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on both Facebook and Twitter. Shoot, just last week the Erica Kane announced that she had her own Twitter account.

All this has got me wondering about what some of the residents of Pine Valley might be tweeting when we don't see them on-screen. With that, I hope you enjoy a little tongue-in-cheek fun in this week's Two Scoops.

Erica Kane: I am the one and only Erica Kane and I have created a Twitter account for all of my adoring fans to follow my travels around the wor -- What? I only get how many characters per message? But I am Erica Kane!

So this past week, Erica and Jack left Pine Valley for parts unknown. I have to admit that I'm surprised Erica would even want to travel again so soon after her near-death experience aboard her private jet. If she and Jack were heading down to the port to head off on a cruise -- sure. Heck, I'd even buy it if they were heading to the train terminal. At the very least, Erica could have taken a deep breath and muttered something about air travel being one of the safest forms of travel.

Caleb Cooney: House still in ruins, bequeathed this damned electronics company, and Dorothy is yapping again. I gave up practicing law for this?

From your messages, I'm finding out that AMC viewers either love Caleb or hate him. There doesn't appear to be very many people stuck in the middle. Marcia wrote in to say that she "cannot stand" Caleb. Others raced to their keyboards after last Thursday's show to weigh in on the Erica and Caleb kiss. Joan was one of those who sent me an email about the kiss, saying, "this is hot. They are meant for each other."

While some fans are drooling over the "Calerica" pairing (or whatever it's being called), I have to admit that I am enjoying watching Krystal insinuate herself into Erica's circle. If you've been reading this column regularly, you know that Krystal isn't necessarily one of my favorite characters. I loved her addiction storyline and when she was nearly killed by Kathy, but other than that, many of Krystal's storylines haven't quite grabbed me.

So I admit that I am somewhat surprised that I enjoy seeing Krystal mingle with both Jack and Caleb. I thought for sure that the writers were poised to have Krystal throw herself at Jack to cause friction with Erica. C'mon, 'fess up. You thought that was coming, too. It never happened (or at least hasn't happened yet). Now, Krystal and Caleb have some sort of bond, though it doesn't appear to be anywhere near romantic. Yet. I wonder if at some point down the road we'll see Krystal giving Erica an ultimatum: Choose the man you want and I'm taking the other. I don't mean for that to sound as desperate as it may have come across, but hopefully you get the idea.

How small is the world that Adam Chandler somehow was able to steal Caleb's wife away from him? We don't know all the details, but we do know that the woman was named "Sonia." We've heard that name before. Remember when JR needed a bone marrow donor and Adam was looking for a Sonia Reyes? Who knew that the new writers would remember that this woman's name was still floating around out there? If you remember Sonia Reyes, you'll also remember that Sonia had a child... Miguel. How long before he surfaces?

I laughed for quite a few moments as I watched Jack talk to Caleb, who had his dog's stuffed duck squeaky toy perched on his shoulders. That toy is getting some good face time!

Madison North: I saw Ryan Lavery in his skivvies (P.S. He wasn't wearing a thong!)

Anyone who didn't see Ryan and Madison headed toward some sort of romantic relationship was either completely clueless or just in a permanent state of denial. Their relationship started off just as you'd expect. Knight in shining armor Ryan helps down-on-her-luck Madison. Madison develops a crush on the guy who helped her, but Ryan wanted to just be friends.

Now, Ryan is making suggestive remarks about Madison's hotel room not being ready and what they can do to pass the time. What I'd like to know is if Ryan was truly interested in Madison or just using her to make Greenlee jealous. He did, after all, know that she was hiding in his hotel room. How did he know? He smelled her...

Just out of curiosity, has Ryan's MO been the same with every woman he's dated? Swoop in to help the damsel in distress?

Greenlee Smythe: OMG! Hungover and trapped in closet watching ex-BF make out with new woman

Is it really that easy to get into a hotel room? Just bat your eyes at a bellhop and drop a name? I'd have to assume that Ryan is staying at an upscale hotel. When I've lost my key at a hotel, they've asked me to show photo ID.

I can't figure out Greenlee and David's relationship. I've always thought it was somewhat misguided, much the same that Ryan and Erica's was. What I really want to know is whether or not they truly love each other. I've heard of people marrying because they enjoyed each other's companionship. Is that what's going on here?

As an aside, the drunken Greenlee at Krystal's was hilarious to me. Dropping stuff all over the floor, struggling to bend over to pick up her purse... Normally drunk doesn't work well on soaps, but Greenlee was comical.

David Hayward: If you don't want to kill me yet, you're not trying hard enough. And try the punch -- it's delicious!

I can barely keep track of the number of times people are saying that someone needs to "stop" David or make him pay for something. That is usually a prelude to a murder (or an attempted one). I'd love for Leo to somehow return to Pine Valley. Maybe when ABC is done marketing James Franco over on General Hospital, they can convince Josh Duhamel to swing back to All My Children for a spell.

Frankie Hubbard: On the couch eating Cocoa Puffs in my tight t-shirt. Eat ya heart out!

I don't get how or why Frankie and Madison are friends. The only possible reason is that he has some sort of attraction to her. I sense that Madison definitely has a thing for Frankie because she was checking him out when he was working out the other day. The writers seem to have no better idea than to have Frankie sitting around looking sexy. The last time Frankie was in town -- about seven years ago or so -- they didn't know what to do with him then either. Maybe he should try to find his son...

There's another storyline that could come of this -- and it worries me a bit. Randi has been sent off to Italy on a modeling job. What if the new writers decide that Randi isn't a necessary character and they write the character out? That paves the way for Greenlee and Ryan to get back together, and then Frankie and Madison are free to explore whatever it is that they have going on in their heads. The writers also don't seem to have much in the way of story ideas for Randi.

Angie Hubbard: NTKIB IKU23BV34 5IUDFVM

Obviously, Angie can't see well enough to type anything other than a nonsensical message. Before anyone misconstrues the title, allow me to assure you that I am not in any way making light of anyone with a visual impairment. What I am, however, bringing into question is why Angie continues to feel her way around this issue. As a doctor, Angie has to know that the worst thing someone can do is to ignore symptoms of a health crisis.

Yes, Angie has tipped Jake off to the fact that she's having some concerns. But Jake and a handheld recording device are not going to stave off blindness forever. Why doesn't Angie claim that she has an out-of-town medical conference to attend, hop on a plane to the Mayo Clinic, and get some treatment? Is she that worried that David will "steal" the hospital out from under her that she's really willing to risk everything -- her sight, her career...

I was moved by Angie's discussion with God at the end of the week. I'm sure we're all very familiar with turning to our faith for an explanation of why things in our lives aren't going the way that we think they should go.

Dan J Kroll: Thanks to all for checking out my latest Two Scoops Well, that brings me to the end of another Two Scoops column. Thank you so much for reading the column... and don't hesitate to send over your thoughts using the email links on this page.


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