All My Children Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on AMC

A judge ruled in Annie's favor. Emma disappeared. Krystal told Tad that Adam was the father of her child. David ordered a DNA test to compare Krystal's baby's DNA to Tad's DNA. David told JR that Josh and Babe had slept together, but JR didn't believe the claim. Spike developed a fever.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on AMC
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Monday, October 23, 2006

Adam was in a restaurant ordering food for Krystal when he saw Sean walk in with two girls. As Adam grabbed Sean and yelled at him, Bianca walked in. She made Adam release Sean and demanded to know what was going on. Adam said Sean molested Colby, but Bianca did not believe this. Bianca said Colby was a liar. Adam then left and Bianca asked Sean about Colby. Sean admitted they had sex, but stated Colby was more than willing. Then, Colby walked up to them and chastised Sean for being with another girl. Bianca said she was Sean's gay sister and assured Colby she was no threat. Colby realized it was Bianca and Bianca stepped away to take a phone call. Sean proceeded to tell Colby about his encounter with Adam. Colby stated she was wrong about Sean, since he just wanted sex with no strings. Colby further explained she was a virgin and chose Sean for her first time. Then, Bianca returned and Colby urged her to tell Sean to leave Pine Valley. Bianca, however, made it clear that she wanted both her and Sean to stay in town for a while so they could reconnect as siblings.

Dixie and JR went to the penthouse to speak with Annie. However, Jonathan informed them that Annie left with Emma for good. Jonathan also reprimanded them for trying to take Emma from her mother. Dixie said she only wanted to talk to Annie, but Jonathan refused to tell them where Annie was. JR promised they would find Annie and Emma. After JR and Dixie left, Dixie cried because she worried she lost Kate forever. Dixie also admitted that she would have acted in the same way Annie did if she was in Annie's position. Dixie explained that a mother will always protect her child. Dixie then told JR about the day he was born. Dixie said it felt like a magnetic field connected their hearts. Dixie said this was how she felt when she first saw Emma. JR asserted they would find Kate. Dixie then revealed David's idea to kidnap Emma. JR said it was a bad idea because Dixie did not need anymore legal problems. Dixie agreed, but said she would not give up. Then, they said they loved each other.

Di went to Aidan's office and offered to help him find Emma. Di also said she did not want Tad in Kate's life if they found the little girl. Aidan thought Tad deserved to be in Kate's life. Di felt Tad should not be with Kate because he lied and tried to get Dixie charged with murder. Aidan was angry and did not agree, so Di left. Jonathan then came in and asked Aidan to stop Dixie and Tad from stalking Annie. Aidan said he would continue to help Tad. Then, Di came back and said Aidan was right for helping Tad because he deserved to be with Kate. Jonathan was enraged and stated Aidan was no longer his friend. Jonathan stormed out and Aidan was glad Di changed her mind. Aidan then returned to his search for Annie. Di said whenever she lost something, she looked in the last place she expected it to be. Aidan looked happy. He got up, kissed Di and said he loved her. Di smiled, but was confused. Aidan then called Tad.

Tad asked Krystal if the baby was his. Krystal immediately hugged him. Krystal said she knew a baby would help Tad, but her baby was Adam's. Tad said he was happy for Krystal and told her about Annie running away. Then, Julia came and asked for Tad. They left the room and Julia revealed Annie's medical file. Tad was impressed that Julia got it and read the contents. He was shocked to see that Annie already had a DNA test done and that she and Emma were not a match. However, Julia and Tad were both perplexed as to why Annie would want a DNA test if she believed Emma was her biological child. Meanwhile, David brought Krystal's test results to the lab. He asked the technician to run a DNA test. The technician did not want to because Krystal's doctor did not order it. David insisted he needed the test to prevent hereditary heart problems. So, the technician agreed to run the test. David then saw Julia with Annie's file and inquired about it. Julia showed David Annie's previous DNA test. David was surprised and looked upset. Julia was suspicious about David's reaction, since he already ran his own test and knew the same results. Meanwhile, Adam entered Krystal's room looking very distraught. He said, "She's not my baby." Krystal looked extremely nervous. Adam further explained that Colby was no longer a baby. Krystal looked relieved and agreed. Krystal said Adam needed to deal with Colby being sexually active. Adam said it was too hard. Krystal explained that she was similar to Colby at her age. Krystal said she too was insecure and looked for love from random men. Krystal said her one-night stand with David was proof of this. Adam asked how he could help Colby. Krystal believed Adam needed to make Colby feel as special as he thought she was. Adam said he would try to they hugged.

Ryan was stunned by Annie's news. Still, Annie swore that even though her DNA did not match Emma's, she was her mother. Annie proceeded to tell Ryan about Emma's birth and that she held Emma while the umbilical cord was still attached. Ryan asked how Annie found out about the mismatched DNA. Annie said T wanted a child, but worried about genetic problems from his family. So, they found a fertility specialist, Dr. Madden, to inseminate Annie with another man's sperm. Annie expressed her disgust with T because she believed he wanted a daughter to molest. And, because of her divorce from T, Annie wanted DNA proof that he was not Emma's biological father. However, Annie also found that she did not match Emma's DNA either. Annie asked if Ryan believed her. Ryan said he believed Annie and would help her with Tad and Dixie. So, Ryan suggested a DNA test with Emma, Tad, and Dixie to prove Emma was not biologically linked to them. Annie did not want to do this. Ryan assumed Annie would not do this because she worried Emma might be a match with Tad and Dixie. Then, Tad and Aidan walked in!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

David, sipping a drink reminisced about all the times people hated him. As he stared into the fire, Babe tapped him on the shoulder. David told her that he tried to help people and every time he did try, he got blamed. David then asked Babe why she had cheated on J.R. Babe told him that she wouldn't let him trash J.R. and started to leave. David then said that he was all for it and she should go with Josh. Babe told him to leave them alone. Jamie came by and told Babe that David got a DNA test proving that Emma isn't Annie's daughter. Babe said she wished she could believe that David wouldn't tamper with the test, but she knew better. David then listed J.R.'s sins and told her they could never have a real relationship because of J.R. David asked Babe if she would rather be J.R.'s wife than his daughter and she said that if she had to choose it would be J.R. David sent her away and said that if she wouldn't save herself he would do it for her.

Sean went to see Colby and asked if she was alright. He said if he had known it was her first time he would have told her to wait until she was with someone she cared about. He said he was sorry and she said she was sorry for lying. Adam and Krystal walked in and Adam told the girls to leave the room. Sean confessed to Adam that he was sorry about what happened. Adam told him if all he was looking for was a play thing to move on. Krystal came back in and told Sean it was time to leave. Adam told Colby to take better care of herself and that he loved her unconditionally.

Jamie was at Tad's office when Julia came by. Julia explained that DNA tests proved that Emma could not be Annie's biological child. She told Jamie that David was shocked when he saw the test results and something didn't add up. They went through several scenarios concerning Greg Madden and David Hayward.

Tad found Annie and Ryan and showed them the DNA results and asked her who Emma's mother really was. Annie said the test was a mistake and Emma was her daughter. Aidan explained the DNA test but Ryan told Tad he had crossed the line. Ryan said she did not have to prove anything and that the law was on her side. Tad told her all he wanted was the truth and asked her if she could live with all this. He told Annie that he couldn't live with not knowing and begged her take the test. Tad said he would get the DNA test with or without her consent. He told Annie that he was not going to rip Emma away from her and she said that Emma was hers and she did not adopt her. Tad then told her that if she was not the biological mother or didn't legally adopt Emma, she may have no legal rights to her at all. Annie told Ryan to get Tad and Aidan out of there. They said they would go but then Emma woke up. Annie and Emma went to the car to wait for Ryan and he told Tad that without any more proof, they would get no help from him.

J.R. went to see Zach and asked how he felt about kidnapping. J.R. wanted Zach to promise him he wouldn't help Dixie do anything stupid. J.R. asked him to talk to Dixie, to talk her down so she didn't do anything crazy. Zach said that he told Dixie not to trust David, but she didn't listen. Zach offered J.R. money or detectives to help find Kate.

Dixie apologized to Kendall for the awful things she said to her. Dixie then began talking about Emma and how to explain to the little girl that she is her real mother. Dixie said that Kendall would know how Emma would feel if she found out that Annie was not her real mother. Kendall asked Dixie if she was sure that Emma was Kate. Dixie told her she had new info but didn't explain. Dixie told Kendall that she didn't want Kate to think she didn't want her or was forgotten. Kendall asked if she thought what this would do to Annie. Dixie said she had not thought about that. Kendall told Dixie about how she was ready to give up Spike for adoption but Zach saved her at the last minute. Kendall said that she understood how she felt about Kate/Emma.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Jonathan and Amanda were in the office of ConFusion. However, Jonathan could not get any work done because he was distracted by Amanda's tight sweater. So, Amanda took it off and they began to kiss. Then, the delivery man, Harvey, came in and announced there was big problem. He claimed they did not pay him for one of his deliveries. Amanda looked at the records and saw Harvey did not make one of the deliveries and did not warrant a payment. She also blackmailed him with the knowledge that he cheated on his wife. Harvey proceeded to offer Amanda a 10% discount for future services. Amanda said a 25% discount would make things better and he left. Jonathan was very impressed with her managerial skills and they kissed again. Then, Del came in to speak with Amanda. So, Jonathan left. Del told Amanda to dump Jonathan because he was a loser and to give him a chance instead.

Sean left for school and Bianca and Jack remained at home to talk. Bianca asked Jack about his feelings on Erica living in the hotel. Jack explained that he missed Erica very much and could not wait for her to come home. Bianca urged Jack to tell Erica this. Jack wondered if Bianca knew something he did not. Bianca said she just felt Jack should assert his feelings to Erica. Jack then left and Sean came home early. Bianca was not happy he skipped school, but Sean said he needed advice from her. He asked Bianca for advice on women. Bianca stated there was not a simple handbook for women. So, Bianca suggested Sean get to know the girl he liked, preferably when they were both sober.

Babe was at home and was daydreaming about Josh. JR came in and wondered what she was thinking about. Then, JR attempted to plan a vacation for them by spinning a globe and randomly selecting the destination with their fingers. They had fun doing this and then JR stepped out of the room. After he left, Colby came in and called Babe a slut. Colby declared she would take down Babe and Krystal. Colby also expressed her regret that JR did not give Babe a chance to admit her affair with Josh. Then, JR came in and heard Colby yelling at Babe. JR made Colby leave, but she still listened in on them through the door. JR then asked Babe if she would want to move into their own house. Babe was ecstatic and began imagining their new home. JR said she could have whatever she wanted and they began to call realtors.

Krystal went to David's house. She declared that she would stop David from destroying her family. David was confused. Krystal explained she had a menacing nightmare in which David wanted to burn her family to hell. David said Krystal created her own personal hell by allowing Babe stay married to JR. He then accused Krystal of using Babe's marriage to get her hands on Adam's money. Krystal stated Babe made her own decisions and swore to stop David's evil plans. Then, the fax machine beeped and David told Krystal to leave. After she left, a fax appeared. It said, "Baby Chandler/ T. Martin: A Match. David slyly smiled!

Erica was at the hotel bar with a party planner. Erica was upset with the boring ideas the planner had for her New Beginnings Sweeps Party. Then, Josh came in and Erica asked for his input. Josh proceeded to plan the décor for the party perfectly. Erica was very pleased and asked Josh to plan her party. Meanwhile, Jeff walked in and listened as Erica and Josh discussed this. Josh revealed he no longer worked at Fusion, but still would not work for Erica. Erica tried to console Josh, but he was not receptive. Josh believed Erica was happy because he would no longer have a relationship with Babe. Josh continued to yell at Erica and state he was not her son. Josh went to leave and Jeff told him never to speak to his mother like that. Jeff also told Josh to sit back down and Josh listened. Erica thanked Jeff and left. Then, Jeff said that Erica cared about Josh and that Josh needed to respect her. Jeff also stated that Babe made her decision and Josh needed to accept it and not take his anger out on others. Meanwhile, Erica went to her room to find an enormous bouquet of flowers and Jack. Jack told Erica that he missed her and wanted her to come home. Erica explained there was nothing wrong with their marriage and that she needed to stay in the hotel a little longer for business. Jack was satisfied with her explanation and left her room. As he walked away, he saw Jeff enter his room. Jack lingered in the hall and looked suspicious. Meanwhile, Josh was still downstairs and drinking at the bar. When he turned towards the doorway, he saw Babe and JR walk in!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Amanda thanks Del for his concern but assures him that she is more than happy relationship-wise with Jonathan. Del questions how she can be so sure given Jonathan's history, but Amanda reminds him that she has done her share of damage as well. She also notes that she and Jonathan have put each other's pasts to rest and respect and care about each other in the here and now. Del tells her that he thinks it will all fall apart, but Amanda is convinced that she has found the real deal. Enthusiastically, she admits that she loves Jonathan, but finds pause when Del doesn't react. Slowly, she turns around and sees a shocked Jonathan in the doorway, who heard her proclamation. Taken aback, Del notes that he didn't know they were that serious about each other. He waits a beat, and then realizes that their silence is his cue to exit. He does just that, spurring Jonathan to close the distance between himself and Amanda. He asks her if she really meant what she said. She asks him if it would be so terrible if the two of them were in love, and he reminds her that their arrangement was on a "friends with benefits" level only, and that he is not in love with her. She tells him that it would suck if one of them was head over heels and the other one wasn't and then breaks out into laughter. She follows by saying that she was trying to scare Del off and figured that dropping the word "love" into the conversation would do it. Realizing that her tactic was effective, she points out that both he and Del turned white upon hearing it. Jonathan says that he still isn't over Lily and might never be, and Amanda points out that she was front and center for their whole marriage and understands completely. She then accuses him of slacking and demands that he get back to work. Amanda is poring over some paperwork silently under Jonathan's watchful eye when Del returns to the office to inform Jonathan that some new glasses had been delivered and the delivery person needs to know where they go. Reluctantly, Jonathan leaves the room to take care of things, and Amanda immediately rages at Del - calling him stupid and demanding that he stay away from her. Slightly confused, Del agrees and walks out, leaving an emotional Amanda reeling. She places a frantic call to Babe, leaving a message begging her to call as soon as she can. When she hangs up, her emotions take over, and she can do nothing but sit on the couch and give into her tears. With her head down, and her hair covering her face, she is unaware of Jonathan's return to the office. Taking in the scene, he realizes that Amanda had been telling the truth when she announced she loved him. He lets her know of his return, and ashamed, she only lets him see her tear-streaked face for a moment. She stands and tries to hide it, but he approaches her from behind and pulls her into a hug. She lingers there briefly, and then pulls away, telling him that she doesn't need his pity, nor does she need to hear again how much he loves Lily. She also asks him not to give her the "it's not you, it's me" speech, since it would be more than she could bear. She tells him that she understands that her feelings mean that they can no longer be together, and she tries to walk out. He stops her and says that he doesn't want them to be over. He tells her that ever since he lost Lily, he's gone to some pretty dark places, and the only thing that has gotten him through is her - her smile, and her belief in him as a person. He then says that knowing those things makes him realize that they have to stop being physical - because he doesn't want to risk dragging her to those dark places with him. Amanda tells him that she is willing to risk it, but one look from Jonathan tells her that he won't give in. She notes that she deserves what she is feeling because she chose to fall for the good guy. She admits that even though the pain she is feeling feels like a hit to the heart, she is grateful for that because now she knows she has one. Jonathan tells her that he cares about her a lot and wants to do what he can to make sure her heart doesn't get broken. She gives him a newsflash and tells him it's too late. He tells her that he hasn't even begun to deal with all of the things that he has been through in the past few months, and she tells him that she understands. She adds that she will eventually be all right and that he doesn't have to worry about her having a breakdown in a supply closet or behind the bar. He then tells her that he still needs to be her friend, and asks if she is okay with losing the benefits. She tells him that she isn't, but that she will take what she can get. He wraps her in a hug again, and she fights to hold back another onslaught of tears.

Zach surprises his wife by coming home midday, claiming that he had the sudden urge to have lunch with her and her son. She admits that she passed off Spike to the babysitter for the day and, between kisses, they devilishly try to figure out what they could do with the whole afternoon to themselves. Zach decides to start things off by pouring them each a glass of juice, providing Kendall with the opportunity to spy the stuffed bunny on the counter. Zach informs her that Erica bought it for Spike and dropped it by earlier. He proceeds to tell her that although he told Erica that they had reunited and that she hadn't tried to kill him, she did call the police and then, after their departure, noted that it was only a matter of time before Zach hurt Kendall again. They continue to fix lunch in silence, but when Zach fails to find several key ingredients that he is sure he left behind during their separation, Kendall is forced to admit that because she was so angry at him, she destroyed everything of his that was left. After letting it all soak in, Zach tells her that the most important thing - Kendall - is still around, and that is really all that matters. They finally sit down to lunch, but it becomes clear to Kendall quite quickly that she is no longer comfortable around her husband, when that's exactly what she wants to be. Zach thinks of a solution and tells her that they are going out and will leave a note for the babysitter to let her know. He instructs her to grab her phone as they prepare to leave.

Sean stops by to see Colby, much to her surprise. He tells her that it's all a part of their promise to start over, and she asks him to specify exactly how they should go about doing that. He tells her that he remembered her saying that she had a term paper due tomorrow, and she admits how stressed she is, considering she doesn't even have a topic. He hands over some papers that he downloaded, and then warns her to use them for inspiration only. They have a brief conversation about the trials and tribulations of being a high school student headed toward college, and Sean promises that since he is a year ahead and has some experience, he will help her avoid the pitfalls. They agree to a two-person study method just as Sydney shows up. Having heard part of their conversation, she invites herself into their group. Colby tries to reject her and offers to get drinks for her and Sean. When she leaves, Sean admits that he is glad that he and Sydney have a moment alone because he has been wanting to tell her how angry he had been for all of the things she said about Colby. He tells her how wrong it was of her to make Colby out to be some sort of party girl slut when she knew it wasn't true. Sydney claims that she was doing it to protect him from the cops and worse, from Adam. As Colby listens from the tunnels, Sean lets on that he has worked things out with Adam, and that everything is fine between him and Colby. Sydney asks if that means she is out of the picture completely, and Sean tells her no - just that she has to stop trying to tear Colby down. Sydney agrees, tells him it will never happen again and asks if they can start their study group. Colby returns with two drinks and tries to drag Sean's attention away from Sydney. Not willing to give up that easily, Sydney pulls Sean over to the couch to continue talking about the classes she is or will be struggling with. Angered, Colby tries to think of some way to get revenge, and spies a small bronze cast sculpture. She slips it into Sydney's backpack and, when she is certain that her actions were unobserved, she attempts to jump back into the conversation. They manage to keep their struggle with sharing to a minimum until Sean has to leave. Once he does, Colby notes that she needs to get to work on her paper so that Sean will have something to review. She tries to hurry Sydney out of the study by offering to take her bookbag to her room.

Josh attempts to ignore Babe and her husband by turning back to face the bar and finishing his coffee. Babe suggests that they wait for Marian in the lobby, but JR ambles over to Josh, tells him that they were planning on grabbing some lunch, and asks if Josh would care to join them. Uninterested, Josh tells him that he finally got the message and will no longer be ensnaring himself in their lives. He notes a future appreciation should JR choose to stay away from him. He starts to turn back to the bar but when he sees that JR hasn't moved, he asks what else could be keeping JR there. JR pipes up, saying that he would like to offer Josh a job, much to the amusement of the newest member of the Kane family. JR assures him that the offer is real, saying that Chandler Enterprises is always looking for new blood. He adds that he has heard that Josh's business skills are top shelf, and that he would be welcomed at the company. Josh tries to blow him off with some crass commentary, and JR tells him that if he isn't interested, all he has to do is say no. Josh does just that, and turns back to his drink just as Marian enters the room. Babe introduces Marian to Josh, and after she boils him down to something scrumptious enough to eat with a spoon, she announces that her real reason for being there is to help JR and Babe find a new house. She starts to lead the young couple over to a table, but Babe has to look back to see if JR will be joining her, and finds him watching for Josh's reaction as the stunned Madden looks longingly at the love of his life. After a few moments, they take their seat and Marian launches into long descriptions of possible houses they might be interested in. JR is attentive, but Babe's gaze is locked with Josh's, overlaid with their conversation where they admitted that they loved each other. JR shakes her out of her reverie and tells her that she needs to pick which houses she would be interested in seeing. Babe tries to cover up her distraction by saying that all of the houses are beautiful. JR steps in and says that they should start at the house with the stable in case their son wants a horse. Marian goes to make an appointment, and JR assures her that if she doesn't feel up to house hunting, they could postpone it. Babe ignores his statement, choosing instead to ask why JR offered Josh a job. JR admits that it was partly due to guilt, but in the end, he was glad that Josh rejected the offer. Believing in him, Babe thanks him for making the effort and both profess their love for each other. Just then, Josh approaches the table and asks if it is too late to change his mind. JR tells him through clenched teeth that the offer was real, so Josh takes him up on both the free lunch and the employment opportunity. He takes a seat at the table and asks what Chandler needs he might be able to fulfill. Babe notes that they probably need to talk business, and excuses herself to check in with Marian.

Alone in his cabin, David pores over electronic photographs of his daughter's wedding to JR, and then a headline announcing another arrest under JR's belt. He continues to sort through his pictures, adding Ryan, Tad, Dixie, Zach and Adam to a lineup on the left side of his screen. Jamie and Krystal join the other pictures before David sits back and takes in the sight of the motley crew. After taking a brief moment to gaze at the framed pictures of his daughters, he turns back to his computer screen, enlarges JR's photo, and gives it an icy stare.

Zach and Kendall arrive at the dock and Zach picks the lock to get into Jack and Erica's boat. They find it under construction, and Zach assures her that it will soon be good as new. Kendall notes that it won't be the same as before, and Zach tells her that it could be better than ever. She asks him why they came here, and Zach tells her that she knows. She briefly reviews that the boat is where she forgave him for the blackout, where she realized that she wanted her son more than her own life, where they made love for the first time, where he proposed to her and where they got married. She notes that the last two were the most peaceful and joyous times in her life, and Zach asks if she thought they could get that time back. She tells him that she wants it back as much as he does, but notes that she is scared of being hurt again. He tells her that he is more scared of that than she is, and promises that he doesn't want to hurt her ever again. She asks how they are supposed to get back to where they were, and starts to ramble off some suggestions. He stops her with a kiss, one seemingly powerful enough to make the lights go out. He laughs and swears it wasn't him, and quickly works to the get the electricity flowing again. After a surprising shock, the lights come back on, and they both take a seat on the floor. Zach promises that from here on out, they will share only good memories, thus wiping out the bad. Kendall doesn't know if it is possible, but is willing to try. They seal their promise with a kiss.

JR is giving Josh several positions that he might be right for at Chandler Enterprises when David walks up. As Babe walks in, David reveals his surprise that JR decided to take the high road by sharing a meal with the man who had an affair with his wife.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Kendall tells Zach that coming to the boat was a good idea, but now, it is time to make new memories. Kendall says that she wants her relationship with Zach to be the same as it was before - without doubts. Zach wants that too, but says it can't happen overnight. Kendall says she will always love Zach, but is not sure how to move forth in their marriage. Zach promises never to leave Kendall before she receives a telephone call from the nanny. When Zach and Kendall get home, Spike is running a fever so call his doctor, who tells Kendall how to care for the baby at home. After Spike's fever goes down, Del shows up to see Zach.

Dixie and Tad decide to take Annie to court to try to get a judge to order a DNA test on Emma. Annie and Ryan walk up, saying they did not bring Emma to the trial to make her sit through such torture. Inside the judge's quarters, Olivia represents Annie and Jackson defends Tad and Dixie. Jackson explains why Dixie decided to sign over her parental rights, while Olivia shows that Dixie's actions has no bearings on Annie. Jackson tells the judge he believes Greg gave Annie the baby four days after Dixie delivered her. Annie argues that is ridiculous because she gave birth to Emma. Olivia points out that just because Dixie and Annie were two of Greg's hundreds of clients. Jackson presents the DNA test to the judge and Dixie explains how Greg conned her into giving away her child. Annie says she is sorry for Dixie's loss, but she can't make that up by taking away her daughter, Emma. When Ryan brings up David as the source of the test, Jackson explains that because of David's past, he felt it would be best to conduct another test. Olivia frowns upon the request, citing that Annie never agreed to the first test. Jackson shows the judge the paternity test that Annie had done in New York. The judge looks over the results, citing that Annie has no blood relation to Emma. Annie says she had the test done when fighting Terry for custody. She said she got pregnant using an anonymous sperm donor, so she figured it would be good to use in court. Annie says the test is wrong, but Tad suggests a baby switch was made they were not aware of. Olivia brings in a nurse who was present for Emma's birth to validate Annie's arguments. The nurse brought a copy of Emma's footprints and Olivia shows a recent set of footprints to prove they are a match. Olivia tells the judge that her clients will do another set of footprints, but Jackson says the Martin's want a DNA test. The judge says that it is obvious everyone cares deeply about Emma, but there are not enough legal grounds to order a DNA test. After everyone leaves, the judge calls Child Family Services to ask them to investigate Emma's paternity further.

Jonathan and Erin anxiously wait at Ryan's cabin while the Emma's paternity trial goes on. Jonathan tells Erin that the law in Pine Valley is simply a game, meaning he bets the worst will happen. Jonathan says that if the judge orders the DNA test, he will take Annie and Emma out of town. Jonathan says that if Dixie and Tad are Emma's parents, it does not mean they would be good parents. As Jonathan praises Annie's mothering skills, Emma comes out and asks for her mother. Jonathan tells Emma her mother is at an appointment but will be home soon. When Ryan and Annie get home to spread the good news, Annie is unable to find Emma.

David brags about JR's gull to sit with Josh, since he slept with Babe. Babe walks in and demands that David leave. David says he is exposing the truth to save her and begs her to tell JR the truth about the affair with Josh. Babe tells David she is happy with JR, who already knows she is committed to their marriage. David tells JR that he can't pretend Josh and Babe are having an affair because the Chandler's never forget when someone betrays them. David tells JR that when Colby was in the tunnels, she heard Babe tell Krystal that she had sex with Josh. JR tells David he thinks it is all a ploy to get revenge on his family. Josh remains quiet, so David begs him to speak up. Josh admits he would love to break up Babe and JR's marriage, but he did not have sex with Babe. Babe tells David that she wishes he would disappear forever and walks off with JR following. When Babe and JR get home, JR assures Babe he does not believe David.

David goes home to drink, but is surprised to find Josh in his living room. Josh tells David that the drink is going to kill him.



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