Liza Huber
What's driving the evil in Harmony?
For the Week of July 7, 2008
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Why is Gwen wasting her time on a loser like Ethan? Before Theresa's supposed death, Ethan was always unfaithful to Gwen, and Gwen knows that. Is she willing to turn a blind eye while Ethan is married to her?

The recent evil in Harmony has threatened to obliterate everything in its path. Consequently, Tabitha is planning to flee Harmony with Endora. What I don't understand is that the pending destruction would kill Tabitha and Endora permanently. How is it that they would die permanently when they are supposed to be immortal? I don't understand this train of thought. From the beginning we are told that Tabitha is immortal but yet the disaster would kill her? I'm afraid that I need more clarification on that topic.

Pretty is finally institutionalized. She has been running around Harmony like a loose canon. Ivy mentions that the Crane women are driven crazy if their significant other is taken away from them. Please pay very close attention because I'm utterly confused. First, Luis is and will never be Pretty's boyfriend because he is in love with Fancy. How is it that Pretty has lost her marbles when she and Luis were never a couple? Could it be that Alistair, who was recently killed, is the one who contributed to Pretty's mental problems? I don't envision anyone surviving Alistair's mental abuse. He constantly told Pretty that she was unattractive and that no man would fall for her.

Alistair has also told Sheridan that she was weak and would not amount to anything. I don't think the Crane women go crazy because they are deprived from being with their significant others. I think they are driven crazy. It is possible for someone to be emotionally abused and then become mentally unstable. That's what I think happened to both Pretty and Sheridan. Sheridan is not behaving like Pretty simply because Alistair took a break from torturing her to turn on Fancy as well as Pretty.

Gwen can't wait to recommit to Ethan, and she would do anything to make it happen. Why is Gwen wasting her time on a loser like Ethan? Before Theresa's supposed death, Ethan was always unfaithful to Gwen, and this is something Gwen knows. Is Gwen willing to turn a blind eye while Ethan is married to her? She was in denial throughout her marriage to Ethan. Each time she caught Ethan with Theresa, she blamed it on Theresa and went after Theresa. The person who Gwen should have attacked was Ethan since he was the one prolonging the affair. Gwen needs to rid herself of Ethan because being with him is turning her into a very foolish person. I love Gwen when she is independent and not fawning all over Ethan as if he is the all that ends all.

I don't know why Theresa would want Ethan either. Ethan has treated her like dirt while married to Gwen. Theresa even agrees with being Ethan's mistress since he did not want to divorce his wife to be with Theresa. Ethan has also taken Theresa's children away from her to give to his wife. Ethan has no respect for either woman and yet they still chase him. What do both Gwen and Theresa see in Ethan? He has no redeeming qualities, so I really don't see the catch.

I wish Viki and Vincent would get over their obsession to kill everyone in Harmony. I thought Vincent forgave his parents after finding out that Alistair was the one responsible for his disappearance. Here is another perfect example of someone who is driven insane due to emotional and mental abuse. Alistair made sure that Vincent never forgets that he is different. What will killing all these people accomplish? Vincent would still hate himself and Viki would still feel the need to kill anyone who threatens her and Esme's relationship. Now that it is revealed that Esme is aware that Viki is a serial killer, will Esme try to commit Viki to a mental institution? Will Esme shelter Viki the way Eve and Julian have been doing with Vincent? I hope not because Vincent is still a cold blooded killer.

I'm getting tired of Juanita's obsession to kill Pilar and her entire family. It was not Pilar's fault that Juanita's husband was in organized crime. Juanita's family's fate was inevitable. People who are known to be in the mafia tend to kill in the name of retribution. One family always wants to be in charge, so it was only a matter of time before someone obliterated Juanita and her family. It makes no sense to blame Pilar. I think Juanita has lost touch with reality, so no matter what Pilar does or say, it won't be enough for Juanita. She will forever blame Pilar for her family's death.


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