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Friday, April 19, 2019

At home, Cane told Traci over the phone that he had the place to himself, since the twins had gone to the prison for Lily's release, but Lily would be returning home alone. He shared that part of him was a nervous wreck, but another part was numb. He recognized that it was his final chance, and he hurriedly said he had to go when he heard someone at the front door. Lily entered, and Cane welcomed her home.

Cane presented Lily with a gift basket to celebrate her being out of prison, but she stated that she wouldn't be free until he signed the divorce papers. He objected because they'd made vows, but she countered that they had been the same ones he'd broken. She explained that she was there to get ready for Abby and Devon's opening at the restaurant, pack a few things, and say goodbye. Lily anticipated meeting Neil, Mattie, and Charlie at the opening, and Cane asked what she'd do afterward. "Then I'm gone," she replied.

Cane protested that he didn't get a say, and Lily questioned whether she'd gotten a say when he'd cheated on her and lied to her. He insisted that they could work it out, but she flatly stated that she didn't want to, since she was tired of worrying about him and wondering what was true. She added that he'd had one job -- to protect their family. Cane pleaded with her not to do it, but Lily maintained that he had to let her go.

Cane didn't know how he could say goodbye when Lily was part of him. He didn't expect her to forgive him, but he thought they had to start somewhere. He pointed out that she'd taught people who had done worse things than he had, and she'd found it in herself to give them another chance. Lily argued that it wasn't the same thing, and Cane acknowledged that he needed to change to be a better father and husband. Cane begged Lily to give him a few minutes to hear him out, and he promised to find a way to let her go if she didn't like what he had to say.

Cane revealed that he'd been seeking advice to make sure he didn't make the same mistakes again, and he regretted that he'd challenged her decision to go down a different path rather than support her. Lily insisted that her choices had been about her and not him. He countered that they were a team, and he'd let them down. Cane admitted that he'd defined himself by his success instead of being a good husband and father, but Lily doubted that sleeping with Juliet or making out with Victoria had had anything to do with him wanting to be Warren Buffett.

Cane conceded that he'd justified the things he'd done, but when he'd seen Lily in prison, everything had suddenly made sense because he'd seen how his actions had hurt her. He swore that he could change, and he announced that he was rededicating his life to what was important -- her and the kids. Lily firmly stated that nothing he said would make a difference, but Cane blurted out that he'd given Jill his notice because he wanted to find out what he was meant to do. He envisioned Lily staying by his side and going down the path together, and he pledged to be the man she'd married. He continued that all he needed was a chance, and he asked if she would give them one more try.

Lily contended that Cane couldn't change months and years of hurt with one grand gesture and the right words. He believed that things could change in time, but she stressed that time had run out for them. She admired the changes that he was making in his life, but she insisted that it couldn't be about fixing them. She wanted to live her life with meaning by changing the world, one person at a time, and he said she'd changed him.

Lily reiterated that she wasn't concerned with fixing a broken relationship, and she just wanted to find a way to put it all behind her. She was adamant that she and Cane couldn't go back and make things right, and she wasn't sure she would want to, even if they could. She asserted that they had to move forward and focus on being their best selves. "Yeah," Cane defeatedly murmured with a sad smile. She went upstairs to pack.

When Lily returned downstairs, Cane noted that she only had one suitcase. She figured that she didn't need designer dresses anymore, since she was going to teach. She explained that the prison warden had turned her volunteer job into a full-time, paying gig. Lily mentioned that the twins might be going to a state school nearby, but Cane had expected Mattie to follow in Neil's footsteps by attending Stanford. Lily was certain that her father would love to show Mattie around campus, since he was crazy about the kids. Cane recognized that the twins were wild about Neil.

Lily intended to go to the opening then get back on the road, and Cane was surprised that she was leaving that night. He worried that it was a long drive, but she had found it nice to be in a car again. He urged her to stay the night and leave the next day after getting some rest, and he swore that he had no ulterior motive. He was pretty sure she'd missed her bed, and he offered to take the couch. Lily cautiously asked what was in it for him.

Cane wanted Lily to have one last night there before she started another life without him. He requested that she do one thing for him, and it would be the last thing he ever asked of her. Cane knew that it was a big night for Devon, and it meant a lot for Lily to be there with Neil and the kids. He added that she'd taught him that family was everything, and if things were normal, she'd also be with him. Lily argued that things hadn't been normal for a long time.

Cane contended that people would focus on her being at the opening without him instead of putting the spotlight on Devon and Abby's accomplishments. He suggested that they go together one last time to toast to her freedom and to Devon, and she inquired about their divorce. Cane replied that it was no one else's business, and they could tell everyone the next day, but that night should be about her and Devon.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle gazed at a jewelry box in his hand as Summer descended the stairs. She looked relieved to see him, and she remarked that she'd been wondering if he was there. He quickly tucked the box into his pocket, and she asked if she was interrupting anything. He assured her that she wasn't.

Summer suggested that she and Kyle get ready for Abby's big night, but Kyle opted not to go because things might be awkward with Lola being the restaurant's chef. Summer reasoned that the awkwardness would get better with repeated exposure. Kyle proposed going to a movie instead, but Summer protested that she was an Abbott, and it would be their first big night out as a couple. Kyle questioned whether they had to do it at that particular restaurant, and Summer asserted that it was for family. She added that the best part would be him showing her off to the world, and she led him upstairs.

In the bedroom, Summer began to paw Kyle, who asked if she was hungry. She declared that she was famished, and he pushed to head to the restaurant. She cooed that she wasn't that kind of hungry, but he thought they should go early and help out. He stepped out to shower, and Summer fished the jewelry box out of his jacket pocket and found a necklace inside. She mused that she loved it already, and she sat on the bed and smiled.

Later, Kyle made sure the necklace was in his pocket, and Summer waved two dresses in front of him and asked which one. He replied that he liked them both, but she protested that he hadn't even looked. She rambled on about each outfit, and she pointedly imagined that the perfect accessories would make one of the dresses look great. Clueless, Kyle was sure she could find something in her huge jewelry box, and Summer envisioned something understated and classic. He figured that the right piece would show up, and she anticipated that she'd find it that night. He went downstairs to wait for her, and she excitedly touched her bare neck.

Downstairs, Kyle read a text message from Lola, who said the restaurant was a three-ring circus, but she was loving the high wire. She asked if he would be there, and he replied that he wouldn't miss it for the world. He pulled out the necklace, but Summer called out for him to close his eyes and get ready for her big entrance. She appeared in a clingy dress with a high slit up the side, and she asked what he thought. He politely called it a good choice, and he wondered what was in the bag she was holding. Summer chirped that it was an opening night gift for Lola from the two of them.

At Abby's new restaurant, Society, a frantic Abby was on the phone with a software distributor. She complained that the software they'd sold her was supposed to be cutting edge, but it was nothing more than one big glitch. Lola cleared her throat and gestured to try to get Abby's attention, but Abby remained fixated on resolving the software issue.

As Abby hung up, she spotted Arturo, who was staring at a sonogram photo. Abby demanded to know what he was doing there, and he explained that he was there to congratulate his sister on her big night. He observed that it looked like everything was pulling together, and Abby mumbled that looks could be deceiving. She recognized that it had been good to talk to him the day before, but Mia showing up had been an ugly reminder of the hold she had on him.

Arturo requested that he and Abby talk privately, but she griped that it wasn't the time or place, since she'd been putting out fires all day. Abby mentioned that the software that was supposed to hold the place together was falling apart, and Arturo swore that he wouldn't hold her back. She referred to the picture he'd been looking at, but a phone call distracted her.

Lola confided to Tessa that she couldn't cook. Tessa chalked it up to opening night jitters, but Lola clarified that her produce and proteins weren't there yet, since the delivery driver was backed up on the highway. Lola lamented that she'd have nothing to feed the critics, family, and friends who would be there, and Tessa asked if Abby knew. Lola replied that she'd tried to tell her boss, but Abby had her hands full.

Later, Lola was surprised to see that boxes had been delivered, but she discovered pineapples instead of the live prawns and lobsters she'd expected inside. She groaned that she was hours away from tanking the restaurant because she had no food except fruit she hadn't ordered. Arturo told her to put together a list of what she needed, but Lola fretted that nothing short of a miracle would save them. Tessa instructed her to breathe, and she recalled that Lola's big, beautiful brain had created La Vida Lola. Lola argued that it was a food truck and not an upscale restaurant, but Arturo reminded her that Abby had hired her because Abby believed in her.

Arturo reminded Lola that she'd been improvising her whole life, and he questioned when a Rosales ever gave up or gave in. He recognized that Abby had a lot to deal with, and he instructed Tessa to get Lola whatever she needed while he figured out what he could do on his side. Arturo assured Lola that he had her back and that he loved her, and he told her she had it. Lola bemoaned that anything could happen on the biggest night in Genoa City, and it had. Tessa encouraged Lola to show what she was made of.

On the phone, Abby warned the software representative not to fail her, or she'd let everyone on social media know about the company's empty promises. A technician informed Abby that there was a problem with the fire alarm, which suddenly went off. She yelled to make it stop, but he warned that it would continue to happen because it needed a part that wouldn't be in stock for three days. Abby wailed that she barely had three hours, and she refused to postpone the entire opening. Arturo stepped in to handle it, and he proposed that he and the technician work together to find a solution. Abby covered her ears when the alarm shrieked again.

Tessa assembled the protein and vegetables the waitstaff had picked up, and she proclaimed that they were three steps away from dinner. Lola thanked her for being incredible, and Tessa admitted that it had been a needed distraction. Lola pressed for details, and Tessa confided that someone had thrown a brick through Crimson Lights' window with a note threatening Mariah. Tessa said that Mariah had been pretending she was tough, but Tessa felt like she was falling apart. Lola vowed that they'd get through that night and the nightmare with Mariah.

Abby tended to details in the dining area, and she called out to get the music going to make the night unforgettable. The fire alarm went off again, and Arturo rushed over to shut it off. He explained that he'd worked out a deal with the technician to provide a part from a building Arturo was constructing in exchange for the technician working with him on other projects. Abby was taken aback that Arturo had done it for her, but he pointed out that it was the night his sister had dreamed of her whole life. Abby answered a call from Devon and insisted that everything was great. The power went out.

Abby enthused to Devon that Society would be the talk of the town, but she encouraged him to wait to show up until the restaurant was full of people and exotic aromas. The lights flickered back on, and she invited him to stop by whenever he'd like. After she hung up, Arturo informed her he'd fixed the wiring so another blackout wouldn't happen, and she called him a lifesaver. Abby repeated that she couldn't get past what he'd done with Mia, but she was thankful. He wished her all the best and exited.

Kyle and Summer arrived, and he mentioned that he'd thought Abby could use the extra hands. Abby insisted that she had it covered, and Summer marveled at how the place had changed from the last time she'd been there. Summer requested a quick tour, and Abby began to show them around, but Kyle ducked away to see Lola.

Kyle pulled Lola aside, and she groaned that he didn't want to know what kind of night she was having. He wanted to know every detail, since he'd been thinking about her all day, and she had no idea how badly he wanted to kiss her. She teased him for expecting her to concentrate on work with him there, and he jumped at the opportunity to give her his gift. She gasped in excitement when he presented her with the necklace.

Abby showed Summer the ceiling near the bar, which had been done in gold leaf. Tessa reported that everything was in place and that everyone was ready. Abby squealed in excitement, and Summer looked around for Kyle and saw him talking to Lola.

Kyle explained that it had taken him awhile to find the right gift that was tasteful but not too flashy, and Lola declared it perfect. He gushed that they'd turned a corner, and everything was different then. She happily warned him not to make the chef cry, and he promised that they'd be together soon. She gushed that she'd wait forever for him, and he swore that it wouldn't take that long. They embraced, and he murmured that he didn't want to let go. Summer interrupted and coolly congratulated Lola.

Summer whined that she'd thought they'd been getting a tour from Abby, but she'd suddenly been a party of one. Lola claimed that Kyle had just wanted to wish her luck, and Summer huffed that she'd thought they'd agreed to do it together. Lola said she'd take all the luck she could get, and Summer blabbed that they almost hadn't attended because Kyle had had his heart set on a quiet night, but she'd wanted to drop off a gift from both of them. Summer presented Lola with the gift bag, and Lola reached up to fondle her new necklace. Summer's lip quivered when she recognized the trinket.

Abby commended everyone on staff for pitching in and giving their finest. She called Society a labor of love and said they had all the ingredients to make for an exceptional dining experience. She added that the recipes wouldn't work unless they used their hearts, and the staff were the heart of Society. Abby praised them for overcoming all the challenges they'd had that day, and she announced that it was time to meet their guests. She declared Society officially open, and the staff applauded as she headed to the entrance. Abby threw open the doors and found no one there.

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