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Dan is on assignment this week, but he'll be back with a Two Scoops column next week. In his place, Audra drops by for her first visit as a Two Scooper.

For an hour a day, we allow ourselves to forget the real world and get swept up in all the drama and laughter and crazy we call Pine Valley.

Some of us have seen all of Erica's husbands. Some of us just started watching last week. And the vast majority lie somewhere in between. But we voted in the Dankies, didn't we? I thought it would be interesting to look at what's gone before and what may yet come to be in light of some the winners. If you want to check out the results or vote in the All-Soaps ballot (where all the winners from all the soaps compete against each other), click here.

Take Adam (played by the indomitable David Canary, winner in the Outstanding Lead Actor category), for example. I'm not sure what to make of him after watching this week. Adam has been one of the biggest and baddest schemers that Pine Valley has ever known. But he stayed the course of dedication despite warnings from David about the current Mrs. Chandler. Add in Brooke's offer to help convince Annie of Adam's love. Top it off with Adam's direct confrontation about Annie's neurotic behavior. And I bet he'd still be surprised by the divorce papers.

Oh, come on, Colby -- you live in Pine Valley. Nothing is ever that easy.

Of course Annie (Melissa Claire Egan, who tied in top percentages for Outstanding Lead Actress) will find a way to keep Adam in the dark. Are you kidding me? She kept her crazy under wraps through two marriages (that we saw) only to almost completely unravel at the arrival of an ex-wife [more on her in a moment]. Annie thinks of Adam as a prize, a means to an end that will save her from all she's had to deal with in her life. She's not letting some bratty kid get the best of her!

But it is kind of fun to watch her spin out. I can't decide which scene I liked better:
• Annie yet again accused Brooke of trying to destroy her marriage and Brooke just looked at her like, "Really little girl? Do you know who I am?" [Classic!], or • Annie decides that leaving the Chandler mansion will make all the difference, and starts packing her things with a lot of stomping around and crying. Adam just let her go, and then called her out on her antics. That's what he gets for marrying the whiny manipulator.

Who is loving Brooke's return!? I think that it was one of those situations where I didn't realize how much I missed her until she got back. Thank you, Julia Barr. You are amazing!

Another high point for me was Liza (who, played by Jamie Luner, took top honors in Outstanding Newcomer). I remember the "old" Liza -- and I think the hair color change has made her a bit feistier.

[Side note: I'm wondering if they are going to change Colby's hair color. Have you watched the progression of Krystal's hair from being blonde Babe's momma to redheaded/dark-haired Marissa's mom? Amusing.]

Anyway, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Even though she let herself believe that an adult relationship with Tad would work, it was somewhat charming to see her battle with her insecurities. Tad didn't help matters by continually confiding in Krystal. Whatever his reasons, it looked a little shady. So everything comes to a head and the relationship ends. Tad tries to apologize (too little, too late, Daddy Taddy!) but Liza shuts him down.

No way will Liza let Tad know that he destroyed her heart. Instead, she decides to reinvent herself in the form of a powerhouse attorney. Lucky for her, David (Vincent Irizarry won the coveted Outstanding Supporting Actor title) is in need of help. Yeah, that's going to work. Two headstrong people thinking they always know what's best. And blow up it did. David tried to blackmail Liza (I know David's done the bribe thing before, but Liza is trying to help. Not your best move!) but was shot down. Liza demanded that the case be pursued her way, and David fired her.

Way to cut off your nose to spite your face.

I'm guessing that none of that will matter, though, because the jig is up: Ryan trailed Greenlee right to David. Next week won't be pretty.

JR also came back on the scene in true Chandler form this week. I know that characters sometimes have to deal with serious health issues so that PVH can be utilized, but I was getting a little bored. The answer came (to be somewhat full circle) in the form of Annie. Begging for attention and acceptance and a pat on the head, she revealed that she was the ONLY reason JR was alive. And JR was ANGRY. Are you picking up on the seriousness I am trying to impart?

So what does he do? Start scheming, of course! Poor, sad Marissa is once again kept in the dark while JR plots to take his stepmother down. I haven't the slightest clue what the younger Chandler has in store, but I'm sure genetics and past experience will help him come up with his most creative plot ever. The fans deserve it because that's what we tune in for!

What's on the horizon? I could theorize about the continued bumblings of Colby and the stumblings of Natalia (maybe a fall off those heels will break down the last barrier between her ego an a relationship with Brot). Maybe Madison will realize on her own that picking someone more available than Ryan but less boring than that other guy would be the best course of action. Perhaps Tad will realize that moving backwards (towards Liza OR Krystal) is a bad idea, and decide to just uncover the best way to tell Damon that he, too, lied.

Whatever the choice (great, least, rich, poor, and all that jazz) you can be assured I'm tuning in. See you there?


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