Kelly Ripa
Kelly Ripa reportedly wants a break from AMC
Posted Monday, May 03, 1999 - 11:25:25 AM
From time to time, everyone wants some time off from their job. For the past year, Kelly Ripa has been part of at least one front burner storyline and appeared on AMC nearly every day.

While it's far from a done deal, insiders report that Kelly might not renew her contract with AMC when it expires this fall. With husband Mark Consuelos (Mateo), Kelly has a two year-old son. Unfortunately, Kelly hasn't been able to spend all that much time with her son because of her heavy workload.

Kelly joined the cast of AMC way back in 1990. She's definitely come a long, long way since she jetted into town with black hair. Some viewers have compared Hayley to a young Erica.

It's entirely possible that the writers could cut down on the number of front burner storylines for the actress. That way Kelly could stay with the show and she'd have the time she wants and needs to be with her family. Otherwise, it's possible that the actress might step aside.

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