Daniel Smith
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Daniel Smith
Los Angeles Presence
August 2001 to 2002
At A Glance

A native Floridian, Daniel Smith was raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, but later moved with his family to Arizona.

Smith's cousins encouraged him to audition for a local church theatre group. Though he's admittedly shy, Smith found that acting was a way to help him get over his introversion.

While living in Arizona, Smith was discovered by a local agent who helped place him in commercials. One of those commercials allowed Smith to appear alongside golfer Tiger Woods.

In addition to his work on The Bold and the Beautiful, Smith appeared as Academy Award winner Denzel Washington's son in the motion picture John Q.

Smith's hobbies include learning about animals and watching the television program, Nature.

Acting Portfolio: TELEVISION
The Bold and The Beautiful
Zende Forrester Dominguez
August 2001 to 2002
Acting Portfolio: FILM
John Q
Vital Statistics

PLACE OF BIRTH: Tampa, Florida

DATE OF BIRTH: February 22, 1992

HAIR: Black

EYES: Brown

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