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Alice Johnson
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Actor History
Tiffany Salerno

Claimed to be "In sales" but was part of a sex slave ring

Former waitress

Resides At


Marital Status

Last known to be single

Past Marriages

None known


Millie Johnson (mother, deceased)

Unknown Name (father)


Cassidy "Cassie" Newman (adopted; gave up custody to birth mother, Sharon Newman; deceased)

Flings & Affairs

None named

Health and Vitals


Injuries after being run down by a car [2017]

Crimes Committed

Part of a sex ring, harboring the girls who turned tricks [2017]

Brief Character History

Sixteen-year-old Sharon Collins and her single, paraplegic mother, Doris, lived in Madison, Wisconsin, after being abandoned by Sharon's father. Sharon's best friend in high school was Grace Turner. When Sharon told her high school boyfriend, Frank Barritt, that she was pregnant after he had pressured her to have sex, he wanted nothing to do with her or his child. Sharon and her mother decided to give the baby up for adoption because they felt they were unable to raise her properly. The baby girl was adopted by Alice Johnson and named Cassidy. Alice later abandoned Cassie to pursue a man and left the child in the care of her elderly mother, Millie. Cassie loved Millie, but it was very difficult for a woman of Millie's age to keep up with a young child, and Cassie had no friends but her dolls, and nowhere to play but in the dirt.

Sharon ended up marrying Nick Newman, son of wealthy industrialist Victor Newman. When it appeared that Sharon and Nick's newborn baby Noah was going to die, Sharon's best friend Grace Turner and her boyfriend Tony Viscardi tracked down Cassie to help Sharon ease the pain of her loss. They convinced Millie to allow them to take Cassie, who was five years old, to Genoa City to be united with her natural mother. But Noah lived, so Grace decided to keep Cassie until the "time was right" to tell Sharon. Grace fell in love with the engaging child and kept her true identity to herself for over a year.

After Grace finally told Sharon who Cassie really was, Cassie went to live with Sharon, Nick, and Noah. Alice Johnson later reappeared and hired a lawyer, Michael Baldwin, to fight for the return of "her daughter." Although Alice was about to win custody, Sharon and Nick were able to convince the jobless and flighty Alice that Cassie would be better off with them. Alice gave up her parental rights, and Sharon was awarded custody. After a waiting period, Cassie legally became a Newman when Nick adopted her, and she lived with her happy family in a converted barn on the Newman ranch. Cassie was tragically killed in an auto accident when she was 14 years old. The memorial service was touching, with Grace, Millie, and Alice conspicuously absent.

A few months after Cassie's death, a still grieving Nick went to see Alice to talk to her about Cassie. He needed her to tell him some things about Cassie that he had never heard before. Alice told him about a time that her perfume bottle had been broken and how Alice's mother, Millie, had tried to cover it up by taking the blame. However, Cassie had always had to be honest and made sure that Alice knew that she had been the one who had really broken it. Nick was happy to hear the story. He thanked Alice and returned home.

Alice, now living in Genoa City, was sitting at The Underground bar, decked out in expensive clothes and looking great. Surprised to realize that bar was owned by Nick Newman, she chatted with him and Sharon, telling them that she had landed a great job in sales and was just passing through. In her haste to leave, she forgot her credit card, and when she returned for it, she spoke with Sharon about her past. Alice said she had wasted a lot of time on men who don't give a damn about her and how she regretted that she hadn't taken care of Cassie, whom she adopted because I wanted somebody to love and to feel love.

In reality, Alice was part of a sex slave ring, taking care of the girls for the boss, Zack Stinnett, which allowed her to afford a nice home and expensive clothes. One of the girls was Crystal Porter, known as "Rainbow Girl", a runaway teen whose sister Tessa had been searching for her with the help of Sharon Newman and Mariah Copeland. Sharon was shocked to realize that Alice was involved. Tessa and Mariah took action by kidnapping Alice. Being the identical twin sister of the deceased Cassie, Mariah played Cassie's ghost to convince Alice to have Crystal returned from New York. They allowed Alice to leave once Tessa was reunited with Crystal, and the police put Crystal in protective custody. Alice packed and left town, but Zack found out what she had done, and Alice was run down by a car, then later disappeared from the hospital. Security footage showed her painfully walking out, headed for the taxi stand. Crystal later told how involved Alice had been, doing all the recruiting, finding vulnerable girls and taking care of them.

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Who's Who for other soaps

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