Adam makes his demands known
The Young and the Restless Recap for Friday, May 24, 2019
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Friday, May 24, 2019

At the tack house, Adam crushed his cell phone with his foot and threw it away, and he pulled out a new phone. He opened the door as Sharon arrived, and he coolly asked what she was doing there. She said she'd heard he was home, so she'd stopped by to see if he needed anything. He replied that he was good, but she noted that it seemed soon for him to be back on his feet already. He swore that he was more than capable, and he snapped to stop breathing down his neck, since everyone was constantly in his face.

Sharon stressed that a lot of people cared about Adam, but he told her to save it for someone who needed it. She demanded to know why he was pushing her away. Adam gruffly stated that he had an appointment, and Sharon offered to drive him to the hospital. He vaguely replied that it wasn't that kind of appointment, and he was late as it was. She doubted that it was so important that it couldn't wait until he healed.

Sharon encouraged Adam to let her help. He recognized that she'd gone above and beyond, but he'd gotten his memory back, and he had a lot to deal with. Sharon implored him to open up about how overwhelming it was, but he simply told her to hold onto the good life she'd made with Rey. He added that he was glad things were working out, since she deserved only the best, but he had to head out. He walked away.

At Dark Horse, Nick and Victoria compared notes about Adam sending them both a text message, requesting to see them as soon as possible. Victoria recalled that Adam had mentioned having an agenda that he'd wanted to discuss when he got out of the hospital. Victoria added that Adam had also claimed that he'd changed, and Nick sourly asked, "Changed into what?" Victoria thought that Adam might want to be a family again, but Nick suspected that it was a ploy to keep their family off balance.

Adam entered Nick's office and was pleased to find both Nick and Victoria there. Nick voiced surprise that Adam was out of the hospital, and Adam reported that his doctor had cleared him. Nick muttered that it had been convenient how the shooter had gone to the police to confess, and Adam called himself a walking miracle. Victoria referred to the agenda Adam had mentioned, and Adam revealed that Victor wanted him back at Newman.

Adam assumed that their father had put him on the fast track because Victor had been disappointed in how his other children had handled business, and Victoria asked if he was there to gloat. Adam thought they deserved to know the truth -- that Victor didn't value them or their work. Nick argued that it was why Victoria should join him at Dark Horse. Victoria noted that Adam had talked a lot about their dad's plans, but she demanded to know what Adam wanted.

Adam complimented Victoria for doing well for herself at Newman, but she coldly replied that she didn't need the praise. Adam hoped that she was getting it from somewhere, but he suspected that she was vastly underappreciated, given that Victor was repaying her hard work by putting him in charge less than a week after he'd been back in town. Nick sarcastically congratulated him, but Adam contended that Newman was the last place he wanted to be. Adam proclaimed that he was focused on his future and ready to turn his back on Newman and everything else. Nick guessed that Adam had a price, and Adam confirmed that he only wanted three little things.

Adam claimed that he wanted to move as far away from Genoa City as he could get, and he needed money to start over somewhere else. He wanted the same amount Victor's other children had won in their lawsuit against their father. Nick scoffed at the idea of Adam expecting $500 million from them, and he assumed that Adam had never heard that Nick had given his fortune away to charity. Victoria proposed that Adam turn to Victor for the cash, but Adam reasoned that Victor would never give up that kind of green, especially for Adam to get away from him.

Adam pointed out that Victoria knew the company like the back of her hand, so she could find a way to make it happen. Nick bristled at the insinuation that Victoria should embezzle money from Newman to get Adam to leave town. Victoria turned the topic to Adam's other two demands. Adam wanted to know where he could find Chelsea and Connor, but Nick said they'd left town without a trace, so he and Victoria didn't know their whereabouts. Adam didn't believe it, and Nick barked that he didn't care. Victoria wondered about the third demand. "Christian. I want my son," Adam asserted.

Nick snarled that there was "no way in hell" that Adam was taking Nick's son. Adam clarified that Christian was his son, but Nick argued that Adam had never been a father to the boy. Nick pledged to fight for custody with everything he had, and Adam taunted that Nick would lose. Nick recalled that Adam had switched the paternity results and had been making a living as a card shark, and he reminded Adam that he'd asked Nick to raise Christian as his own. Adam contended that he'd missed much of the boy's life and that he should be with Christian -- as far away from Victor as they could get.

Victoria chided Adam for deciding to walk away after the years he'd spent fighting for recognition. Adam reiterated that he wanted to make a different life with his son, and the sooner Victoria and Nick made it happen, the sooner they'd see his taillights on the highway. He wrote down his new number and cautioned that the clock was ticking, and he walked out. Nick grumbled that it was a sweet deal for Victoria, since she'd keep her seat in the hierarchy. Victoria pointed out that Adam could still go after custody of his son, but she quickly clarified that Christian had always been Nick's. Nick imagined that Adam wanted them to be at one another's throats, but they couldn't let Adam win.

Victoria suggested that she and Nick step back and look at things logically. Nick anticipated that if Victoria met Adam's demand to take money from the company, Adam would be in her chair in no time. Nick pointed out that it was his name on Christian's birth certificate, and there was no way he was handing his son over to Adam. Victoria wondered what Adam wanted with Chelsea and Connor, and Nick refused to drag them into it. Victoria realized that he knew where Chelsea was.

Nick divulged that Chelsea had tried to contact him, but he hadn't responded. Victoria thought Chelsea had a right to know that Adam was alive. Nick countered that Chelsea had a right to be at peace, and he didn't trust Adam. Victoria was adamant that it should be Chelsea's decision, and she expected Adam to find a way to reach Chelsea, whether they wanted him to or not. Victoria insisted that they prepare Chelsea for that, and she was sure Nick would do the right thing. They hugged, and she headed out.

Nick stared at Chelsea's contact information on his phone, and he looked at the number Adam had written down. Nick made a call, and Adam answered and asked if Nick had made a decision. "As a matter of fact, I have," Nick replied.

At Devon's penthouse, Tessa listened to the track she'd recorded. Ana asked what Tessa thought, and Tessa replied that she was speechless, since she hadn't realized how much Ana would change the song. Ana crowed that it was accessible after she'd added in layers with harmonies and bass. Tessa worried that everything she'd loved about the song had gotten lost in production, and the edited version wasn't very her. Ana proclaimed that it was the new Tessa that millions of people would send to the top of the charts.

Ana thought they had the sound down, and it was time to find Tessa's style. Tessa asserted that she liked herself the way she was, but Ana was sure that Tessa would love the outfits Ana had found for her. Ana dressed up Tessa in a colorful sequined gown and blue fur. As Tessa nearly toppled over in her heels, Ana cried that it was exactly what she'd been going for -- edgy and unpredictable. Ana snapped photos, but she sensed that Tessa was holding back. Tessa claimed that she was just dying to see what else Ana had for her to try on, and Ana was sure Tessa would love it.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle and Lola commiserated over not being able to find the right apartment in the right neighborhood. Kyle cooed that it would be perfect as long as they were together, and they kissed. Rey asked if the "lovebirds" were still looking for an apartment, and he considered it a sign if they hadn't found one. Lola protested that she'd thought Rey was cool with them living together, and a grinning Rey replied that everything happened for a reason. Lola ordered him to stop talking in riddles and tell her why he was smiling. Rey announced that he was moving in with Sharon, and he set down the keys to his former apartment and declared that it was all Lola's.

Lola excitedly hugged Rey and gushed over all the things she loved about his apartment, and she was happy that things had worked out for him and Sharon. Lola marveled that she wouldn't have a Rosales as a roommate for the first time in years, and Rey admitted that he'd miss her cooking. She invited him to stop by Society, but he insisted on having family dinners to make sure Kyle was taking care of her. Rey told Lola and Kyle to be good to one another, and she told Rey to be good to Sharon because there wouldn't be any takebacks. Rey remarked that he would do anything for Lola, and Kyle replied that it made two of them. Lola urged Kyle to grab his stuff, since she couldn't wait to start living with him. They kissed.

Mariah entered the coffeehouse patio and almost bumped into a man. She apologized, and he asked, "For what, exactly?" A flustered Mariah stepped away, and he surmised that she had no idea who he was. She inquired whether they'd met, and he confirmed that they'd never met in person, but he'd written to her several times. He mentioned his name, Jared, as if he expected her to know him. She stammered that she was late to get to the studio, but she promised to look through the mail if he told her his last name. Jared retorted that it wasn't worth it, since he knew for a fact that she "sure as hell" had gotten his note.

Mariah realized that Jared had thrown the brick through the coffeehouse window. He hissed for her to have a seat, since they needed to have a talk. Jared asked how Mariah could sit in front of the camera every week, pretending she cared about her viewers. She swore that she did care, but he questioned why she'd ignored him. She assured him that it hadn't been her intention, and he ominously stated that she'd left him no choice but to throw the rock through the window. He dared her to deny that they had a connection.

Jared growled that it had been painful to accept the truth, but Mariah was a "self-centered, thoughtless piece of trash masquerading as a decent human being." Tessa overheard and angrily jumped to Mariah's defense, and Mariah introduced him as the one who'd sent her the messages. Tessa snapped photos of him on her phone and threatened to send them to the police. She advised him that his best move was to drive far away from Genoa City, or they'd "rain down hell" on his world like he'd never imagined. She bellowed for him to go, and he stalked off.

Tessa hugged Mariah, who insisted that she was okay. Mariah didn't know what she would have done if Tessa hadn't shown up like an avenging angel, and Tessa wished she could use her powers on herself. Tessa groaned that Ana had turned Tessa's song into something totally unrecognizable, since every piece of heart and soul had been eviscerated. Tessa continued that Ana thought both Tessa and her songs needed to be prettied up, and Ana had to add her own style to feel like she was doing her job.

Tessa showed Mariah photos of the outfits Ana had made Tessa try on, and Mariah grimaced. Tessa complained that Ana was getting rid of everything that made her who she was, but she didn't want to screw up her second chance. Mariah swore that Tessa wouldn't, since Tessa knew exactly who she was, and Tessa had to be honest with herself. Mariah vowed to be with Tessa every step of the way, no matter what Tessa chose.

Back at the penthouse, Ana invited Tessa and Mariah in. Tessa revealed that she'd played the song again, and she didn't think she'd been clear about her reservations about what Ana had done to the track. Ana realized that they weren't on the same page, and Tessa replied that they weren't even in the same book. Tessa swore that she was grateful for the opportunity and that she valued Ana's expertise, and she hoped the respect went both ways. Tessa explained that her music was deep and personal to her, and she wanted people to feel same way she had when she'd written it.

Tessa voiced concern that the original impulse of the song was getting lost in production, and she didn't think they needed to dress it up. Ana haughtily asked if Tessa considered herself a producer, and she thought she hadn't made it clear that it was a business, so it was about giving people what they wanted. Mariah griped that Ana wasn't listening to Tessa, and Ana huffed that Tessa could speak for herself. Ana demanded to know if Tessa wanted a career in the music business or not.

Ana conceded that Tessa's song was pretty and that her quirky indie girl look was charming, but it wouldn't sell at the level Ana expected. Ana swore that she respected Tessa's talent, but there were a million other people out there who would give anything for the chance Ana was giving her. Ana insisted that they either do it her way or cut ties. Tessa apologetically stated that it wasn't her song, and she couldn't be someone she wasn't. Tessa suggested that Ana burn the contract, and she headed for the door. Mariah followed, and Ana sniped that it looked like Mariah got what she wanted by holding Tessa back and watching her fail. Mariah responded that Tessa never failed -- Tessa just never settled for anything less than she was worth.

At the cottage, Rey was touched when he found Sharon and Faith standing beside a homemade "welcome home" banner. He acknowledged that him moving in was a big deal, especially for Faith, and he presented the girl with two books. Faith squealed that she loved them, and she joked that maybe it wouldn't be so bad having him there, after all. He suggested that they make a deal to talk it out if things ever got awkward or frustrating, since he wanted to hear what was on her mind. Faith declared that it was time for their first family meeting.

Faith walked Rey through her routines, and she made him promise not to yell at her or the referee during her soccer games. She suggested that Rey load the dishwasher after dinner, but Sharon called her out on trying to offload her assigned chore. Faith clarified that Rey was welcome to help, and he agreed to find a way to share the work. Sharon inquired how Faith's social studies project was going, and she took the hint, but she stressed that the most important rule was to keep her mom happy. Rey declared that it was his favorite thing to do, and Faith scampered upstairs.

Sharon thought Faith definitely liked Rey, and he called Faith a cool kid. Sharon welcomed him home, and they kissed. Sharon exclaimed that it had become their home, and she couldn't wait to start filling it with wonderful memories.

Lola teased Kyle for how many suitcases he moved into their apartment. She hoped she'd made enough space in their bedroom closet, and he liked the sound of "our bedroom." She informed him that she'd taken the night off to celebrate, and he bet her sous chef was excited. Lola admitted that she was nervous to leave Society in someone else's hands, but she wanted to focus on them and make their first meal after moving in together. She told him to unpack and let her know when he was ready. He thought the unpacking could wait, since he preferred to have a little housewarming. He pulled her into a kiss.

Kyle and Lola made out on the couch until the smoke detector went off. She freaked out because she'd forgotten to turn off the oven, and she coached Kyle how to turn off the alarm while she tended to the burning food. She realized that he'd never had to deal with a smoke alarm before, and he began laughing and called the incident amazing. She was dismayed that she'd burned their first dinner, but he assured her that the night hadn't been ruined. They kissed passionately and headed to the bedroom to make love.

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