Phyllis tells Nikki and Ashley she spoke to Jeremy Stark

The Young and the Restless Recap for Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Phyllis tells Nikki and Ashley she spoke to Jeremy Stark | Y&R Recap (Thursday, December 1, 2022)
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Thursday, December 1, 2022

by Nel

At Society, Lily told Billy that Chelsea had wanted to be transparent with her to eliminate any misinterpretation about anything between her and Billy. Billy wanted to check on Chelsea, but Lily suggested that Chelsea might want some space. Billy argued that something might be wrong.

Billy left to call Chelsea. Lily greeted Phyllis, Summer, and Daniel. They invited Lily to join them. Phyllis asked how the hotel was doing. Lily said they had big plans for it. Phyllis asked if those plans would affect Chancellor-Winters, since Nate had jumped ship and taken over Sally's job at Newman Media. Phyllis said she'd heard that Billy might leave Chancellor-Winters. Lily asked where Phyllis had gotten her information. Phyllis said she'd heard it from Ashley, who'd heard it from Tucker. Lily admitted there were a lot of changes happening, but the company was stronger than ever.

At home, Chelsea recalled telling Lily she'd been worried that she'd been a burden on Lily and Billy. Lily had said she and Billy cared about Chelsea and her recovery and that Chelsea shouldn't give all the credit to Billy for saving her because Chelsea had been working very hard to get better. Lily had said Billy had suggested that it was important to have a network of people to lean on, which Chelsea had in Sharon, Adam, Chloe, and her therapist. Lily had said it was better to have a group of people to support her because Billy couldn't be there for her 24/7.

Chelsea saw an incoming call from Billy when an angry Connor arrived home from school. He told Chelsea he'd gotten into a fight at school. Chelsea said they'd discussed that violence didn't solve anything. Connor said he couldn't let anyone get away with calling Chelsea crazy.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon acknowledged that Adam was genuinely concerned about Chelsea's well-being and committed to being part of her recovery. Sharon said she sensed that Adam was attempting to turn it into a competition between him and Billy, which was the last thing Chelsea needed. Adam asked if he should step back and allow Billy to continue playing the hero. Sharon said Adam was turning the situation into something adversarial for no good reason.

Sharon told Adam that Billy wasn't playing the hero, but he'd been there when Chelsea had been at her lowest point. She said Adam should be grateful that Billy had stepped up for her. Adam said he'd told Billy more than once that he was grateful Billy had been there.

Adam told Sharon that he was trying to help Connor navigate an incredibly difficult situation, and as parents, they needed to work on it together. Sharon agreed. She told Adam not to make the situation about him and his feelings nor to let his history with Billy complicate things for Chelsea. Sharon said Chelsea had a long way to go to find her footing, and Adam tended to blur the lines occasionally. Adam asked if Billy didn't.

Sharon told Adam that Billy hadn't blurred any lines because he and Chelsea had been friends for a long time. Adam pointed out that Billy was Johnny's father, and Chelsea's issues hadn't started until she'd been determined to tell Johnny that she was his biological mother. Sharon said that might be a symptom of her problems, but it was not the root cause. Adam claimed Johnny was still a very painful topic for Chelsea. Sharon mentioned that Chelsea and Johnny had had a very friendly chat on Thanksgiving. Adam claimed that had made things murkier.

Sharon told Adam that Billy had left it up to Johnny whether he wanted to have any contact with Chelsea. Adam said Billy had taken the hands-off approach when it came to his kid, and he wished Billy would do that with Chelsea instead of convincing her that she should be dependent on him. Sharon said Adam almost sounded jealous. Adam denied it and suspected he wasn't the only one who had a problem with that dynamic. He said Lily was probably concerned about the situation, which had likely been the reason for her conversation with Chelsea. Sharon informed him the conversation had been Chelsea's idea. Adam said he was going to see Chelsea and see what was going on.

At Society, Billy joined Summer, Phyllis, Lily, and Daniel. Phyllis said she'd heard that Billy was leaving Chancellor-Winters and asked why he would leave such a great job. Billy said he'd chosen to walk away from Chancellor-Winters for personal reasons, but he would always support Lily. Lily said that Daniel had pitched an amazing idea to Chancellor-Winters, and they were in serious discussions to make it happen.

Billy asked if Daniel was still painting and if it would be an online gallery. Daniel said the idea was still in its early stages. Summer wanted a hint, but Lily said they were keeping it under wraps for the moment. After Phyllis and Summer left and Lily walked away to take a call, Daniel commented that Billy was the same guy he'd been when Daniel had left town.

Daniel said he was referring to Billy's abrupt departure from Chancellor-Winters in the middle of a big transition. Daniel said he didn't know why Billy had left, but it was what Billy had always done. He said Lily didn't seem thrilled. Billy said how Lily felt was none of Daniel's business. Daniel said he was surprised that Billy and Lily were a serious thing, especially after Cane. He thought Lily would have opted for someone more reliable. Lily returned.

At the Abbotts', Ashley asked Nikki if they were any closer getting Diane out of town. Nikki told Ashley she thought Talia would want to know that Diane had been laundering money for Jeremy and that he'd spent six years in prison while Diane had been living the high life. Nikki said Talia had realized they didn't have any proof, and she'd seen it as a smear campaign, which she had wanted nothing to do with.

Ashley told Nikki they'd also lost their biggest ally: Jack. Ashley said she'd walked in on a teary-eyed Diane embracing Jack. Ashley said when she'd asked Jack why he was so irrational where Diane was concerned, Jack had told her that if she went to war with Diane, she went to war with him. Nikki asked if Ashley intended to walk away from their plan. Ashley responded, "Not a chance in hell."

Ashley told Nikki it was because she cared so much for Jack that she wouldn't allow him to be manipulated by Diane again. Ashley said Diane seemed to think she had a future with Jack. Ashley said that wouldn't happen because Diane hadn't changed, and Ashley wanted to make sure Diane left town before she hurt anyone in Ashley's family again.

Nikki told Ashley that Phyllis had had the idea of contacting Jeremy, since he'd been released from prison. Nikki said Phyllis believed she could plant the idea in his head that Diane had plotted with the Feds to have him arrested. Ashley said Jeremy was dangerous. She said it was one thing to scare Diane but another to get involved with a known felon. She said Stark had been laundering money for someone, and they had no idea what else he'd been involved in.

Ashley told Nikki that Diane had claimed Stark would come after her whole family. Nikki didn't buy it and said Diane only cared about the inroads she'd made with Kyle, Harrison, and Jack. Ashley said Diane had put them all at risk.

Nikki told Ashley that Stark would only be interested in Diane, but Ashley said they couldn't be sure of that. She insisted she didn't want anyone put in danger, including Diane. Nikki said Victor and Jack would know how to deal with any threats to their families. Ashley said it didn't feel right handing over their dirty work to Victor and Jack. Nikki commented that it felt like Ashley was about to walk away.

Ashley told Nikki she wanted Diane out of town more than anyone, but they had to think it through. Ashley asked what might happen if something happened to Diane if Stark went after her. Nikki didn't believe that would happen, but Ashley said they couldn't be 100% sure. Ashley asked what might happen if they pushed Stark too far with information that might not be true. Phyllis arrived and told Nikki and Ashley that she'd spoken to Stark anonymously, and she'd told him that Diane had made the deal with the Feds that had ultimately landed him in prison.

At Jabot, Jack told Diane he'd warned Ashley she would make an enemy of him if she continued her reckless attacks on Diane. Diane was touched, and she hugged Jack. Kyle asked if he'd interrupted something. Diane explained that Phyllis, Nikki, and Ashley had escalated their attacks against her.

Jack said the situation had become untenable. Diane told Kyle that Tucker had made a deal with her in exchange for information about Ashley, but Tucker had another goal; he wanted to take over Jabot, and he'd wanted her to provide him with Jabot's financial information. She swore to Kyle that she'd never intended to do that.

Diane told Kyle she'd pretended to accept Tucker's terms. She said she'd planned to trap Tucker and reveal what he'd been up to. Diane said she'd realized it had been over her head, and she'd told Jack the truth about all of it. Jack said he'd confronted Tucker personally, and Diane had been right -- Tucker was going after Jabot. Diane said when Tucker had realized she'd reneged on his plan, Tucker had told Ashley about her connection with Jeremy, and Ashley had probably shared it with Nikki and Phyllis.

Diane told Kyle she was concerned what Nikki, Phyllis, and Ashley would do with that information because Jeremy had recently been released from prison. Diane said she'd seen beneath Jeremy's polished exterior, and it wasn't pretty. Diane said Nikki, Phyllis, and Ashley had no idea how ruthless and cold-blooded Jeremy was, and they were putting everyone in danger. Diane said those women believed their money and status would give them control over the situation, but they were wrong.

Kyle said Diane was making Jeremy out to be a monster. Diane said he was, and no one had any idea how abusive and unpredictable he could be. Diane stated she was afraid of what would happen to her if Jeremy found out that she'd sent him to prison. She also revealed that money laundering hadn't been the only thing Jeremy had been guilty of, but the Feds couldn't prove anything other than money laundering. Kyle realized there was a potentially violent felon after Diane.

Diane told Kyle that Jeremy knew that hurting the people she loved would devastate her, meaning Kyle and Harrison were at risk. Jack told Kyle not to worry because he would do everything necessary to protect Diane. Kyle promised he would also protect her. Diane said she was grateful to have them stand by her. She said she'd never wanted to bring trouble into their family, and it was wrong of those women to use her past as a weapon.

Kyle told Jack they needed to come up with a plan to make sure that Ashley, Nikki, and Phyllis didn't contact Stark. Jack said he believed they'd only wanted to scare Diane to leave town. Diane said she'd made it clear to them that she wouldn't abandon her family again. Kyle left.

Outside Jack's office, Kyle waylaid Summer as she exited the elevator. He told Summer that Phyllis had threatened Diane, and Diane was afraid Stark might be looking for her if he thought she'd ratted him out. He said Stark was out of prison, and Phyllis was about to put a target on Diane's back. Summer said they didn't know if Phyllis had said anything, and if she had, she was probably bluffing. Summer said if Diane had turned Stark in, then there had to be a way to prove that.

Summer was stunned when Kyle confirmed that Diane had turned Stark in. Kyle said Diane had sworn him and Jack to secrecy for everyone's safety. Angry, Summer stated she should have been informed the minute he and Jack had known. He said Nikki and Ashley were in it together with Phyllis. He said they had to be stopped immediately.

At home, Chelsea asked Connor how the other kid knew about her. Connor said that he and Johnny had been talking about everything away from everyone, but one guy had overheard them. Connor said the guy was a jerk and a bully, and he'd jumped in and begun saying stuff about Chelsea. He said he'd needed to stop the kid.

Chelsea told Connor that people handled things differently when things were exposed; some were kind and understanding. Connor said others were just mean. Chelsea responded that that kid might have problems at home. Chelsea said that kid had been trying to make Connor feel bad and force him to defend her, but Connor never had to do that. Connor asked if he should let that guy say terrible things about her.

Chelsea told Connor she wasn't ashamed of what she was going through because being ashamed had stopped her from getting help sooner, and that had made things a lot worse for her. Chelsea said she was better, but she still had an illness and was getting treatment. Chelsea said every family carried some kind of stress or embarrassment, and that bully had zeroed in on those horrible things to make Connor feel bad and goad him into fighting. Connor asked what to do if it did hurt. Chelsea said then he needed to talk to her, Adam, or his counselor at school. Chelsea said she loved that Connor wanted to protect her, but that wasn't his job. When Adam arrived, Chelsea said they needed to talk.

After Connor relayed what had happened, Adam wanted the kid's name. Chelsea told Adam to calm down. She said they would call the school later and figure out how to handle the situation as a family. Connor left to do his homework.

Agitated, Adam told Chelsea they had to pull Connor out of that school, or that kid had to be expelled. He said those were the only two options. Chelsea said they couldn't just pack up and run away every time something like that happened. Adam said they were talking about how it affected Connor. Chelsea admitted it had made her angry, and she wished they could protect Connor from everything; however, that wasn't being realistic. Adam suggested they shield Connor as much as possible. Chelsea said that was very shortsighted.

Chelsea told Adam they needed to help Connor build confidence and strength to face things head-on and not resort to using his fists. She said people behaved badly for many reasons. She said she felt responsible that she'd been used as a weapon to hurt Connor. She said they had to be better because if she fell apart, Connor didn't have much chance of getting through it. Chelsea said they had to show Connor they could handle things; that way, Connor would learn how to handle things.

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