Nicholas Terry Hudson
Actor History
Justin Chamber (May 1995 - June 1995)
Kevin McClatchy (June 1995 - December 1996)
Mark Mortimer (December 1996 - June 1999)
Also Known As
Nicholas Terry (birth name)
Reporter at The Herald
Busboy at Sassy's
Bartender at The Harbor Club
Resides At
2246 Pine St.
Marital Status
Past Marriages
Marguerite Cory (annulled)

Michael Hudson (father)
Diana Terry (mother) (deceased)
Marley Love Hudson (half-sister; twin)
Victoria Hudson McKinnon (half-sister; twin)
Joe Hudson (great-grandfather)
Margaret Hudson (great-grandmother)
Clara Hudson (Garrison) (grandmother)
John Hudson (uncle)
Gregory Hudson (cousin)
Flings & Affairs
Sofia Carlino
Remy Woods
Crimes Committed
Arrested for car boosting
Stole a gift for Sofia from the jewelry shop
Accused and arrested for raping Toni Burrell
Kidnapped Kirkland Harrison and Steven Frame
Brief Character History

Nick grew up without a father figure. Nick's mother, Diana, died in 1994. After her mother died, Nick went looking for his father, Michael Hudson. The two reunited and Nick helped save his father's life from leukemia. Nick met Sofia Carlino, when she broke into Carlino's restaurant. The two hit it off with each other and began dating. Nick accidentally stole a gift for Sofia, while picking up the rings for Joe and Paulina's secret wedding. Nick proposed to Sofia and she accepted.

However, Nick slept with Maggie and conceived a "child" with her. Nick told Sofia and she dumped him. Nick and Maggie were later married, but Nick never felt anything for Maggie. Nick found out that Maggie was faking her pregnancy and divorced her. Nick tried to woo back Sofia from Matthew and it eventually worked. Nick and Sofia's relationship became strained when Nick was arrested for raping Toni Burrell. Nick's past with Joanne Taylor resurfaced, and he was sentenced to prison for raping Toni Burrell. However, it was proven that Nick could not have been the rapist, and he was set free.

Nick and Sofia continued dating and got engaged again. However, Sofia's best friend, Tomas, wanted to be with Sofia, but Sofia chose Nick. The two were about to be married when Nick received some bad news: his father was killed in an accident. Sofia and Nick grew apart from each other from this period. Nick had to deal with the news that Victoria, his half-sister, was the cause of his father's death. Also, another blow hit Nick when his other half-sister, Marley, was a victim of a hit-and-run, and also suffered severe burns from an explosion in the ICU area. After this, Sofia told Nick that their engagement was off because she fell back in love with Matt. Luckily for Nick, he soon met and fell for Remy Woods.

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