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For the Week of April 1, 2012
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of April 1, 2012. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.
John reaches out to a loved one in hopes of protecting Brady

Sami is ready to do what it takes to protect her entire family

Lucas isn't too happy that Allie's living in the DiMera Mansion

Sami isn't too happy with E.J.'s ex and rips into her old foe

Will is shocked when Sonny spills the beans on a secret he's been hiding

Stefano attempts to make it clear he's moved on, too, but not everything is as it seems

Kate worries about the future of her relationship with Rafe

Old flames team up to investigate one of Salem's mystery men

Cameron's secret is much different than what Abigail suspected

An old foe from Chloe's past resurfaces to throw a wrench in her new plans

Vargas makes demands from Nick and works to ensure his orders are followed

Nicole has a hard time following her heart with Vargas in the picture

Nicole is upset when Eric is presented with a big decision ?

?Kristen goes a little crazy when Sy ends up on a certain shrink's couch ?

Daniel is dazed and confused when Jennifer decides the fate of their relationship

Jennifer's deception prompts an unexpected response from Daniel, which Chloe may enjoy
A sneak peek at next week
Nick causes problems for Kate, who thinks she has Gabi right where she wants her

A deceived Daniel receives help from his friends just when he needs it the most

Nicole goes after a former friend when she believes they've gone too far

Parker is returned to his papa, but Chloe's games aren't over yet

Cameron's secret falls into the hands of one of his enemies

Will and his allies form a plan to ensure Nick gets exactly what he deserves

Just like spring flowers, something begins to blossom between Nicole and Vargas

Kristen's plans hit a major snag when the Salem P.D. make an arrest

Down the road previews
A new resident in Salem manages to shake things up quite a bit

Will Kristen succeed when she decides to step up her quest for revenge, or will her heart get in the way?

A new court case causes the D.A.'s office to become a hotbed of activity

A sinister plan comes to a head, but it may not have the outcome the perpetrator hoped for

Two former Salemites may be heading home, but just what will bring them back remains to be seen

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