Chelsea overhears Adam professing his feelings for Sharon
The Young and the Restless Recap for Friday, October 23, 2020
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Friday, October 23, 2020

Lola entered the Crimson Lights patio and greeted Elena, who sat glumly at a table. Lola chirped that it seemed like she hadn't seen Elena in a million years, and she assumed Elena had been busy with work and Devon. Elena unenthusiastically replied that she'd been good, but Lola noticed the tears in Elena's eyes. Elena insisted that she was fine, but Lola suggested that they grab a cup coffee and share something sweet, since it looked like Elena could use a friend.

Lola shared that when her customers ate, they also talked, and servers were always the first to know when there was trouble in paradise. Lola offered to back off, but she stressed that she was also there if Elena wanted to talk about what was going on with Devon. Elena wailed that she was a terrible person who'd made a huge mistake, and she'd done something horrible that she couldn't fix. Elena recalled that she'd started working longer shifts at the clinic with Nate, and they'd begun to bond over their patients.

Elena continued that Devon had started spending time with Amanda once they'd found out that Amanda was Hilary's twin, and it had made Elena feel forgotten, whereas Nate had been reassuring and supportive. Elena recounted how she and Nate had saved a kid's life by working together as a perfect team, and he had made her feel understood. She confessed that she'd slept with Nate. Elena imagined that Lola was shocked and disgusted, since it was how Elena felt about herself. Elena didn't think Devon would ever forgive her after she'd betrayed him in the worst possible way.

Elena recognized that Devon didn't have feelings for Amanda, but Elena's insecurities had blinded her to what was really going on and had built up to one spontaneous moment that she'd immediately regretted. Elena lamented that she'd never thought of herself as a bad person, but that was all she saw every time she looked in the mirror. Lola remarked that Elena had loved Devon, and Elena clarified that she still loved him. "Then fight for him," Lola urged. Elena doubted that he'd ever take her back after she'd destroyed his trust. Lola inquired about Elena's feelings for Nate.

Elena called Nate a nice guy and a great doctor, but she considered it most important that he was Devon's cousin. Lola wondered how Elena would feel if Nate was just a cute doctor who wasn't related to Devon, and Elena asked if Lola was trying to make sense of Kyle and Summer. Lola pointed out that Kyle had never physically cheated on her, and they'd both moved on. Lola counseled that it became less difficult every day, and she chose to focus on the thing she loved the most to slowly stop feeling like she'd lost a big piece of her heart. Elena didn't think she could do that, and Lola realized that what Elena loved the most involved Nate.

Elena anticipated that it would be easy to avoid Nate at the hospital, but it would be too much to work closely with him at the clinic. Lola recommended that Elena take a deep breath before she made any big choices, but Elena fretted that she couldn't wait on finding a place to live. Lola said she knew of a place not far from there with a roommate who worked all the time and would barely be there. "You?" Elena asked. Lola added that there was an amazing coffeehouse downstairs, and she'd have a built-in guinea pig to try out new recipes on. Elena happily agreed to move in.

At Devon's penthouse, Amanda was stunned by Devon's invitation to go to New York with him. He figured that they could take his jet and buy whatever she needed when they got there. He envisioned going to some galleries and then checking out a new artist he wanted to sign. Amanda admitted that it sounded fun, but she declined. Devon assumed she was slammed at work, but she responded that she didn't feel the need to stick it to Nate and Elena.

Devon reasoned that it was just a business trip, but Amanda cited what it would look like to Nate and Elena if she and Devon jetted off together. Amanda took responsibility for the messy situation because she'd been determined to learn more about Hilary. Devon insisted that it wasn't her fault that two adults hadn't shown self-control. Amanda offered to lend an ear anytime he wanted to talk, and he muttered that he'd be sure to give her a call. She departed and waited for the elevator. Devon suddenly threw open the door and took her up on her offer.

At Society, Amanda jokingly inquired whether Devon would take her to court if the singer he'd planned to see in New York signed with another label. She gently pressed him to tell her about Nate and Elena, and he admitted that he'd been blindsided. Devon recalled that he'd experienced a lot of loss in life, but being betrayed by the people he'd thought knew him best had made him question everything. Amanda worried that she and Devon had spent too much time together after she'd received her DNA results. Devon asserted that he'd done nothing to make Elena question his love and loyalty to her, and he maintained that Amanda had done nothing wrong.

Devon accepted that Elena and Nate had developed a bond while working closely together at the clinic. Amanda scoffed at the idea that they'd gotten so caught up in saving lives that their clothes had just fallen off, and she argued that plenty of people worked together without falling into bed. Devon growled that Elena had had the nerve to tell him she still loved him and that she had no feelings for Nate, but he hadn't believed her.

Devon guessed he'd been on the outside for a long time, and Amanda empathized that it was no fun being the outsider. Devon apologized for making Amanda feel like one when she'd arrived in town. She acknowledged that they couldn't change the past and that the present was pretty awful, but she implored him to tell her about his future. Amanda inquired whether Devon would ever be able to forgive Nate and Elena, and he flatly said no.

Amanda and Devon went to her hotel suite, where she discovered a letter from the private investigator she'd hired to look into the facts about her birth. She hesitated to read it, unsure whether she was prepared for the answers to her questions. She opened it and found a summary of information that she'd already known about. She continued reading and learned that the investigator had spoken to a woman named Nadine who'd lived in Rose's apartment building years earlier. Amanda reported that Nadine hadn't remembered ever seeing Rose pregnant, but Rose had suddenly shown off a pretty baby girl.

Chelsea arrived home and called out for Adam. She yelled that Connor had sent his love, but she received no response.

At Crimson Lights, Adam approached Rey and noted that he'd heard congratulations were in order. Rey retorted that he'd heard an arrest warrant might be in order for Adam. Adam argued that he'd been trying to be polite, but he thought Rey was a smart guy who knew things wouldn't work out between him and Sharon. Rey surmised that Adam was attempting to distract him from Billy's article by trying to make him jealous and insecure. Adam insisted that he was just trying to convey that Rey was fighting a losing battle.

Rey warned that Adam knew better than to antagonize a police officer. Adam figured that if Rey had anything on him, he'd be in jail already. Rey chuckled and implied that the cops were building a rock-solid case so that the charges would stick that time. Rey suggested that Adam get his affairs in order, make sure Connor was provided for, and treat Chelsea right because Rey intended to put out the torch Adam was carrying for a woman who didn't want him.

Adam taunted that Rey didn't know Sharon the way Adam did. Chelsea appeared in the coffeehouse doorway and hovered nearby when she spotted the men together. Adam understood that Rey felt threatened by Adam and Sharon's history, and he suggested that Rey back away and spare himself the inevitable humiliation. Rey pointed out that Adam had a fiancée he was gaslighting, a kid he'd sent away so the boy wouldn't find out what a lowlife his father was, and memories of a woman who didn't exist anymore.

Rey contended that the Sharon who Adam couldn't get over was gone, and she wasn't hung up on a loser with no impulse control. As Chelsea listened, Adam crowed that he and Sharon always found their way back together, and he figured that Rey was just a port in the storm until Sharon realized she and Adam belonged together, since Adam was her past and her future. Rey asked if Chelsea was Adam's backup plan. "I don't need one," Adam huffed. Chelsea ducked out, and Adam turned briefly when he heard the door close. Chelsea reeled.

Nick apologized for stopping by Sharon's cottage so late. He mentioned that he'd been visiting his mother, so he'd thought he'd check on Faith. Sharon reported that their daughter was in her room with the door closed, and Nick worriedly asked for how long. Sharon revealed that Faith was working on a school project over video chat, but she was sure the girl could take a break if he wanted to talk to her. Nick hesitated to take Faith away from her project, and Sharon wondered why he seemed concerned about the teen.

Sharon wondered if she'd done right by Faith when she'd announced that she'd turned the corner in her treatment. She reflected back on suggesting that she and Faith stay up late to watch a movie, but Faith had turned her down. Sharon questioned why her daughter hadn't wanted to celebrate by doing something normal, but Nick pointed out that Faith was a great kid who gave them nothing to worry about. Sharon figured that Faith had gone above and beyond to take care of her, and she had to get used to taking care of Faith again. Nick assured her that everything would be fine.

Nick stressed how proud he was of Sharon after the battle she'd gone through. He remarked that the only thing she had to worry about was what kind of flowers she wanted for her wedding, and he was sure that whatever she chose would look slick in the boutonnière for his tuxedo. She mentioned that she'd heard he'd agreed to be Rey's best man, although she wouldn't have been surprised if he'd turned down the opportunity, given their history. Nick proclaimed that nothing would make him happier than to stand up with them on their special day. Sharon mused that having Nick as a friend and on her team meant a lot to her. Nick left.

Later, Rey arrived at the cottage and excitedly set something down on the coffee table. Sharon descended the stairs and found him with a huge grin on his face. She looked down and gasped when she saw an engagement ring in an open jewelry box on the table. She gushed that it was exactly what she'd wanted, and she slid the ring onto her finger and admired the perfect fit. Rey asked when she would let him make an honest woman out of her.

Rey and Sharon contemplated hosting their wedding on Halloween. He mused that he'd fallen in love with her in autumn, and she replied that she'd never thought she'd feel that way again. They both suddenly had ideas, and they counted to three before blurting them out. They simultaneously named New Year's Eve, and she couldn't think of anything more romantic than kissing as husband and wife at midnight. Rey exclaimed that nothing would make him happier, and she looked forward to starting their new life together in the new year. They pledged their love.

At the clinic, Nate made a call to reschedule a surgery. He confirmed that he should only be assigned to nonsurgical patients, since he didn't know what his future held until his consultation with Dr. Frazier the following week. He confidently stated that he had the best doctors in the state looking out for him, but he looked dismayed after he hung up. Nate looked down at his bandaged hand and then forlornly over at the surgical instruments he could no longer grasp.

Nick entered the clinic and winced when he saw Nate's injury. Nick wondered what had happened between Nate and Devon, and Nate confided that he'd betrayed his cousin in the worst way. Nick surmised that it had been about a woman, and he begged Nate to tell him that it hadn't been Elena. Nate remained silent, and Nick chided him for messing up big. Nate wished he could take it back and erase that night.

Nick realized it had happened on the night Elena had blown past him when he'd dropped by. Nick recalled that he'd told Devon he'd run into Nate and Elena, and he worried that he'd set the whole thing in motion. Nate informed him that Elena had confessed to Devon because she hadn't been able to stand what she'd done. Nick contended that both Nate and Devon were his friends, and he asked if there was anything he could do. Nate glanced at his hand and said to convince him there was no such thing as karma.

Later, Nate was glad when Elena returned to the clinic. She said she was sorry about his hand and informed him that she would no longer be volunteering there. Nate inquired whether she'd discussed it with Devon, but she replied that there hadn't been any need, since Devon had asked her to pack her things and leave. Nate mentioned that Devon had made a point of telling him that, and he wondered where she'd go. Elena snapped that she could take care of herself.

Nate asked if Elena also intended to stop working at the hospital. She figured that they wouldn't be in close quarters at the hospital the way they were at the clinic. Nate refused to let her leave the clinic, since he should be the one to bow out if either of them did. She lectured that he was always trying to be the hero. He sadly stated that he felt anything but heroic, and he pleaded with her to let him do that one thing for her.

Nate referred to the patients who adored Elena and the kids who'd made cards for her, and she bemoaned that it would be the part she'd miss the most. Nate was confident that they could find a way to make it work. Elena argued that she was leaving because she had to, or Devon would pull the funding. Nate appealed to her to give Devon time.

Elena expected that Devon would eventually forgive Nate because they were family, but Devon would never see her as anyone other than the woman who'd broken his heart. Nate argued that she loved the clinic, and she flatly replied that there were many things she loved that she could no longer have. Nate questioned whether there was a way to salvage anything from the ashes. Elena firmly stated that it was over, and she bolted out.

Adam returned home and called out to ask Chelsea how Connor was doing. He added that there were a few things they needed to discuss. Chelsea appeared on the stairs and walked over to a suitcase near the front door. Adam declared that it was time to make plans, and she coldly asked if they were for the two of them. He intended to find a house near Connor's school, so they could start over like she'd wanted. Chelsea questioned whether it was what Adam really wanted, since just moments earlier, he'd been bragging that he'd be the one who'd end up with Sharon.

Chelsea hissed that Adam had seemed sure of himself, and it wasn't like him to give up on something he wanted that desperately. She demanded to know what had changed his mind. Chelsea revealed that she'd seen Adam and Rey at Crimson Lights, and what she'd heard had been disgusting and heartbreaking but also enlightening. She wished Sharon had been there to hear Adam go on about his undying love. Adam claimed that Rey had been smug and condescending about wanting to send Adam to prison, and Adam had only said those things to get under the guy's skin.

Adam swore that he loved Chelsea and only Chelsea. Chelsea spat that she'd heard what he'd said, and she'd realized that she would always be in second place, even after she'd defended, forgiven, and adored him. Adam pleaded that she knew how much she meant to him. "Now I do," she barked with a bitter laugh, noting that she was a disposable place-filler to keep his bed warm and his drinks cold. Adam denied that it was true, and he urged her to sit down and talk.

Adam imagined that Chelsea was tired from traveling, and he suggested that they unpack her bags. Chelsea coolly informed him that the bags weren't from her trip; rather, she'd thrown some things together after she'd listened to him destroy the best thing that had ever happened to him. He begged her not to leave, but she snarled that she'd had enough of his lies, manipulations, and hatred. "This is goodbye, Adam. I am officially and forever done," she proclaimed. She glared at him one last time before grabbing her luggage and walking out.

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