All My Children Recaps: The week of November 20, 1995 on AMC
Julia decided to press charges against Louie for rape, but the district attorney declined to pursue the case. Jonathan and Erica tried to get their stories straight after the car accident. Janet was crushed when Amanda referred to Laurel as 'Mommy.'
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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 20, 1995 on AMC
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Monday November 20, 1995

Julia made a call to Jack and asked him to stop by the apartment. When he got there, she told Jack and Noah that she reconsidered her stance on Louie. She was now ready to charge him with rape. Jack told her that while it's great that she finally came around it could also be a harrowing ordeal. Her past would be drudged up and it's always difficult pressing charges after a long period of time has passed since the crime. His ears may have been ringing, but that didn't stop Louie from dropping by Taylor's place. He didn't, but he most definitely should have asked her what she did to her hair. Officer Cannon, I think that 'do is a felony under Pine Valley's criminal code! Anyway, Louie was ready to cop a deal with Taylor. He said that he could help her get Noah by luring (or taking) Julia out of the picture. It looked like Taylor was going to run with the bait for a little while, but it seems like her conscience stood up to be listened to. The policewoman picked up the phone and buzzed her ole buddy Noah asking him for help in getting rid of Louie. Noah wasn't going to go, but Julia said it might be a good idea. Louie made subtle threats against Taylor saying that if she doesn't stop referring to him as a rapist he might just show her what a rapist is like. Sick, Louie. Very sick. At the hospital, Edmund and Maria collided over the still unborn baby. Since Edmund overheard Kelsey wish for the baby's demise, he told Maria that it might be better if the baby doesn't make it. Maria was furious that he'd say such a thing and went to the chapel to pray for the baby's health as well as the continuing unity of her marriage. With Tara by her side, Kelsey's contractions stopped. Needless to say, Kelsey wasn't the least bit thrilled that her baby would be safe. Dr. Kinder called Erica to work out the details of the car accidents: meaning how'd they lie about everything. The call couldn't come at a worse time. Erica woke from her sleeptalking and found Dimitri peering her in the eye. Erica said that she was talking about fighting with Dimmie. Lucky for her she woke when she did or she mighta spilled the beans. Things were anything but smooth when Erica started yacking with Jonathan. Dimitri informed his wife that he was off to the hospital to see how Maria and Kelsey were doing. That's when Erica found out that she may have been responsible for the death of a baby. Erica called the hospital as a "family member" to find out how everything was going. The nurse who answered the phone couldn't tell Erica what she wanted to hear: that the baby would be okay. Jonathan took Erica's car out into the middle of nowhere and rammed it into a tree. Why? So when everyone notices that Erica's car has damage to it, she can safely say that she rammed into a tree somewhere across town. Then when the police go to verify everything they'll find little pieces of broken headlight at the scene, taking the pointing fingers off of Erica.

Tuesday, November 21, 1995

After waking from a nightmare starring Louie Greco, Julia decided it was high time she went to the police station and filed felony charges against Louie for his raping her. Since rape is a felony crime, there is no statute of limitations. When they got to the station, they found Mateo being question for his part in Noah's beating up of one of Louie's friends. Matt, who hardly seems like Pine Valley's Most Wanted (Criminal, folks. I am sure he is the most wanted in other areas!). Julia gave her deposition to Taylor and Derek, but when Detective Frye gave the case to the district attorney, he refused to pursue it. Noah than asked Julia if he could take matters into his own hands. Dixie's package from New York finally arrived. Armed with Liza's earring, Dixie managed to hunt down Miss Colby at the Valley Inn dining with Marian. That Marian is a hoot--she comes up with some great lines. Dixie made it clear that she didn't think Tad would sleep with her even if she didn't really feel that way. She wasn't going to show Liza that she was crumbling inside. Marian slipped away (probably because she didn't want to get claw marks from what she saw as an impending cat fight) to see Tad. Tad was busy talking to Dimitri trying to get Erica back to the show. That's when Dimmie dropped knowledge that he and Erica were separated. He didn't say why, though. Marian, who just happened to overhear Dimitri's bad news, didn't want that to interfere with her business. She praised Tad up and down and said how great it was that he and Dixie were so happy together. Laura asked Mateo out to a concert, but he told her he couldn't go. A crushed Laura took off to the woods to see Janet. Laura told her mother-figure how much she missed her. Janet said that the feelings were mutual. Later, Laura asked Pierce why he couldn't just tell Janet that he loves her. Coldly, Pierce told Laura that she has other things to worry about: namely school and friends. Right after Laura left, Pierce received another visitor: Liza, looking to talk to Janet. Michael asked Laurel why she hasn't told Trevor that he's gay. He felt that she might be ashamed of him. She told him that she wasn't, but that Trevor might not be too thrilled having a gay brother-in-law. Michael took Tim and Jamal to go camping as planned. Trevor said he figured out why Michael doesn't want to be fixed up: he's a (ready for this) inside-nerd. Surely you know what he means: Michael was a nerd in high school, got all "man"ned up after school, but is still a nerd inside. Laurel told Trevor that Mike was never a nerd: he's gay.

Wednesday, November 22, 1995

Today's show was extremely crowded. It seems like they are trying to make up for not being on for the next few days. Where to start...Take a deep breath...and GO! Taylor dropped on Erica's doorstep to ask her about her involvement in the car accident. Someone hit the fast foward button because the next time we saw Erica and Taylor, Jonathan was there, too and Erica was gleaming over the fact that Officer Cannon wasn't talking about her involvement in Kelsey's accident. As predicted, Dr. Kinder called the police right after he rammed Erica's car into a tree. He said that he lost control of the car. This way Erica will not be implicated in the crash with Maria and Kelsey. Now, fresh off his coup d'etat of the police department, Jonathan decided to take on Erica. He told Erica that he wanted to make love to Erica again, but he'll wait until she loves him as much as he loves her. I think Dr. Kinder is popping some of his own medication. Pierce told Liza that Janet would not be interested in appearing on The Cutting Edge. Janet reemerged and contrary to what Pierce would have liked her to do, she said she'd be more than happy to appear on the show. Oh did I foget to mention that Liza said that Janet could clear her image and would be able to walk with her head head proud after appearing on the show? When Liza got back to town, she met with Wade, the station manager, he congratulated Liza on her getting Janet to appear, but said that he wouldn't be around to see it. In a hostile takeover, Wade lost his job to a still-unnamed local bigwig. Any guesses? Continuing her Pine Valley tour, Liza went to Erica's to plead for her to resume her duties as Cutting Edge star. Dr Kinder's eyes popped out when he heard Liza at the door. Trevor was outraged that Laurel waited until after Michael had left with "the boys" to tell him that her brother was gay. Laurel defended her brother to the hilt, albeit a very meak defense. Trevor zoomed up to the campsite, leaving all of his must do work behind and told Mike that he could go back to town. Michael knew the expressions and gestures Trevor was using and deduced that Laurel told Trevor he's gay. Michael wanted nothing to do with Trevor's ignorance, asking if Uncle Porkchop was afraid he'd covert Tim and Jamal. Since the two were obviously not going to be able to talk things over sanely, Michael said he'd round up the boys, head back to town, and have it out once and for all. Dr. Lee confirmed that Kelsey and the baby would be okay. But things got tense when Kelsey told Maria and Edmund that she changed her mind about the baby. Of course they automatically assumed that she decided that she wanted to keep the baby, but that wasn't the case. Kelsey said she finally realized why she was having the kid: to give it to Maria and Edmund, King and Queen of the cool parent. Louie re-read the article in Tempo on Julia and found a piece of information that he overlooked. He didn't know Julia was pregnant as a result of the rape. His eyes grew wide and he shouted out that Julia killed his baby. Janet and Pierce showed up at the Dillon house to ask Trevor for permission to appear on The Cutting Edge. Of course Trevor was busy in the woods, but Laurel was there. Reluctantly, Laurel agreed to let Janet and Pierce in. Amanda came running in calling for her Mommy, raising Janet's hopes. Those hopes were dashed when Janet realized that "mommy" was Laurel and her heart broke when Amanda looked at her and asked who "the lady" was. Laurel took Amanda out of the room and Janet broke down crying, knowing that her daughter doesn't even remember who she is.

Thursday, November 23, 1995

All My Children did not air due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Friday, November 24, 1995

All My Children did not air due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

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