Phyllis confronts Chance about Las Vegas
The Young and the Restless Recap for Friday, December 13, 2019
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Friday, December 13, 2019

Phyllis entered Crimson Lights and spotted Nick with his head in his hands. She hesitated to approach him and slinked over to the jukebox instead. She made a scene by smacking the machine repeatedly and yelling at it, and he asked why she was talking to the jukebox. Phyllis ranted that all it had ever done was give her grief, and she hit it again. Nick pointed out that the only thing the jukebox could give her was a tune, and she groaned that it wouldn't even give her that. He was clearly amused.

Phyllis blamed Sharon for not upgrading her equipment, and she cracked that the jukebox probably still had Danny Romalotti's greatest hits in it. Phyllis waited for Nick to lecture her on Sharon's many fine qualities, even though there weren't any. Nick observed that Phyllis was on attack that day, and he figured that she'd eventually get to what was really upsetting her. He assumed that she hadn't gotten her job back, and he continued to side with Abby until Phyllis told him why she'd been fired. Phyllis was surprised that he hadn't talked to Abby about it.

Nick confirmed that he'd had other things to worry about, and Phyllis commented that Abby didn't deserve to be on the top of anyone's list, anyway. Nick ordered Phyllis to stop insulting the people he cared about, or he'd insult her. He hoped martial arts wasn't her next career move, since her assault on the jukebox had been embarrassing. Phyllis retorted that his attempt to insult her was embarrassing. He jokingly threatened to get brutal by talking about her divorces or the times she'd been arrested.

Phyllis preferred to talk about why Nick was sitting there alone, and she assumed that it meant Chelsea was still living with Adam. Nick reminded Phyllis that she'd already provided her take on Chelsea, and he didn't want to talk about it anymore. Phyllis agreed, since she could only detest one person at a time, and Abby had won. Nick remarked that Phyllis wasn't giving herself enough credit, since he'd seen her juggle grudges better than anyone.

Phyllis inquired whether Nick had been following the City Council race. Phyllis mentioned that the chicken coop candidate was ahead in the polls, and she was sure that Nick would have won by a landslide if he'd dumped a certain someone instead of pulling out of the race. She contemplated throwing her hat in the ring, but she realized that she had too many skeletons in her closet. Nick prepared to leave to check on Christian, and he called Phyllis out on not putting any money in the jukebox. He recognized that she'd staged the whole thing to get him out of his funk, which had worked. He handed her a five-dollar bill and suggested that she play some real songs.

Chelsea arrived at Adam's penthouse and inquired about Connor. Adam informed her that the boy was playing a game upstairs, doing as well as he had been when Chelsea had video chatted with him an hour earlier. She refused to apologize for being anxious about her son. Adam clarified that Connor was their son and that Adam wasn't asking her to apologize. Chelsea snapped that it felt like he was, and Adam wondered why she was worked up. She bemoaned that it had just been a long day, and she'd been thinking about how to help Connor get better.

Adam cautioned that they couldn't overreact to everything Connor said and did, and Chelsea referred to Connor's lies about Sharon. Adam recognized that they had to find a way to call Connor out on it without making him feel threatened, and he admitted that he'd considered making something up to show Connor that what he'd done had been wrong. Chelsea was adamant that they couldn't lie to Connor, and Adam questioned whether they had been. She griped that they might as well be, given the situation with her living there.

Adam suggested that Chelsea chip in for utilities if it would make her feel more comfortable, but she stressed that the fantasy that Connor had of his parents getting back together wasn't true. Chelsea couldn't stop thinking about eventually breaking Connor's heart when they had that conversation, and Adam reminded her that they'd agreed to be a united front as two parents fighting for their son. Chelsea argued that she and Adam weren't a couple, and she didn't want Connor to get the wrong idea about their relationship. She suggested that they subtly let Connor know that their living arrangement wouldn't be forever. Adam became livid that she wanted to tell Connor that the one place where he felt safe and secure wasn't real.

Adam questioned why they suddenly weren't on the same page, and he surmised that Nick had tried to convince Chelsea that moving in there had been a bad idea. Chelsea griped that Adam always made it about Nick, but other people had shown concern that Connor was getting the wrong idea about them, including Sharon. Adam pointed out that Sharon had also said Connor was getting better because he felt safe when they were together in that house, and he noted that Chelsea had felt the same way until just then. Adam accused Nick of doing or saying anything to get Chelsea to move back, even if meant hurting Connor.

Chelsea defended that Nick had been understanding, and she chided Adam for being so consumed with hatred that he questioned everything Nick did. Adam huffed that he did so with good reason, and their argument continued to escalate. Adam scoffed at the idea of upending Connor's world again, and Chelsea intended to talk to their son when Adam could deal with it calmly and rationally. She headed out to pick up some of her things, and Adam spat that it would give Nick the chance to spew more poison. Connor ran in and begged Chelsea not to go.

Connor freaked out because his parents had been fighting. Connor blamed Sharon, but Adam firmly replied that it wasn't her fault. Connor wailed that Sharon didn't want the three of them together, and the monster wanted one of his parents to leave. Adam told Connor that they were together and not going anywhere. Chelsea echoed that she and Adam were both there, but Connor wondered about later. Chelsea tried to comfort Connor with a hug, but he accused her of thinking there was something wrong with him. He pleaded with her to swear she would return home, and she promised she would.

Later, Connor woke up on the couch next to Adam, who soothingly said Chelsea would be right back. Adam added that he would always be there for Connor, and the boy fell back asleep. Adam's phone vibrated with an incoming call from Victor, and Adam ignored it.

Nick was surprised when Chelsea showed up at his house. She lamented that Connor had lost it again that day, and she'd had to hold him until he'd fallen back asleep. She mentioned that she was there to get clothes and go back before he woke up again, and Nick understood. Chelsea was sure Nick was getting sick of it, and Nick stated that it was hard for everyone. He shared that Christian had had tears in his eyes when Nick had put him to bed, and the boy had asked if Chelsea and Connor would ever return home. Nick added that he hadn't answered because he honestly didn't know.

Chelsea cried that she was trying her best, but it didn't seem to be working for anybody. Nick owned the fact that he hadn't done a very good job of providing stability for Christian, and Chelsea realized it had been because Nick had chosen her. Chelsea acknowledged that she hadn't been able to help provide that stability because she'd had to put someone else first. Chelsea felt like Connor's house was on fire and like she and Adam needed to put out that fire. Nick heard her and understood, but he didn't know if he could keep doing it.

At home, Billy attempted to assemble a dollhouse and told himself he could do it, since it had to be the perfect dollhouse for the perfect family. He contemplated the saying, "Perfect is the enemy of good." Billy stared at a male doll and noted that the guy seemed confident and put together, like he had all the answers. Billy guessed that the figurine had never had a gambling problem or broken his wife's heart, but the doll also couldn't bend his arms or legs or say much. Billy considered it a tradeoff.

Victoria entered and asked what was going on. Billy explained that it was supposed to be a dollhouse for Katie, but every time he did something, he ended up with extra pieces. Victoria was sure that a guy with his creativity and talent knew how to follow directions, and she thought Katie would love it. "Anything for my girls," Billy mused. Victoria worried that Katie would see the gift before Christmas, but Billy revealed that the girl was at a sleepover, so he had time to hide it before she got home.

Victoria marveled that Billy had thought of everything, but he thought he should finish setting the dollhouse up before she congratulated him. She remarked that it was a work in progress, and he pointedly agreed that he was. She clarified that she'd meant the dollhouse, and he claimed that he'd been kidding. Victoria commended everything he'd been doing, but she voiced concern that they'd been missing one another lately. Billy replied that he always missed her.

Victoria suggested that she and Billy take time to talk and catch up, since it seemed like they hadn't seen one another much that week. She noted that he'd often still been asleep when she'd needed to leave for work, and he countered that he'd been busy looking for a job, taking care of the kids, seeing his therapist, and working out. Victoria swore that she wasn't trying to put him on the spot, but she missed him. She feared that he was avoiding her, and she wondered if everything was okay with them.

Billy insisted that he was just figuring things out, and Victoria wanted to help him however she could. She understood that it was a transitional time for him, and she didn't want to put any pressure on him. He assured her that he felt her support, and he knew that she'd be by his side once he got to the end of whatever it was. He swore that she was his priority, and she declared that she was behind him 1,000 percent. Her phone chimed, and as she stepped away to answer a call, she promised that it wouldn't take long. Billy thought to himself that he'd had his chance, and he wondered why he kept holding back from telling Victoria the truth.

Billy told himself that things would never change unless he made them change, and he steeled himself to tell Victoria what he had twisted up inside. Victoria returned, and he asked her to put her phone down and sit with him. She worried that he looked serious, and she assured him that he could tell her anything. He caressed her face and kissed her. "I need you," he firmly stated, and they kissed again and began to undress.

After having sex with Billy, Victoria apologized for having to spoil the moment by leaving. Billy understood that it was the next day in Australia, so she had to make a call. Inside his head, Billy willed himself to tell her to blow off the call and stay, but instead, he told her that the sooner she finished the call, the sooner she'd be back. She headed out, and he told himself to calm down and work off some energy. He started to pen a note.

At the Grand Phoenix, Chance received a text message from Abby with a Champagne emoji and a question mark. He wrote back to suggest that they get together that night, and she grinned excitedly when she received his response.

Victoria picked up takeout from Society and told Abby that she was preparing for a late night at the office. Abby noted that Victoria seemed cheerful for someone who was about to pull an all-nighter, and Victoria gushed about the time she'd spent with Billy that night. Victoria hoped the rest of the year made up for everything their family had been through in 2019, and she wondered what or who was behind the gleam in Abby's eye. Abby didn't want to jinx it, but she promised to let Victoria know if there was anything to tell.

Phyllis arrived at the Grand Phoenix, sauntered over to Chance, and slammed his computer shut. "Are you ready for this? I know I am," she bellowed, and he ordered her to attach a subject to the question. Phyllis assumed that Abby had run to him to gloat about firing her, and she knew Chance had been partially responsible. Chance confirmed that Abby had asked him to find out who'd messed with the security system, and all roads had led to Phyllis. He clucked that crooks didn't get to complain when the Feds busted them for the crimes they'd committed.

Phyllis turned the topic to Las Vegas, since Chance still hadn't explained what he and Adam had been doing in Sin City together. Chance advised her to stop bluffing with an empty hand, and she referred to a piece of the puzzle that involved a duffel bag and a gun. Chance called Phyllis' obsession with his time in Vegas as baffling as it was irritating. He pointed out that he worked undercover, so it wasn't unusual for him to sometimes carry a duffel bag or a gun. Phyllis countered that he hadn't been the one carrying them -- a sleazy little guy with a bad suit had.

Phyllis demanded to know what had been in the bag. Chance argued that without a subpoena, he wasn't required to tell her anything. He imagined that she was trying to get leverage on him or Adam; however, he had better things to do, and he recommended that she get a job to keep herself busy. Phyllis dared him to try to brush her off, but he wouldn't get rid of her because she knew she'd seen something big going down in Vegas. She vowed to find out what it had been.

Chance waited for Phyllis to run out of hot air, and he remarked that he could learn to like her if she wasn't such a "pain in the ass." She accused him of wanting everyone to think he was a Boy Scout, but she knew better because he was friends with Adam. She suggested that he take his bull and sling it at someone stupid enough to buy it, since she didn't. Chance encouraged her to stop and ask herself if her life was so empty that she had to spend it digging up dirt on other people.

Later, Abby joined Chance and hoped he hadn't started without her. He informed her that he'd almost had to, since Phyllis had chosen him as her target of the day when Abby hadn't been available. Abby figured that surviving Phyllis meant he was qualified to be head of security, and she asked if he was accepting her offer. Chance appreciated Abby's generosity, and she cut him off and said he didn't need to finish.

Abby understood that the job wouldn't be as important as keeping the world safe. Chance confided that he was thinking about handing that responsibility over to someone else, since he'd decided to stay in Genoa City for a while. She wondered if the place would be exciting enough for him, and he replied that it definitely had its charms. Chance wasn't sure what he'd do yet, but he wanted to take his time and see what happened. She proposed a toast to the future, and he invited her out on a date.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria sent a text message to Billy to say she loved him and their life. Meanwhile, Billy went to the dive bar and spotted Amanda sitting alone. She smiled and invited him to have a seat. Amanda asked Billy what was wrong. He insisted that nothing was wrong, since everything was perfect -- everything but him. Amanda said she knew a little about that, but she was starting over with a brand-new slate, leaving all her baggage behind. She declared that there was just that moment with no before or after, and she couldn't help thinking that it would be nice if it stayed that way.

Billy realized that he didn't know a "damn thing" about Amanda other than that she was an attorney who looked like Hilary. She called it an unfortunate coincidence, and he mentioned that he'd liked Hilary. Amanda stressed that she wasn't Hilary, and Billy asked who she was. She called herself someone who found it hard to trust people. She'd thought she'd been getting better at it, but she murmured that she apparently had a long way to go.

Billy shared with Amanda that he was the other side of the coin, since he wasn't sure he could trust himself with anything. She joked that they were quite the pair, and he said he should be getting home. She remarked that he had a life -- a perfect life. "That I do," he replied.

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