Maya Chinn
Actor History
Kyrie Maezumi (contract: 19 January 2006 to 14 June 2006)
Former Occupations


Resides At
Somewhere in Harmony
Marital Status
Past Marriages
Sally Chinn (mother)
Flings & Affairs
Brett (in college)
Noah Bennett (in college)
Crimes Committed
Accessory to murder (while in college).
Brief Character History

Maya met Noah in college, when he saved her from Brett, a drunken date who had assumed she'd been sleeping with one of his friends and hit her. The two shared their first kiss that night, and went back to Noah's place together. It was an instant connection, and the two soon fell in love. Everything changed one night when the two of them witnessed a man get shot and die in an old attic. Noah tried to convince her to tell the truth, telling her that both his father and grandfather were cops, but Maya begged him to keep quiet. Noah agreed to keep her secret, but eventually the guilt he felt over what happened that night put a wedge in their relationship that they couldn't get past.

Years later, May a showed up in Harmony, where Noah learned she was the daughter of Sally Chinn, long-time Harmony resident, and that she had no plans to leave town anytime soon. The two were soon recruited to work for the FBI, posing as a couple to take down a criminal mastermind known as the Dragon Lady. What Maya didn't tell Noah is that she was working alongside the Dragon Lady for Alistair Crane. Noah was furious to learn that Maya had been working with Lena (the Dragon Lady) and Spike, and demanded answers, and Maya told him that Alistair had threatened to kill her entire family. After Lena was electrocuted when the metal rod she was holding was hit with lightening, Noah encouraged Maya to help him save Jessica from Spike. Although worried for her family, she finally agreed. Unfortunately, the earthquake that struck Rome at that moment knocked her off balance, and she fell to her death.

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