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Hello, AMC Fans, here comes a voice from the past. Just like on our beloved soap opera, someone who has been away for a while pops up. It's Suellen and yes, I know it has been a good four years since I officially wrote for Two Scoops, but couldn't resist jumping aboard for one week when Dan put out an SOS. He had the difficult job (I say this with tongue in cheek) of going to the new All My Children studio in Los Angeles and conducting interviews with some of our favorite soap stars. I am sure he will be sharing all this with us next week, but I must admit I was very envious of his "gig" minus the fact that he ended up stuck in California for a few extra days due to the bad weather back home.

Wow, I don't even know where to begin, I definitely had to watch the show differently the past week and that was a challenge. Yet, after 40 years of viewing this soap, it's never hard to pick out my favorite and not-so-favorite moments. Was it just me or was the past week out of control? So much revenge and game playing, I needed a game card to keep up. The highlight, of course, was Brooke English's return to Pine Valley. If I had to compare myself to any of the characters on AMC, it would have to be her. We are the most alike. It was nice to see her being reunited with so many different characters and remembering the history. She was very friendly with Jack Montgomery, so that will be nice to see when their paths cross. As for Erica, well we all know how that went. Now we can insert Annie and a new rivalry begins.

Erica Kane, please explain this storyline to me. I am amazed, baffled, and not that happy with her behavior and manipulating ways. We know she has always gone after what she wants and definitely doesn't like anything or anyone taken away from her, but please...now stooping to kidnapping, blackmail, and whatever it takes to get Fusion back. After the way she has been "conducting business" in her new digs, it makes you wonder when and if the place will ever look like a home? It also scares me how many times everyone has barged through David Hayward's front door. It's all bizarre beyond words. In the meantime, David and Greenlee went through with their marriage vows and are legally married. This opens up a whole new can of worms.

I actually thought the Ryan/Greenlee reunion of sorts was anti-climatic. They allowed Erica to break up with Ryan first; La Kane never gives up that easily. It was a bit out of character and would have been more rewarding to see the tug-of-war. Either way, Greenlee is not going to let Ryan forget how much he hurt her by being "unfaithful" in her absence. Revenge is in her heart, not forgiveness and abiding love. The only romantic reunion this past week was between Jesse and Angela Hubbard, and that might come back to bite them. Frankie was so happy to see his parents reconcile that he messed up as Acting Chief of Staff and a patient died. Not good. Who do you think is photographing the Hubbards and their whereabouts?

Jake and Ryan are on a mission to bring down David. Tad tracked down Adam's illegitimate son in California who is a bone marrow donor match for JR. Unfortunately, he doesn't show up. I was trying to figure out how old this boy would be, was it only 8 or 10 or did I miss something? Duh, of course a young boy who was raised without a father would have no loyalty to him or a brother. Sad but true. There were very touching scenes with JR at home, in the hospital, and with all the family around.

It seems the new replacements for the younger children on the show will work out well, as AJ is very convincing as JR's son. I am always in awe of young kids being able to pull off such a feat on television or any medium. I have always been a BIG fan of Tad and JR as stepfather/son, very believable especially when Jamie was around too. For JR to call over Tad to make sure he will cover AJ "just in case" was touching. But now what? Will Annie be A MATCH and redeem herself with Adam and the family? Most likely. I am wondering like Dan mentioned last week, how will it be without David Canary as Adam Chandler? I am already having withdrawals without Zach or Aidan, so it becomes even more difficult to accept another loss. Boo Hoo.

I do have to admit there were some interesting, albeit amusing dialogue at times this week. Whoever heard of "David has a black belt in brainwashing," or Greenlee saying "they are like vultures picking the bones of my life," just off my head. It was just painful to watch at times as David was locked in a chair as Erica paraded in and out and taunted the man we refer to as Dr. Evil. Because Colby was taunting Annie, she got a frightening encounter as Annie stood with a tire iron and said "Sweet Dreams." How ironic that A&A Chandler both killed their brothers. We have always suspected it was dangerous to reside in Pine Valley, but every month or so is a reminder of why.

I am sure there will eventually be a reunion between Ryan and Greenlee, the love-hate relationship theory seems to work the best. Where that leaves David is anyone's guess, it's obvious he has feelings for his new wife. The marriage hasn't been consummated yet, but not for her not trying. Hopefully the Hubbards can stay on track, JR is definitely happy with Marissa but just needs to survive the cancer, and Tad/Liza will explore their growing rekindled love. He just has to get by his "roommate."

Do we want to see another stab at the Jack/Erica love fest? Years ago I was on board with them, even followed the website devoted to the Jackson Posse when the fans wanted them together forever. When they finally got married, it was like answered prayer for those diehard J/E fans. I would be curious to hear if they feel the same way now that so much water has flowed under that bridge and Erica isn't as soft for lack of a better term. Believe me, I am just glad to see Walt Willey back on the canvas and can only hope they will be true to him and his rich history.

I sure miss going to the Super Soap Weekends in FL and CA. It was so great to see the stars like that and also meet fellow fans from all the ABC soaps. BUT...I got a call last month from a friend I had gone to one of those with years ago and she was screaming in the phone about STAGECOACH and it is near Palm Springs in April for a whole weekend, which is only a 4 hour drive for us here in Las Vegas. Not only do you get to be part of Soap Nation, but they also have a complete Country and Western line-up of singers. Thus, we got the tickets, will go there and camp for those two days, and hopefully mingle with our favorite stars from AMC and listen to Toby Keith and others in person. We both also watch GH a lot, so that is a double treat. Hopefully Dan will let me write about my experience again like I used to do about Super Soap Weekend.

It was nice to be "home" again and share a few of my thoughts about OUR FAVORITE SHOW with you out there. I doubt I have to tell you how great it has been to have Dan not only manage such a great site, but also write weekly about AMC. Somehow he also squeezes in a radio show and gets to interview so many of the actors. If you haven't listened to it yet, please check it out. He is very down-to-earth, always asks great questions, and does his homework on the particular actor and shows. Needless-to-say, he has lived and breathed the soap world for 15 years or more, so he is in tune and aware. Kudos !!!!

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