Chloe suspects Chelsea needs help
The Young and the Restless Recap for Friday, February 26, 2021
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Friday, February 26, 2021

At Society, Nick ran into Rey and asked how he was doing. Rey replied that he'd been better, and Nick indicated that Sharon had told him Rey had slept at the police station the night before. Rey explained that he'd needed space, so he'd thrown himself into work. Nick mentioned that Faith had opted to stay with him for a while, and he and Sharon had agreed it was for the best. Rey recognized that Nick thought Rey and Sharon could work things out, and Rey wanted that more than anything.

Rey shared that he'd asked Sharon to meet at the house later, but he was hoping to talk to Lola first. Nick also wanted to speak with Lola to find out if she knew who'd taken the photo of Sharon and Adam kissing. Rey hoped he and Sharon could move past it, but he wondered if Nick thought that was possible with Adam involved. Nick knew Sharon hated how much pain she'd caused Rey and Faith, and he encouraged Rey to lead with that for the best shot of getting Sharon to walk away from Adam for good.

Rey doubted that he could convince Sharon to do it when even Nick hadn't been able to do so. Nick cited his own history with Adam, which had caused Sharon to discount his opinion as personal baggage. Nick reasoned that Rey was solely focused on his marriage and family and not part of the epic family battle. Nick referred to everything Sharon and Rey had faced over the past year with her cancer treatment, and he noted that Rey was the one Sharon had chosen to spend the rest of her life with. Nick believed that Rey was the one person who could put an end to the thing between her and Adam.

At the Grand Phoenix, Sally inquired whether Phyllis knew when a larger suite might be available. Phyllis snapped that Sally was still on the wait list, and Sally questioned how long the list was. Phyllis testily advised her to be patient, and she imagined that Sally would be busy working extra hours as Lauren's assistant to prove herself invaluable. As Jack walked in, Sally sweetly replied that she appreciated Phyllis' interest in her promotion, but sometimes things other than work had to take precedence. Phyllis scowled when Jack asked if Sally was ready to go.

Phyllis asked where Jack and Sally were off to, and he informed her that he was taking Sally to a dealership to get a new car. Sally explained that the cold weather had done her old one in, so she'd decided to treat herself after her promotion. Phyllis remarked that it was sweet of Jack to take Sally. Jack escorted Sally to the door, and she marveled that it would only be her second new car because she'd always driven vehicles into the ground. Jack expected that to change because she was moving up in the world, and she gushed about the new car smell. She intended to savor every second of her first ride in her new baby. Phyllis watched them leave.

Nick entered the Grand Phoenix and wondered where Faith was. Phyllis reported that she'd added a couple extra things to the girl's spa treatment. Nick was glad Faith had gotten a reprieve, but he thought they had serious issues to talk about, since she'd hidden her classmates' bullying for months. Nick believed the harassment had led to Faith's drinking, and it had all started when the kids had learned Faith had been switched at birth.

Nick spat that Adam's actions had set all of it in motion, and it was just another thing to add to the never-ending list of ways Adam had hurt them. Phyllis urged Nick to let it go for one night and just enjoy spending time with Faith and Christian. Phyllis stressed that Faith deserved a break, since the picture of Sharon and Adam making out hitting social media was a catastrophe waiting to happen, and the only question was how bad the fallout would be.

Later, Nick reported that Faith was still at the salon, getting a manicure. He grumbled that she'd seemed more interested in nail polish than talking to her dad, but Phyllis figured they could deal with reality later. Phyllis muttered that she wanted to give someone a big dose of reality, and she griped that Jack had been there earlier to take Sally to get a new car because Sally hadn't been able to do it herself. Phyllis complained about Sally fawning all over Jack and him being unable to see what was going on. Nick questioned why Phyllis cared that much.

Phyllis ranted that Sally was obviously over being a pain in Summer's butt, so she'd moved on to Jack. Phyllis thought someone had to do something about it, and Nick surmised that someone would be her. Phyllis revealed that she'd talked to Summer about joining forces, and Summer had been open to the idea. Nick guessed that Summer hadn't actually signed on, and he noted that whatever threat Sally had posed seemed to have been neutralized.

Phyllis pointed out that something had been off with Summer and Kyle the other day, but Nick informed her that Summer had told him everything was fine. Nick added that Jack was a grown man who'd been around the block a few times, and he doubted Jack would let Sally take advantage of him. Phyllis worried that Jack was sad and vulnerable after his mom had just died, and she was adamant about making sure he didn't get hurt. Nick advised her to stay out of it.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon sent a text message to Rey, saying she was looking forward to seeing him later and talking things out. Jack entered the coffeehouse and was surprised to see Sharon. She assumed he'd seen the photo of her and Adam plastered all over the internet, but Jack swore he wasn't judging because he knew she and Adam had a complicated history. She asserted that the photo was misleading, since nothing was going on between them.

Sharon continued that Adam loved Chelsea and was doing everything he could to help her, but he felt overwhelmed sometimes. Sharon conceded that the kiss shouldn't have happened, but Adam had just acted in the moment, and she suspected that a mean-spirited kid had tried to cause trouble by taking the photo and posting it online. Jack inquired about how Rey was handling it, and Sharon lamented that her husband hadn't taken it well. She added that she and Rey had plans to talk later to work things out.

Sally entered and apologized for keeping Jack waiting while she'd been preoccupied with programming her steering wheel. Sharon congratulated her on her new car purchase, and Jack and Sally playfully bickered over who would buy the coffee. Sally headed to the patio, and Sharon noted that the two seemed close. Jack ordered two lattes, and Sharon smiled as he joined Sally.

On the patio, Sally enthused about all the modern features on her new car, but she realized that Jack probably had all those things already. He encouraged her to enjoy it and to be proud of getting a good price. She crowed that she'd spent a lifetime negotiating to get what she wanted, so she was pretty good at it. Sally was determined to properly thank Jack for lending her a hand, and he suggested a ride for a ride. He proposed that they go for a drive in the countryside that could double as a winter driving lesson.

Sally anticipated treating Jack to lunch when they needed a break from their drive. Jack recommended a quaint place outside of town, and Sally proclaimed that it could be their second date. She rambled that dinner had been their first date, but that day had just been a friendly hangout after an errand. He teased her for keeping a log of each encounter to categorize them properly. Sally contended that no one in Genoa City was as handsome or charming as Jack, and she enjoyed hanging out with him. She wanted to call them dates and hoped for more of them -- unless it wasn't where his head was.

Sally stammered that it was cool if Jack didn't want to date her, since she had a quirky way of doing things that didn't make sense to anyone else. She cited her work as a designer, pairing prints and colors that no one else thought belonged together. He thought that it made her work more distinctive. Sally babbled that she skipped to the end when reading books and found it impossible to keep her opinions to herself, even when sharing was a terrible idea. She could see how she was generally unappealing, and he deadpanned, "Yeah, not appealing at all."

Jack thought it was pretty clear that he liked spending time with Sally, and he wanted to see more of her. She suggested that they keep things casual and see where it led, and he said that would be great. Sally prepared to wrap up some things before the night ended, and she thanked Jack for finding the time to do her a favor. He insisted that he'd had fun, and his New Year's resolution had been to have more fun. He looked forward to their next outing -- even if it wasn't a date.

Later, over the phone, Jack learned that Traci was having a good time in New York. He reported that he'd just had the best day he'd had in ages.

Meanwhile, Sally returned to the Grand Phoenix and announced that she'd decided to check out and move to the Athletic Club, where she could have a larger suite. Phyllis reasoned that she never liked to lose a guest, and she suddenly found another suite available. She asked if Sally would be staying, and Sally replied that she was thrilled the hotel could accommodate her. Phyllis offered to send a bellman to Sally's room to move her things and give her a new card key. Sally headed to the elevator. Nick approached Phyllis and assumed that she'd decided to play nice. Phyllis revealed that she'd kept Sally there to see what she was up to.

Sharon found Rey at the cottage. He admitted that he wasn't proud of the way he'd stormed out, but the picture had gotten under his skin, just like Adam did. Sharon agreed that Adam had a talent for exploiting people's weak spots, and Rey called Adam a master manipulator -- especially where Sharon was concerned. Rey accepted that the kiss had been an impulsive mistake on Adam's part, and he confided that he'd considered arresting Adam for assault. Sharon confirmed that she'd heard Rey had confronted him, since Adam had stopped by to tell her.

Rey became livid that Adam had sought Sharon out after Rey had explicitly warned him to stay away. Sharon recounted that she'd told Adam to leave and to stay away, and he had. She understood Rey was angry, but she was glad he hadn't arrested Adam because antagonizing him would have been counterproductive. Rey imagined that it would have been satisfying to arrest Adam, but it wouldn't have solved the larger problem. Rey contended that even when Adam wasn't around, he was still present in their marriage, and they had to acknowledge it and discuss how to go about changing it -- together.

Rey recalled that he'd promised to be Sharon's husband in good times and bad, and he refused to let anyone get between them. He vowed to do his part to make sure they ended up stronger than they had been before, and she also pledged to do whatever it took. Rey thought couples therapy would be a good start to get to the real reason why she couldn't let go of Adam after all that time. Rey suspected that Adam represented something she was addicted to, like a surge of adrenalin that wasn't part of her everyday life. He thought it explained why she was drawn to Adam, even when she knew it was unhealthy for her and everyone around her.

Sharon conceded that she might have had tendencies like that years earlier, but she'd worked hard to become a different person. Rey called her a strong, smart, caring woman who lost all sense of reason with Adam around. Sharon thought Rey was overreacting, but he implored her to think about what Adam had done to her, her family, and Adam's own family. Rey questioned how many times she'd forgiven Adam because she was drawn to him emotionally, and he demanded that they be realistic. He shared that he'd studied the photo of the kiss as if it had been a crime scene, and he noted that Sharon hadn't stopped or even resisted Adam.

Rey determined that the evidence suggested that Sharon had given in to the kiss, but she vehemently denied it. He pulled up the photo on his phone and forced her to look at it. Rey interpreted it as a significant moment between Sharon and Adam, filled with real connection and feeling. Sharon argued that she had been there and knew what had happened, but Rey was hurling painful accusations instead of believing her. She didn't understand how he could possibly think that would help them.

Sharon agreed that she and Rey had serious issues to resolve, but she implored him to reevaluate after thinking about what she'd said. She suspected that he would see things the way she did and realize they were perfectly capable of working out their problems on their own. Rey swore that everything he'd told her was from a place of love, and he wanted her to know what he was thinking and feeling; however, he strongly believed having the support of an objective third party would help. He steeled himself to accept it if she wasn't up for it, but he maintained that her dynamic with Adam was a real obstacle for him and for them, and he was searching for a way to overcome it together.

Adam found Chloe at the door of his penthouse. She announced that she was there to see Chelsea, but he replied that he hadn't been expecting her. He claimed that the nurse had just gotten Chelsea settled in for the night, but Chloe protested that it was early. Chloe peered past him and saw Chelsea sitting in her wheelchair. Chloe observed that her friend was still awake, and she chirped that she'd made it just in time.

Adam asked if he could get Chloe anything, and she requested some privacy. He didn't budge, and she wondered if there was a problem. He requested that she keep her visit brief, but she felt like she owed Chelsea some quality time after not seeing her best friend in forever. Adam warned that Chelsea tired easily and that it had been a trying day. Chloe eyed Chelsea carefully and replied that she could only imagine.

Chloe promised not to overstay her welcome or tire Chelsea out. She explained that she hadn't been there in a while because Kevin had surprised her with a Valentine's Day trip, but she wanted to cheer Chelsea up. Adam was sure Chelsea would be thrilled to see Chloe, and he stepped out. Chloe gazed intently at Chelsea as a tear rolled down Chelsea's cheek. Chloe wondered why she was crying. Chelsea thought to herself that Chloe had to get her out of there, since Chelsea couldn't stay with Adam one more second after he'd broken her heart.

Chloe realized that Chelsea was trying to talk with all her might, but she couldn't get there yet. Chloe wished she knew what was going on in Chelsea's head. Chelsea looked down at her left hand, which noticeably moved. Chloe incredulously asked when Chelsea had regained the use of her hand, and she contemplated summoning Adam. Chelsea blinked repeatedly in protest, and Chloe interpreted that Chelsea didn't want Adam to know. Chelsea firmly blinked once, and Chloe swore that she wouldn't say a word, but she questioned why Chelsea wanted to hide her huge breakthrough. Chloe inquired whether something had happened between Chelsea and Adam. "Sharon. Sharon happened -- again," Chelsea snarled in her mind.

Chloe decided to ask yes-or-no questions to attempt to figure out what Chelsea was trying to tell her. Chloe recognized that she always assumed the worst of Adam, and she wondered if there was any chance Chelsea was upset that Chloe had interrupted a private moment with him. Chelsea blinked multiple times, and Chloe took it to mean that something was wrong. Chloe questioned whether Chelsea felt like she was in physical danger, and Chelsea blinked to indicate no. Adam returned and asked how everything was going, and Chelsea quickly moved her hand back to its original place.

Chloe claimed that she'd been telling Chelsea about her amazing trip and showing her adorable pictures of Bella and Miles. Chloe pointedly vowed to be there for Chelsea, no matter what. Adam thanked Chloe for being a wonderful friend to Chelsea. Chloe pressed for more girl time, but Adam shot the request down, claiming the nurse was waiting. Chloe told Chelsea to keep her chin up, and she pointedly stated that she'd be back with the book she'd offered to read to Chelsea.

Chelsea watched as Adam closed the door behind Chloe. Adam headed out to get the nurse, and Chelsea clenched her hand into a fist. In the hallway, a worried Chloe sent a text message to Kevin, voicing concern that Chelsea needed help.

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