Jack unburdens all his grief on Dina
The Young and the Restless Recap for Wednesday, April 17, 2019
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Wednesday, April 17, 2019
by Nel

Furious, Summer stormed into Phyllis' suite at the Athletic Club. Summer told Phyllis she'd discovered that Phyllis had hired a private investigator because she had believed that Kyle would seek out Lola the first opportunity he had. Summer accused Phyllis of inviting her on a spa trip for the sole purpose of breaking up her marriage. Summer stated that Phyllis had hoped Kyle would cheat on her with Lola. Summer claimed that Phyllis hadn't cared about spending time with her. She asked if Phyllis had booked a hotel suite for Kyle and Lola. Phyllis claimed that she had wanted to protect Summer and to prove that Kyle couldn't be trusted.

Summer asked if Phyllis had used the photos to blackmail Jack into selling Fenmore's to Lauren because she had cared so much about Summer's well-being. Summer accused Phyllis of attempting to inflict damage on Jabot and to completely humiliate her. Phyllis asked Summer to see things from her perspective, but Summer spat that Phyllis' only perspective had been targets and collateral damage.

Summer told Phyllis she had wondered why Phyllis wanted to wreck Summer's marriage over a business deal. Summer realized that it was Phyllis' way of paying her back because she had slept with Billy. Phyllis assured Summer that she had forgiven Summer a long time before. Phyllis claimed she didn't want to lose her relationship with Summer. Summer said she'd been stunned that Phyllis had forgiven her for seducing the man Phyllis had loved. Phyllis stated that Billy had taken advantage of Summer, but Summer countered that Billy might had misled her about it being revenge sex, but he hadn't forced her to do anything. Summer admitted that she'd been with Billy willingly because she had known it would hurt Phyllis.

Summer suddenly began crying. She admitted she was ashamed of what she'd done. Phyllis cradled her weeping daughter. Summer questioned how she could have done something like that to Phyllis. Summer said she'd been at a point when she had stopped caring about everything, but she admitted that it was the first time in a long time that she actually cared about someone. She confessed that she loved Kyle deeply, and she wanted the marriage to work. Phyllis admitted that she and Summer still had issues that required resolution, but Phyllis stated that Kyle hadn't been honest.

Summer assured Phyllis that Kyle had never lied about his feelings for Lola. Summer said that Phyllis had taken it upon herself to intervene, and she'd tried to destroy Summer's marriage rather than allowing Summer and Kyle to figure things out. Summer said that if her marriage had been a mistake, it had been her mistake to make. She suggested that Phyllis focus on her own life because it was a "hell of a mess," and stay out of Summer and Kyle's life. Summer stormed out and left Phyllis completely exasperated.

When Victoria arrived at home, she received a warm welcome from Billy and the kids. She was curious why Billy had arranged such a welcome for her. Billy said it was Victoria's night, and the welcome had been arranged by someone who had made her laugh and relieved her stress, and someone she'd had fun with. Victoria turned serious and told Billy that Victor had been seeing a psychiatrist. When she saw Billy's disappointed look, she apologized immediately and promised a Victor-free zone for the evening.

A short time later, Victoria admitted that she felt less stressed. Billy acknowledged that he and Victoria had agreed to take things slowly, but sometimes they had to follow their hearts, and that was how things should be for them for the rest of their lives. On bended knee, Billy asked Victoria to marry him.

Victoria told Billy that the ring was gorgeous, and the evening had been fabulous. Billy wanted them to end the evening with fireworks. He asked her to say yes to become a family again by marrying him. Before Victoria could answer him, there was banging on the door. Phyllis yelled for Billy to let her in.

At the Top of the Tower, Cane told Mattie and Charlie that Lily would be released from prison the following day. The twins were excited. Cane told them that he hadn't signed the divorce papers because he needed to prove to Lily that they were better together than they were apart. He hoped that he could convince Lily that they needed to remain a unit. He advised the twins that he intended to resign from Chancellor Industries because he wanted to do something where he could give back. Mattie yelled that Cane only wanted to impress Lily. She said that Cane couldn't live his life for other people, and he needed to stay true to himself.

Cane told Mattie that he wanted to find a meaning to his life and to show Lily that he could take the necessary steps to achieve it. Mattie said Lily didn't love him, and she advised Cane to let Lily go. Mattie stormed off. Charlie told Cane that he understood how Mattie felt. Charlie said that if Cane was in denial, he would find out the hard way that his marriage was over. Cane said he couldn't give up on Lily.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa was happy that Mariah had been able to convince Sharon to close the coffee shop early. Tessa told Mariah that she'd found her groove again, and she wanted Mariah's honest and objective opinion. Tessa acknowledged that she was very fortunate that Devon had given her another shot, and she needed Mariah to be brutally honest about her new song.

After Tessa had finished singing, Mariah told her that the song was beautiful. She said that Tessa had put her heart and soul into the music, and Mariah loved Tessa's new song. Suddenly, a brick was thrown through the window. Mariah picked it up, and she saw that there was a note attached. Mariah appeared shaken after she read the note that read, "Give up the gossip. You're ruining peoples' lives."

In the Abbotts' living room, Jack asked Dina to explain how he had ruined John's company. Dina claimed that Jack's "lifestyle" ideas were utter nonsense. Jack explained that he had tried to save the company after Ashley had taken off with the patents to Jabot's products, but Dina spat that John would have been ashamed of Jack. She said it had taken John a lifetime to build the business, and Jack had destroyed it. She said that Jack had failed John.

Angry, Jack shouted that Dina had walked out on John. She'd broken his heart and abandoned her family without a backward glance. Jack said that Dina talked about John's business as if she'd had an interest in what John had tried to accomplish. He yelled that Dina hadn't been there to support John, but she had attended the endless bridge and tennis games. Jack said that when that had bored Dina, she'd taken off like a shot. Jack saw the hurt look on Dina's face and immediately regretted his outburst. He apologized and said he hadn't meant to say that.

Upset, Dina called for John, and she said she was worried about him. She told Jack she was tired and needed to lie down. Jack watched helplessly as Dina left to go to her room.

Sometime later, Jack returned to the living room and found Traci at her computer. Traci said she had been working on an idea for a book. Jack noted that everything was new -- Traci had started a new novel, Abby would be opening her new restaurant, Billy was with Victoria, Kyle was a newlywed, Ashley had found what she'd been looking for -- at his expense, and he was back as CEO of Jabot. Traci stated that she'd overheard Jack and Dina arguing.

Jack told Traci that they had been talking about business. He said Dina had been lucid and very much in the present. She had called him "Jack." He asked Traci when Dina had last called him "Jack." Jack said that just as suddenly, Dina had returned to her world. He told Traci that he'd been happy when Dina had returned from Paris, and he admitted that he hadn't wanted to make waves, so he'd kept his feelings about her, which he hadn't shared with anyone, bottled up. He told Traci that he'd told Dina that she'd been an awful woman, wife, and mother. He admitted that his resentment of Dina had been festering since his early teens. He stated that Dina had done a lot of damage.

Traci reminded Jack that he had done many amazing things, but Jack countered that he'd made a lot of bad decisions, personally and in business. Traci asked Jack why he blamed Dina at that moment. Jack explained that after Dina had left, he had put his feelings aside and focused on helping John take care of Ashley and Traci. That was when he had become "Smiling Jack Abbott," without a care in the world. Traci asked if Jack had wanted to unload on Dina. Growing tearful, Jack said that there had been many things he had wanted to say to that woman. Jack marveled that Dina couldn't understand what she'd done to his life. He told Traci he was fine and walked away.

Alone and in front of her computer, Traci recalled the conversation she'd had with Cane. She began to write about a man who had tried to win back his true love. In the meantime, Cane arrived at the Abbotts' and debated whether he should ring the bell. Back in the living room, Traci continued writing her novel when she suddenly had the sense that someone was at the door, but when she checked, there was no one there.

Jack arrived at Jabot and looked over the vision boards for the new collective. He sat down at his desk and was working when a younger version of Dina appeared in his office. Young Dina told Jack that Traci had advised her that Jack needed to talk.

Jack told the young Dina that he wanted to share everything he had bottled up. He said that when he had been growing up, John told him stories about Dina and had excused her behavior. Jack lamented that Dina hadn't attended his eighth-grade graduation. John had told him that she'd been helping a friend who had needed her. Jack told the young Dina that he'd needed her, and he had wondered who those people were that were more important to Dina than her family.

Jack said that after Dina had left, he had asked John why she'd left. John had said that only Dina could answer that, and John had told him to let it go. John had asked Jack to be there for his sisters. Jack said he had never been able to let it go because Dina had broken their hearts. Jack told the young Dina that he'd forgotten that she'd done the same to him. She had abandoned her family. Jack said he'd had a growing resentment in him that had taken root in his bones, and it had affected every part of his life -- she'd always been present in all aspects.

Jack told the young Dina that there had always been the question "why." He asked the young Dina to make him understand why she'd left. Young Dina explained that she'd been extremely unhappy and very lonely. She admitted to being selfish. Jack pointed out that John had never cheated on her, but young Dina said that he had -- with Jabot -- and she couldn't compete with that.

Jack told the young Dina that if she was seeking absolution, she wouldn't receive it from him. Young Dina stated that nothing she could say would erase the pain she'd caused him nor answer his questions. She said the real question was what Jack wanted and what his heart's desire was at that point in time.

Young Dina asked if Jack wanted to follow in John's footsteps and put his job ahead of everything else. She suggested that he hang up his spurs and find what brought him real joy. Young Dina said that Jabot had been John's dream, but it didn't need to be Jack's. Jack told the young Dina that he wouldn't allow her to put anything on John.

In tears, Jack told the young Dina that she had no idea about the rage he felt for her. Young Dina said she couldn't change that, but she wanted to know what Jack wanted. When she touched his cheek, Jack suddenly woke up, still sitting in his chair at Jabot, and he appeared confused.

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