Liza Huber
How will the Gwen/Ethan/Theresa triangle end?
For the Week of February 18, 2008
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Gwen never had a moment's peace, and she is now making sure that Theresa doesn't have any peace either. Unfortunately, Gwen did not expect for things to get this far.

Since Passions is on its way out the door, I can't wait to see how head writer, James E. Reilly, will conclude the Gwen/Ethan/Theresa triangle. I see disaster coming for both Gwen and Theresa. Gwen has suffered by the hands of Theresa since day one, and she has since resorted to Theresa's trickery. I guess she has to stoop to Theresa's level in order to get the job done. It wasn't so long ago that she never had a moment's peace with her husband, then Ethan Crane, now Ethan Winthrop. Theresa stopped at nothing to destroy Gwen's marriage and causing the death of her children; consequently, she has suffered tremendously. Gwen was in denial for a very long time, and I don't think that she has ever dealt with the loss of Sarah, her first child. It has affected her mentally so much that she risked Jonathan (her miracle baby's) life in that she refused treatment for him when he was gravely ill. She thought that if he had gotten treatment, he would have died. That's how disturbed Gwen had become, and it was all because of Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald, the interloper.

It's now Theresa's turn to suffer. I hope she did not expect to build happiness at the expense of Gwen's misery. Gwen never had a moment's peace, and she is now making sure that Theresa doesn't have any peace either. Unfortunately, Gwen did not expect for things to get this far. She blackmailed Theresa, and her partner in crime, Pilar, the mother who has enabled her daughter, Theresa, to go after a married man. The plan was to scare Theresa so that she would stay away from Ethan. "Gwen, you foolish girl; have you no sense? Theresa was willing to die for Ethan in the past, so what makes you think that Theresa would not behave the same way today?" She has been a tyrant in the triangle for eight years, so I don't understand why Gwen would think that Theresa would give up Ethan. This is the same woman that claimed her love for Ethan before even meeting him. "Gwen, you should be ashamed of yourself. You should have had enough sense to let Ethan go be with Theresa." Those two deserve each other in that they are both dishonest and selfish human beings. Theresa is now presumed dead, although she is not really dead. The reason for this is because Theresa did not feel the need to tell Ethan the truth about his biological son. She would rather risk her life and her family's life instead of telling the truth. There was no need for Theresa to go to Mexico to try to reason with a mobster. That was very foolish on her part. All she needed to do was to tell Ethan the truth. Had she told Ethan the truth, Gwen would not have resorted to blackmailing.

Kay Wants to Keep Her Promise to Miguel

I knew that it was only a matter of time before Kay resorted to using magic. She keeps telling Tabitha not to use magic, but it's okay for her to use magic when it's convenient for her. Kay realized that she could not keep that promise to Miguel when she saw that the man that she loves is in danger. Miguel was almost shot while he was in Mexico trying to find Theresa. Kay intervened and saved him. Miguel realized that Kay used magic, but he wasn't complaining since it saved his life, so why is Kay beating up on herself? I understand perfectly why Miguel does not want Kay to use magic. Each time she uses magic, something horrible happens. It's like a domino effect. When Kay saved Miguel, she accidentally brought back the demon elf, and he has been wreaking havoc on both her and Tabitha. It would be interesting to see if Miguel will have a change of heart since Kay's magic saved his life. Isn't it difficult to ask a witch not to use magic though? Both Kay and Tabitha are witches, so what are they supposed to do when someone from the dark side threatens to kill them?

What Will Become of Vicki?

For how long will Vicki continue to try to kill Esme's men? Better yet, where is this storyline headed? I really don't trust James E. Reilly to make this into a decent story. At what point will Esme find out that Vicki when cuckoo for cocoa puffs? Even Rebecca realizes that there is something not right with this girl. She wasn't talking for the longest time, and all of a sudden, she just starts talking. Didn't it occur to Esme to have Vicki speak to a therapist? What am I saying? Esme is famous for popping pills when she cannot cope. Self medication seems to be her only solution. Well, I guess Vicki is doomed.

Noah and Paloma can't seem to catch a break.

Miguel and Paloma can't seem to catch a break. Each time their relationship is back on track, something interferes. The first time, Tabitha used magic to separate them, and the second time, Pretty used the mind control device on Fancy, who in turns seduced Noah. There seems to be a trend when it comes to couples on Passions. They tend not to remain happy for more than one day. I'm beginning to wonder why these people are paired with each other. Are the viewers supposed to be tortured as much as the characters? There has never been a true love story on Passions. The only couple who came close was Luis and Sheridan, but James E. Reilly did a number on them. The two are not that favorable with most viewers these days. I get the feeling that the tug of war between Noah and Paloma will continue until the end of the show.


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