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The Young and the Restless Recap for Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Wednesday, August 12, 2020
by Nel

At his penthouse, Adam searched through a box of files, looking for information to prove he hadn't killed A.J. Montalvo. Chelsea entered the room and said she'd gone through the documents several times, and Adam wouldn't find anything there. Adam refused to give up until he proved that Victor had killed A.J. Chelsea said there was nothing in those files that indicated that Victor had ever hired anyone to kill A.J. She didn't think he would find anything in the box of files. Adam stated he would look for proof elsewhere because he couldn't believe that he, as an eleven-year-old child, would kill anyone.

Adam told Chelsea that Victor was playing with his head once again, because that was what Victor did. Adam said he'd "be damned" if Victor would take him down that way. Chelsea claimed she had errands to run, and she wanted to give Adam space. Once outside the suite, Chelsea appeared concerned.

Inside the penthouse, Adam sent a text to Alyssa, which read, "Can we meet? Need to talk." When she didn't respond, Adam sent her another text that read, "Coming to your hotel. This can't wait." Alyssa responded, "Can't help you. Left town." When Adam asked why, she responded, "Because you used me. And because you should leave the past in the past. I'm done. Don't contact me again."

At the ranch, Victor left a voicemail for Adam, stating that he knew Adam was furious with him. He apologized for having to tell Adam the truth about A.J.'s death.

A short time later, Chelsea arrived at the ranch, and Victor thanked her for being there. He said that Adam hadn't returned any of his calls. Chelsea asked why Victor was surprised. She said what Victor had done had been vicious. It was psychological torture. Victor told her to slow down, and he explained that he'd never had any intention of torturing Adam. He said there had been nothing vicious about what he'd done, and he'd kept the reality from Adam for as long as he'd been able to. Chelsea said that Adam had confronted him about the murder, but Victor had chosen to lay the blame on Adam.

Victor told Chelsea that Adam wouldn't have been able deal with the reality of what had happened. Chelsea asked if Victor expected her and Adam to believe that Adam had killed A.J. Montalvo when Adam had been an eleven-year-old child. Victor explained that Adam had been trying to protect his mother, and he'd pushed A.J., who had fallen to his death. That was what had happened. Victor said that for all those years, he'd kept that memory from Adam. He said that Adam had lost his memory about the incident. He said that he'd shielded Adam from himself and that it was too huge a burden for Adam to deal with. He said that that was the truth about A.J.'s death.

Chelsea said she couldn't accept it as the truth, and she still had a lot of questions. She asked why, if Adam had been traumatized by that incident, Victor and Hope hadn't tried to help him come to terms with it. She said that was what she and Adam had done to help Connor work through his issues. Chelsea said she had a problem accepting that Hope had agreed to be complicit in hiding the truth about the incident from Adam. Victor assured Chelsea that Hope had agreed to that course of action, but Chelsea stated that Hope wasn't there to confirm or deny it.

Victor told Chelsea that Adam was Hope's only child. He asked what would have happened if the truth had come out that night. He said the police would have taken Adam away for trying to protect his mother. He said it had weighed heavily on Hope, but he'd persuaded Hope that it was the best course of action in order to shield Adam from ever remembering what he'd done. Victor said that the incident had been so traumatizing for Adam that Adam had lost his memory of it, and the memory hadn't returned. Victor had believed that door had been closed forever -- until recent events.

Chelsea told Victor that the fact remained that there was no one to corroborate his story, but Victor said there was -- the farm's caretaker, George. He'd been there that night, and he'd helped clean up by removing any indication that Adam had been to blame. Chelsea found it hard to believe, but Victor said that George was enormously loyal to the family and a very sweet man. Victor said he'd told Adam what had happened, but he surmised that Adam had chosen not to share it with Chelsea. It was possible that Adam wanted to keep the memory buried, perhaps as self-preservation.

Chelsea promised Victor that whatever had or hadn't happened that night, would be fine, and she would make certain of it. She said they were both survivors, and she would be at his side for whatever followed. Victor said that was good, but she had to watch Adam closely because he would need her.

Nate entered the Grand Phoenix and spotted Amanda at the bar, attempting to focus on her work. He distracted her by saying he'd wanted to see her. He said that legal documents were gibberish to him. Amanda laughed and said that was how she felt about medical documents. She said that Nate's timing was perfect because she was ready for a break. Nate asked how things were going at Chancellor Communications and how she liked working with Lily and Billy. Amanda said things were good. She told him about Lily interviewing people at Chancellor Park and that Lily had gotten her on camera for an interview.

Amanda told Nate that Lily had managed to get her talking about him during the interview, and Amanda admitted that she'd described him as pretty amazing. Nate smiled and said he would try to live up to her description. Nate said that he wanted to spend some time with her, but Amanda said she had to get some work done. She asked him for a rain check. Nate agreed, and he left.

After Nate left, Nick arrived to speak with Abby. Abby told Chance that Nick wanted to give her a hotel. Chance was taken aback by the offer. He said it sounded like a good idea, but it was up to Abby. Abby said she'd been blown away by Nick's offer. Nick stated that it would help Abby and Phyllis, but Abby pointed out all the rotten things Phyllis had done to her in an attempt to drive her away.

Abby told Nick that she wouldn't back down. Nick tried to convince Abby to take him up on his offer, but Abby said that Nick shouldn't be in the middle because it was between her and Phyllis. She didn't want to reward Phyllis for her bad behavior. Nick said that Abby needed to look at the situation objectively because it would be a win-win situation.

At Society, Elena told Devon that he'd changed Jared's life that day by giving him a scholarship. Devon said the change wasn't close to how much Neil had changed his life. He said he missed Neil, and it still felt like it had been yesterday that Neil had passed away. Elena said that missing people was an ache that never went away. Devon wished that Neil had had a chance to meet her, because he would have loved her.

Devon told Elena that she'd entered his life when he'd needed her most, and she'd brought him peace and hope. Elena said she was grateful for her life. She was happy that because he and Nate had believed in her, she'd finished her residency. Opening the clinic had been the most rewarding thing she'd ever done. She'd never believed she could be so happy. Their conversation was interrupted by a phone call. Nate asked if she could help him at the clinic because he'd been inundated with patients. Devon took the phone and told Nate that Elena would be there shortly. Elena told Devon she loved him, and she left.

At Crimson Lights, Summer met with Phyllis, who told Summer that she and Nick had reunited. She said that she and Nick had discussed the pros and cons at length, and they'd decided that they were committed to each other and wanted to give it another try. Summer said she was fine with it and that she'd already voiced her concerns. She said that if Phyllis and Nick wanted to pursue their relationship, they had every right to do so. Surprised, Phyllis said she'd thought Summer would give her a fight, but Summer claimed that resistance was futile, and Phyllis and Nick being together again wasn't the worst thing.

Summer told Phyllis that she'd thought about what Sharon had been going through and realized that life threw curve balls. She wanted Phyllis to be happy. Phyllis said she had a great daughter and commented that Summer was a good shrink.

After Phyllis left, Nick arrived and asked Summer if she'd spoken to Phyllis. Summer said she had, and all was well. However, she reserved the right to change her mind. She also wanted Nick and Phyllis to accept her and Kyle together. Nick agreed and said he wanted to talk to Phyllis. He said that if everything went the way he hoped, things would work out. Summer looked at him, said she didn't want to know what he was talking about, and left.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis approached Amanda, who was still sitting at the bar. She told Amanda that she believed she had the upper hand regarding the hotel. She also told Amanda that there was more to life than work. She advised Amanda to stop being a workaholic and to enjoy life.

In her suite, Nick and Phyllis noticed that the construction noise had stopped. Nick said it had worked. Phyllis admitted it had and then realized that Nick was referring to something else and that she'd admitted to being responsible for the lack of noise. Phyllis told Nick that one could buy anything on the Internet then explained that Jack had told her that his construction had had to stop because some fossils had been discovered on his site. She admitted she'd planted fossils on Abby's hotel site. She'd called the company and had the construction shut down. She said the site would be shut down for ages while they searched for more bones.

Nick told Phyllis he wished she'd told him her plans before going ahead. He told Phyllis about his offer to Abby. He believed it would have been the perfect solution. He said that when things had gone quiet, he'd thought Abby had accepted his offer. Phyllis said that Nick shouldn't have made the offer to Abby, but it had been an amazing gesture. She told Nick that she could fight her own battles. She said she had a victory she needed to celebrate, and she turned to Nick.

Chelsea returned to the penthouse and called to Adam. Adam told Chelsea that he'd sent Alyssa a couple of text messages in the hope that she'd help him, but she'd left town. He believed that Victor had gotten to her. He told Chelsea that he recalled Victor had said that George had been there the night of A.J.'s death. Victor had said that George had moved the body and covered up Adam's involvement. Adam admitted he hadn't given that much thought because he'd believed it had been another lie in an avalanche of lies from Victor. Adam believed that George could clear up what had happened that night.

Chelsea asked Adam if he really wanted to do that. Adam said he didn't understand why she would have a problem with him talking to George. Chelsea said she didn't have a problem, but she appeared concerned. Adam called George and thanked him for taking such great care of them while they had been at the farm. He wanted to return the favor, and he invited George to visit them in Genoa City. George accepted the invitation.

At the clinic Nate and Elena discussed how busy things had been. Elena commented how good Nate was with children, just like Devon. She said that Nate and Devon would make great fathers. Nate said he wasn't ready to be a dad yet, and he suggested that Elena go back to her date with Devon. Elena said she and Nate made a great team, and she left.

After Elena left, Nate heard someone enter and thought it was another patient, but it was Amanda. She said she had wanted to surprise him. She told Nate that someone had told her that there was more to life than work. Nate said it was a wonderful surprise.

Elena returned to Society, and Devon was still there. She told Devon they could finish their date over something sweet, and they kissed.

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