Victoria responds to Billy's proposal
The Young and the Restless Recap for Thursday, April 18, 2019
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Thursday, April 18, 2019

At Victoria's house, an irritated Victoria was sure that Phyllis had an excellent reason for yelling for Billy from the front porch. Billy scolded Phyllis for possibly scaring the kids, and Phyllis asked how Johnny and Katie were doing, since she missed them. Phyllis chided Billy for pretending that she hadn't hung out with them for months, and she demanded to speak with him right away about unfinished business. Billy firmly stated that they were finished, both at Jabot and personally.

Phyllis suspected that Billy wouldn't want to get into it with Victoria there and the kids upstairs, and Victoria ordered him to take Phyllis somewhere else. Billy refused to let Phyllis ruin the evening, but Victoria accepted that Phyllis wouldn't leave. Billy insisted that his conversation with Victoria was more important than anything Phyllis had to say, but Victoria urged him to go and assured him that she'd be waiting. Phyllis sauntered out, and Billy pressed the ring box into Victoria's hand, kissed her, and promised he'd be back. Billy headed out, and Victoria opened the box and gazed at the ring.

In her hotel room, Phyllis paced and checked her phone. There was a knock at the door, and Phyllis blasted Billy for keeping her waiting. He explained that he'd taken a minute to calm himself down after she'd "pissed [him] off" with her compulsion to get between him and Victoria. Phyllis noted the romantic setting she'd walked in on, and she was glad Victoria was making him work for it. Phyllis demanded that Billy be held accountable for what he'd done, but he argued that she'd been kicked out of Jabot for losing the company's new patents.

Phyllis angrily asked if Billy had really thought she'd forgotten, and she questioned how little her pain meant to him. She informed him that Summer had broken down in her arms that night because of him. Billy asserted that he hadn't forgotten about Summer, but he'd had no way of knowing it was why Phyllis was upset at that moment. He admitted that it had been the worst jerk move he'd made in his life, but both she and Summer knew he regretted it. Phyllis scoffed at the thought that all had been forgiven.

Phyllis accused Billy of not only hurting her daughter but continuing to kick her in the butt by throwing her under the bus at Jabot. Billy countered that it was all on her, but Phyllis defended that she'd taken the hit even though Kerry had fooled everyone. Phyllis excoriated Billy for cheering on every bad thing that had happened in her life, especially Nick leaving her. She reminded Billy that Nick and Jack didn't know about what had happened between Billy and Summer. Billy swore that he didn't want to rejoice in Phyllis' misery anymore -- he just wanted it to be over. Phyllis asked what he planned on doing about it.

Phyllis thought she was owed retribution, but Billy warned that her returning to Jabot wasn't an option. She confirmed that she never wanted to go back there again, but Jack had foiled her plan to run Fenmore's with Lauren by canceling Phyllis' severance package and pulling Lauren back into the Jabot fold. Billy pointed out that he'd had nothing to do with that, and Phyllis admonished him for washing his hands of her like they'd never been involved. He stressed that they were no longer together, but she reminded him that she'd supported him when he'd wanted to be CEO of Jabot and that she'd bailed him out when he'd gambled away company property.

Billy surmised that Phyllis wanted cash for services rendered, and she clarified that she wanted capital to start her own business. She reiterated that she'd been his cheerleader and support system, and he imagined that she'd tell everyone about him and Summer if he said no. Phyllis recognized that her kid didn't deserve that, even if Billy did. Phyllis was determined to get the money even without him, but she was sick of fighting with him and wanted to be done with him and the Abbotts forever. Phyllis suggested it as a way to make amends so that they could finally be done. He asked how much she needed.

Meanwhile, Victoria stared at the engagement ring. She sent a text message to Victor, saying she missed her dad and could use his advice. She flashed back to various times when Billy had attempted to win her back, but she'd shot him down because of all the ways he'd hurt her. She reflected back on when he'd awakened from his coma and told her to take the kids and be free of him.

Victoria flashed back to happily reminiscing with Billy about their drunken wedding in Jamaica. She recalled being with him when he'd been in the hospital, calling him her second chance and insisting that he go home to her and the kids to make things work. She snapped out of her daydream when she heard the door open, and Billy walked in. He hoped he wasn't too late, and she pointedly replied, "No, you're not."

Victoria inquired about Phyllis' unfinished business, and Billy claimed that it had been Phyllis' urgent way of telling him about a business idea she had. Victoria was surprised that Phyllis had expected him to invest in her new company, and she imagined that Phyllis had lost it when he'd said no. Billy opted not to talk about Phyllis anymore, but Victoria asked if Phyllis thought he was still in love with Phyllis. Billy confirmed that Phyllis had said she hated him, along with other insults. Victoria was confused, and Billy vaguely stated that he'd done what he'd needed to do to keep the peace.

Victoria wondered why Billy had needed to be the one to make nice when Phyllis had ruined his father's company. Billy turned the topic to wanting to spend the rest of his life with Victoria, and he asked if she'd looked at the ring while he'd been gone. He envisioned her holding it in her hand and gazing at it with love and excitement, thinking about all the ways they would be great for one another. Victoria admitted that she had, but she'd also considered what a disaster they could be. Billy conceded that there was always a chance of that, but he knew in his head and his heart that it wouldn't happen that time. Victoria apologized for not being able to give him an answer.

Billy surmised that Victoria needed more time to say yes. Victoria reminded him that she'd told him she wanted to take things slowly, but he countered that they had been doing so for four or five years. She realized that he meant since their divorce, but she was determined to do things right if they were to try again. She stressed that she didn't want them to hurt one another, and she especially didn't want to hurt the kids.

Victoria suggested that she hold onto the ring for the time being. Billy recognized that they'd been through a battle, but at least they knew where to step to avoid the slings and arrows, and he wanted them to support one another to be their best selves. He agreed to give her time to say yes -- as long as she wasn't saying no. Victoria confirmed that she wasn't saying no, and they kissed.

At the cottage, Mariah and Tessa showed Sharon and Rey a copy of the note that had been attached to the brick that had been thrown through the Crimson Lights window. Mariah explained that the police had the original, and Rey anticipated that it would be a long shot to pull off prints. Rey quizzed Mariah and Tessa about what had happened, and they reported that there had been no witnesses because they'd closed the coffeehouse early for their date. Sharon wondered if there could be a connection to the time Tessa had been attacked at Crimson Lights, but Mariah pointed out that the note had been meant for her. Mariah warned Sharon not to blame Tessa.

Sharon apologized if it had sounded like she'd implied Tessa was responsible, and Rey asked if Mariah had ever received a message like that before. Mariah thought it was natural, since she hosted a talk show that was a guilty pleasure for people. Rey inquired whether she'd gotten any messages about ruining someone's life, and Mariah admitted that she hadn't gone through all her emails. Tessa offered to check them to try to find a connection, and Rey hoped to track the person through their phone or computer. Sharon thought there had to be a camera near the coffeehouse that had caught someone carrying a brick. Mariah appreciated their willingness to help, but she chalked it up to it being a one-time deal, and she expected the culprit to get away with it.

Sharon and Rey separately tended to matters over the phone. Sharon reported that a repairperson was putting plywood over the window and would replace the glass in the morning. Mariah offered to pay for it. Rey indicated that the police would send cars by Mariah and Tessa's apartment building several times that night. Sharon invited the women to stay there, but Mariah objected to moving in or getting bodyguards. Sharon encouraged Mariah to tell Devon what had happened so that he could arrange for extra security, but Mariah refused to disrupt her life over a note.

Sharon lectured that she just wanted Mariah to be safe, and Rey recommended that Mariah and Tessa shake up their routines, since the incident obviously hadn't been a spontaneous thing. He advised them to stay aware and pay attention to anything unusual, but Mariah scoffed at the idea of full-on paranoia. Mariah insisted on going home, and Rey volunteered to drive them. Tessa promised that she would take care of Mariah, who swore that it was all she needed. Mariah and Tessa headed out, and Rey wrapped his arms around a worried Sharon.

Rey assured Sharon that Mariah would be safe. Sharon loved that he was so protective, but she clucked that not every damsel needed to be his problem. He acknowledged that she didn't want him to take the gig with Nikki, but he thought Nikki was legitimately concerned about her husband. Sharon conceded that sometimes Nikki worried for the right reasons, but she was certain that Victor wouldn't appreciate Rey interfering in his life. Sharon added that Victor always had and always would take care of himself.

Sharon said she wouldn't be surprised if Victor was involved in something shady, and she cautioned Rey against taking the job. Rey figured that he owed Victor and Nikki after accusing Victor of murder, but Sharon implored him to work through his guilt another way. Sharon warned that Victor had a way of taking advantage of people, and Rey flirtatiously replied that the only person he wanted to take advantage of was her. She asked if that was his way of changing the subject, and she suggested that he try harder. They kissed.

While in a state of undress, Rey asked what Sharon was thinking. She recalled when they'd been alone in the hotel room on official business, and he remembered silently suffering in the dark. She teased that he'd only suffered because he'd chosen to sleep in an awful chair, but he insisted that it hadn't been the only painful part, since she'd been close enough to touch. She recounted that he hadn't done so, and he replied that he hadn't been able to. "You can now," she purred, and they kissed passionately. He scooped her up into his arms and carried her upstairs.

Sharon and Rey cuddled in bed after making love, and she assumed that he'd take the job offer, despite the reasons she'd given him not to. She admitted that she was being selfish, since they'd finally gotten to that point, and she'd have to watch him run off to Las Vegas. He insisted that it was about work and not running, and he promised that he wouldn't be gone an hour longer than he needed to be. He added that he was where he belonged, and they kissed.

At Devon's penthouse, Jett played the piano and practiced singing scales. Ana thought his voice sounded strong, but he worried that it wasn't strong enough. She urged him not to push himself for the restaurant opening, and he voiced concern that he'd blow his shot at a comeback if his voice gave out. Ana figured that Devon had enough artists on the roster to find a replacement, and Jett realized that she was as nervous as he was. He reasoned that if he couldn't do it, she wouldn't have to. She sensed that it wasn't the right time for either of them, and Jett contemplated how they'd tell Devon.

Devon arrived home and asked if Jett and Ana were excited about the following day. Ana contended that it would be an important night for Devon, Abby, and Lola, so everything had to be perfect. Ana fretted that she and Jett didn't have much experience singing together, whereas Devon had other artists on the roster who were ready to hit the ground running. Devon agreed to send someone else in to perform if they were sure, and Ana and Jett insisted that they didn't want to blow it for him. Devon swore that he would never force his artists to do something they weren't comfortable doing, but he had to figure out what to do with the promotional posters he'd had made.

Devon displayed the flashy poster featuring Ana and Jett, and father and daughter looked at one another in amazement. Devon was disappointed to let the photo shoot go to waste, and Jett observed that Ana looked beautiful on the poster. Jett added that he didn't look bad, either, and Devon joked that he'd had it touched up. Ana remarked that it seemed so official, and Devon indicated that everyone was excited about them.

Devon referred to social media posts about the original being back in the game and how it was something to stand in line for. Jett had figured that his fans had assumed he was dead, but Devon insisted that they were thinking and talking about Jett and his music. Devon understood that Ana and Jett were nervous, but he really believed it would be a great night for them and their fans. "All six of them," Jett quipped. Devon hesitated to put them in the spotlight unless they thought it was best for everyone involved. Ana and Jett exchanged a glance and agreed to perform.

Later, Elena emerged downstairs with a stack of garments to show to Ana. Elena apologetically recalled that she'd been a very busy medical student for a long time, and Ana guessed that Elena hadn't gotten out much. Elena held up a dress, and Ana noted that it would be perfect for an interview. Elena displayed the next one, and Ana winced and thought it would be perfect for church. Elena lamented that she hadn't had much of a social life, and Ana suggested they go shopping.

Elena balked at buying a dress she might only wear once, and she planned to reach out to friends to raid their closets. Ana realized that Elena hadn't mentioned friends before, and Elena considered dressing up one of her own frocks with accessories. Devon entered and asked if they were having a fashion show, and Ana informed him that Elena was figuring out what to wear to the opening. Devon invited Elena to go shopping on him as a gift, but Elena curtly replied that it wouldn't be necessary.

Once alone, Ana told Devon that Elena was proud, and he realized that he hadn't been thinking. Ana admitted that she'd almost done the same thing, but Elena had made it clear that she wasn't taking handouts. Devon insisted that it would have been a gift, and he compared it to Ana rejecting his financial help. Ana thought that Elena had the money but that buying an outfit to wear one time seemed like a waste to her. Devon hated the thought of Elena being self-conscious at the opening, and Ana offered to help. He had a better idea.

Later, Elena groaned that Devon had opened his home to her, yet she hadn't even been civil to him. Ana assured her that Devon understood, but Elena imagined that they assumed she'd throw a fit whenever someone tried to be nice to her. Devon returned with an armful of dresses that he'd never cleared out, and he explained that they'd been gifts to Hilary that had never been touched. He suggested that Elena take a look to see if there was anything she might like to wear.

Elena admired the dresses, and Devon mentioned that there were more upstairs if she didn't find one that fit. Elena protested that he'd obviously wanted to save his wife's things. Devon swore that he wouldn't have offered if he wasn't okay with it, and he was sure that Hilary would have done the same thing. Elena asked what Ana thought, and Ana called her brother a sweetheart. Elena thanked him.

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