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Part two of a two-part look back at the events of the past year in Springfield. This week, our columnist discusses the worst that Guiding Light had to offer in 2006.

Last week we took a look at the great work that GL did in 2006. This week we get to look back at the stinkers that really didn't work. We'll try to be kind, but here goes. Worst Kept Secret: Ava is Olivia and Jeffrey's daughter

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet and savvy soap fans, we saw this one a mile away. Was there a fan out there who wasn't aware of this outcome? What we didn't know was the story behind her conception - which was a tangled web of drunken memories by two very lonely characters who have more in common than a daughter! But how they'll get Olivia and Jeffrey together (which has to be coming at some point) will be interesting. Buzz deserves someone with a heart - and not one made of ice.

Worst Story Idea: Hey - let's have Reva hide her cancer from those who love her!

Way to take a great story idea and anger the majority of your fans with a stupid plot twist. Yes, it sets up the whole Reva/Josh/Cassie story but come on! Instead of remembering this story as one about cancer people will remember more that Reva kept her illness a secret. And it doesn't give this romantic pairing much of a fan base...

Worst Casting Decision: Killing off Ross!

What more is there to say? I was NOT in favor of a recast (GL tried that with beloved GL veteran Michael Zaslow's "Roger" so they knew better). But did they have to kill him after they let the talented Jerry verDorn go? At least we have the GL archives of footage of him to savor when we want to remember the good old days.

Worst Character Assassination: Beth and Rick Shacking Up!

When the show starting showing the two remaining Mousekateers together, I was pleased. These are the GL memories that sustain me - when the show was number 1 in the ratings and the show centered on people I cared about.

Now that Phillip is MIA and Mindy is in Paris, Beth and Rick are all that remain in Springfield. Beth has made some pretty shady romantic choices (Edmund, Jeffrey, Alan) but Rick? Beth has become a home wrecker - a stretch for the innocent girl we first met in 1983. And since this relationship is going no where, can the friendship be saved? Thanks, GL - if you can't bring back Phillip (and ONLY Grant Aleksander in the role) why did you do this? Maybe I could buy a lonely one-night stand, but not an affair that means the friendship will never be the same.

Worst Use of a Character: Holly Reade

It's no secret that I love Holly. But the only time we really saw her was for Ross' funeral - and not that much even then. Blake is in Cedar's (I guess) but there are no visits from her mother? No mention of her at all? I'd love to see GL bring back Ed more often (and Rick and Holly could use you now) and get back to their roots.

Worst Use of GL History/Family: The Bauers

Remember the Bauer family? The foundation of the show created nearly 70 years ago. Papa Bauer, Bert and Bill, Ed and Mike - now Rick, Michelle, even A-M is a Bauer by birth. But where do they fit into the grand scheme of the show? Rick and Mel are the only adult Bauers, and they are rarely on (and split up). Jude and Leah are never seen which leaves us with Bauer memories....

Worst Overall Plot Idea for the Show: Little to no happiness for the couples of Springfield

When you explain (or sometimes justify) that you watch soaps to a non-soap watcher, the first thing most people think of is love (or just sex). GL has plenty of sex, but where is the love? This whole holiday season was a farce of families who don't get along and couples barely speaking. I want to see some really warm and fuzzy moments in 2007 - can someone, please find something happy to write about?

Seriously, we have enough bad news to watch every evening. If I wanted to be depressed, I'd be a news junkie. I watch GL for 47 minutes of escape. Family togetherness, friendships that endure, that sort of thing. Do you think someone can find some positive points to highlight next year? Please?

OK, I am trying to remain optimistic for 2007, but GL has to give me some reasons to smile every now and again. The talent is there - check out the Emmy Awards tape if you don't believe me. Now we need to find some positive energy to keep the characters busy. Sure, drama and mayhem are fine once in awhile, but I want some happiness in Springfield in 2007!!!

Hopefully wherever you spent your holidays, I hope you had some peaceful time with your family and friends (with a little drama thrown in, of course).

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