A stabbing takes place at the Newman gala
The Young and the Restless Recap for Thursday, February 20, 2020
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Thursday, February 20, 2020

At the Grand Phoenix bar, Billy stared at his phone, looking at a photo from the Newman anniversary gala of Victoria, clad in a sleek white gown. Amanda approached, wearing an elegant white pantsuit, and remarked that it was quiet in there. He grumbled that half the town was off kissing Victor's ring, and she guessed that their invitations had been lost in the mail. Billy wondered if she would have gone if she'd received one, but Amanda preferred not to be around people who considered her a homewrecker who'd conspired to break Victoria's heart. Billy condemned the hypocrisy of it all, since everyone was celebrating Victor for living his life on his own terms with no compromises or apologies when that was all Billy was trying to do.

Amanda asked how Billy was recovering from the accident, and he insisted that he was fine, just like Nate had said he was. Amanda politely stated that she was glad Billy was okay, and she wished him a good evening. She began to walk away, but he called after her and noted that she seemed a little distant. She claimed that she was just busy, but he sensed that Nate's disapproval had something to do with it. Amanda asserted that she made her own decisions, just like Billy did. Billy figured that she'd better steer clear of him, anyway, since maybe he was a ticking time bomb. He made an exploding noise and headed up to his room.

A short time later, Billy returned to the lobby in a tuxedo. Amanda suspiciously asked where he was going, and he promised that there would be no accidents because he'd arranged for a car. She pointed out that he hadn't answered her question, and he announced that he was going to pay tribute to the man himself. Amanda warned that things wouldn't end well, and Billy joked that he had a great attorney to bail him out. She refused to do it if he went there looking for trouble. The car service notified Billy that his ride was outside, and he promised to behave himself and headed out. Someone watched Amanda as she followed Billy.

In the art gallery at the Newman Enterprises anniversary gala, Chance solemnly told Abby that there was something he needed to tell her that he should have told her earlier. She noted that it sounded serious, and she groaned that she'd had her fill of bad news for one day. Chance mentioned that it involved Adam and Phyllis, and Abby replied that it was never a good combination.

In the dining area, Victoria and Nick presented Victor with a gift. Victor discovered the replica of his former automobile and wondered how they'd known, but Nikki missed the significance. Victor shared that it was just like the old jalopy he'd driven through the Midwest while selling industrial soap out of his trunk. Victor mused that in a way, the car had gotten him to where he was then. Victor fawned over the gift and gushed that he was surrounded by the people he loved and cherished.

Chelsea spotted Adam staring at the close moment Victor was sharing with his family. She suggested that Adam join them, but he opted not to push things after his one successful moment with "Pops." He noted that the whole parade had been about Victor, but he intended to make the rest of the night about her.

Noah surmised that Summer and Kyle were officially back together, and Kyle confirmed they were. Summer indicated that their families thought it was too soon, but she and Kyle were adults, so everyone had to accept it. Noah warned that he'd never think Kyle was good enough for her, but if Kyle made her happy, then Noah was happy for her. The siblings hugged.

Sharon, Rey, Jack, and Phyllis observed Summer and Kyle's closeness from a short distance away. Rey pledged to keep his mouth shut out of respect for Sharon and Jack, and Jack admitted that he wasn't thrilled about Kyle and Summer's reunion, either. Sharon observed how happy Kyle and Summer were, and while she was sorry Lola had been hurt, she understood that the couple was in love with their whole lives to look forward to. Sharon continued that they'd all been where Kyle and Summer were, and she doubted that any of them had behaved differently.

Sharon suggested that everyone let Kyle and Summer be happy because life was too short. Jack wondered about Phyllis' take on it, and he was surprised when Phyllis adamantly agreed with Sharon. Phyllis added that some people never found their one true love, and they needed to hold on tight when they found it because it could be gone in a heartbeat. Phyllis became choked up as she locked eyes with Sharon.

Victor voiced surprise that Noah had returned to photography. Noah called it his first love, though he recognized that Victor had wanted him back at Newman Enterprises. Victor insisted that he wasn't disappointed, since three generations of Newmans had forged their own way. Victor proclaimed that the installation had moved him, and he praised Noah's talent and advised him to use it wisely. Victor acknowledged that Noah had paid homage to his grandfather, and he implied that there was someone else who would like to see Noah. Victor and Noah hugged, and Victor told him to say hello to his mother for him. A grateful Nick shook Victor's hand.

Sharon pulled Nikki aside and revealed that she had Stage 2 breast cancer. Sharon confided that the chemotherapy had been rough, but she was getting through it. Nikki recounted that her sister, Casey, had experienced nausea and fatigue while fighting cancer. Sharon mentioned that Nick had been great, and Nikki realized that it explained why he'd been visiting Sharon a lot. Sharon implored Nikki to be there for Nick, Noah, and Faith, since the treatment was almost as hard on the families as it was on the patients. Nikki agreed to do anything she could to help. She added that if Sharon could get past all their battles over the years, Sharon could beat that, too. A touched Sharon thanked her.

Rey was surprised when Sharon informed him that she'd told Nikki about the cancer. Sharon reasoned that it wasn't just about her anymore, since it was affecting everyone close to her, and she didn't want to saddle her loved ones with the additional burden of keeping a secret. Noah joined them and asked how she was feeling, and she admitted that it had been a long night. She asked Rey to take her home, but Noah volunteered to do it. Rey told them to go ahead.

Jill and Jack shared their mutual disbelief that they were there to honor Victor Newman. She conceded that while she'd hated the "son of a bitch," she had to admire what Victor had built to leave his mark. Jack pointed out that Victor had left some marks on the two of them, and they weren't the only ones. Jill assumed that Jack was worried about Billy, and Jack referred to his brother's series of bad choices. Jill mentioned that Billy hadn't been returning her calls, and she voiced concern about him isolating himself. She questioned whether it was really over between Billy and Victoria, and Jack confirmed that Victoria was done. Jill thought Billy needed a purpose to get off his treadmill of self-destruction.

Abby confronted Phyllis, who urged her to relax because it was a party. Abby demanded that they talk about how Phyllis had blackmailed Chelsea into selling her shares of the hotel. Phyllis preferred to talk about how Chelsea had put everyone in danger because of the hostage crisis, and she suggested that Abby be glad Phyllis had gotten Chelsea out. Abby wanted Phyllis out, but Phyllis stressed that they were 50-50 partners -- unless Abby wanted to sell Phyllis her shares.

Abby relayed that Chance had told her what had happened in Las Vegas. Phyllis guessed that Abby intended to stand by Chance, even though he'd committed a crime with Adam. Abby spat that blackmail was also a crime, and Phyllis should know, since she'd gone to prison for it. Phyllis suggested that Abby put herself out of her misery and sell her shares. "No way in hell," Abby retorted.

Adam spied Phyllis and Abby's heated conversation and guessed that he didn't need to ask what the skirmish was about. Chance regretted being careless enough to allow Phyllis to find out everything, but Adam figured that Chance hadn't been the first person she'd gotten the drop on, himself included. Adam wasn't particularly concerned that Phyllis had them on tape, but Chance warned that she'd use it as a weapon for as long as she wanted -- and she wouldn't stop at the hotel.

Adam credited Phyllis with being tenacious, and he admitted that she'd won the round. He anticipated that they'd be off Phyllis' radar because she was happy with half the hotel, but eventually, she would cross the line and give them enough dirt to turn it around on her. Chance wasn't so sure, but Adam recalled that he'd done the dance with her before, and he was confident about how it would turn out. Chance clucked that things hadn't turned out well for Chelsea. Adam conceded that losing the hotel had been a blow, but Chelsea was free. Chance worried that Abby was still in Phyllis' crosshairs, but Adam countered that it was on Abby if she chose to hang onto the "Grand Albatross."

Meanwhile, Phyllis offered to pay more than the shares were worth, but Abby maintained that her answer was still no. Abby suggested that Phyllis go mingle with her friends -- if she could find any there. Abby stormed off, and Nick approached and remarked that Phyllis had a unique talent for ticking people off. He'd thought Phyllis had gotten past stirring up trouble, but she replied that a girl sometimes had to put on a crown just so people knew what they were dealing with.

Later, Chance asked Abby how things had gone with Phyllis. Abby growled that she wanted to crush Phyllis, and she had to figure out how.

Paul and Christine strolled through the art gallery and admired Noah's talent. Christine marveled that Victor had the gift of a loving family, and Paul remarked that family members were more forgiving than the rest of them. Christine said she'd pretty much forgiven Victor, but Paul reminded her that Victor's lawsuit had led to her stepping down as D.A. She swore that she'd let it go, and she loved her life then because she got to be a private person. She was happy to let Victor have the glory, since it meant more to him than it ever would to her.

Victoria was glad to see both Paul and Christine there, since there had been tension between them and Victor. Paul thought no one could deny Victor's accomplishments, and Christina asked where Billy was hiding. "Billy Abbott will never come near a Newman event again," Victor huffed as he joined them.

Victoria returned to the main room, where Jill cornered her. Victoria preferred not to discuss her breakup with Billy. Jill empathized with how frustrating he could be, but she stressed that he was a good man deep down. Victoria stated that she didn't care anymore, since Billy wanted more out of life than what she had to offer.

Jill approached the coat check, and Jack asked if she was leaving. She groused that she wasn't in a partying mood after a talk with Victoria, since it looked like it really was over for Victoria and Billy. Meanwhile, Billy entered the party and greeted Lauren and Michael. Billy asked where Victoria was, and Lauren directed him toward the art installation. Billy ordered tequila at the bar.

Elena observed how chummy Kyle and Summer were, and she wondered where Lola was. Devon spotted Amanda walk in and thought a better question was what she was doing there. Amanda searched for Billy as someone continued to watch her.

Phyllis found Nick looking at a large image of Victor in the art installation. She noted that Nick had been living in the shadow of a legend, calling the iconic man "Dad." Nick imagined that Victor was more infamous than iconic in her mind and that she wanted to smash the installation into a thousand pieces. Phyllis reflected back on how Victor had groomed Nick to follow in his footsteps; Nick had disappointed and betrayed his father, yet Victor had never stopped loving him and vice versa. Nick was amazed by how Phyllis could drive his little sister crazy one minute and dig deep into his soul the next.

Phyllis called it one of her many talents and gifts, and Nick wondered how she just turned it on and off like that. She suspected that he'd figured her out by then, but he replied that each time he thought he had, she threw him another curveball. Phyllis reasoned that it was why he couldn't cut ties with her, no matter how angry she made him. Nick thought their daughter also had something to do with it. Phyllis thought it drove him crazy to leave things unfinished, and she compared herself to a puzzle piece that he was trying to make fit somewhere.

Nick requested a hint, and Phyllis swore that she was the same woman she'd always been. Phyllis believed Nick saw her and knew who she was -- deeply flawed with quirks and a heart. He called it a huge heart that was sometimes so big it scared her into doing crazy things to try to protect it. She recognized that he was the one person in the world who knew her better than anyone else, and she leaned in and kissed him. She pulled away, smiled, and walked out.

As guests began to clear out of the restaurant, Adam told Chelsea that he was sorry that she'd had to give up her hotel shares, and he hated that she'd had to pay for one of his mistakes. She reminded him that he'd paid for many of hers, and she thought Phyllis had done her a favor, since the hotel hadn't been her passion. Adam encouraged Chelsea to go back to her design business, and she planned to do it when the time was right. She felt that they had lost a lot of time together, and she wanted to do everything she could to make up for it.

Adam regretted every second he'd lost with Chelsea and Connor, and it wasn't enough just to have them both back -- he wanted to make sure he never lost his family again. Chelsea swore that it would never happen, but Adam pledged to make sure of it. He wanted the perfect life and future that they both deserved. She lectured that no one had the perfect life, but everything felt right. Adam promised to make sure it stayed that way, and he declared that he was ready to take the vow to make it official.

Adam dropped to one knee and asked, "Chelsea Lawson, will you marry me?" He understood if she had doubts. She stammered that she wasn't having doubts, but she was just trying to take in the moment when they'd realized they could have it all back again. She cried that in her heart, she'd always felt like his wife, and she happily accepted his proposal. They embraced.

Nikki haughtily hoped Phyllis had enjoyed the party, since it would have been a shame if she hadn't had a good time after she'd crashed the event. Phyllis was sure she was the last person Victor had wanted to see, but Victor replied that not even she could spoil the occasion for him. Phyllis noted that it had been a great evening for them all, and she wished them a great night.

After Phyllis departed, Victor asked if Phyllis had upset Nikki, but Nikki merely referred to her as an annoying mosquito that wouldn't go away. Nikki mentioned that she'd just found out Sharon had cancer, and Victor revealed that he'd known but that Nick had told him not to say anything. Nikki murmured that hearing something like that made her appreciate how lucky they were to still be there together, happy and healthy. Victor held her close and agreed that it meant everything.

Billy entered the art gallery and scoffed at the shrine to the Newman patriarch. Amanda joined him as someone watched. Billy was glad Amanda had decided to join the party, and he suggested that they mock the tribute to Victor's ego together. She insisted that he get out of there, but he protested that he hadn't seen the royal family yet. Amanda pointed out that Billy was drunk, and she appealed to him to leave to save her from running into the Newmans.

Billy ranted that the Newmans had no right to judge Amanda. Amanda cupped Billy's face in her hands as she attempted to reason with him. Ripley glowered at them from the shadows. As Amanda and Billy bickered, a man bumped into Ripley, who became distracted and didn't see Amanda storm off.

Victoria joined Billy and ordered him to leave, but he was determined to stick around. As Billy ranted about how Victor had destroyed people's lives, the lights in the exhibit dimmed. Ripley made a beeline for Victoria and stabbed her in the side. As Ripley slipped away, Victoria staggered over to the wall to brace herself. Billy called to her, and she turned toward him, clutching her side. He saw the blood seeping through her white dress as she collapsed in his arms.

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