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2006 saw AMC having a rough year which the ratings have reflected. That being the case it makes it hard to write this column, however I've found a few positives as well the negatives to discuss.

2006 saw AMC having a rough year which the ratings have reflected. That being the case it makes it hard to write this column, however I've found a few positives as well the negatives to discuss.

All You Need Is Love!

Love stories are what have built soaps up for years and it appeared we would have some this year, but most of them fizzled. JR and Babe have been put through the ringer this year. While the couple made headway with coming together, working through many of their issues, Josh showed up, decided he loved and needed Babe. So what's a married girl to do? Sleep with him, tell him you love him but also tell him you love your husband and plan to stay with that husband. This is the same husband that ran down Amanda while in a drunken stupor and let you take the fall, the same husband that decided to kill you a while back, but instead put his ex-best friend into a coma. You know I could not make this stuff up! I still prefer Babe with JR and don't think Zarf should even give advice to Babe in matters of the heart. Alexa Havins has again proved this year what a fine actress she is as she continues to successfully portray a tramp and hussy to such perfection. I have disliked the character from day 1 and that hasn't changed, but I don't dislike her as much as I used to. This statement does not extend to her mother, Krystal, nor does it extend to the Krystal and Adam pairing. Although both profess to love each other Krystal is carrying another man's child and Adam seems to have had a lobotomy. There's no other excuse that would allow Adam to act the way he does currently. Adam explains it as love, but the Adam I have always enjoyed has sadly disappeared from my screen and PV. Adam decided to extend the invitation of god parents to Tad & Dixie, but in reality Tad is the god father and father of this child. Kate is in PV and it will be probably be some time before Tad & Dixie ascertain this fact. During that time Jamie (Kate's half-brother) and Julia will be raising the parentless child. Zach and Kendall found their way back together but I wonder how long Kendall will remain happy as history has shown she continually throws happiness aside. The ill-fated pairing of Jonathan and Lily has thankfully come to an end. While the couple was somewhat sweet, it was too eerie for most of the viewers to stomach Jonathan and Lily being married considering Jonathan's past crimes no matter if those crimes were deemed to be caused by a brain tumor. Erica and Jackson have reconciled for now and considering Erica's record I wonder if this union will last. I personally like Jeff and think he's a good addition to the cast, but I don't want him to come between Erica and Jackson. I've heard from others that prefer Jeff and Erica and granted Susan Lucci has chemistry with most any man she comes in contact with (years of practice!), but I've always been a fan of Jackson and Erica. Now those two can generate some heat and passion. However, the writers haven't seen fit to go in that direction. Speaking of bad direction that would be Dixie's return. There is a huge fan base for Tad and Dixie, but those fans have not been allowed to enjoy this couple. Anyone that has eyes can see these two characters have "it" when onscreen together. When Tad confided to Dixie, he was the one that was responsible for Dr. Madden's death, their obvious love shown through.

Too Many Murders!

Ethan was a victim of Janet Green, who was brought back for a killing spree. It was somewhat of a treat as Kate Collins adds much to any storyline, however I did not enjoy finding Trevor dead in a freezer. Not only was Trevor found dead, but no one came to mourn him such as Tim or Hayley. That was a disgrace. Nor was it a good thing to pin Dr. Madden's murder on Tad. Not only pin it on him, but allow Tad to get away with torture and murder. We had Derek zeroing in on Dixie and Zach as co-murderers but they were found not guilty and then Zach was allowed to confess which set up the double jeopardy rule, meaning no one would pay for the crime. This was a disgrace not only to the justice system but to all the viewers that wanted a resolution other than one that made a beloved PV character a criminal at large. Now we have even more murders as a serial killer is on the loose in PV. Simone and Erin are dead at the killer's hands as they both are holding gardenias in their lifeless hands. Gardenias, a lovely flower, that were Gillian's favorite flower. Zach is having recurring memories of a woman telling him she loves him more than gardenias. Lots of folks out there are concerned that Zach will turn out to be the murderer but not me. I don't see Zach murdering people even if he had no qualms or regret listening in on Madden's demise.


We had Colby returning to PV instantly aged to a teen. This return has been painful as Colby is just a plain brat. A brat that should have been spanked more often growing up. A brat that continues to meddle in everyone else's business. A brat that quickly gave away her virginity to keep the maid's daughter, Sydney, from getting the guy. Perhaps this was done to have us feel empathy towards Colby, but instead there are no warm and fuzzy feelings for Colby. Bianca is back and has gone from person to person handing out unsolicited advice. The same Bianca that is now drawn to Zarf who also is giving out advice and acting as if he has the answers for everyone in PV. Neither of these returns have done much to benefit AMC.


Oh we had the unfortunate exits of both David and Brooke. David was allowed an exit story although he talked about reeking havoc on all who had crossed him, the actual exit was somewhat of a letdown. David tried to convince all that Emma was really Kate, but it turned out Emma is really Annie's child. The father - Ryan - even though only Kendall and Josh know this fact currently. Ryan and Annie are getting along swimmingly but will this revelation change their feelings or solidify them? David was spurned by everyone as he left including his own daughter, Babe. He did drop the bomb about Krystal's baby being Tad's child instead of Adam's daughter, but Dixie has decided not to tell. Of course, this being PV, we know it's only a matter of time before everyone knows. This has been another story that is dragging. Next, Julia Barr was asked to go recurring but she declined. It seems that her payback was to just let Brooke no longer be seen in PV. This is beyond rude. I don't care how peeved TPTB were that Ms Barr turned down their offer she deserved a real send off for all her years of service and loyalty. I've heard Ms McTavish state they will address Brooke's departure, but I can't imagine that without Julia Barr around for the storyline. I remember instantly liking Brooke when she rode into PV on Benny's motorcycle and turned Phoebe's world upside down. She is a wonderful actress, added class to all of PV, was able to spar more than convincingly with Erica yet was dismissed without a goodbye. I hope Julia Barr is picked up by another show and wins another Emmy as she is just a fine actress. Vincent (David) will soon be appearing on Y&R and I plan on tuning in to watch his wonderful performances. I do wonder who will be next to leave PV with a serial killer on the prowl. I only hope it is not another beloved vet.

Happy New Year!

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope all your dreams for 2007 come true. Please keep up with your pets during any New Year's festivities ensuring they are safe and sound! Thanks to everyone for their support and emails throughout 2006. I always enjoy hearing from you with your rants and raves!! I'll see you next time, but Suellen will be sharing her comments in 2 weeks with you so that should be a treat!


Mary Page
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