Devon threatens to punch Cane
The Young and the Restless Recap for Monday, November 18, 2019
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Monday, November 18, 2019
by Nel

Kyle arrived at Jabot and overheard Billy on the phone, ending his call with someone from Italy. Kyle asked if Billy and Victoria had planned a trip to Italy, and he told Billy to take as much time as he needed. Billy said he'd closed on a new Jaboutique in Milan. Kyle accused Billy of making a unilateral decision without consulting him or anyone else. Kyle said that Billy had railed at him for the same thing, but Billy claimed it was different. Kyle agreed it had been different because Europe was Ashley's territory, and she wouldn't appreciate Billy encroaching on it.

Billy told Kyle he would talk to Ashley. He said Ashley wanted what was best for the company as much as he did. Kyle said they all wanted what was best for the company, but he wanted to know what was going on with Billy. Kyle noted it wasn't about him or any competition between him and Billy. Kyle wanted to know where Billy's huge power trip was coming from.

Billy told Kyle that an opportunity had arisen, and he'd made a decision. Kyle accused him of making a decision without due diligence. Billy shouted that his due diligence had been honed for a long time, and Kyle hadn't earned his spot at the table. Kyle reminded Billy they were equal partners.

Billy claimed that Kyle couldn't micromanage. Kyle shouted at Billy not to shut him out. They were supposed to work together instead of being on Billy's express roller coaster. Billy claimed he'd made a judgment call, but Kyle said it had been reckless and not well thought out. He said Billy had gone out of bounds to prove something. He asked if it was about Billy's ego, and he stormed out.

Chance surprised Devon when he arrived at the penthouse. Chance hadn't thought Devon would see him if he'd called ahead. Devon agreed. Elena introduced herself and said she knew who Chance was because he was all over the news. Devon grumbled that it had been an interesting way to find out that Chance was back in town. Chance said he was sorry about the way things had worked out, but it had been complicated. Devon asked if things had been so complicated that Chance hadn't been able to return any of his urgent calls or text messages sent over the past few months.

Chance told Devon that he'd been working undercover on a major operation, but he wanted to tell Devon everything he knew. Devon asked Chance to start by telling him why he'd hired someone who looked like his dead wife and sent her to talk to him instead of doing it himself. Chance said he hadn't hired Amanda Sinclair. Likewise, he hadn't knocked Cane out in Las Vegas or given Cane the will pages. He admitted that he had punched Cane in the jaw when he'd encountered him in Genoa City.

Devon asked Chance if it had been a scam. He said he'd made a life-altering decision that he couldn't take back, all based on a lie. Devon claimed that one text message from Chance could have stopped him from giving away all his money. Chance stated that he hadn't been able to reach out because his assignment had been far too dangerous, and he had refused to risk other people's lives.

Elena asked Chance how Cane had gotten his hands on those pages and if Cane and Amanda were working together. Chance said it raised questions about both of them because of how those pages had gotten to Genoa City. Devon said that by giving all his money to Cane, he had thought he was honoring Katherine's wishes. He wondered why anyone would pretend to be Chance if it hadn't been a scam. Chance said he wanted to help Devon, but Devon said he would take the lead on the situation.

Cane arrived at Devon's request. Devon said he would give Cane a chance to come clean before he punched him. Cane said he thought Chance had knocked him unconscious, but if it hadn't been Chance, then he wondered who it might have been. Devon didn't believe him. Cane stated that nothing changed the fact that the pages were genuine. Devon said those pages called everything into question, and since Cane was the beneficiary, the scam pointed to Cane. Cane asked why he'd make up such a crazy story as being knocked unconscious. Devon claimed he had two billion reasons.

Chance told Devon they needed to gather the facts to find out what had happened. Cane claimed he wanted the truth as much as Devon. Devon claimed it was what everyone said, but he was the one who kept getting screwed. Cane offered to hire the best investigators he could find, but Devon declined because they would be Cane's investigators. Cane told Devon that he had loved Katherine as much as Devon had. Devon spat that knew what a good a liar Cane was. Cane resented the implication.

Cane received a call from Jill. When the call ended, he told Devon that Jill had tracked Colin down in the Maldives, and he was hiding on a secluded island, Kumandoo. Chance booked a flight to the Maldives. Cane told Chance it was a mistake for him to go because Jill hadn't asked for his help, and she didn't need it. Devon told Cane that Chance was going. He wanted someone with authority to get Colin back to the U.S. and have him locked up.

Cane told Devon they didn't know what Colin had done. Devon shouted that he was tired of listening to Cane, who had attempted to stall, justify, and explain everything away. Chance said he'd be on a flight the next afternoon. Cane claimed that Chance didn't need to do that, but Chance said it was done.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon had been studying when Victoria approached her and asked if Sharon had seen the headline that Nick had dropped out of the campaign. Victoria felt that Nick had dropped his campaign because of Chelsea. Victoria said she'd wanted to give Chelsea the benefit of the doubt when Chelsea had returned to Genoa City, but after what had happened at the Grand Phoenix, Nick had to pay the price.

At Nick's, Chelsea greeted Chloe. Chloe asked if Chelsea had seen the headlines. Chloe said that Nick could still help people but in a different capacity. Chelsea acknowledged that Nick had dropped out because of her. She said he'd found the perfect job, but her ugly past had reared its ugly head. Chloe countered that the money had fallen into Chelsea's lap, but Chelsea admitted she'd chosen to launder it.

Choe told Chelsea that Kevin felt terrible because he'd put the money into a bank that had been seized by the Feds. Chelsea didn't blame him. She'd known it would be risky, and she should have handed the money over to the police after Calvin's lawyer had shown up. Chelsea said they weren't bad people, but they sometimes made poor choices. Nick eavesdropped from the hallway.

Chelsea told Chloe she was certain that Simon would want revenge. She said she had put her son in danger, and she couldn't make that mistake again. She wondered if Simon had dangerous friends on the outside. She wondered how she could defend everyone from them. Nick emerged, and Chloe left.

Nick asked Chelsea about Connor. She said Adam had taken him to a trauma specialist, but Connor was still frightened. Nick said he'd overheard her and Chloe talking. Chelsea stated that Simon would make her look complicit in the money laundering, but she was more concerned that he could send people after her. Nick said he'd hire more security. To make Connor feel loved and secure, Nick suggested they bring him home.

Chelsea told Nick she'd love to, but Connor saw Adam as his hero, and she couldn't rip him away from his dad and wind up in a custody battle. Nick said he was concerned about Connor spending so much time alone with Adam. He said Adam was doing and saying all the right things, but he wondered how long it would be before Adam did something to hurt Connor or Chelsea. Chelsea said that Adam would always be Connor's father, and she left for work.

Adam and Connor returned to the penthouse. Connor asked why he needed to talk to a stranger. Adam explained that the man specialized in helping kids who'd gone through what Connor had. Adam assured Connor that he wouldn't have to see the man again. Connor said he'd feel better if Adam and Chelsea got back together. Adam said that he and Chelsea loved Connor very much, even though they weren't living together. He promised they would always be there for him. Adam offered to invite a friend of Connor's to visit, and Connor agreed.

At Crimson Lights, Billy told Victoria that he'd had a rough morning and confessed how Kyle got under his skin. He said he didn't try to get into it with Kyle, but it just happened. Kyle pushed his buttons. Victoria stated that the conflicts were less intense than they had been for Adam. At that moment, Adam arrived with Connor. Billy and Victoria just stared at him.

Adam invited Sharon to join him and Connor at his penthouse, and Sharon agreed to join them.

Victoria complimented Billy on keeping his cool with Adam. Billy said he'd surprised himself. He wondered if he'd been transferring his anger onto Kyle instead. He said he needed to figure out the root cause of his anger, and he'd booked an appointment with Dr. Clay later that day. Victoria was delighted. Billy told Victoria that she'd been the reason he had gotten as far as he had. He wanted to make sure he controlled his emotions because the last thing he wanted was to end up in a war with Kyle, since it would divide the family.

On the patio, Elena informed Nate that Chance had informed Devon that he didn't know anything about Katherine's will and that he hadn't hired Amanda Sinclair. She said Devon had given up his entire inheritance because of her. Nate claimed they didn't know if Amanda was to blame. Elena said she had a strong suspicion about Amanda, and she advised Nate to fire her before she ruined his life, too.

Nate told Elena that he was going before the medical board the next day, and Amanda might be his best hope of keeping his license. Elena said that any lawyer would be better than the barracuda that had ripped Devon off. She wished Nate luck and left.

At Adam's penthouse, Sharon and Connor played with building blocks. Sharon asked Connor what he was building. Connor said he'd built a wall to protect him and his mom and dad. Adam assured Connor they were safe. Connor left to play in his room.

Adam told Sharon it was hard to figure out how Connor felt. Sharon asked about Chelsea. Adam said that Chelsea felt it would be better to give Connor space after she'd put Connor in danger. Sharon said that it wasn't a good idea because Connor needed his mom. Adam informed Sharon that Connor wanted him and Chelsea together again. Sharon said it was normal for kids that age to want their parents together, especially after a trauma such as Connor had gone through.

Adam told Sharon the hostage situation was only part of a long list of things for Connor -- Calvin's death, Victor's "death," and then being abandoned by Adam. He said Connor felt like the rug had been pulled out from under him. Sharon stated that having his parents back together would give Connor a sense of security. Adam and Chelsea needed to help Connor get though it together. She said that developmentally, it was an important time in Connor's life, and it didn't matter what was going on between Adam and Chelsea. They both needed to give Connor the stability he craved.

Adam called Chelsea and asked her to visit with Connor.

At Nick's, Victoria suggested that Nick put a little distance between him and Chelsea. She also suggested that he continue with his campaign, but Nick remained firm in his decision. He said Chelsea needed him. Victoria claimed she wasn't judging his relationship, but she wanted him to know she was in his corner. She'd decided to keep her "Pick Nick" button just in case he ran for office at a later time. Nick hugged her.

At the therapist's office, Billy stated he'd been trying to figure out why he felt the way he did and if it was still related to Delia. He didn't think there was anything else to be angry about. Dr. Clay asked him to look at the bigger picture. She said Billy had spoken about the past when he felt that he'd let his family down or screwed up in different ways. He'd gone through periods of gambling, multiple affairs, and sleeping with his girlfriend's daughter. Everything was relevant because many of those incidents had happened before he'd lost Delia. Billy asked if he was sabotaging himself.

Billy returned to Jabot and apologized to Kyle. He promised to listen and give all Kyle's ideas his full consideration. Kyle was skeptical. Billy said he'd give the shapewear another thought, and he said Kyle had been right. He'd done his research, and the risk was worth taking. Kyle said he didn't know where Billy was coming from. Billy said he was no longer coming from a place of grief, anger, insecurity, or ego. The family legacy could get into one's head, and he admitted he hadn't dealt well with it. Billy promised to be better.

At the Grand Phoenix, while doing damage control with Chloe, Chelsea received a call from Adam inviting her to visit with Connor. Chelsea agreed and said she'd be there shortly.

At home, Nick called Michael and said he needed to see Simon Black as soon as possible.

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