Victoria learns that Victor has died
The Young and the Restless Recap for Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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Wednesday, September 18, 2019
by Nel

At the ranch Abby, Summer, and Nick were attempting to comfort Nikki, but Nikki informed everyone she was fine. Nick claimed that no one was fine. Nikki suggested that everyone leave because they needed to go about their daily routines. Summer wanted to stay with Nikki and be with the family who loved Victor. Nikki assured her everything would be okay. Nate arrived and informed everyone that the hospital staff had been told not to speak to the press about Victor's death until all the family members had been notified. Talk turned to Victoria's absence. Nikki was worried that Victoria would hear about Victor's passing from the media.

Nick told Nate that Victor had wanted the family to rally around him while he fought his illness, but Adam had made things worse. Abby interjected and said their focus needed to be on finding Victoria. Abby suggested that perhaps Victoria had discovered the facility where Billy was staying and had gone to see him. Nick assured everyone he would find her.

At the penthouse, Chelsea pounded on Adam's door. When Adam opened the door, she accused him of blowing Connor off. Adam asked if Nick hadn't told her about Victor. He said he'd been at the ranch when Victor had collapsed and that Victor had a rare blood disorder. The first course of treatment hadn't worked, and Victor had decided to try an experimental treatment, very aware of the bad side effects. He said Victor had summoned the family to the ranch to inform them that he would be going to a private clinic for the treatment, and that was when he had collapsed.

Adam told Chelsea that he'd been trying to process Victor's death. He said he should have seen it coming. He couldn't believe his father was gone. Chelsea said she didn't want Adam to be alone. Adam informed her that he didn't have any friends, and Nick had thrown him off the ranch. Chelsea reminded Adam that he had turned on his family. She asked if he was going to be okay. Adam stated that he would be as soon as he figured out how to live without Victor. Adam asked Chelsea to tell Connor that he would call him.

After Chelsea left, Adam pulled out his phone and was about to call Sharon, but he changed his mind. Moments later, Phyllis pounded on his door. When Adam opened the door, he told her to go away, but Phyllis walked in, anyway. Adam said he hoped she hadn't made the trip just to comfort him because once had been enough. He said Phyllis knew ten people that she worried about, and nine of them were herself. Phyllis admitted she was worried about Summer because Summer loved Victor. Phyllis was upset because she felt Summer should have turned to her for comfort, but Summer had shut her out.

Phyllis told Adam she knew he was hurting, but Adam asked her to leave because he didn't want her help. Phyllis asked him who else he could share his feelings with and not be judged. Adam told her that Nick had thrown him off the ranch. He said Sharon had been wrong when she'd stated his life wasn't a Greek tragedy. Adam said he had killed Victor, and that was the definition of a tragedy. He admitted that he'd nailed the part about screwing up his own life.

Phyllis told Adam that perhaps tampering with Victor's medication had hastened the inevitable, but regardless, Victor would have died. She said that the couple of doses of the medication Victor had taken wouldn't have killed him. Adam admitted that he had only wanted to knock Victor off his game and to distract him.

Phyllis reminded Adam that he had recently claimed that he wanted to take over Newman Enterprises and wreck it. Adam said he'd wanted Victor to see that he wasn't invincible. Phyllis told him that he was the only one who saw Victor that way. She told him to stop idolizing Victor because Victor had been a cold and heartless son of a bitch who had ruined her and Adam's lives. Phyllis stated that Victor didn't deserve to be honored. She said they should be celebrating and that Adam didn't need to be afraid of daddy anymore.

Adam claimed that Phyllis was worried about Nick. Phyllis vehemently denied it and said she had no interest in Nick. He was with Chelsea. Insulted, Phyllis said she'd made a mistake in trying to help Adam, and she stormed out. At the elevator, Phyllis sent Nick a text message: "Can we talk?"

At the ranch, Nick answered a call from Chelsea. She told Nick that she'd heard about Victor from Adam. She explained that Adam hadn't shown up to spend time with Connor, and when she hadn't been able to reach him, she'd gone to his penthouse. Nick said that under the circumstances, it was best if Adam didn't have contact with Connor because he was afraid that Connor would find out about Victor before he and Chelsea had a chance to tell Christian and Connor what had happened. Chelsea said they had to be careful how they told the boys about Victor. Nick ended the call when Michael arrived.

Michael offered Nikki his condolences. He said he hadn't known Victor had been sick. Nikki said she'd asked Victor to step down at Newman Enterprises so that he could focus on getting well. Nikki told Michael that she was concerned because they hadn't been able to locate Victoria. She knew that Kevin or Chloe had spoken with Victoria and that they might have an idea of her whereabouts. Michael informed Nikki that Kevin and Chloe hadn't seen Victoria in days. He said he hadn't seen Victor for some time. Sarcastically, Nick asked whether it was because Michael had stopped doing his dirty work. Nikki chastised Nick for his comment.

Michael asked if Nate had any idea what had triggered Victor's sudden decline. Nate said he had no idea. Nick suggested that something other than Victor's illness had killed him, and they would be looking into it. Nick received a text message from Phyllis: "Can we talk?"

Summer asked Nikki about the funeral arrangements. Nikki said she hadn't given it any thought, but Victor had wanted something small. She decided on a private funeral with family only. Abby mentioned Adam. Nick said he would handle Adam. Nick said he agreed with Nikki, and they would do things the way Victor had wanted.

Chloe and Kevin sat in a booth at Crimson Lights and said goodnight to Bella by phone. Kevin asked Chloe if she thought that they'd given Victoria enough time with Billy. They wondered if they should head back to the boathouse. Kevin received a call from Michael, who asked if they'd seen Victoria. Kevin lied and said they hadn't seen her in days. Michael said the family was looking for her, and he told Kevin about Victor.

After Kevin ended his call with Michael, he and Chloe debated whether they should tell Victoria or get her to go to the ranch on some pretext. Kevin opted to tell her rather than taking a chance that Victoria might hear it from the media. He felt it would be better if she was with Billy when they told her.

At the boathouse, Billy told Victoria he felt like he'd had the crap beaten out of him. Victoria said that the war with Adam had been very real to Billy, but he'd beaten the demons. Billy explained that in his dream, everyone had been there -- a teenaged Delia, Jack, Jill, Phyllis, Adam, and his alter ego. They had all reminded him what a screw-up he was, and he'd received a lot of tough love. He said they had knocked some sense into him.

Billy told Victoria that he had finally vanquished the guy inside him, and he'd known that she was the only person who could help him. Victoria said that they were stronger than they'd ever been. She said Billy had shown a lot of strength when he'd fought off his demons. Billy was grateful that Chloe and Kevin had arrived when they had, or he would have been in jail. Victoria wanted Billy to see a professional, but Billy balked. He stated that everything about Adam was behind him. Victoria reminded him that people relapsed, and Billy needed someone he could call if and when that happened.

Chloe and Kevin arrived. Billy said he and Victoria had good news. Kevin said they had some news, as well. Billy said he remembered everything, and he couldn't believe he'd tried to kill Adam. He said that regaining that memory had taken a lot out of him. He thanked Kevin and Chloe, because if they hadn't been there, he would have lost everything that mattered to him, including his life. Kevin asked what would stop the bad Billy from coming out. Billy assured Kevin that bad Billy would not reappear.

Uncomfortable, Kevin told Victoria that Victor had died, but Victoria didn't believe him. She accused Chloe and Kevin of lying. She said Victor would have told her if he hadn't been doing well. Chloe said Victor hadn't known that things had gotten worse. Kevin said it had happened suddenly. Chloe added that Victor had collapsed, and even though Nate had been present, there had been nothing he could have done to save Victor.

Kevin told Victoria to take comfort in the fact that Victor hadn't suffered. Victoria cried that she had to get to the ranch. Billy said he would go with her, but Chloe was worried that Adam might see him and figure out that Billy had tried to run him over. Billy said he didn't care and left with Victoria.

Abby, Summer, and Nate arrived at Society. Summer thanked Nate and Abby for letting her stay with them. Summer said it felt like the world had stopped, and it was weird that nobody knew that Victor had died. Abby said she dreaded breaking the news to Ashley. Nate assured Abby he would be there to support her.

At home, Nick and Chelsea embraced. They decided to put off telling Connor and Christian about their grandfather until the following day. Chelsea asked about Nikki. Nick said that Victor would have been proud of the way Nikki was handling everything. Nick informed Chelsea that there would be an investigation because he didn't believe Victor had died of natural causes. Chelsea asked if Nick thought Adam had had something to do with it. Nick said, "Who else?"

Michael arrived at Adam's. He said he'd heard about Victor, and he asked if Adam had had something to do with Victor's death. If he had, he needed to tell Michael immediately. Angry, Adam spat that it had been an ugly accusation. Michael said he wanted the truth, and he wanted to know whether or not Adam would drag him into it. Adam asked if it was so he could screw him over like he'd done with Chloe. Through clenched teeth, Michael said Adam's situation was different. Adam bragged that he was two steps ahead of Michael. Michael told Adam not to count on that, and he left.

Victoria arrived at the ranch after everyone had gone. She ran inside, straight into Nikki's arms.

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