and Paul stood there. Paul asked why Tracy was there. Tracy said she had gone to see Susan and told Paul how she'd found Susan. She had known that Paul needed to spend time with his daughter. Paul advised her that it wasn't a good time and said while Susan didn't speak, she had communicated that she wanted to be alone.

Paul suggested that they grab some dinner but realized he'd forgotten his wallet. They arrived at the lodge where Paul was staying. Paul became frantic because he realized that Tracy had heard him speaking to Susan. Paul tied Tracy to a chair. Tracy tried to distract him and asked why he'd targeted the people at the hospital. Paul explained he'd done it to avenge Susan because she had been the light of his life until that light had been shattered.

Paul explained that Kyle had been an abusive, controlling pig who had raped Susan. Susan had gone to General Hospital because she'd been injured, but Dr. Mayes had been incompetent and had screwed up the rape kit. The witness to the crime had been Julie Prescott, who had refused to testify. Monica had written Susan a note apologizing for the mistake. Tracy said Monica couldn't be held responsible for another person's actions. Paul insisted that it didn't matter because Monica could identify him. Paul was determined to tie up all the loose ends.

Paul admitted he'd been forced to target Elizabeth and Sabrina. He grabbed a necktie and advanced on Tracy. Paul realized he couldn't strangle Tracy. Paul picked up a syringe and held the needle to Tracy's neck as Anna kicked in the door and aimed a gun at him. Dillon arrived and told Paul that he'd have to kill Dillon as well. Dillon demanded that Paul get away from Tracy. Jordan finally arrested Paul.

Paul was incarcerated in the Port Charles jail. Jordan went to see him and was furious that Paul had betrayed everyone. Jordan regretted that she hadn't realized sooner that Kyle Sloane's murder had only been the tip of the iceberg. Paul insisted he'd done what he'd had to for Susan. Jordan accused Paul of being a bully who had targeted innocent people.

Ava arrived with Scott and advised Paul that she'd hired Scott to represent Paul. Paul said he already had a lawyer -- himself -- and accused Ava of trying to bribe him with an attorney, hoping Paul would give her the flash drive with her confession. Ava begged Paul not to drag her down with him because her daughters needed her protection.

Paul was unmoved, but he admitted that getting caught had been almost a relief, and he suspected that Ava would feel the same. He accused Ava of using her daughter for her own convenience to justify getting away with murder, He said she clearly believed she shouldn't pay for her crimes because she loved her daughters. Jordan returned and announced it was time for Paul to leave for Pentonville.

Paul threw Ava into a panic when he told Jordan he had something to say. He advised Jordan he would plead guilty in order to spare his family the pain of a trial. When Jordan left to notify the acting D.A., Paul advised Ava that he intended to hold onto the flash drive with her confession as leverage in case he needed a favor.

Later, Michael visited Paul and asked why he'd killed Sabrina. Paul told Michael to tell Teddy that his mother had died a hero. Tracy advised Michael to put it behind him. They had each other to lean on, while Paul had no one.

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