Tracey Ross
Does Passions need another fake pregnancy?
For the Week of April 14, 2008
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Alistair was the one who took Eve’s baby away and made her think that he had died. Both Eve and Julian thought that their child had died, so why is Vincent not going after Alistair?

It didn’t seem that long ago when Beth Wallace, now Beth Crane, gave birth to a pound of sugar. Yes, a pound of sugar. She faked her pregnancy to Luis Lopez Fitzgerald. Luis and Sheridan were an item then, and Beth couldn’t deal with it, so she faked her pregnancy using a pound of sugar. She stuffed her clothing with sacks of sugar to make it appear as if she was pregnant. Fast forward to today, Pretty is envious of her sister’s relationship with Luis, so she decided to pay off a nurse in order to fake a pregnancy with Luis. The difference between Pretty and Beth is that Pretty did sleep with Luis. Pretty did not get pregnant however. Pretty is using that known fact to trap Luis. She knows how much Fancy wants to be with Luis, so she will do anything to come between them. Pretty still has not forgiven Fancy for the scar on her face.

There Is No More Little Julian?

Oh, the horror…Julian had made a name for himself with Little Julian. Vincent convinced Eve to mangle it and botch the surgery to put back the little engine that could. I’m dying to find out how Julian will react to his new found organ. The main question on my mind is, just how far will James E. Reilly (JER) go with this story? Why has this happened to Julian this late in the game? He has been a philandering fool all these years, and JER decides to cut him off at the bit when the show is almost over? It seems to be a clumsy way of perpetuating the Vincent saga. Vincent is still angry at Even and Julian for abandoning him while he was a baby. There is just one nagging question on my mind though. Alistair was the one who took Eve’s baby away and made her think that he had died. Both Eve and Julian thought that their child had died, so why is Vincent not going after Alistair? Eve and Julian are innocent as far as I’m concerned, so I really don’t see why JER is torturing Julian in order for Vincent to come out on top. It makes no sense to me at all. I love Julian as a character, and it pains me to see his character go in this direction, just so JER can carry out his sick and twisted plot with Vincent.

Theresa Just Can’t Stay Dead

Theresa is so obsessed with Ethan that she is playing these silly games while ignoring the children in her care. She claims to want to protect her family, but she has to be around Ethan, by any means necessary. She won’t stop until she flushes Juanita out.

It seems as if we are revisiting one of Theresa’s tiffs again. It wasn’t so long ago that Theresa set out to destroy a couple, just because she was not a part of the equation. Her behavior kept getting worse because she did not get prince charming. You would think that Theresa had learned her lesson. She had been singing “fate” for eight long years, and all it brought her was pain. She constantly made the wrong choices, just because she had to have Ethan. If Theresa has not gotten Ethan after nine years, shouldn’t a bell be going off n her head telling her that she will never get Ethan? For one, she is still married to Alistair Crane, the man she foolishly married in order to land Ethan. Doesn’t that sound silly though? How can you marry a monster in hopes of winning a booby prize? Didn’t the monster tell her that he would not let go of her? Alistair specially told Theresa to think long and hard before marrying him, but she was too shortsighted to see it for what it was, a set up. Even if Theresa manages to separate Ethan and Gwen, she still has not won because Ethan is legally married to Gwen, and she is legally married to Alistair. I just don’t see this triangle ending happily ever after.


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