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The Young and the Restless Recap for Monday, July 15, 2019
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Monday, July 15, 2019

At Nick's house, Chelsea told Nick that dealing with her husband's death and Adam's threats to fight for custody of Connor had made her emotionally distraught. Rey arrived and interrupted Nick's attempt to learn more from Chelsea about her personal feelings for Adam. Rey introduced himself to Chelsea and said he had news about Adam. Rey first said he'd learned from a buddy on the police force that Chelsea's husband, Calvin, had died of natural causes. Nick said he and Chelsea had learned from Paul that Calvin had suffered a massive heart attack.

After Rey expressed his condolences to Chelsea, she added that Paul had warned her to watch her back where Adam was concerned. Rey said Adam had approached Paul, claiming he had evidence implicating Chelsea in Calvin's death. Rey explained that Adam had recorded a conversation he'd had with Chelsea. During that discussion, Rey added, Chelsea had expressed strong feelings about Calvin's support of Adam's plan to gain custody of Connor. Rey said that because Calvin's cause of death had been established, the tape was worthless.

As Nick walked Rey to the door, he told Rey that Sharon had returned. Nick warned Rey not to let Adam get in his head. Rey replied, "The way he had Sharon's?" Nick asked about Chance. After Rey said he hadn't yet dug up anything about Chance Chancellor, Nick replied, "There's something out there that will help us bury my brother. We both need you to find it."

After Rey left, Nick told Chelsea that Adam wanted to reunite with her. Chelsea replied, "Framing me for murder is his way of showing love?" Nick asked Chelsea if she planned to stay in Genoa City. Chelsea seemed torn and noted that Baton Rouge had been Connor's home. Chelsea seemed hesitant to disrupt Connor's life. Nick said he wouldn't press Chelsea to stay. Chelsea embraced Nick and thanked him.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon sat with Faith as the youngster enjoyed nibbling on a brownie. Faith was more interested in reuniting with her dad and baby brother at the park. Adam, perusing a menu nearby, overheard Sharon mention a family reunion. Faith was surprised to see Adam and greeted him. Sharon and Adam exchanged smiles as Adam told Faith he was glad she'd returned to town and hoped she didn't feel like she'd seen a ghost. Faith said her mom had told her about Adam and admitted it was weird to see him.

After Sharon told Faith they should get going, Adam asked about their plans. Faith responded, but Sharon interrupted her daughter and told her to get a box for her brownie. After Faith walked away, Adam told Sharon that Chelsea had returned to town and was staying with Nick. Adam added, "My ego is telling me that she could only reunite with one of us, so she flipped a coin." After Adam walked away, Sharon told Faith they should rush to meet Nick and Christian. Adam emerged from the patio area and followed Sharon and Faith.

Sharon and Faith arrived at the park before Nick and Christian showed up. Sharon explained to Faith that they'd arrived early because she hadn't wanted Adam to know about their plans. Nick hugged Faith when he and Christian arrived. Faith greeted Christian and said she couldn't believe how big he'd grown. After the children went to play, Sharon told Nick she'd heard about Chelsea and knew she was living with Nick. Nick explained that Chelsea was having a difficult time after losing her husband. Sharon noted that Adam hadn't mentioned the death of Chelsea's husband. Nick replied, "I guess he also didn't mention that he tried to frame her for his death."

Nick asked Sharon when she would see Adam for who he was. Sharon replied, "I guess when you see Chelsea for who she really is." Nick advised Sharon to steer clear of Adam and focus on Rey. Faith and Christian returned. Faith told her parents that they could hear every word they'd said. Faith cried, "Can we be a normal family for five minutes?"

Sharon and Nick suddenly noticed that Adam had been listening, too. Adam knelt down and asked if Christian remembered him. Christian shook his head, indicating that he didn't. Christian declined Adam's invitation to join him to get ice cream. Sharon sent Nick, Faith, and Christian on their way. As they left, Adam called out to Christian, promising to see him soon.

Sharon confronted Adam and said, "How dare you?" Sharon warned Adam not to use her again in order to gain access to Christian. Adam said that Nick didn't want him anywhere near Christian. Adam added that he intended to reunite with his son. Sharon told Adam that if he loved Christian, he wouldn't hurt the boy. Adam claimed that kids were resilient. Sharon warned that Christian might resent Adam for taking him away from Nick.

Sharon said she knew Adam had lied to Paul about Chelsea being responsible for her husband's death. Sharon added, "What kind of father do you think you'd be?" Adam noted that Sharon had grown angry at him in a way he'd never seen before. Sharon said she was angry at herself for not seeing Adam the way he really was, even after others had warned her about him. Sharon said, "You are a selfish, cold-hearted bastard."

Lola entered her apartment and overheard her mother talking to someone on the phone. Lola slammed the door closed to let her mother know she was being overheard. After Celeste ended her call, Lola asked her mom about the caller. Celeste replied that he was a friend from back home that Lola didn't know. Lola said, "Do you have a boyfriend?" Celeste declined to elaborate, but Lola said she wasn't going to let it go. After Lola went to her bedroom to change, Celeste seemed apprehensive.

Celeste had left before Rey stopped by to see Lola. Lola told Rey that their mother was living with her. Lola told Rey that after hearing Celeste talking on the phone, she was certain their mother had a boyfriend. Without explanation, Rey strongly urged Lola to drop the subject. After Lola persisted, Rey blurted out that their mom had reunited with their father. Rey added that their dad planned to walk Lola down the aisle. Lola told Rey that it was her wedding, so she would set things straight with their mother.

Rey had left before Celeste returned from shopping. Lola said she knew her mother and her dad were in a relationship. Celeste said, "You talked to Rey." Celeste added that she'd planned to explain. Lola asked her mom how she'd planned to explain her involvement with the man who'd trashed their lives by walking out on his family. Celeste attempted to defend Lola's dad, but Lola grew angry and cried that Adrian Rosales wasn't a good man. Celeste didn't answer when Lola asked if she was in love with Adrian.

Lola asked her mom how she could reunite with Adrian after everything he'd done. Celeste explained that technically, they were still married. Lola insisted that she'd never forgive her father. Celeste said that being with Adrian made her happy. Lola cried that her father had abandoned his family for a meaningless fling. Lola swore that her father would never be part of her life.

Celeste said it was important to her and to Adrian that he be allowed to attend Lola's wedding. Lola didn't back down. Celeste warned that Lola would someday regret her decision and wouldn't be able to take it back. Lola insisted that she wouldn't change her mind. Lola added that Rey would walk her down the aisle. Lola warned that if Adrian attempted to interfere, she and Kyle would elope.

Faith was at Crimson Lights when Rey arrived. Faith hugged Rey and said Nick and Christian were waiting outside. Rey asked about Sharon. Faith told him that Adam had shown up at the park when she, Nick, Christian, and Sharon had been there. Faith noted that Nick hadn't been happy to see Adam. Rey replied, "I bet." Faith added that she'd been surprised that her mom had stayed behind to talk to Adam. Rey replied, "Did she?"

Rey caught up with Sharon at the park after Adam left. Sharon told Rey that she and Adam had nothing more to say to each other. Sharon apologized to Rey about the way she'd left Las Vegas. Rey noted that their problems hadn't begun there. Sharon changed the subject and asked Rey why he'd sought her out. Rey said Faith had told him that her mom had seemed upset. Sharon admitted that Rey had been right about Adam. Sharon insisted that Adam would no longer be an issue between them. Sharon begged Rey to tell her that it wasn't too late for them to reconcile. Rey said he wanted to make their relationship work.

At Adam's penthouse, Chelsea confronted Adam. Chelsea was defiant when she asked Adam about recording their conversation about Calvin and handing it over to Paul. Adam deflected and noted that Chelsea had flown with Nick to visit Connor after having refused to let Adam see the boy. Chelsea replied, "Nick didn't see Connor, okay? He came with me for emotional support." Adam said he could have supported Chelsea. Adam claimed he loved Chelsea. Chelsea reminded Adam that he'd been willing to let her end up in prison for a crime she hadn't committed. Chelsea cried, "The Adam who loved me would've never done that."

Adam recalled that when he'd been with Chelsea, he'd never given in to dark impulses. Adam begged Chelsea to help him because she could see the good in him. Chelsea refused and cried that she couldn't stop Adam from being a horrible person. Chelsea told Adam that he was the one responsible for letting his demons control him. Chelsea recalled that the Adam she'd loved had been special. Adam and Chelsea both agreed that things could have been very different. Chelsea abruptly left after Adam told her not to return.

After Nick returned home with Christian, he phoned Michael. Nick explained that Adam might be involved with Chance Chancellor. Nick added that he had a gut feeling that Adam and Chance's involvement was something shady. Nick informed Michael that Adam had attempted to frame Chelsea for her husband's death and had ambushed him and Christian, frightening the boy. Nick said Adam's behavior proved that he had no business raising Christian.

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