Chance gives Adam an ultimatum
The Young and the Restless Recap for Thursday, September 17, 2020
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Thursday, September 17, 2020
by Nel

At the penthouse, Adam told Chelsea that she needed to be aware that things would get ugly when they went after Victor. She said she was aware. Adam stated that they needed to start immediately, but Chelsea said they needed to go after Billy first. Adam asked what had gone down between Billy and Alyssa, but Chelsea wasn't sure. She said if Billy and Alyssa joined forces, then Adam would be the first person they went after. She warned Adam not to underestimate Billy, but Adam claimed that Billy was nothing but an annoyance. He said no one would take Billy seriously, and that included his family.

Chelsea told Adam that the last thing he needed was to answer questions about Vegas or Kansas. If Billy and Alyssa were working together, those would be the first places they would delve into. Chelsea claimed she had to see what Billy had. She claimed she had a plan. She told Adam to leave Billy to her, and she promised they would get everything they needed. Adam said he was concerned because Chelsea and Billy had a history. Chelsea admitted that Billy wouldn't be forthcoming, but she told Adam not to worry and to give her a little credit. She asked Adam if he trusted her. Adam stated he trusted her with his life.

At ChanceComm, Billy complimented Theo on some work Theo had done. After thanking Billy, Theo asked if Billy knew where Amanda was. Billy said she was out of the office, and he asked Theo if he was interested in Amanda. Theo smiled and said he'd planned to ask Billy the same question. Billy stated he wasn't interested in dating anyone. Theo claimed he was happy dating Lola. Billy informed Theo that Amanda was dating a doctor.

Billy changed the subject and told Theo he was sitting on a big true crime story, and he wondered if Theo knew anyone who would be interested in reporting that story. He said it was epic and would shake up the town.

At home, Devon attempted to explain to Elena about his Hilary comment, but Elena said she'd always known how much he'd loved Hilary. Devon said he'd been responding to something Amanda had said, and in the process, he'd become emotional. Elena said she understood that for Devon, it had been like looking into Hilary's eyes again. Amanda appeared completely oblivious to Elena and Devon's conversation. She said that they couldn't imagine what it was like knowing she'd had a sister. She said she could imagine Hilary descending the stairs and having her whole life ahead of her. Annoyed, Elena said she and Devon needed to talk, and she asked Amanda to excuse them.

Amanda asked Elena if she'd said something wrong, but Elena said that Devon needed to process everything. She said that Amanda had no idea what it was doing to Devon. Amanda said that Devon had given her answers to questions she'd been asking all her life, and since she'd discovered that she'd had a twin, Amanda needed to know more. She thanked Devon for the information. She hoped they could meet again over coffee, and he could tell her more about Hilary and perhaps show her a photo album. Elena firmly stated that Devon had told Amanda everything he could. Amanda appeared offended and stormed out.

Once they were alone, Elena asked why Devon was so quiet. Devon responded that he had a lot of crazy things going through his mind, and he wasn't sure what would come out of his mouth. Elena told him to focus on something other than Amanda and Hilary, but Devon couldn't. He said that what Elena had heard had been out of context. He explained that Amanda had been persistent. She either hadn't seen the pain he was in, or she'd ignored it.

Elena said that Amanda had pushed Devon to talk about Hilary. He said he knew he'd hurt Elena. Elena said that Devon had spoken the truth, and it was something they had been dancing around since they'd been together.

Elena told Devon she'd always known how special Hilary had been to him. He'd had a true and deep love for Hilary. That would never fade. Devon told her that Hilary was his past; Elena was with him, and he loved her. He said she was special to him, and she was every bit as important to him as Hilary had been. Devon claimed that Elena had made it sound like he was fixated on his memories of Hilary, and for that, he apologized. Elena told him not to apologize because those memories belonged to him, but Devon said he was sorry for the way she'd heard his comment. He wanted to explain where it had come from.

Elena told Devon that Amanda had forced him to deal with his pain, sadness, and regrets -- all the agonizing memories he'd been dealing with, and Amanda had made them fresh again. Devon said Amanda hadn't done it intentionally. Elena reminded him that she'd been with him right after Hilary's death, and she'd watch him go through the pain. Devon told her that Amanda wasn't going to set their lives back because he wouldn't allow that to happen, but Elena said that Amanda was trying to build a bond with him. He said that he was the only person that Amanda could talk to.

Elena told Devon that he'd given Amanda enough information, and for their sake, she didn't want Amanda to return looking for more information. She said Devon was kind and generous, but she didn't want him to feel obligated to help Amanda unearth her history. She had to find the answers herself. Devon agreed. He said that he'd helped her by providing Hilary's DNA, but it ended there. Amanda would have to find information on her own. While Devon hugged Elena, he missed a call from Amanda.

Working at Crimson Lights, Mariah was frustrated because the coffee machine wasn't working. Lola arrived and told her to turn off the machine and turn it back on. Mariah proclaimed Lola a genius when the coffee began to pour. Mariah asked how Lola had known she'd needed a friend at that moment. Lola smiled and said because she needed a friend at that moment, as well.

Sitting at a table, Lola told Mariah she didn't want to talk about Theo. She asked about Sharon and how Mariah was doing. Mariah said she'd been trying to be Sharon's cheerleader, but it was difficult to know whether or not it helped because she could never tell if Sharon was having a good or bad day. She claimed it was frustrating. Lola said that Mariah was a good daughter, and Sharon knew it and loved her.

Mariah asked Lola about Theo. Lola said she'd known what she'd been getting into with Theo, but sometimes she overreacted because of something he did or said. She said she'd been expecting a little more from him, and she didn't want to examine everything he did. Lola said her eyes were wide open when it came to Theo, but perhaps she'd set the bar too high. Mariah claimed that Lola deserved the best. Lola smiled and said that Theo hadn't cheated on her. They'd had a few miscommunications, but their relationship was band new.

Mariah told Lola that if she was getting bad vibes from Theo, she needed to listen to them. Lola said Theo was unpredictable, but he was warm and caring. She claimed her gut was telling her that she really liked Theo.

In the meantime, Thea was at Society and talking on the phone. He told the person on the other end that Billy had an epic true crime story he thought would be perfect for that person. Chelsea sat at the bar and eavesdropped. After Theo ended his call, Chelsea apologized and said that the last time she'd been at Society with a friend, he'd offered to buy her a drink.

Over drinks, Chelsea and Theo engaged in small talk, and during the conversation Chelsea told him she needed someone to launch her clothing line. She asked if Theo would do that. He said he couldn't because he was exclusive to ChanceComm. She pretended to be very impressed. Theo said he could have the media people run a story or two about her fashion line. Chelsea gushed and said that fate had brought them together. She asked if Theo could give her a tour of the offices, since they would be helping launch her clothing line. Theo agreed.

Lola had been standing behind a pillar and overheard Theo and Chelsea, and she watched them leave together.

Mariah arrived at Society and asked Lola for a takeout order. She noticed Lola's mood was low, and she asked what Theo had done. Lola said she didn't know, but she'd seen Theo with Chelsea earlier. Mariah assured Lola that Chelsea had questionable taste in men. Lola said that Theo and Chelsea had been laughing and flirting, and then they'd left together. Mariah said there was probably a logical reason for them leaving together. Lola wasn't sure if Theo was doing business or making moves on someone in her restaurant.

Chance arrived at Adam's motel room. Adam was annoyed that Chance had informed Chelsea where he'd been staying, and he told Chance that he was moving back home. Adam said that Chance had been a good friend, and he clarified that he and Sharon hadn't been having an affair. Chance said they needed to talk about Vegas. Adam said it was being handled and would go away, and that was all Chance needed to know. Chance stated he wouldn't leave until he got some real answers. Adam asked him what the problem was because the past was in the past, and they needed to move forward. Chance said that Vegas was a current problem, and he needed to know what Adam was planning.

Chance told Adam that no one would stand in judgment of what an eleven-year-old boy had done while protecting his mother. However, Vegas was deeper and darker, and he didn't like being shoved to the side. Adam told him to "back the hell off." Chance said that Chelsea had told him about the ordeal Adam had gone through in Kansas and how he'd blocked out the incident. Adam claimed it was part of the past. Chance stated the Vegas was the present, and he hope that Adam hadn't crossed any lines. Adam said he was too late. Chance asked what he was too late for, and he wanted to know if Adam was going to fill him in or if it was another part of Adam's game.

Adam claimed he didn't have to tell Chance anything because Chance was no longer a federal agent. He said the last time he'd checked, Chance ran a security company, and they didn't wear a badge. Chance said that the Genoa City Police Department did, and he explained that Paul had asked him to rejoin the force as a detective. Chance said he wouldn't let Adam jeopardize that, and if Adam planned to cross any lines, he'd better not include Chance. He said that time, he wouldn't hate himself for any decision he'd make, and whatever was left of their friendship would take a backseat with the law. Adam said that it went both ways, and he left.

At ChanceComm, Billy noticed that Amanda looked troubled, and he asked if she was okay. She said she wasn't and explained that she'd had a twin sister that she'd never known, and she was sure she'd alienated her brother-in-law. When Amanda realized she was discussing something personal with Billy, she yelled at Billy to keep things professional and to stick to the boundaries they'd set. Billy told her that he'd been trying to be a friend, but he wouldn't ask any more questions.

Amanda calmed down and said she needed a friend. She told Billy she was ready to cry, but she wasn't that person because she was always in control. Billy said he would be there to pick her up if she fell. Amanda said she'd suspected she'd had a sister, and it had turned out to be true. She said the reality was overwhelming. Billy asked if she had any other relatives. Amanda only knew that her mother had passed away years earlier. She said it appeared that Devon had wanted to tell her more; however, Elena had arrived, and Devon had shut down.

Amanda told Billy that she'd felt the door open and then slammed in her face after she'd been told that Hilary had been pregnant with Devon's child. Billy said that Devon might come around. He said he hadn't known Hilary very well, but many people had. He was sure they would be able to help her get to know what Hilary had been like.

Amanda said that Billy was a good friend, but she was hesitant to open up to him because it encompassed all their boundaries. Billy promised not to cross any lines. Amanda said she was all in.

A short time later, Theo arrived at ChanceComm with Chelsea to give her the tour. He told Chelsea that Lily was out of town, and Billy was at a meeting. Chelsea faked a cough and asked Theo for a glass of water. While she was alone, Chelsea placed a listening device behind a lamp as Billy waked in and asked her what was going on.

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• Victoria proposes that Billy run a story about a son that will stop at nothing to kill his own dad.

• Adam tells Victor that it would be best for Connor to be far away from Genoa City.

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