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The Young and the Restless Recap for Friday, August 16, 2019
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Friday, August 16, 2019

At Crimson Lights, Kyle stirred his coffee and ignored a call from Theo. Moments later, Kyle received a text message from Theo, noting that it was the end of Kyle's life as he knew it and asking if Kyle had any final wishes. Kyle opted not to respond, and he left.

Later, Summer found Phyllis at the coffeehouse, and Phyllis commented that it was her lucky day. Summer clarified that it was Kyle's day, and Phyllis asked what Summer had planned. Summer indicated that she knew what she'd like to do, and Phyllis suggested that they have a superhero movie marathon or indulge in some retail therapy. When Summer didn't react, Phyllis proposed that they go to the spa and then get tattoos. Summer shared that she was thinking of something more radical than that.

After Summer revealed what she wanted, Phyllis pledged to support Summer through anything, but she balked at what Summer had in mind. Summer acknowledged that it sounded crazy, but she thought it was the right thing to do. Summer cited the special connection she and Kyle had, and she liked to think that she'd always want what was best for him -- which was why she was going to the wedding. Phyllis argued that not much time had passed since Summer and Kyle had exchanged their own vows, and she wondered if Summer had forgotten how much he'd hurt her. Summer mentioned that she'd recently found out how much she'd hurt Kyle when she'd broken up with him years earlier, and there had been a constant act of forgiveness between them.

Summer hoped that she and Kyle both found happiness, even if it wasn't together. Phyllis questioned whether Summer was absolutely positive about going to the wedding, and Summer reasoned that she'd feel like she was hiding if she didn't go. Summer anticipated that it would probably hurt, and she might hate every second of it, but she would be there on her best behavior and look "pretty damn good" doing it. Summer added that she could use some moral support, and she requested that Phyllis join her as her plus-one. Phyllis murmured that nothing would make her happier than being by her daughter's side.

At home, Victoria left a message for Nick to let him know that everything was set for his supervised visitation. Billy zoned out as he flashed back to finding Delia's doll in his bed. Victoria asked what Billy had gotten the kids for dinner, but she noticed that he wasn't paying attention. Billy distractedly replied that he'd picked up both pizza and Chinese because he hadn't been able to decide. She wondered if he was okay, and he insisted that he'd never been better.

At the Abbott mansion, Traci couldn't believe that Kyle was getting married, and she enthused that it restored her faith in the universe. She declared that it was time for the Abbotts to celebrate after being through tribulations, and Ashley thought they should also be celebrating Traci's book. Traci also referred to Abby's success and the upcoming merger, and she looked forward to the Abbotts unifying and working together in harmony, including welcoming a new member into their family. A sullen Kyle arrived, and Traci asked what was wrong. Kyle fretted that there was a problem.

Kyle protested that he couldn't do it, but Traci assured him that it was natural to have jitters. He insisted that it was beyond cold feet, but Ashley was sure that Lola would love what he'd planned. Kyle had no issue with the fairy-tale day he'd put together, but the marriage part had him scared to death because divorce was in his DNA. He ranted that the Abbott family tree was full of nuts, broken branches, and doomed marriages, and he pointed out that Lola's family wasn't a shining example, either.

Kyle considered Lola to be different, because she was the best, most loving person he knew, and she deserved real happiness that lasted forever. Kyle added that Lola needed a guy who treated her like she was the most wonderful person to walk the earth, and that man's only goal should be to make an extraordinary woman feel like she had everything her heart desired. Ashley agreed with him unequivocally, and she firmly believed that Kyle was that man.

Ashley conceded that Kyle had a point, since he'd seen a million examples of how a marriage could go wrong. Traci implored Kyle to take everyone else's mistakes and learn from them by doing the opposite. Traci pointed out that he and Lola had already survived events that would destroy most relationships, and Ashley added that Kyle had already loved Lola through sickness and health. Traci referred to Lola's overprotective brothers and Kyle's marriage to someone else, and Ashley mentioned the couple's crazy work hours. Kyle wondered how to make their love last forever, and Traci encouraged him to take it day by day, since marriage wasn't something set in stone.

Traci cautioned that couples couldn't neglect or ignore a marriage by expecting it to work itself out, since marriage was a living thing that needed love to keep it alive. Ashley contended that marriage took commitment and attention, and she advised Kyle to meet the challenges and disagreements head-on. Ashley continued that if he had the choice between being right or happy, he should choose happiness. Traci urged him to always remember that out of all the people who ever were and ever would be, Kyle and Lola had chosen one another, and they should cherish that. Ashley recommended that Kyle talk to Lola about everything, to listen to her, and to be her rock. Traci expected Lola to be his rock, and she anticipated that the young couple would change in ways they couldn't even imagine.

Traci envisioned Kyle and Lola creating memories that would last a lifetime and traditions that they'd pass down to their children. Ashley insisted that there was no rush, since Kyle and Lola both had dreams, and they would help one another reach them. Traci asked if Kyle loved Lola, and he swore that he did more than he'd thought he could love anyone. He declared that she'd been his everything from the day they'd met, and Ashley told him to tell Lola that all the time. Ashley assured Kyle that he'd have the love and support of his very flawed family forever, and he asked what he'd do without them. Traci stated that he'd never have to worry about that, and the women hugged him.

Abby, Mariah, and Tessa helped Lola prepare for her wedding. Lola thanked Abby for sending the "glam squad," and Abby called Lola a knockout. Tessa chirped that Lola could walk down the aisle in her chef uniform, and Kyle would still think she had moonbeams in her eyes. Abby remarked that she'd always thought the love of Kyle's life would be a sports car, and Mariah found it adorable that he was keeping the wedding venue a secret. Lola confessed that she'd seen it the night before, when she'd caught Kyle putting on the finishing touches while she'd been taking a walk. Lola gushed that the setup was perfect, since Kyle had taken every one of her wishes and made them all happen.

Abby proposed a toast, and Mariah raised a glass of Champagne to "love, laughter, and happily ever after." Lola exclaimed that she felt like Cinderella, and it was a dream to have her three best friends there with her. She added that she hadn't felt like part of a friend group since middle school, and Mariah and Tessa felt the same way. Abby suspected that if it hadn't been for the three of them, Lola would have given up on Kyle months earlier.

Lola marveled that it was a friendship she'd never thought she'd have, and she wondered if they would still be there when she and Kyle were a boring old couple. Tessa swore that Lola couldn't get rid of them if she tried, and Mariah promised that they would love Lola forever. Abby announced that there was something important they had to do. Mariah presented Lola with something old, and Lola found an exquisite handbag inside a giftbox. Mariah explained that she'd found it at an antique shop, and it had screamed Lola's wedding.

Abby gave Lola something new -- a brand-new yet-to-be-named fragrance from Ashley's company. The women basked in the scent, and Lola declared it her new favorite thing. Tessa provided Lola with a blue garter, and Abby handed over diamond earrings as something borrowed. Abby suggested that Lola drop hints to her husband when she wanted her own pair, and Abby would make sure he got the purchase right. Lola cried that they'd already made it the most incredible day of her life, and she loved them. Mariah warned Lola not to cry, since they couldn't replicate what the glam squad had done. The women shared a group hug.

The guests began arriving for the wedding. Devon, Elena, and Victoria admired the venue, and Devon wondered whether Kyle had really done all of it himself. Victoria compared it to a dream, and Billy called it the best kind. Victoria imagined that it would be a beautiful ceremony, but Billy asked who needed weddings, anyway. Victoria contemplated being blissfully unmarried for the rest of their lives, and Billy planned to be in the front row to catch the garter and not marry her all over again. They kissed.

Traci, Ashley, and Kyle arrived, and Ashley was stunned that he'd transformed the place. Kyle compared it to what Lola had done to his heart. Kyle greeted Nate, who noted that Kyle had raised the bar. Devon approached and admitted that it was the last thing he'd expected when Abby had told him that Kyle was in charge of the wedding arrangements. Kyle stepped aside to talk to the priest.

Elena wondered if Nate would do everything himself when he got married, since he was a Renaissance man who could cook as well as perform organ transplants. Nate insisted that it would be a long time before he was ready to consider taking that step, and he walked away. Devon wondered what was going on with Nate and Abby, and Elena reported that the couple was on again. Jack asked to borrow the groom, and Kyle worried that something had happened.

Meanwhile, Rey arrived to check on Lola and stopped in his tracks when he saw his sister, but she warned him not to make her cry. He said there were a million things he wanted to tell her, but he didn't know what to say. Rey couldn't believe that "little Lola" was getting married. He felt like she'd just been a six-year-old, stomping around the kitchen and cooking up a storm. Lola recalled a time when Rey had told her that her recipe was better than their mother's, and it had been the day she'd known there was nothing she couldn't do, since she'd had the best role model.

Lola added that Rey had taught her the importance of having a dream, working hard, keeping her word, and never giving up. He called her his best student and a quick learner, and she credited him with giving her the courage and confidence to start her food truck. She realized that without that truck, she wouldn't have met the people who'd changed her life. Rey said he was proud. She remembered wanting to pull her hair out because he'd been so overprotective, but he'd helped to make her who she was that day.

Lola recognized that it hadn't been easy for Rey to step in for their father, since Rey had needed to give many things up. She knew that because of that, she'd never felt alone or less than anyone else, and it was because of him that she had met amazing people and was marrying an incredible man. Lola thought there was no word big enough to say thank you for being the best brother a sister could have, and they tearfully embraced.

Lola praised Rey for being there her entire life, and he replied that there was no place he'd rather be. She reflected back on their father-daughter dances and him teaching her to drive. He remarked that she was taking the step on a huge journey. They heard a familiar voice, and Lola was overjoyed to see that Celeste had made it. Rey smiled as Lola ran into her mother's arms.

Celeste refused to miss her baby's wedding, and she cried that her children had no idea how much she'd missed them. She apologized for the way she'd left, and Lola said she was sorry for making her mom feel like an outsider. Rey wondered if his flowers and emails had changed Celeste's mind, but she shared that a wise man had reminded her how precious those moments were, and she'd realized her place was there with them. Celeste pointed out that Jack understood what it was like to be cursed with beautiful, stubborn children, and he'd shown Celeste that she had to put Lola's happiness first.

Celeste questioned what kind of mother she would have been if she'd stayed away, and she choked back tears. Celeste proclaimed that she was happy that Lola had found someone who didn't just appreciate her but celebrated her independence and strength, and Lola replied that she'd gotten those traits from her incredible mother. Abby interrupted and was thrilled to see Celeste. Abby asked if Lola was ready to get married, and Lola took her mom's hand and asked if Celeste would do her the honor of walking her down the aisle with Rey. Celeste readily agreed, and Lola called them the two people responsible for making her the woman she was that day. Abby prepared to get Lola into her dress.

Kyle and Jack took their places at the end of the aisle. Kyle considered Jack convincing Celeste to be there to be the best gift his father could have given. Jack jokingly planned to take the other one back. Heads turned when Summer and Phyllis walked in, and the women quietly joined hands and took their seats. Abby walked down the aisle, and she and Nate exchanged smiles. Abby's expression darkened when she spied Summer.

The wedding march began, and Lola appeared, flanked by Rey and Celeste. The guests stood up, and Kyle and Lola beamed at one another as she slowly proceeded down the aisle. Someone peered out from behind a gauzy curtain and quickly ducked out of sight. Celeste followed the person and barked that he had a lot of nerve showing his face there. A man turned around and asked if she'd really thought he would miss their daughter's wedding.

The ceremony began. Celeste snapped that Adrian had no business being there after everything he'd done. He admitted that he'd made many regrettable mistakes, but he didn't want to add missing Lola's wedding to the list. He mused that Lola was beautiful and perfect, and Celeste asserted that it was because of her sacrifices and love. Adrian swore that he would forever be grateful, but Celeste spat that he didn't know what the words meant. She demanded that he respect Lola's wishes and have enough decency not to ruin the day for their daughter. Celeste returned to the ceremony, and Adrian continued to covertly watch.

The priest led Kyle and Lola in confirming that they intended to be joined in marriage, and he prompted the couple's family and friends to promise to help them in their marital journey by offering love and support. Kyle wiped away a tear from Lola's face. Summer struggled with emotion, and Phyllis said they were almost there. The priest instructed Kyle and Lola to take one another's hands and repeat after him.

Kyle and Lola exchanged vows, and Jack handed over the rings. The priest called the rings an outward, visible sign of the bond that already united their hearts, and Summer's lower lip quivered as Kyle placed the ring on Lola's finger. Adrian looked on as Lola pledged her love forever, and the priest wished them years filled with moments to celebrate their love. He declared them husband and wife, and Kyle planted a kiss on Lola before the priest could tell him to kiss the bride. The guests leaped to their feet and clapped, and the priest introduced Kyle and Lola Abbott.

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