Lola learns she needs a transplant
The Young and the Restless Recap for Thursday, March 14, 2019
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Thursday, March 14, 2019

At Jabot, Summer shared that she was upset about the sentencing, but she imagined it was a million times worse for Phyllis. Phyllis suggested that they talk about wedding plans instead, and she asked if she could do anything to help. They discussed options for Summer's bouquet, and Billy hovered nearby as Phyllis quizzed Summer about her wedding dress. Billy scoffed at the idea that it was what was on Phyllis' mind when Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon were facing years in prison. Summer snapped that it was a private conversation, but Phyllis urged Billy to speak his mind. He barked that there was nothing to say, since Phyllis had proven that she cared about nothing but herself.

After Billy stalked off, Phyllis turned the topic back to the wedding and the honeymoon, and Summer claimed that their honeymoon plans were very hush-hush. Summer grumbled that what Kyle had arranged wasn't her first choice, but being together was all that mattered. Phyllis noted that Summer had made multiple comments about it not being the wedding she would have chosen, but Summer countered that it was about the marriage, not the party or ceremony. Phyllis didn't understand why Summer was rushing things, and she questioned whether it had something to do with Lola's transplant.

Phyllis wondered if Summer was insecure about Kyle's level of commitment, given that he and Lola had recently been involved. Summer insisted that she wouldn't be marrying him if she thought it wouldn't work, but Phyllis wished Summer trusted her enough to be honest. Summer answered a call and told someone she'd be right there, and she hurried out for a meeting with the catering company.

Outside Lola's hospital room, Nate informed Kyle that the team was all set for the transplant. Kyle asked if Summer had signed all the necessary paperwork and if she'd understood what she'd agreed to. Nate noted that it wasn't the first time Kyle had been worried that she might back out. Kyle was sure that Summer was committed to going through with the surgery, but he wanted to anticipate anything that might go wrong so that he could have contingency plans in place. Nate confirmed that Summer understood what she'd signed up for, provided her donation remained anonymous.

Nate received a page and excused himself, and Kyle entered Lola's room and sat at her bedside. Kyle told Lola that everything was falling into place for her surgery, so she'd be making people happy with her incredible food in no time. He added that her customers, family, and friends missed her, and so did he. Her eyes fluttered open, and he excitedly called her name. Lola asked where she was, and Kyle gently explained that she was in the hospital but that she would be okay. He gushed that he was happy to see her beautiful eyes again, and he swore that Nate had been taking care of her. Kyle headed out to tell Nate she was awake.

Nate examined Lola, who murmured that she was tired. He informed her that it was to be expected but that she'd be healthy again soon. He asked if she was up for any visitors, since someone had been waiting very patiently to see her. She weakly stated it was fine, and Arturo raced in and thanked God to see her awake. She asked what had happened, and he vaguely replied that she'd been injured. He asked how much she remembered, and she recalled that she'd been outside, and it had been cold and dark. Arturo revealed that she'd been unconscious for a month.

Lola was stunned to find out that she needed a liver transplant. Arturo explained that her condition hadn't been related to her injuries, but her ending up in the hospital had been a happy accident, since sometimes people went into liver failure for no reason at all. He divulged that a living donor would give part of their liver to her, and Lola asked who was doing it. Arturo said the donor had asked to remain anonymous, and he prepared to leave to let her rest. She asked him to send Kyle back in.

Arturo told Nate that Lola was resting, and he wondered what Nate had thought when he'd examined her. Nate indicated that she had been coherent and responsive, which were good signs. Arturo mentioned that she didn't seem to remember the attack, and Nate advised him to keep her calm and relaxed before the surgery. Arturo volunteered to make sure everyone knew that.

At the police station, Nikki waited anxiously in a holding area, and she was relieved when Victor walked in. She bemoaned that every time the door opened, she was afraid the guards were taking her to prison. Victor called it an outrage, and he pledged to do everything in his power to get her out of there. She recognized that he would never stop fighting for her, and she loved him for it, but she didn't want to talk about it because she didn't know how much longer they had before her transport arrived. She sadly pointed out that it could be their last chance to say goodbye, and they embraced.

Victor adamantly stated that there was no such thing as goodbye for him and Nikki, since they were meant to be together and would be. He implored her to stop believing that there was an end in sight. She regretted all the times she'd stopped believing it, since they'd lost a lot of time together. He wished she'd let him stand trial, but she maintained that she never would have been able to live with herself. Nikki hated that her confession had led to Victoria being dragged back into it, and she insisted that Victor focus on Victoria first. Victor promised that he would make sure both Nikki and Victoria were back with their loved ones.

Meanwhile, in another room, Victoria questioned what sane, rational person with an ounce of compassion would find Nikki guilty. Nick swore that they weren't done fighting, but Victoria lamented that their mom was going to prison because Nikki had stopped Victoria from being killed. Nick asserted that J.T. had been the one responsible. Victoria envisioned J.T somewhere out there, laughing because he'd won.

Victoria clarified that she didn't literally think J.T. was out there, since she had a hard time believing he was still alive. Nick wondered who else would have put J.T.'s shirt in the stables or hidden inside the ranch walls. Nick argued that J.T. had known where to hide and how to set up surveillance equipment, but Victoria ordered him to stop, since she couldn't bear the thought of J.T. being anywhere near Johnny and Katie when she couldn't look out for them. Nick vowed to keep the kids safe, and he gave her his word that if J.T. was out there, Nick would find him.

Nick and Victor swapped places. Nick visited Nikki, who acknowledged that a conviction had always been a possibility, but it felt like none of it was real. Nick hugged her, and he said he was kicking himself for not helping get her out of the country. Nikki recognized that he and Victor hadn't been on the best of terms back then, and she mentioned that Victor had just been there, promising to move heaven and earth to get her and Victoria out. Nikki worried about the risks Victor took when he was determined to make something happen, and she hoped she could count on Nick to be there for Victor. Nick assured her that she could.

Meanwhile, Victor hoped that Nikki and Victoria were kept in close proximity so that Victoria could watch over her mother. Victoria thought it would be a relief to know they were together, and Victor encouraged her to stay strong and focused. He called her the strongest of all his children, and he informed her that Nick had kept him apprised about what had happened at the trial, including how Victoria had handled Tessa's blackmail attempt. Victoria groaned that the jury had seen her as a ruthless person after Tessa's testimony, but Victor applauded Victoria for taking action to protect herself and her mother. He anticipated that Victoria would face tough days ahead, but she was a Newman and would pull through, more determined and stronger than ever.

In yet another room, Sharon told Mariah that three years wasn't that long, especially with time off for good behavior. Mariah hated the thought of her mother spending any time in a cell, but she resolved to deal with it and visit Sharon as much as possible. Sharon said it would mean a lot to her, but the best thing Mariah could do for her was be there for Faith. Mariah promised that she would, but she tearfully insisted that Faith needed her mother.

Sharon sympathized that Mariah was under an enormous strain with Tessa being arrested, but she assumed from seeing Tessa in the courtroom that she was out on bail. Mariah admitted that she'd put up the money, and she expected Sharon to disapprove. Sharon declared that she was through questioning other people's judgment after she'd put her trust in Rey, and whatever she'd felt for him had been a huge mistake. Sharon believed that the only people she could rely on were her kids, and Mariah assured her that it was one thing Sharon never had to worry about losing.

Phyllis arrived at the police station and urgently requested to see Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon before they were taken away.

Meanwhile, Sharon asked Nick how Faith had taken the news, and he reported that their daughter was angry and shocked. He added that Faith really wanted to see her mother, but Sharon thought a visit might traumatize the girl. Nick suggested that they get by with phone calls while hoping for the sentence to be overturned, but Sharon cautioned against making Faith any promises they couldn't keep. Nick blamed himself for breaking Sharon's trust, since she wouldn't have been vulnerable to Rey's manipulations if they hadn't split up. A police officer announced that Phyllis was there to see Sharon.

Moments later, the officer informed Phyllis that only one of the women had agreed to see her, and he asked if she still wanted to do it. She told him to lead the way.

Phyllis thanked Victoria for seeing her, and Victoria expected that Phyllis was there to brag about how beautifully she'd played everything. Phyllis swore that she felt terrible about the way things had gone down, and she offered to do whatever Victoria and the other women wanted her to do. Victoria snarled that they didn't need more assistance from Phyllis after she'd sold them out. Phyllis defended that she'd assumed the rest of them had also talked, but Victoria ranted that she was sick and tired of the lame excuses. Victoria told Phyllis to shove it, since no one was buying it anymore, including Nick.

Victoria dared Phyllis to admit that she'd only made a deal with the state to save herself. Phyllis argued that Nikki and Sharon had caved before she had, and Victoria blasted Phyllis for driving Nikki to the breaking point by claiming that Victor had killed J.T. Victoria recalled that she'd begged Phyllis not to do it because Nikki would confess, and that was exactly what Nikki had done. Victoria spat that they'd rot in prison while Phyllis walked around free, but Phyllis insisted that she was still in the fight. Phyllis urged Victoria to tell her what to do, but Victoria huffed that she would never trust Phyllis again and that she would make sure Phyllis got what she deserved.

Later, Victoria hugged Billy, grateful that she had a chance to see him before she was hauled away. She informed him that Phyllis had also been there, and Billy hoped that Victoria had told her to "go straight to hell." Victoria thought she and Billy needed to talk about what to tell the kids, but he wanted to hold off a bit longer. She didn't want them to think she'd abandoned them, and he swore that he'd told them every day how much she loved them. He agreed to have the conversation if she couldn't get out of the mess, but he thought it wasn't time yet.

Victoria worried that an appeal could take months or years, but Billy referred to another strategy that he and Nick were working on. He intended to stand by her without question, but she didn't fault him if he wanted to bail. He reiterated that none of it had been her fault and that she had been the victim. Victoria didn't like thinking of herself as weak and powerless, and Billy worried that it stopped her from reaching out when she needed help.

Billy insisted that it was okay to be vulnerable, and he'd be scared if she wasn't worried. Victoria steeled herself to handle whatever was ahead, since she had to stay strong for her mom. Billy countered that Victoria didn't have to be a paragon of strength for him, and he wouldn't hold it against her or blow her cover if she admitted she was terrified. She choked back a sob, and he comforted her.

Later, Sharon, Nikki, and Victoria waited separately in different holding areas of the police station. Billy and Nick burst in and demanded to see Rey, but an officer told them Rey was in the field and couldn't be reached. Nick insisted that they talk to him immediately, since it was a matter of life and death.

Victor sipped a drink at the Athletic Club bar, and Summer greeted him with a hug. They discussed Nikki and Victoria's outrageous sentences, and Summer said to let her know if there was anything she could do. Victor anticipated that she would have her hands full at Newman with Nikki and Victoria both gone. Victor expected her to start her job the next day, but Summer reluctantly revealed that she was getting married then the next day -- to Kyle. "Are you serious? You're going to marry an Abbott?" Victor cried.

Summer reminded Victor that he liked Kyle for being smart, charming, and a hard worker. Victor lectured that it didn't mean Kyle would be a good husband, and Summer explained that she'd just named the qualities she thought would impress her grandfather. She rambled that she loved Kyle because he was her best friend, and they were very much alike. She continued that she trusted Kyle with her life, and she'd chosen him even though she could have almost any guy she wanted. Summer hoped Victor would be there to celebrate and wish them well, but the wedding would happen no matter what, since she and Kyle had waited long enough to be together.

"Marrying an Abbott," Victor muttered with a chuckle, and he agreed to be there. Summer squealed in excitement and hugged him, and he gave her the day of the wedding off and allowed her to be in late the day after. She protested that she'd be on her honeymoon then; however, Victor figured that Kyle understood how important her career was to her, and Victor needed her at the company. Victor added that a good marriage was based on the willingness of both parties to make sacrifices for one another, and he inquired whether Kyle was the kind of man to make a sacrifice for the woman he loved.

Kyle ran into Mariah at Crimson Lights and said he was sorry about the outcome of the trial. She thanked him for caring, and he apologized for not being there for her. She figured that he'd been with Lola, and Kyle happily shared that Lola had woken up that day. Kyle added that the transplant was scheduled to happen in two days, and Mariah offered to go back to the hospital with him. He revealed that he wasn't going back there that day, and he led her to the patio and nervously looked around. He asked if he could trust her to keep something strictly confidential, and he confided that he knew the identity of Lola's anonymous donor -- Summer.

Mariah couldn't believe that "Snowflake" would do something selfless, and she wondered why Kyle was keeping it a secret. Kyle explained that Summer didn't want anyone to figure out the real reason she was doing it, since he'd given her incentive to make the sacrifice. Mariah realized that Summer had everything she'd ever wanted except him, and Kyle confirmed that Summer wouldn't give Lola her future back unless Summer got the future she wanted. He added that it meant marrying Summer the next day.

Mariah chided Kyle for letting Summer bully him into wrecking his life, and she begged him not to do it. He confessed that it had been his idea, so no one was forcing him into anything. Mariah questioned why Summer would want a guy who was in love with someone else, and Kyle explained that Summer was convinced that he and Lola would never be happy and that he'd end up loving Summer more. Mariah warned that it would blow up in his face, and she worried that if Summer felt cheated or betrayed, she'd turn her mother and the entire Newman clan against him. Kyle declared that he didn't care what happened to him as long as Lola got her transplant.

Kyle answered a call from Summer, who enthusiastically informed him that her grandfather would be attending their wedding. Summer babbled about how she'd talked Victor into giving her time off for a short honeymoon, and it would be long enough for the surgery and recovery. Summer announced that there was nothing else for Kyle to do but show up and say, "I do." He agreed to be there.

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