Sharon and Rey discuss moving in together
The Young and the Restless Recap for Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Wednesday, May 22, 2019
by Nel

At Delia's gravesite, Billy told Delia about his camping trip with Victoria. He talked about Johnny and Katie, told how Katie often reminded him of Delia, and said that he missed her terribly. He said it had been less painful while Adam had been gone. Since Adam's return, all the rage had surfaced, and every second that Adam was in town was a slap in the face.

At the penthouse, Jett and Devon had been listening to the song Jett had performed at Society. Jett told Devon that he wanted to go on tour. Devon agreed that Jett should. They could record the songs from the tour and release them on an album. Elena entered the room and aired her concerns about Jett singing every night. She felt there was a risk of Jett losing his voice permanently, but Jett said he needed the tour.

At that moment, Michael arrived. Elena and Jett left to give Devon and Michael some privacy. Michael told Devon that he couldn't put off dealing with Neil's will any longer. Devon asked Michael to reschedule their meeting to discuss the will to a later date. Michael suggested that the sooner Devon dealt with the matter, the sooner he would have closure. Devon said that he wasn't ready to close the book on Neil. Michael encouraged Devon to move on.

Michael reminded Devon that he was Devon's friend as well as his lawyer. He said everyone wanted to see Devon heal and hoped that Devon would find someone to share his life with. Michael stated that it had been unfortunate that Devon had lost Hilary and Neil, but Devon had a whole lot of life to live, and Michael wanted to see Devon happy again.

At home, Sharon warned Rey how difficult it was to deal with girls in their tweens. Faith joined them. She was advised that they would be going to the park. Faith warned Rey that he was under pressure to impress her.

At the Park, Rey gave Faith the drone control, and when he tried to instruct her on how to use it, he realized she'd been two steps ahead of him. As Faith maneuvered the drone, Rey became increasingly nervous when Faith flew the drone too close to a tree. Faith guided the drone safely around it. She told Rey that it had felt like Sharon had hit a tree every time she'd dated someone new. Faith told Rey about the men that had been in Sharon's life. Rey assured Faith that Sharon was strong and could take care of herself.

When Sharon joined Rey and Faith, Sharon and Rey's jaws dropped when Faith said that Rey and Sharon should move in together, since Rey would be around for a long time.

When Sharon, Faith, and Rey returned to Sharon's home, Sharon said that Faith owed Rey an apology for having been so forward. Faith said that Sharon and Rey moving in together was the next step in their relationship. Sharon advised Faith that she and Rey hadn't even discussed it. Faith said that since it affected her, as well, she wanted to know where they would live. Sharon told Faith that they needed to discuss the issue later. Faith thanked Rey for letting her fly the drone, and she went to her room.

Alone with Rey, Sharon apologized for Faith's suggestion about them moving in together. Sharon said she had always encouraged Faith to express herself. She stated that Faith was protective of her. Sharon felt guilty because Faith had experienced the same heartbreak that Sharon had, and it hadn't been Faith's burden to carry. Rey said he hoped he hadn't caused a problem. Sharon assured Rey that Faith liked him a lot more than met the eye. Rey teased that Sharon had a two-door fridge and a huge flat-screen television. Teasingly, Sharon asked if Rey wasn't happy with his accommodations, but Rey claimed Sharon had more room.

After Rey left, Faith asked Sharon if she'd driven Rey away. She admitted that she liked Rey. Sharon explained that new relationships were risky. They didn't always turn out the way everyone hoped. Sharon told Faith that if she didn't put herself out there, she would miss out. Faith said she didn't want Sharon to miss out on anything. She knew that Rey had made Sharon happy. Sharon agreed, but she wanted Faith to be happy, too, and she didn't want Faith to hide her feelings. Sharon never wanted Faith to hide her feelings and wanted her to always talk it out with Sharon. Sharon questioned whether it would be possible for the three of them to be happy together. Faith assured Sharon it was possible.

Billy arrived at Newman Enterprises and confronted Victor. He wanted to know why Victor had brought Adam back. Victor said it was because Adam was his son, and if memory served, Billy had forgiven Adam. Billy said he would never forgive Adam, and Victor should have left Adam crawling around Las Vegas like the cockroach that he was. Billy claimed that Victor had brought Adam back because he felt guilty, and as a result, they all had to live with Victor's choice. Billy said that it had been a mistake to bring Adam back.

Victor asked if, given a chance to be reunited with Delia, Billy would take it. Furious, Billy told Victor there was no comparing the two. He said that Victor had claimed to love his children equally, but Adam had always been Victor's favorite. Billy claimed that Adam brought destruction everywhere he went, and anyone Adam touched ended up hurt, broken, or dead. Delia was dead while Adam lived. Billy called Victor a selfish bastard, and he left.

Victoria paid Adam a visit at the hospital. Adam asked if she wanted to know if he had faked his amnesia. Victoria wanted to know what Adam's agenda was. Sarcastically, Adam said he wanted world peace and a panini for lunch. Victoria said she wasn't threatened by him. She said that Adam appeared to have had a pretty good life in Las Vegas. She wanted to know why he had returned. Adam claimed he had wanted to find out who he was and that he'd been ready to give up that idea just before he'd been shot.

Victoria asked what Victor had promised Adam if he returned to Genoa City. Adam claimed he only had his own agenda and denied any knowledge of Victor's agenda. Victoria asked Adam about his agenda, but Adam said he wanted to speak to her and Nick together. Victoria offered to call Nick and ask him to join them, but Adam stated that he had almost died after being shot, and the shooter was still out there. He wanted a little time to regain some of his strength. Victoria suggested that he get some rest and added that she was anxious to hear about his agenda.

A short time later, Victor paid Adam a visit. He said it was time to talk about Adam's future plans. Adam advised Victor that he would return to the tack house and take time to recuperate. Victor claimed it was time for Adam to take his life back. Adam told Victor that Victoria had asked about his and Victor's plans. Victor said that his plans didn't concern Victoria. Adam asked why everything was such a big secret. He wanted to know if Victor planned to pit them against each other again or if there was something else going on. Victor told Adam to concentrate on his recovery.

When Adam was alone, he received a text message: "Found the fall guy. More to come. What's your next move?"

In the meantime, Victor found Nate and asked when Adam would be released. Nate said that Adam would be released the following day, but he would know better once he saw Adam's test results. Victor said the sooner the better because time was running out.

Billy and Victoria sat on a park bench in Chancellor Park. Victoria told Billy she had visited Adam, and the old dynamic had returned between them with all their history. She said she wasn't sure if Adam had faked his amnesia, but he hadn't faked being shot. Adam appeared frail, and she didn't want to think the worst of him. Billy stated that Adam had spent a lifetime being a horrible person. He asked if she had any idea about what Adam had been plotting. Victoria said she didn't know. Billy stated that whatever Adam's scheme was, it had to do with Newman. He said Victoria had worked too hard to earn her position to allow that weasel to threaten her.

Victoria agreed. She admitted she was happy that Adam was alive, but they had to stop Adam in his tracks before he gained any momentum. Victoria said that going to war with Adam while he was in the hospital felt cold and calculating. Billy claimed it was the Newman way. Victoria realized that she had to protect herself. Billy said that Adam had to go somewhere else to be healthy. He and Victoria had to figure out how to make that happen.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle and Lola searched online for an apartment and debated their rent budget. Lola felt that the rents were too high for the places that they liked, but Kyle pointed out that they were both making good money and could raise their budget a bit. To Kyle's delight, Lola raise their budget by $500.

Rey arrived, and Lola asked how things had gone with Faith. Rey felt things had gone well. He noticed Lola's online search for an apartment. He asked if the top chef was too good to live with her big brother. Lola said it would be a great day not having to share a bathroom with him. Rey suddenly had a lightbulb moment and asked if Lola and Kyle planned to move in together. Kyle said maybe not because, so far, the only place they had both liked was Rey's apartment.

Kyle informed Rey that he had filed for divorce, and Summer wouldn't be an issue. He said he loved Lola, and they were happy together. Skeptical, Rey said they would be until Kyle's feelings changed. Kyle assured Rey that his feelings for Lola wouldn't change. Lola said she loved that Rey had always been so protective of her, but it wasn't one of those times. She asked Rey to respect her choices the same way she had respected his. Teasing, Rey stated that he wouldn't buy her a housewarming plant.

Rey asked Lola if moving in with Kyle was what she really wanted. Lola assured him that she'd never wanted anything more. She said things had settled down for them, and they'd always known they were right for each other. She asked Rey to be happy for them. Rey agreed to be. At that moment, Kyle received a phone call about one of the places they had inquired about.

After Kyle and Lola left, Rey called Sharon. Sharon informed him that Faith liked him. Rey said he had been determined to win Faith over. Sharon said that Faith had been protecting her. All joking aside, Rey asked if Sharon wanted him to move in with her. Sharon assured him that she was very ready to take that step. Sharon warned Rey that Faith would want him to pass further tests. Rey chortled and said he was ready because he wanted to be the guy that Sharon and Faith deserved.

Elena, Ana, and Jett sat at a table on the patio at Crimson Lights and discussed Jett's tour. Elena expressed her concerns that Jett would suffer a setback. Jett understood her concern, but after Neil's death, Jett realized how fleeting life was, and he wanted to make the most of the time he had to do what he loved. Ana asked Elena how dangerous the tour would be for Jett. Elena told Ana that as long as Jett stayed within his limits, he would be fine. She wouldn't stand in Jett's way. If he wanted to go on tour, she would be there to take care of him.

Jett told Elena that his condition wasn't life-threatening. He said that Elena had found a home, and she'd begun to build a new life. He wanted her to stay and see where it took her.

Elena returned to the penthouse and asked if Devon was okay after his meeting with Michael. Devon said that Michael had wanted to discuss Neil's will. He assured her he was fine. Elena told him about her conversation with Jett about his tour and that Jett wanted her to stay in Genoa City. Devon was delighted. Elena said it felt strange to stop living in the past and look at the future. Devon said he felt the same way. Elena went upstairs when Devon received a call from Michael, who told Devon they had to meet as soon as possible.

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