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For the Week of July 21, 2008
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Alistair is no longer alive, but the pain that he has inflicted on his family lives on. Vincent was a victim of Alistair's taunting. Alistair abused Vincent psychologically and physically. Consequently, Vincent turned out to be a murderer.

I cannot explain it. I cannot figure out why almost everyone in Harmony has lost their minds. There is a resident witch, Tabitha, who used to be evil but is suddenly on the side of good. A very wealthy resident, Alistair, when he was alive, used to torture his family simply for pure pleasure. A young girl, Theresa, who is not so young anymore, sets out to destroy a couple simply because she finds the man attractive. Her obsession with said man has cost her a lifetime of happiness. And finally, there is a woman, Juanita, who finds it fascinating to kill an entire family out of revenge.

Tabitha was once an evil witch, who would have done anything to spread evil. After she gave birth to her daughter, Endora, it was difficult to maintain her evil side because Endora did not inherit Tabitha's evil genes. It was a constant tug of war. Each time Tabitha did something evil, Endora sabotaged her plans. Tabitha felt helpless because her plans were always ruined by her daughter. A stronger force threatened to destroy Harmony, so Tabitha decided to pack it in. Tabitha was unable to do anything to prevent the disaster, so the best course of action for Tabitha was to leave Harmony. Unfortunately for Tabitha, she lost her powers doing something good, no less.

Alistair is no longer alive, but the pain that he has inflicted on his family lives on. Vincent, Alistair's grandson, is a victim of Alistair's taunting. Alistair abused Vincent psychologically and physically. Consequently, Vincent turns out to be a murderer. Instead of blaming Alistair for his unfulfilled life, Vincent takes it on himself to blame his parents. Grant you, Eve and Julian, his parents, had no idea that Alistair tortured Vincent. They suspected that Alistair had something to do with his kidnapping however. Vincent thinks that killing everyone in Harmony, including his parents, will make him feel better about himself. Vincent has been lonely all his life, so I do not see how he can be happy with his parents gone. Luckily for Vincent, Tabitha intervenes and prevents the death of everyone.

Will Theresa be happy in the long run? She has been blindly chasing Ethan for nine years, and it has gotten her nothing but grief. Theresa is presumed dead, but she is not really dead. She has to pretend as if she is dead to save her own and her family's life. Theresa foolishly puts her life on hold to chase a man that disrespects her. While pretending to be dead, Theresa is emotionally torturing herself by being too close with the man she presumes to love. She has to fake her identity for her own safety. Is that any way to live, and will Theresa gets her happy ending?

Is it not time for Juanita to kiss and make up with Pilar? They were childhood friends. Juanita's family died because her husband was a mobster. It had nothing to do with Pilar. Juanita is in denial. She cannot face the truth, and the truth is that her family was in danger the minute her late husband decided to become a mobster. Juanita is similar to Vincent in many ways. Juanita blames Pilar for her family's plight when it was her husband who put them in danger. Vincent blames his parents for his unhappiness when it was Alistair who caused him pain. I guess it's easier to escape to an alternate universe and pretend as if someone owes one something. It's much more difficult to face the pain. Neither Vincent nor Juanita received psychological counseling, so it's no wonder they are projecting their pain on someone else. In the end, they will both be unhappy because finally, they still have to face the pain that they are avoiding. It will be that much more difficult to deal with their anguish once they eliminate what they feel is the cause of their pain. In reality, the cause of their unhappiness is inwards. They have to face the fact that the people they are targeting have nothing to do with the pain and anguish they are feeling.


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