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Part two of a two-part look back at the events of the past year in Harmony. This week, our columnist discusses the worst that Passions had to offer in 2007.

The year started off with Fancy getting raped. It was actually a continuation of what occurred towards the end of the previous year. I really was not expecting to witness another torture. It's sickening to see the way women are treated on this show. It's as if they don't have a voice. They appear weak and pathetic and cannot think for themselves. Speaking of weak and pathetic, what was the point of turning Jessica into a prostitute? It's not like the storyline made Grace come home to give her some direction. Jessica was turned into another tortured soul who had no voice. It's as if she was a puppet with Spike holding the puppet strings and giving her directions. That was such a waste of valuable screen time for the actress.