Eva Tamargo
Death and heartbreak in Mexico?
by Ekek
For the Week of February 25, 2008
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Theresa's fans are salivating over the predicament that Gwen is in. Will Pilar expose her, and will she go to prison for blackmail? She does seem trapped. Gwen gets away with too much; Ethan thinks that she's such an angel, but she's far from it.

This was some week for our friends in Harmony. Luis, Ethan, Miguel were in Mexico to save Pilar. Naturally, where Ethan goes Gwen follows. I don't know why her appearance wasn't questioned more than it was. I guess Ethan has gotten used to his Gwen Shadow. Now the real reason she went there was to make sure that Ethan doesn't discover that she was blackmailing Pilar. That would throw a monkey wrench into her plans to get her husband's love back, wouldn't it? What a pickle she's in now. Theresa is dead and Pilar is planning to tell Ethan everything. She's also blaming Ethan and Rebecca for Theresa's death. Personally I don't hold Gwen responsible for the death. She is responsible for the blackmail (a tactic that was used against her several times.) But she can't be held responsible for Theresa being stupid enough to go to Mexico, burn her passport, hand herself over to Juanita three times, and then get eaten by sharks. If Gwen arranged that, then she is very powerful indeed. They'd all better watch their P's and Q's.

Theresa's fans are salivating over the predicament that Gwen is in. Will Pilar expose her and will she go to prison for blackmail? We'll see. She does seem trapped. If there is one thing we can agree on, it's that Gwen gets away with too much. Ethan thinks she's such an angel and she's far from it.

It would seem that Theresa's ghost isn't any different then her living self. She's still trying to find a way to "be with" Ethan; her euphemism for lust. The only other thought the silly girl had was hatred and revenge to destroy Gwen. Something she's been unable to accomplish since 1999. I would have liked to have seen a thought in her head for the welfare of her children or some compassion for her mother's pain, but no. It isn't her agenda. Ethan is her agenda. I was relived to see her ghost floating up into the light; no more crazy schemes, no more Theresa. But we need to remember that Theresa had been clinically dead before. After several days in hell she made a deal with the devil and back she came. Just like a bad penny. I predict she'll be back when it is least convenient for Gwen. You get to recognize patterns after 9 years.

One thrill for the fans is that the Mexican Government has declared Theresa legally dead even without a body. That may mean she is no longer married to Alistair. But it would also mean she is no longer the legal parent of her children or the mistress of Crane Mansion. We'll see how this unfolds. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Would a back-from-the-dead woman trade her home, money, power and children for a chance to marry Ethan? Gosh darn, isn't he still married to his wife Gwen? Drat! Too bad, how sad.

Pilar has been a disappointment to me this week. She killed Carlos and is responsible for the murders of all of Juanita's children. Yet she completely excuses herself because she didn't intend for the children to die. So therefore it isn't her fault. She sees Juanita as a warped woman who lives for revenge. Pilar condemns her wholly. She vehemently hates Gwen because she blackmailed Pilar, threatening to tell Juanita where they lived if Theresa didn't leave her husband alone. Nearly a decade of abuse at Theresa's hands and two dead children and Gwen has gotten mean. Imagine that! So now Theresa is dead and Pilar flies off the handle; threatens revenge on everyone! Everyone will pay and she won't rest until they do. She vows that she will be the Lord's avenging angel. Wow. So it seems that one dead child justifies her revenge but the deaths of Gwen's children and all of Juanita's are to be forgiven? Why? Does she think only the Lopez-Fitzgerald children are worth avenging? Honestly, she sounds just like Juanita to me. Pleading her right to revenge and swearing it is God's will. In fact, I don't see much difference between Gwen, Pilar, Juanita and even Theresa. One set of standards for yourself and another for everyone else.

Ethan's speech at the wharf declaring his undying love for Theresa was touching. He really brought the words to life. Though I have been convinced for years that Ethan doesn't love anyone but himself, his words were of a love deeply felt. Funny thing though, he didn't cry. He cried and felt sorry for himself when Gwen left him but he hasn't cried for Theresa yet. Still, by his words and actions he loves Theresa more. It is an interesting quandary.

Meanwhile, back in Harmony

Kay used magic to save Miguel but she won't use magic to get rid of the pesky Elf. His evil tricks are hurting people but I guess if it isn't Miguel she doesn't care. Even her own brother she walked away from. Faced with death she refused to use magic to save him. The Elf she created zapped her brother and it's a miracle he survived. Kay seems awfully needy to me lately. Someone needs to show her to the front door. As usual though, Tabitha was a delight to watch. Juliet Mills has a real flare for comedy.

Ivy has finally landed Sam. Congratulations to her; it only took thirty years. Ivy shows that determination pays off. Though I didn't believe Ivy when she said she never wanted Theresa dead, just gone. I distinctly remember one of her plots to get Theresa away from her son Ethan was to get her to falsely confess to Julian's murder and then make sure she got the death penalty. Ivy stood there with Rebecca and smiled a mile while Theresa received her death sentence. But then, Sam doesn't know that, now does he? Let's add Ivy to my Pilar/Gwen/Juanita/Theresa list of the citizens in the Fiefdom of Selfish.

Did you just split your sides laughing when Marty got a hold of Alistair's control device for Fancy and used it to play a video game? Pretty Crane's expressions were priceless, but her sister Fancy's bizarre behavior was classic slap-stick. Snaps to the actress for a job well down. That was no stunt woman walking into those walls.

Since the show has been cancelled we've seen lots of speculation about how the storylines will wrap up. This week the writer has given the remaining fans of the Gwen/Ethan/Theresa triangle what they wanted. Gwen is going to be exposed and go to prison and Theresa is dead. That leaves Ethan broken and lonely. But James E. Reilly has been known to dangle a treat in front of the viewers and snatch it back. My prediction is that Gwen will never be exposed for her dirty tricks and that Theresa will be back from the dead yet again. You can't keep a bad girl down.

Enjoy next week fans, it should be a doozie.

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