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Vincent's Passion, assuming someone else's identity
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According to Eve, Alistair filled Vincent's heart with hate. Consequently, Vincent's life has been on a downward spiral.

Vincent is a very sick and twisted character. He first graced Harmony as a blackmailer. He killed and kidnapped a few people along the way. According to Eve, Vincent's mom, Alistair filled Vincent's heart with hate. Consequently, Vincent's life has been on a downward spiral. He pretended to be Valerie in order to fool the people of Harmony. Then he had a homosexual affair with Chad, Whitney's husband, and also his uncle. Things weren't as they seemed because everyone thought Vincent was male. It turned out that Vincent was both male and female. He was intersexed. Vincent deliberately had an affair with Chad to destroy his marriage. He hated the fact that his sibling, Whitney, was happy and he was miserable.

Vincent's latest stunt: He chloroformed Sheridan and threw her over a cliff. He then assumed Sheridan's identity. He claimed that Sheridan lived a luxurious life while he suffered. Vincent hates anyone who is happy since his childhood was not the best. My question is how is Vincent going to fool the people of Harmony? Won't Luis notice that Sheridan looks odd? There is also a matter of Sheridan's height, and the most important thing, her skin color. Is Vincent planning to do everything in the dark?

James E. Reilly (JER) Pitting Both Fan Bases Against Each Other

Well, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that JER is pitting both fan bases against each other. The Gwen/Theresa/Ethan or GET triangle has two women fighting over one man. If the man were honorable, it would not be so bad, but he uses both women when it suits his purpose. It seems as if JER has both females, in the triangle, trying to out-do each other. First, Theresa scanned documents from Ivy's personal files to her computer. Her intent was to oust Ethan as a Bennett so that he could be her equal. She was prevented from doing so by a flight attendant. Rebecca, Gwen's mom, found the information on Theresa's computer and decided to send it to the tabloid. Since the information came from Theresa's computer, she was blamed for it. It's not like that wasn't Theresa's intention all along. Rebecca beat her to the punch.

Gwen got pregnant with Ethan's child, and she lost the baby because of a fight between her and Theresa. The doctor told her that she could not conceive again, so she decided to use a surrogate. Theresa kidnapped Gwen's embryos, drugged the surrogate, and took her place. She got implanted with Gwen's eggs, so she got pregnant. She thought that she had miscarried, so she drugged Ethan and raped him. Theresa gave birth to Jane as a result of raping Ethan.

Despite all of Theresa's shenanigans, Ethan stayed married to Gwen. Theresa got desperate and decided to marry the evilest man in Harmony. He is none other than Alistair Crane. She bargained to have sex with Alistair in exchange for getting Ethan back. Here is the stupid part: Prior to marrying Theresa, Alistair told her that there was no turning back. Once she married him it was for keeps. Theresa stupidly married Alistair, and she had to endure having sex with him even though she would have rather not. The funny thing is that she still did not get Ethan because Ethan refused to divorce Gwen, and Ethan did nothing to stop the marriage to Alistair.

Fast forward to current day: Alistair is now dead; however, there are two other obstacles in Theresa's way. She is keeping the secret that Little Ethan is really Ethan's son from Ethan, and she has to keep her mouth shut because Gwen is blackmailing her with said secret. If Theresa tells Ethan the truth, Juanita would kill Theresa, and her entire family.

One fan base claims that Gwen is an obstacle, and therefore, she should leave Ethan alone and let him be with Theresa. The other fan base thinks that Theresa has maliciously insinuated herself in Gwen and Ethan's lives and does not deserve to be with Ethan. Furthermore, the fan base that sides with Gwen thinks that Gwen should dump Ethan because he is the proverbial cad. Honestly, I really don't see what these two women see in Ethan. He is using them both. He settles with one and keeps the other one on the side, just in case one disappoints him. Ethan wants to have the best of both worlds. It really would be nice if these delusional women would wake up and realize that Ethan is not worth it.


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