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Curtis Ashford
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Actor History

Other Names

Curtis Gooden


Not known


Private Investigator

Former agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

Resides At

Port Charles, New York

Formerly Maryland

Marital Status


Past Marriages

None known


Thomas Ashford, Sr. (brother; deceased)

Thomas "T.J." Ashford, Jr. (raised believing he was his nephew)


None known

Flings & Affairs

Valerie Spencer (dated)

Jordan Ashford (dated)

Crimes Committed

Drug abuse (cocaine) [pre-2016]

Helped Jason break into Olivia Jerome's crypt [Feb 24, 2017]

Health and Vitals

Recovering drug (cocaine) addict

Punched and thrown off Jason Morgan's back while trying to break up a fight between Jason Morgan and Nikolas Cassadine [Apr 6, 2016]

Brief Character History

Curtis had been recruited by Jordan to work for the DEA, but it had not ended well. Curtis arrived in Port Charles at the request of his friend Shawn Butler to help Hayden Barnes find evidence about who had shot her and left her in a coma. She didn't want to involve the police by drawing attention to herself. He would be paid for the information. She knew Shawn hadn't shot her and wanted Curtis to recover the bullet in the wall at Extreme Motors garage.

Hayden met Curtis to pay him. He provided her with information about the shooting. Curtis later met Hayden and revealed he'd recovered Shawn's bullet from the wall. Curtis advised her they needed to prove the bullet he'd recovered was from Shawn's gun. He said Shawn's gun was in police custody, and he needed money to bribe the right people to turn the gun over to him.

Curtis contacted a friend who worked at the Port Charles Police Department who unlocked the door to the evidence room for Curtis. As Curtis exited, Jordan appeared and demanded to know why he was there. He said he was there to offer his congratulations on her appointment as commissioner. Jordan accused him of lying and informed him she would not give him a job with the PCPD, if that was what he was after. Jordan also warned Curtis to stay away from T.J. Curtis said he had every right to see his nephew. Jordan said she'd know if he did anything illegal and requested he leave town as soon as his business was done.

Curtis called Hayden and said he had the ballistics report. It confirmed the bullet he'd recovered from the garage was from Shawn's gun, and in exchange for cash, he'd provide her with the report.

Curtis discreetly returned Shawn's gun to the officer at PCPD and promised him payment later that evening. Curtis told Jordan he had concluded his business but had no intention of leaving town. Jordan said that because he'd cut corners when he'd been an officer, he'd ended up on the streets without his badge. Curtis advised her his luck was about to change, and she'd play a big role in changing his future.

Curtis reminded Hayden she owed him money, and if she didn't pay up, he'd tell Nikolas about his investigation. In Kelly's courtyard Hayden gave Curtis an envelope full of cash in exchange for the report. Curtis asked what she was going to do with it. He knew she was living with prince Cassadine and warned that she wasn't out of danger. The person who had ordered the hit on her believed she thought Shawn had fired the gun, and if they discovered that Hayden knew the truth, things would change. Hayden assured him she was safe and would only use the report when she was ready. She asked Curtis not to tell anyone about it. She said their business was done, and she left. Curtis knew they were only getting started.

Curtis was eating dinner at Metro Court when Jordan arrived and asked him to leave because she was about to meet T.J. She wanted him out of Port Charles, since his job was done. T.J. arrived and was delighted to see his uncle. T.J. believed Curtis was the reason Jordan had wanted to meet. Curtis apologized for not being there for T.J. when his father had died, but his father would've been be proud of T.J. Curtis said T.J. would make a fine doctor one day.

Curtis started dating Valerie Spencer. Jordan threated to arrest him if he didn't stop following her. Jordan became angry when she discovered Curtis was dating Valerie, and she warned him not to hurt Valerie. Curtis said he wouldn't hurt Valerie the way Jordan had hurt Thomas and Shawn.

Later, Valerie asked Curtis if he had a cocaine problem. Curtis admitted he had but had kicked the habit. Valerie wanted to know why Jordan hated him so much, since they were family. Curtis advised that there were two sides to the story and promised to tell her if she agreed to another date with him.

Curtis met Hayden on pier 54. He knew she'd married Nikolas. He also knew that Nikolas was the one who wanted Hayden dead, but she refused to talk to Nikolas about the shooting. Curtis warned her that if Nikolas discovered that she knew, he might try to finish the job. Hayden didn't believe Nikolas would hurt her. Curtis thought Hayden was delusional and suggested she turn Nikolas in.

Curtis followed Hayden into the Floating Rib, sensing she looked spooked. He realized Hayden had seen someone from her past and knew she was in trouble. He offered to help her -- and he didn't want payment for it. She admitted the past was chasing her, and she left.

Curtis resented Jordan telling people about his drug problem and warned her to stop talking about his past, or he'd expose hers.

Curtis and Valerie decided to enter a Crimson magazine contest. They had to find all the pages scattered around the area to create a complete copy of the magazine. They were delighted to discover they were the first to complete the issue and won $1,000. In the Crimson offices, Curtis and Valerie shared a kiss, realizing how much fun they'd had. When Nina Clay told Curtis someone was trying to sabotage Crimson, he told her he was a private investigator and offered to find out who the saboteur was. Nina hired him on the spot.

When Curtis was alone with Valerie, she advised him she'd continue to see him only if he revealed why Jordan hated him. He told her he'd helped Jordan get a job with the DEA, and they had been partners for a while. They had not been a good fit and had parted ways.

Curtis met Valerie at Kelly's and asked her for another date. She reminded him that he hadn't provided his history with Jordan. Curtis insisted he'd told her everything, but Valerie sensed there was more to the story. When a masked gunman rushed into the diner and threatened everyone, Curtis and Jordan exchanged a subtle signal. Jordan distracted the gunman while Curtis disarmed him. Jordan acknowledged how much Curtis enjoyed law enforcement but insisted he'd blown it.

Valerie wanted more details about Curtis' situation with the DEA and why it had become unsustainable. Rather than answer, Curtis invited Valerie back to his place. She refused but agreed to another date with him. Hayden rushed in asking for help to change the tire on her car. Curtis went to help her. Hayden said she had to leave town immediately. Curtis told her he knew she was Rachel Berlin. Hayden told him she had lost everything, including the man she loved beyond reason. Curtis reminded her that she had the upper hand because she had proof that Nikolas had tried to kill her. Curtis convinced her to stay and fight.

At Crimson, Nina asked Curtis if he'd been able to find out who the saboteur was who'd advised the printer to leave the magazine unbound. Curtis called the printer to dispute a binding charge and was given the name of the person who had made the request. Curtis was about to give Nina a name when Julian Jerome arrived. Curtis suggested he should provide the information in private, but Nina advised him that, as the publisher, Julian deserved to know. When Curtis remained silent, Nina realized Julian had tried to sabotage Crimson.

Hayden told Curtis she'd given Nikolas an ultimatum. If he didn't agree to sign over the ELQ shares to her, she'd expose him as the person who'd tried to kill her. Curtis advised her not to go back to Wyndemere and give Nikolas another opportunity to kill her, but she insisted. Curtis escorted Hayden to Wyndemere and said he was concerned for her safety. Hayden advised Nikolas that Curtis was staying to keep things civil between them. Curtis informed Nikolas that he had proof that Nikolas had tried to kill Hayden. Nikolas accused Curtis of fabricating evidence. Curtis assured Nikolas that he'd taken steps to safeguard the proof of Nikolas' guilt. He assured Nikolas he had enough evidence to reopen Hayden's case and that the bullet from Hayden's head proved it hadn't been fired from Shawn's gun.

Later that evening, Curtis heard loud noises and rushed into the living room. He found Jason Morgan beating Nikolas because Nikolas had tried to manhandle Sam Morgan. Curtis pulled Jason off Nikolas, but Jason shoved Curtis away and tried to choke Nikolas. Curtis stopped him. He warned Hayden that Jason was dangerous and advised her to take steps to protect herself.

At Metro Court, Hayden advised Curtis that her war with Nikolas was over, and he'd signed over the ELQ shares to her. She said she'd pay Curtis and include a bonus once she had the money. She was hugging him when Valerie arrived. Curtis assured Valerie that he and Hayden were only friends.

At the Floating Rib, Hayden told Curtis that Nikolas had sold his ELQ shares to Jason. She said she could still get five million dollars from the ironclad prenuptial agreement. Curtis advised her to take the money and run. Hayden told he she'd wanted to use the money to repay some of the investors her father had taken money from, but Curtis reminded her it wasn't her responsibility to clean up her father's mess.

Curtis was working out at Volonino's gym when Hayden arrived and wanted him to help her steal some diamonds from Nikolas. Curtis gave her tips on what to do but refused to be part of it. She told Curtis that Nikolas had discovered the diamonds her father had purchased and that no one knew about them. She admitted she needed them because she was broke. Curtis advised her to start selling valuable items in the castle. He taught her how to upload pictures, set up an account, and accept payments.

Curtis and Hayden were at Metro Court when Nikolas arrived and told them he had a court order blocking any further sale of items from the castle. Nikolas advised them that if they continued, Hayden and Curtis would serve jail time. Curtis looked over the court order and was surprised to see that Nikolas had meticulously cataloged everything before he'd left Russia. Curtis conceded their Internet business venture was over and suggested that Hayden look for the diamonds in the castle. Hayden said there were too many hiding places.

At the Nurses Ball, Curtis told Hayden he suspected Nikolas was playing her and advised against going back to Wyndemere. Curtis thought Nikolas looked unhinged. Curtis gave her his credit card so she could stay at the hotel and advised Hayden to stay away from Nikolas. He wanted her to go to the police in the morning. He tried to escort her to her room, but she assured him she was fine. Curtis realized Hayden planned on going to Wyndemere as soon as his back was turned. Curtis decided to accompany Hayden to Wyndemere, since it was the only way to ensure her safety.

At Wyndemere, Curtis and Hayden entered Nikolas' bedroom. It appeared there had been a violent struggle. Jason and Sam arrived and told them they had heard a noise and had seen a body at the bottom of the cliff, but when they'd reached the spot, the current had pulled the body away. Jason and Sam confirmed it had been Nikolas. After Curtis called Jordan, he wondered what had happened to Hayden's grief-stricken attitude.

Curtis told Jordan that Sam and Jason had told him that Nikolas had fallen through the window to the bottom of the cliff. Curtis was asked why he was with Hayden. Hayden advised he was her bodyguard. She had heard that Shawn might be paroled and had become concerned for her safety.

Curtis surprised Valerie with a party at the Floating Rib to celebrate her graduation from the police academy. Curtis confessed that he missed being a police officer. He gave Valerie a fifty-cent piece, explaining the coin had saved his life during his rookie year when a suspect had taken a shot at him. Valerie kissed him passionately. He invited Valerie back to his place, but the moment was ruined when Hayden arrived. She wouldn't leave until Curtis told her how to declare someone legally dead. He advised her to contact a lawyer. Later, Valerie thanked Curtis for the party and admitted she was tempted to go home with him, but she wanted to celebrate the occasion with her friends. She kissed him and joined her friends.

In Jordan's office, Curtis asked her for a second chance to work in law enforcement. He confirmed he'd remained in good standing with the Baltimore Police Department. The DEA was a bit trickier, but he assured Jordan he'd only received a reprimand, and there were no criminal charges. He hadn't been stripped of his badge. Jordan still had concerns, since he was a recovering drug addict and open to temptation. Curtis suggested that she speak with his sponsor about any concerns. Curtis assured her that he could handle the responsibilities of a police officer. He said that part of his recovery included facing what had led him to drugs. He regretted telling Tommy about Jordan's affair with Shawn and felt responsible for Tommy's death. He promised Jordan that he loved T.J. and would never tell him that Shawn was his father. Curtis and Jordan had no idea that T.J. overheard them.

Valerie met Curtis at the Metro Court restaurant, and she encouraged him not to give up hope of working in law enforcement again. He said Jordan hadn't been open to the idea of hiring him. Later, T.J. arrived, and Curtis saw that T.J. was very angry. T.J. revealed that he knew the truth about Shawn and that Curtis wasn't his uncle. He was furious about the lies Jordan had told him. Curtis advised T.J. that Curtis was to blame and urged T.J. to act like a man and try to see things from Jordan's perspective. Jordan had lied, but she'd done it with good intentions. T.J. disagreed because Jordan had never told him that Shawn was his father. Curtis advised T.J. to give Jordan a chance to tell him the whole story.

Nina offered Curtis a job with Crimson with the promise of a generous salary and work-related expenses paid. Curtis accepted. Nina wanted Curtis to investigate plastic surgeons and find the frauds from a list she provided him. He advised that he was not a journalist, but Nina explained she needed him to gather the information because her writers lacked his investigative skills. Curtis was also provided with Claudette's name. Nina said that Claudette was working for the magazine but had been married to Nina's brother, Nathan West. She wanted as much information as he could find on Claudette.

Curtis met with Jordan. He asked her if she'd considered his request to return to the police force. He suddenly realized he was better suited to work alone and decided to pursue a career as a private investigator. Jordan told him that T.J. had overheard their conversation and knew Shawn was his father.

Curtis slipped into Claudette's room and found Maxie already there, searching. Maxie explained that Claudette had caused problems for her and Nathan. They found nothing.

Curtis went to the hospital to find Valerie, who was investigating the recent suspicious deaths. He met Dr. Griffin Munro. He asked how Griffin could be a priest and a doctor at the same time. Griffin explained he'd taken a leave of absence from the church. Curtis remembered his parish priest telling him that once a man became a priest, he remained one until God called him home. Griffin said some priests left after realizing it was not in God's plan for them to stay in the priesthood. Curtis asked Griffin if that was the way he felt or if Griffin had found it impossible to keep his vow of chastity. He walked away.

Jordan thanked Curtis for encouraging T.J. to talk to her. Jordan said they had talked things out and were going to visit Shawn together. Curtis told Jordan forgiveness was better than holding onto a grudge, and Jordan should try it. Curtis joined Nina, who was nearby, and he updated her about his search of Claudette's suite. He told Nina that Maxie had already been in the room when he'd arrived. Nina asked him to stop his investigation of Claudette at Nathan's request. Nina wanted him to spend more time on his investigation of the botched plastic surgery story.

Curtis updated Nina on his progress, revealing that he'd been able to weed out a few unethical surgeons and illegal fillers, horrifying Nina by some of the images on his phone. He told her there'd been some illegal activity, but none at General Hospital. Nina asked him to keep investigating and advised him he had carte blanche to follow all leads. Curtis told Nina about his attempt to be rehired by the police, but Jordan was against it. Valerie approached the table. Curtis jumped up and kissed her passionately.

Curtis followed Valerie through the hospital after they discovered that the vial found in Franco's pocket had tested positive for derisifol. Only Franco's fingerprints were on it. Amy reported that Franco was on a date with Elizabeth. Valerie followed up on the lead.

Curtis went to Nina's suite and interrupted Nina's evening with "Theo." Curtis noticed that when Theo had left, he'd forgotten his cell phone. When Nina accidentally played the message from Spencer, Curtis realized the phone had been Nikolas'. Curtis and Nina took the phone to the police station.

Curtis showed Nina a list of the top ten potential kidney donors and pointed to the one name he believed to be Josslyn's kidney donor. Nina sent off an email to the woman in spite of Curtis asking her to wait in case he was wrong. Nina later offered Curtis a lot of money to find a baby for her. Curtis refused to help her buy a child on the black market. Nina assured him she hadn't wanted him to do anything nefarious but needed him to take care of the legalities so no one could take the child away from her. Curtis reluctantly agreed to help her.

Curtis went to the hospital and found Valerie unconscious on the floor of Finn's lab. When Valerie awoke, she told Curtis she'd been attacked, and the cufflink she'd found was missing. Curtis and Valerie searched the lab, but the cufflink was gone. Valerie was certain the cufflink had belonged to the serial killer.

At the police station, Curtis and Valerie told Jordan what had happened in Finn's lab. Valerie described the cufflink, and Curtis pulled up images of old Roman coins on a computer. Valerie found a coin similar to the cufflink. At Valerie's, Curtis took care of Valerie's head. When he was about to leave, Valerie invited him to stay, and they made love for the first time.

Curtis arranged for Nina to meet a pregnant young woman who wanted to give up her baby for adoption. Curtis introduced Nina to her, and he left.

Hayden was arrested for pushing Elizabeth down the stairs, and Finn and Curtis worked to find evidence to exonerate her. At the hospital, Finn showed Curtis the photograph he'd found on Elizabeth's phone, showing a man's legs from the knees down, wearing dress pants and a pair of brown shoes. Curtis called Jordan and advised her he had enough evidence to exonerate Hayden. He told Jordan that a man had pushed Elizabeth down the stairs.

Curtis and Finn showed Jordan the photograph on Elizabeth's phone. When Curtis, Finn, and Jordan entered the interrogation room to speak with Hayden, they found Franco trying to pick the lock on her handcuffs. Paul arrived, demanding to know what was going on. Paul was shown the photograph. Curtis advised that the geolocator had confirmed that the photograph had been taken at the hospital during the time that Elizabeth had been pushed.

Later, Curtis studied the enlarged photograph and conceded it was impossible to identify Elizabeth's attacker. Jordan confirmed that the phone carrier had confirmed that Elizabeth's photograph geotag was of her assailant. After Hayden had been escorted, under guard, to the hospital to donate blood for Elizabeth, Curtis called Finn and advised him that the charges against Hayden had been dropped.

Curtis and Valerie arrived at the police station and offered to help Jordan and Andre with their investigation into the serial killings. Curtis told Jordan that he didn't believe a doctor was the killer. He was certain the killer was someone in authority who could roam the hospital without being questioned. Curtis suggested it could be an administrator. Curtis reminded Jordan of a drug case they had worked on where the suspect had been right under their noses, leaving Jordan with something to ponder.

At the boxing gym, Curtis asked Andre for information about the serial killer case. Andre wasn't prepared to discuss it with Curtis, and an argument ensued. Curtis invited Andre to hit him; when Jordan arrived, Curtis left.

Curtis, who was working for Julian to find out who had planted the bomb in Julian's car, leading to Morgan's death, reviewed pictures he'd taken at the police station. He regretted betraying Valerie. Valerie startled him when she suddenly appeared. When Curtis walked away, Valerie picked up his phone and saw the picture of Morgan's evidence folder. Valerie confronted Curtis when he returned. Valerie was livid and told Curtis they were done. She walked away.

In the parking garage, Curtis saw Jason searching a body. Jason advised Curtis that Pete had been shot and killed just as he'd been about to divulge who had planted the bomb in Julian's car. Curtis thought Jason was trying to get rid of evidence when he saw Jason take Pete's phone and wondered if he should tell the cops that he'd seen Jason searching Pete after he'd been shot. Rather than reporting Jason, Curtis asked to see Pete's phone, and Jason obliged.

Curtis called Jordan, but Andre Maddox answered her phone and told Curtis that the best thing he could do for Jordan was leave her alone. Andre disconnected the call.

Curtis met with Julian and told him about Pete's murder. Julian wondered why someone would want his ex-driver dead. Curtis felt it was possible that Pete had double-crossed Julian and planted the bomb. Julian said that one of Sonny's men had gotten to Pete, and that meant Sonny had Pete's death on his hands as well. Curtis reminded Julian they were on the hunt for the truth, and Sonny had suffered because he'd been responsible for his own son's death.

Curtis told Julian that Pete had been lured away from Julian's car to allow someone to plant the bomb. Curtis advised Julian that the man who Pete had called was Oscar Jessup. Julian reminded Curtis that Sonny had confessed to planting the bomb, but Curtis clarified that Jason had stopped Sonny from talking. Julian wanted real results and walked away. Julian returned a few minutes later, and Curtis said that something about the car bomb didn't make sense. He believed Oscar Jessup was behind the car bomb. Julian felt Curtis was on a wild goose chase and fired him.

Curtis was invited to Alexis' Thanksgiving dinner. There, he and Jordan discussed Pete's shooting. Jordan said she'd been disappointed that Curtis hadn't called her about the homicide. Curtis assured her he'd called her, but Andre had answered Jordan's phone and warned Curtis to stay away from her.

Curtis met with Sam and Jason and reported that none of the businesses around the Floating Rib had received a delivered the night of Morgan's death. Sam had discovered that the sign on the delivery van had been for a non-existent business. Curtis reported that Oscar Jessup had been the man who had called Pete. Jason disclosed that Oscar Jessup had been dead since 1990.

At the hospital, Curtis stood outside Julian's room and listened to the conversation between Ava and Julian. He heard Ava say she thought Sonny would be a good target, since he was under house arrest, but Julian advised her that he'd deal with Sonny as he saw fit. He didn't want to provoke Sonny. After Ava left, Curtis slipped into Julian's room and offered to find out who had run Julian down. Julian advised Curtis to stop pursuing events, or Curtis might regret it.

In the early part of 2017, Jason Morgan enlisted Curtis' help to investigate the death of Morgan Corinthos. Together, Curtis and Jason discovered that Olivia Jerome was alive, and she'd arranged for a bomb to be planted in her brother's car. Olivia's goal was to find a secret laboratory in the hospital where Helena had resurrected Stavros years earlier. Olivia's intention was to bring her beloved Duke Lavery back to life.

During the investigation, Curtis and Jordan became close. During an out-of-town trip to question a witness, things changed between them. As they reminisced about their early days working undercover together, Curtis and Jordan got caught up in the moment and shared a heated kiss. Jordan quickly put a stop to things because she was dating Andre. Curtis respected her wishes but insisted Andre was wrong for her.

Following Olivia Jerome's arrest, Jordan and Andre broke things off. Jordan had been impressed with Curtis' private investigative skills. She conceded Curtis had been invaluable to solving the case, so she offered him a job with the police force. To her surprise, Curtis turned her down because he realized that he liked the freedom of working freelance, and he preferred Jason as a partner. However, he seized the opportunity to ask Jordan out. Jordan agreed, and the two began to date, with T.J.'s blessing.

Curtis' professional life picked up, as well, since Curtis and Jason realized that they had worked well together. Both men agreed that they would continue to collaborate on cases.

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