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The Scoop: DAYS previews, teasers, and spoilers for the Week of December 18, 2017
The Horton tree trimming party plays out a little differently
Vertical DAYS Soap Banner DAYS Scoop: Spoilers for the week of December 18, 2017 on Days of our Lives
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of December 18, 2017. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.

Christmas traditions abound in Salem, but just who ends up under the mistletoe is rather stunning...

After learning of Kate's collapse, a happy holiday moment between Kayla and Tripp brightens Steve's season

Hoping to brighten Marlena's holiday now that Sami has gone, John stuns his beloved with a special token of his affection

Things are merry and bright for Chad and Abigail as they celebrate with yuletide cheer while hanging their ornaments

The usually peaceful Horton tree-trimming party plays out a little differently this year when Ciara and Claire cause chaos

Things become chaotic for Kate when Chad comes at her with both barrels blazing for her part in Theo's activities before the shooting (and the cover-up)

Though she attempts to plead her case, Kate can't catch a break with Chad and ends up without a job or a place to live

Already sour from her ouster at DiMera Enterprises and the mansion, Kate gets catty with Eve over the acquisition of Gabi Chic

Kate might find her luck changing when Gabi chooses which company she'd like to merge with

Eve finds her luck ebbing and flowing as she swims with the sharks in the Kiriakis mansion who hope to devour her

In an attempt to do damage control, Eve reaches out to old ally (and almost-fling) Justin to broker peace

Still, Brady is all about destroying Eve, but she has a few tricks up her sleeve to ensure his downfall, as well

Eve might just gain a piece of juicy information she can use against Victor and Brady while eavesdropping on them bickering

The holiday becomes heated when Eve and Brady begin to argue, but their rage turns into passion, which starts with a kiss

Hoping to put their recent kiss (and sordid past) behind them, Will wonders if he and Paul can be pals and asks his former lover just that

While Sonny hopes for a holiday full of kisses and love, Will wants to know more about their time together as husbands

Looking forward to a bright future with her husband-to-be, Hope doesn't know (yet) Ciara's in the know about Rafe and Sami's scandalous secret

As Ciara shares with an emotional Hope, Valerie assures Lani that emotions are running high now, but she should fight for her relationship with J.J.

Missing J.J. and concerned for Theo, Lani is lent a shoulder to cry on by a supportive Eli, whose connection seems to be growing

Though things have grown cold between them, Jennifer once again reaches out to Abe, as do Doug and Julie

Concern for Theo grows to a new high when Abe is delivered a disheartening diagnosis on his son's fragile condition

Even though the Salem's Police Department's Internal Affairs report delivers some much-needed good news for J.J., he's still reeling inside

In fact, J.J. finds himself in his lowest headspace yet and begins to look back at his life -- his family, friends, lovers, and failures -- while preparing for his death

With letters written to his nearest and dearest and his belongings given away, J.J. says goodbye to Jennifer and prepares to take the next step

Casting scoops

Matthew Ashford returns to DAYS for storyline about suicide

Tyler Christopher reveals his first DAYS airdate and gives funny sneak preview of his new character

Jamie Lyn Bauer returns to DAYS, says new material is juicy

Jen Lilley returns to DAYS

The Young and the Restless' Greg Rikaart joins Days of our Lives

Lisa Rinna returning to Days of our Lives

She's baaaaack: Louise Sorel returns to DAYS as iconic character Vivian Alamain

A sneak peek at next week

When Christmas comes to Salem, Abe might be getting everything he's wished for, but the same can't be said for Hope's holiday season

While a moment between Eric and Jennifer sizzles, things begin to fizzle for Eli and Gabi

With emotions still running high in Salem, Kate needs some backup, and Andre steps up to help

A mystery man comes to town, and while he's seemingly a stranger, he has strong ties to Salem

Down the road previews

Someone sinister slithers into Salem with unfinished business for their foes and family alike

There's no place like home for two wayward Salemites who return to town, perhaps with another former resident in tow

The new year brings new problems for a Salem couple who seemingly has it all, but some "happily ever afters" aren't meant to last

A few new (and a very familiar) faces pop up in Salem as the new year rings in, which will change the dynamics of many relationships

The return of a Salem troublemaker may make one man's life a living hell all over again

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