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Justin Melvey made the move to American television after having earned the prestigious "Logie" Award (equivalent to the American Emmy) for Best New Talent on Australian Television.

A former pro skier and model, Melvey's portrayal of Harry Keller Reynolds on Australia's premier nighttime soap, "Home and Away" made him a household name in his native country. When he left the show after two years, Melvey decided to test his skills as a Shakespearean thespian in one of the lead roles in The Complete Works of William Shakespeare which opened at the Sydney Opera House. Melvey took advantage of the opportunity to stretch his talents on stage and played Hamlet, MacBeth, King Lear, Titus, and 33 of Shakespeare's other leading men.

Melvey's first role as an actor was in the student film, The Promise Land. This led to other films including Cloud 2000, The Burning Boys, and the Mametville Murders with additional television appearances in the The Young and the Restless. He was involved in an action rescue series called The Extremists, developed by Caldera/De Fanit for worldwide syndication.

The Extremists was inspired by Justin's own dedication to extreme sports, including freestyle "chopper-drop" skiing. Melvey also spent 10 years as a lifeguard, holding Active Reserve Status and he holds a 2nd degree blackbelt in the Japanese style Shotokan Karate.

Dedicated to his work for charity, Justin has helped to fund a children's hospital in Australia, and has worked with the Leukemia Foundation and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Melvey recently relocated to Los Angeles and is single.

Acting Portfolio: TELEVISION
General Hospital

August 11, 2005 to August 22, 2005

Dancing With the Stars [Australian Version]

Days of our Lives
Colin Murphy
October 2001 to October 2004

Acting Portfolio: FILM
Death of a Saleswoman
Geyer O'Brian

Life on Mars
Dustin/John Ronson
Awards & Acclaim
Dancing With the Stars Winner (2004)
Logie Award Best New Talent on Australian Television.
Vital Statistics
DATE OF BIRTH: May 7, 1969

PLACE OF BIRTH: Sydney, Australia

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