All My Children Recaps: The week of January 15, 1996 on AMC
Taylor and Mateo kissed. Mateo warned Jason not to hurt Hayley. Bobby denied that he had made a bet about sleeping with Anita. Erica made a memorable speech during an awards ceremony. Amanda was taken to the hospital with pneumonia.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 15, 1996 on AMC
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Monday, January 15, 1996

Trevor was noticably peeved by Michael not asking Trevor to represent him. Mike recounted Trevor's reaction when Michael was camping with Jamal and Tim as well as his banishing him from the Dillon House, basically laying out the reasons why he doesn't want Trevor as his attorney. Laurel tried to swing Michael over, saying that Trevor is sincere in his offer. Even Gloria and Myrtle told Michael that having a local family man on his side would do a lot in persuading a jury. Not about to make such a big decision that quickly, Michael made it clear that he had a lot of thinking to do before he'd hire Trevor. Julia walked in on Taylor and Vivienne (Mummy) having a heart-to-heart talk, but waited for Taylor to go to the ladies' room before making her move. Julia plopped herself down in front of Mummy and told her that Taylor was destroying her and Noah's life. She reminded Vof Taylor not wanting to tell Noah of her miscarriage (V swallowed hard on that one). When Taylor wandered back from powdering her nose, she almost started a catfight asking why Julia was bombarding her mother with fantasies and lies. Julia took off, but Vwas just about to get started. She started poking and proding her daughter to find out exactly what went on the night Louie was killed. You go Mummy! It's nice to have a character like Von the show. She's funny, in an odd sort of way. Taylor showed up at Mateo's door a little while later and handed him Noah's gun. Do whatever you want with it, Taylor babbled as she made her way into Matt's apartment. Within a few minutes Taylor and Mateo were engaged in their first kiss. Adam asked Liza why Junior didn't like her, but Liza, of course, had no clue. That's when Adam told Liza that she'd better keep her claws out of Tad. Charlie and Cecily left halfway through their wedding to head to California. They made no announcement to the assemblance of friends and only gave Joe a hug goodbye. This marks Christopher Lawford and Rosa Nevin's departure from AMC. Mateo became extremely jealous when he saw Hayley and Jason hanging around each other. In fact he even warned Jason not to bring Hayley down with his alcoholic ways. You see, Hayley just barely caught Jase in the act of swigging down some champagne. Drinking wasn't the only thing Jason was up to. Liza, noting Tad and Dixie's disappearing act, sent Jason off to find the couple. When he found them, the Martins were fighting about Tad kissing Liza. Tad explained that the kiss was not mutual and that Liza was the only one doing any kissing. When Dix asked Tad if he was watching Cutting Edge clips over Liza's shoulder while she was kissing him, she said that he obviously couldn't have because his eyes were closed. Otherwise he would have seen Junior looking on. Jason barged in and asked Dixie if she was okay. Of course, Tad threw Jason out and immediately began harping on Dix for her episode of wandering lips with Jason. He asked her why her kiss (also in their house while the kids were home) was so different than the one (One? Like I said a few weeks ago: Get this man an abacus!) Dix rationalized her kiss away. "I broke it off," Dix explained, meaning that she doesn't want anything more to do with Jason, but Tad will go to work every day and have to be around the giver of his kiss. Finally, Tad knew what he had to do. He told Dixie that they needed time apart. He was going to go on the affiliate tour after all, but Liza was staying at home. That must have been news to Liza because after Tad called her to say that he was going on the your after all, Liza was making plans to tag right along side him.

Tuesday, January 16, 1996

Bobby ran into Anita at the coffeeshop again and said how sorry his was for telling her about Bobby and his "sex bet." When Bobby showed up, Anita read him the riot act, but that all quickly changed. Anita saw Kevin across the cafe and ran over to him to ask him about this rumoured bet with Bobby. Kevin denied making the bet and said that it was sick to do something like that. Kelsey and Bobby, who were both at a table rooting for Bobby's quick demise, were shocked that Anita forgave Bobby and ran off with him. The duo ended up at Cortlandt Manor---in Bobby's room. Anita started trembling when Bobsy pulled out a condom. Bobby recognized her fear and said that if she wasn't ready to have sex he wouldn't pressure her. Anita almost started sobbing and said that she would go through with "the deed" because she didn't want to lose her boyfriend. Oh boy... Mateo and Taylor were involved in their physical fascination when Julia walked in on them to get a portable CD player for Noah. As you can imagine, Jewels wasn't thrilled to see her little brother making out with "Lippy" Longstocking. Mateo, surprisingly, told his sister that she could find her way out if she had a problem with what he was doing. She did. No sooner had Julia left Noah's cell, did Vivienne show up. She asked Noah to go to the District Attorney and plead guilty to murder. She even went as far as to insinuate that she'd bribe the judge to be lenient on Noah! Where'd she get all this money? Noah insisted upon his innocence and asked Vto convince her daughter to tell the truth because not only would Noah end up in jail for a crime he didn't commit, but Taylor would have a nervous breakdown and end up as Head Pecan in the Nut Barn. Mummy didn't want to talk about it, probably remembering Taylor's whole miscarriage fiasco, and highstepped it out of the prison. By now Taylor had returned home and started fiddling around with Louie's gun again. I wonder what Freud would say about her and all these guns!? Julia returned to Mateo's and blasted him for sleeping with the enemy. Mateo let his sister know that he wasn't just interested in Taylor for pleasure, but also to see if he could pull out any details on Louie's murder from her. Dixie followed Liza to her condo and started yelling about Liza wanting to steal Tad from her. Liza invited Dix in (only so the neighbors wouldn't hear Dixie's ranting) and found out that Junior saw her and Tad kissing. Liza tried to put the blame on Tad's wandering eyes (and lips) on Dixie for not being a good wife to Thaddeus. That's when Liza let loose that the kiss Junior saw wasn't the only kiss between the former lovers. Dixie laid it out to Liza: Do you want my husband? Liza said that it wasn't her place to take Tad it was Dixie's job to keep him.

Wednesday, January 17, 1996

After learning that Brooke would be tagging along with Pierce on his mural painting expedition, Adam swarmed to Pierce's cabin to confront Janet. Adam went on another of his "Keep your man at home" speeches and even suggested that aliens might have kidnapped the "real Janet" because she wouldn't let another woman steal her man! Janet told her-what-I-consider-to-be-the-perfect-match-for-her that she was going along on the trip, too. This seemed to keep Adam subdued. He darted off from the cabin and went to Phoebe's where he started pressing Pheebes for information on the artiste. When Pierce got back to cabin, Janet was looking at the nude Polaroids of Brooke. She quickly hid them in her back pocket and told Pierce how Adam was nosing around again. Pierce flipped when Janet mentioned Christina's name (the woman who Pierce fell in love with in Central America and saw killed) and warned Janet not to screw his life up now that things were finally falling into order. Laurel and Tim convinced Michael to have Trevor take on his law suit against the school. Enid paid Trevor a visit at his law office and begged Trev to have Michael hit the road. Trevor showed Enid pictures of Tim after he was beaten up by the two houligans at school and even Enid conceded that Tim should not have been beaten up just because his uncle is a pervert. Oh wait...that's right. Enid said she would never call someone a pervert. But the look on her face when Michael walked in behind her was classic. She looked as though she was about to catch a disease or something. Mike and Trevor may finally have mended their differences as Michael thanked his brother-in-law for sticking up for him with Enid and the two shook hands. Jonathan found Erica in a drug induced stupor on her bed. He said that he had been phoning all morning and Erica hadn't answered. He soon found the reason why Erica was unable to get to the phone: she took way too many pills. Surprise! Dr. Kinder reminded Erica that she needs to put on a good appearance because the Media awards are to be given later in the evening. Erica asked Jonathan to accompany her to the awards. He agreed even inspite of the fact that Liza would be there. Erica gave Jonathan a kiss to thank him unaware that Opal had just entered the room. Opal told her gal pal (after Jonathan had left the room) that her sheets were barely cold from Dimitri and that she shouldn't be so hot to trot for another man. She also reminded Erica that Dimmie would be at the awards ceremony so she might not want to be seen with Dr. Feelgood. Liza met with Dimitri at the hospital and asked Dim to help her get back Erica. She also let be known that she knew Erica was hooked on drugs. That's when Dimitri told Miss Colby that she should go and speak to Erica's doctor: Dr. Kinder. Liza's face dropped with the mention of Jonathan's name. You can only imagine her surprise when Dr. Kinder showed up on her doorstep later.

Thursday, January 18, 1996

Kelsey asked Edmund if she could help her out by beingher coach at Lamaze classes. He agreed, but it meant he'd miss the Media Awards. Maria got great news from Dr. Khadamie. Her surgery to clear the scar tissue from her Fallopian tubes was a success and she might one day be able to conceive a child. I hate to say this, but in the WT? column in Novemer '95, the AMC Pagers overwhelming predicted that Edmund and Maria would be able to have a baby. Kelsey told one of her Lamaze classmates that Edmund was her husband. When Edmund confronted her with this, Kelsey said she wanted to feel normal and not like some "dork who got knocked up." Trevor and Laurel left Amanda in the care of Michael while they went to the Awards. While playing a game of Candy Land with Gloria, Amanda asked Glo if she has a baby. This brought back the painful reminders of how Ana-Claire has died. Michael consoled Gloria in his arms as she sobbed. Amanda started to fall ill (she already had a cold), but Michael felt her forehead and said she was burning up. Dr. Kinder and Liza didn't talk much about their run-in with each other, but Marian showed up at Liza's door before anything could really be said. Marian was just overjoyed that Liza and Johnthan finally met each other. If only she knew! Liza was ticked that Marian was harping on her about needing a man and turned down her mother's invite to accompany her to the awards. At the banquet, things were falling apart rapidly. Elise Flynn, that wacky tabloid TV reporter, tried to get Dimitri and Erica on tape together, but Dimmie wanted no part of it. While Erica was yelling at Dimitri for not putting on a show for the cameras, he told Erica that their marriage was over. Of course you can figure that Elise and her cameras picked up ever word of their discussion. Liza made her way into the ceremony and accidentally spilled her red wine on Erica's white dress. A way-over-the-edge Erica went on a tyrade yelling at everyone for being against her and made a total fool of herself. Myrtle was ordered to go and get another dress while Erica went into the ladies' room to fix herself up. Erica dumped her pills all over the floor while she was fuddling around with the container and Maria walked in on her while she was trying to pick them up. Dr. Santos tried to help Erica, but Erica only saw Maria as being nasty to her. Myrtle finally returned with a dress (Erica didn't like it), but the ceremony had already begun. Enid tried to coax Marian Colby over to her side on the "Get Michael Outta Town" issue, but surprisingly, Marian was totally against the idea. In fact, the only thing that Marian was upset about, she said, was that a sexy, young many like Michael was out of her grasp! Liza had a flashback to her early days with Jonathan. In the "vision," Dr Kinder packed up all of his belongings and headed for parts unknown without telling Liza that he was leaving. Adam made a speech telling everyone that he would match the money raised by the banquet and donate the same amount to the Brooke English House. Adam had to stall for several minutes because Erica still hadn't shown up for the awards. When the winner's name was announced, the comedy show began. Erica was the winner, but she certainly didn't have the aura of the champion Kane. She stumbled over to Liza and hugged her close and then staggered up to the stage.

Friday, January 19, 1996

Kelsey thanked Edmund for taking her to Lamaze classes and thought she was going into early labor. It turned out to be gas pain. Pierce and Janet drifted further apart. Janet wasn't thrilled about leaving the cabin for Pierce's art trip and she was less thrilled knowing that Brooke and Pierce would be spending time together. Now Pierce has been a recluse in the woods for over a decade and he has no problem leaving the cabin to meet with a bunch of bigwigs? He seems to have adjusted to society wouldn't ya say? Amanda's fever remained dangerously high. So high, in fact, that Gloria, Laura, and Michael took her to the hospital when the doctor diagnosed her with pneumonia. Laura took to the phone and called Janet to let her know that Amanda was ill. Janet told Pierce and Brooke (who just arrived from the awards banquet) that Laura was having an emergency and she wouldn't be able to go on the trip. She originally tried to postpone the trip a day, but Pierce was getting annoyed so she told Brooke and Pierce to go without her. Janet ran down to the hospital and snuck into Amanda's room in the emergency room, but was caught by Gloria. Erica's acceptance of her award ranks up there as one of the most memorable scenes on AMC in recent memory. She blasted everyone in the room for abandoning her: She tore into Dixe for being so stupid that she doesn't even realize Liza is trying to rekindle her affair with Tad. Maria, Brooke, and Dimitri also got an earful. Erica announced that her marriage to Dimmie was over and that she was now all alone with no one to love her. She then broke down in tears as she begged for her mother to come back. The emotions ran deep as the gathered crowd was equally shocked and concerned for Erica. Jason told Hayley that Erica was nuts, but Hayley sais she was no more nuts than Jason and that she was exhibiting symptoms of substance abuse. Dr. Kinder managed to get Erica off the stage and into the lobby while Adam tried to pull things together. He asked everyone to keep Erica in their thoughts because she was obviously not feeling well. Dr. Kinder, Opal, and Myrtle tried to get Erica back together. Jonathan apologized to Erica for not getting her off of her drugs and only makling her addiction worse. He warned her that if she doesn't go into detox immediately, she'll die. Erica started crying again and said that Jonathan was turning against her. She lept to her feet and stormed out of the building, leaving Opal, Myrt, and Jonathan to watch her continue to fall apart.

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